G M Diet Plan For Weight Loss


GM Diet Plan for weight loss is a specially designed program in India for reducing extra pounds of body. The program was designed by Dr. Ajay Goel as a part of rigorous diet plans in conjunction with scientific dietary schedule for attaining desired weight efficiently and safely.

What is the GM diet plan?

The GM diet is a low-calorie diet, according to its supporters, can assist you in losing 10 to 17 pounds in a week, cleanse your body, enhance digestion, and even find serenity and relaxation. It is promoted as “the answer to all your weight reduction problems” and claims to produce “astonishing” outcomes.

In general, a diet that makes bold claims like those is unlikely to provide you with long-lasting effects (or even make sense). Give the GM diet a fair chance, though, and let’s find out what it’s all about and whether it can actually deliver on its promises.

Some background on the GM diet plan

The GM diet was created by General Motors (yep, the automaker) in 1987 to aid staff members in losing weight and enhancing their health, according to gmdiet.net. Although there is no evidence to support this, the website claims that the USDA, the FDA, and Johns Hopkins Medicine contributed to the design and testing of the diet.

It was essentially created as a super low calorie diet consisting primarily of nonstarchy fruits and vegetables for a week. You should drink a ton of water all week long and include some protein, grains, and juice in the final few days.

Foods with negative calories—those that burn more calories than they add—are claimed to be the source of the fat-melting properties of the GM diet. (These, btw, don’t really exist.) It also extols advantages like:

  • not leaving you feeling like you’re starving
  • keeping your taste buds pampered
  • helping you achieve a complete body transformation
  • helping you rid your body of toxins
  • relaxing your mind and soul
  • helping your skin achieve peak radiance
  • giving you peace of mind, body, and heart

If this seems like a lot to accomplish in just 7 days, don’t get discouraged. You can repeat the GM diet until you reach your weight loss goal / achieve all your dreams / pass out from hunger / give up and order a pizza. It’s really up to you.

What do you eat?

If you were going to try the GM diet, here’s what you’d want to stock up on and what you’d need to avoid.

Approved foodsNonapproved foods
fresh fruitpretty much everything else
nonstarchy vegetables
potatoes (just a few, and only on certain days!)
nonfat milk or soy milk
rice (brown and white are both cool)
beef, chicken, or fish
cottage cheese, if you’re veg
100% fruit juice
nuts or sprouts, in small amounts
plain coffee, tea, or club soda

Most of these foods are meant to be eaten plain, by themselves. But you can also make a batch of GM Wonder Soup — essentially a watery cabbage soup with some chili peppers — and enjoy it any time the mood strikes.

Here’s what the 7 days look like

The GM diet doesn’t owe its supposed power only to its very short list of approved foods. Advocates of the diet claim that its benefits also come from eating these foods in specific combinations, in specific quantities, on specific days.

It looks like this:

Day 1

It’s all about the fruit, baby. Today you’re having:

  • as much fruit as you want (Any fruit but banana is basically fine, but proponents of the diet claim that watermelon and cantaloupe are especially beneficial and filling.)
  • at least 6 to 8 glasses of water

Day 2

Starch up in the a.m., then veg out.

  • a small sweet potato or white potato for breakfast
  • as many nonstarchy veggies as you want (basically anything except more potatoes, carrots, corn, or peas)
  • at least 8 to 10 glasses of water

Day 3

Today is when your body is supposed to start “losing fat in chunks,” according to the diet’s creators. You can eat:

  • all the fruits that were allowed on day 1
  • all the nonstarchy vegetables that were allowed on day 2 (You can enjoy these in a salad or boiled, but don’t add any fat.)
  • 10 to 12 glasses of water

Day 4

The weirdness starts to tick up a little bit here. You can have:

  • as much Wonder Soup as you want
  • 8 bananas
  • 3 glasses of nonfat milk
  • 10 to 12 glasses of water

Day 5

Day 5 is all about celebrating (that you’re still alive). You can feast on:

  • 20 ounces of lean protein like beef, chicken, or fish, spread out over two meals (or 2 cups of brown rice, if you’re vegetarian)
  • 6 tomatoes
  • 12 to 14 glasses of water

Day 6

Just chugging along now.

  • 20 ounces of lean protein like beef, chicken or fish, spread out over the whole day (or 20 ounces of cottage cheese, if you’re vegetarian)
  • all the vegetables you want, except tomatoes and potatoes
  • as much water as you can possibly drink (because now you’re a fish)

Day 7

You should be feeling “lighter than ever” today.

  • 2 cups of brown or white rice
  • any and all vegetables
  • 1 to 2 glasses of 100 percent fruit juice
  • as much water as you can possibly drink

What about exercise?

The GM diet plan is no different from any other weight loss strategy worth its salt in that it calls for frequent exercise.

Since you’ll undoubtedly be starving, you should take it easy the first through third days and limit your yoga to very soft poses. You should have enough energy from all those bananas to go for a walk on day four. You can incorporate regular strength training after your protein feast on day 5, starting with your protein feast.

Can I modify my GM diet?

As with any other exercise or wellness plan, you can make some tweaks to your liking. But keep in mind that your mileage may vary if you don’t follow the diet exactly.

  • Add some sprouts or nuts. You can substitute up to 2 ounces of sprouts or 1 ounce of nuts for one of the existing food components on the menu. Or just have them as a snack if you’re really hungry.
  • Make it meatless. You can swap out the beef, chicken, or fish for cottage cheese or brown rice if you’re veg.
  • Skip the dairy. If you’re not a fan of cow’s milk, you can swap it for soy milk.

How does the GM diet stack up against other popular diet plans?

The GM diet is occasionally promoted as a low-carb diet, despite the fact that it contains a lot of fruit, potatoes, and juice. It’s in a completely distinct category from diets like Atkins or keto, despite comparisons made by some.

The Atkins and ketogenic diets prioritize fat and protein above carbohydrates all the time, not just occasionally. (For instance, they’ll never advise you to consume fruit juice in glasses.) They place greater emphasis on obtaining a precise macronutrient ratio than on eating specialized meal combinations and maintaining extremely low calorie levels.

They are promoted as eating programs you may adhere to for life, in contrast to the 7-day GM diet, even if they are frequently challenging to follow over the long run.

What are the overall pros and cons of the GM diet plan?

The GM diet plan comes with some lofty ambitions, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any benefits to go along with the drawbacks. Let’s have a look at both.


  • It encourages you to eat lots of fruit and veggies. Produce makes up the bulk of this eating plan, and most of us could use more of it in our diets. Research suggests high fruit and veggie intake is linked to lower weight, a longer life, and even better mental health.
  • It’s packed with fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Eating all those fruits and veggies means you probably won’t have much trouble hitting your daily fiber quota. And since fresh produce is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, you’ll get plenty of those too.
  • It helps you stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water does so many good things for your body. But FYI, it is technically possible to have too much.
  • It has no processed foods. Most of us could benefit from eating less sugar and fewer refined carbs, and you won’t find any packaged or highly processed foods on the GM diet. It’s really simple stuff that’s free of added sugar and sodium, unhealthy fats, and additives or preservatives.

That’s a pretty impressive list of perks, right? The thing is, you don’t have to follow the GM diet to reap these benefits. It’s totally possible to establish these habits without following a restrictive crash diet like this one.


  • It might be dangerous. Healthy weight loss happens at a rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week. So the fact that the GM diet promises a loss of 10 to 17 pounds in the same time frame is the ultimate red flag.
  • The weight loss is temporary. The GM diet plan is a crash diet designed to help you max out your weight loss in a short period. The problem with any kind of hyperspecific, short-term diet is that once you go off it, you’ll almost definitely gain the weight back.
  • It puts restrictions on your relationship with food. Sure, the GM diet focuses on good-for-you foods. But putting limits on food groups and calories leads to feelings of restriction and deprivation. And that can ultimately backfire.
  • No research supports it. There are zero studies that claim the GM diet is actually healthy or good for weight loss. Zero.
  • It’s too low in calories and some important nutrients. Simply put, it would be almost impossible to get the nourishment you need on this diet. Some days are totally devoid of nutrients like protein, iron, or vitamin B12. That might not be a huge deal if you only follow the diet for a week. But if you repeat it, you could eventually end up with a nutrient deficiency.
  • You probably won’t feel good while you’re on it. Just look at the menu. How much energy could you possibly have to get through the day if you’re only eating vegetables or milk and bananas or chowing down on a 20-ounce steak?

Is the GM diet a healthy way to lose weight?

Dawg, that will be a “no.” Avoid the GM diet since it is a very restrictive crash diet. Sure, you might lose a little weight, but when you quit the diet, the most of it will quickly return. Therefore, it is undoubtedly not useful in that regard.

Additionally, it’s not truly sustainable; perhaps not even for a week. You could certainly endure the strange food for a day or two. But what happens when you’re invited to a party or have dinner reservations? Do you intend to bring six tomatoes or eight bananas?

The diet may stress healthy items like fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, but because it is so restrictive, you may lose out on a lot of essential nutrients. Additionally, because it has so few calories, it may make you feel lethargic, weak, or irritable. No fun.

The bottom line

The GM diet is a crash diet that could assist you in losing a little amount of weight. However, you’ll undoubtedly feel awful while you’re on it, and after the diet is finished, the weight will return swiftly.

Any diet that instructs you to consume six tomatoes or eight bananas in a single day is simply not a good idea. Don’t spend your time, please.

The GM Diet Plan: Lose Your Excess Weight in Just 7 Days – GMDiet

The GM Diet is the most well-known low-carb diet in the world, and as such, it is the answer to all of your weight loss problems. Fitness professionals and dietitians agree that the GM Diet plan for weight loss and body cleanse works because of the astounding results.

The GM Diet Plan was developed by General Motors Corp. in 1987 to address the weight and health problems that its employees were experiencing. This 7 Day GM Diet is unique in that it emphasizes eating sensibly rather than depriving yourself.

A well-liked and quick method for accelerating body fat loss and maintaining fitness for longer is the General Motors Diet. On a seven-day plan, it works by giving your body simple nutrients to burn calories rather than adding more to your body. This promotes weight loss, bodily detoxification, and other health benefits.

Initially, this exclusive General Motors diet plan was only available to its employees and their families. And it was done in accordance with FDA and USDA regulations. It underwent field testing at the John Hopkins Research Center before being given the go-ahead for distribution by the GM Corp. board of directors.

What is GM Diet: The Scientific Explanation:

GM Corp. has supported the GM Diet program for weight loss, which was created with its employees’ health and fitness in mind. The goal of this 7-day General Motors diet plan is to lose 10–17 pounds, or even more, in a single week. More advantages in terms of entire body detoxification, mind and body purification for tranquility and relaxation.

This GM Diet plan is also known to boost a person’s mood and emotions. This diet stresses a constant amount of consumption for each of your four meals each day, entirely eliminating the psychological restrictions of being unable to eat when on a diet. Along with some delectable and nutritious enjoyment with all-day permission.

The extremely well-liked GM Diet has a scientific basis; all the items you eat over the course of seven days are intended to burn calories and maintain energy levels.

The ability to satiate hunger with foods that are enjoyable and nutritious rather than dull or dry is what makes it so simple for most individuals to do. You get to enjoy the fantastic wonder soup, which is better than any other soup anyplace, for the majority of these seven days.

Both the Non-Vegetarian GM Diet and the Vegetarian GM Diet Plan are equally well-liked and effective. In fact, some people witness remarkable benefits on their skin and health when they alternate between the two over a period of 2-3 months.

Overview of the 7 Day GM Diet Plan:

The GM Diet Plan is based on the straightforward idea that you should only consume calories that will cause your body to expend more calories than they add. With this eating plan, the body’s fat is effectively removed, and you also feel lighter and more relaxed as a result. Contradictions regarding the GM Diet plan’s past and General Motors’ refusal to openly accept it exist, yet the 7-day GM Diet plan is still well-liked.

In addition to lowering body weight, it also effectively regulates bodily functions and removes toxins from our bodies. The majority of the diet consists of nutrients that will improve how our body functions.

The strongest feature of the GM Diet Plan is its adaptability, allowing people with a variety of dietary needs and tastes to find a place in it. Its key component is drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to aid in weight loss and detoxification.

When the body drinks 6 to 8 glasses of water each day, the daily water need is satisfied and the body does not retain as much water. People with serious illnesses like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach reflexes, and more have benefited from this food plan as well.

Advantages of GM Diet plan:

Although the GM Diet plan has many benefits, the body is where it excels most. You shed the additional weight, which was harmful and stressful. The GM Diet plan also has a number of other advantages, including:

  • A step by step weight loss plan which is healthy for the body
  • It does not starve you rather all the meals of the day are fixed, and you practically don’t feel hungry also
  • It is a quick fix solution for all those seeking immediate benefits. Rather than the other diet plans which take months to lose half the weight lost here.
  • This diet plan also helps in complete body transformation including body detox, cleansing, relaxation of mind and soul too
  • In addition to weight loss you can see a new refreshing and natural glow on your face, your skin radiance is at its peak, and you feel more and more charged
  • The stress and emotional upheavals are now subsided, and you find peace of mind, body, and heart. It has healing and therapeutic effects on your body too
  • GM Diet plan is easy as it keeps the taste buds pampered all through the 7 days
  • It is simple and easy to proceed with, without any complex ingredients or recipes.

How Effective GM Diet is for Weight Loss:

The GM Diet plan has had numerous criticisms throughout the years, but because to its popularity and impact on the general public, it is now the clear choice for everyone. Although there are some minor to moderate adverse effects, these are again brought on by failing to prepare before day one or any other day’s plan.

The majority of researchers come to the conclusion that the GM Diet plan works well for losing a lot of weight quickly. The 7-day eating plan results in weight loss of at least 10 pounds (4 kilograms). And some people who followed this eating plan for a week even lost close to 17 pounds.

Starting on day 4 of the GM Diet plan, this diet can be further enhanced by a few minutes of activity every day, which can help you lose weight. The exercises must not be challenging, strength-training, or demanding. Just basic movements that promote muscle relaxation and calmness. Keep drinking water because fluids are a vital component of many metabolic processes. Additionally, drinking more water helps you lose weight more quickly, and the body remains healthy throughout the entire 7-day GM Diet plan.

How to Start the GM Detox Diet:

Keep your gastronomic distractions at bay and make a plan. Start by creating the 7 Day GM Diet chart in advance and pasting it on your kitchen. Do not create the miracle soup for all the days to stock or freeze; instead, fill your refrigerator with all the items you will need. Since the soup must be made freshly for it to have a positive impact on both taste and health.

Avoid scheduling the GM diet chart for days when you have extra work to do at home or at the workplace. To move on uninterrupted, you must feel at ease and comfortable. Holidays are most definitely not the time since temptations and excuses will cause you to stray from your objectives. Maintain a strict daily regimen. The longer you sit alone, the more likely you are to feel motivated to cheat, thus you must avoid idleness.

When you continue the GM Diet Plan, a balanced schedule of work, play, and me-time is required. The GM detox is comprehensive for the body, mind, and spirit, therefore avoid outside distractions.

How Safe is GM diet:

If used diligently, the GM Diet is comparatively safe and effective. One at a time is the most efficient and secure method; avoid starvation and forced feeding. Before choosing this diet plan, individuals with medical issues should consult their doctor. Numerous people have asked “is GM Diet safe and what are its adverse effects,” but so far none of these questions have been supported by real evidence.

However, compared to its incredible benefits, there are a few minor side effects and disadvantages:

  1. GM diet plan is not sustainable as it may lead to deficiencies in some people. Though there have been no such cases but don’t think of GM diet as your daily dose. If you do it once then spare yourself another 8-10 days before opting for another round of GM diet
  1. GM diet is not suitable for everyone; pregnant and lactating mothers should never try to begin this, people with heart and gastric issues must seek consultation from their health care provider first
  1. If you don’t consume the required dose of water your muscles are bound to get stiff and weak.
  1. There can also be a metabolic slowdown in the first 2-3 days, but if you adhere to the diet you will cover it up well in the coming days.
  1. People may also suffer mild dehydration and slight weakness too in the initial days.
  2. After completing GM diet you must not eat incessantly, as it may cause more weight gain than loss

How Good is GM Diet:

The GM Diet is perfect for folks who want to lose weight quickly but don’t have enough time in their schedules. However, remember to include those several glasses of water and exercise as well; this will maintain the momentum. When you start losing weight on the GM Diet, you feel better and continue on your path to health and fitness.

The effectiveness and outcomes of the GM Diet Plan depend on how strictly you adhered to it and how you want to keep enhancing your lifestyle. Therefore, the GM Food Plan’s success is dependent on the person rather than just the diet.

In my opinion, the GM Diet is for all mothers who gained extra weight after giving birth and haven’t been able to lose it yet, for all workaholics who have a set work-life schedule and don’t have much time for diet and exercise, for all who want to lose weight quickly and effectively without compromising their health, and for those who are obese and aren’t sure how to get rid of the extra weight they’ve accumulated.

GM Diet Plan for Vegetarian:

The GM Diet plan differs for vegetarians on days 5 and 6, when the beef component is included. In the first four days, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians follow the same schedule. This variation can also be used by vegans by using soy or almond milk in place of the dairy. Although eating meat is emphasized as a key component of the usual GM diet plan, the vegetarian component is likewise equivalent in terms of nutrition and weight loss.

Some people also follow this vegetarian GM diet as a way to completely eliminate meat and eggs from their diets and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Make careful to avoid drinking at least 3–4 days before beginning the GM Diet regimen. The main goal of the GM Diet Veggie is to replace the beef with extra proteins like beans or cottage cheese.

Vegetarian or vegan GM diets are also a better method to avoid adverse effects because they are lighter on the body and do not result in nutrient gaps, just like their original counterpart.

The GM Diet Veg is intended for either vegetarians in the west or the Asian population, where many people live a vegetarian lifestyle.

GM Diet for Non-Vegetarian:

The non-vegetarian GM Diet plan was actually put forth by GM Corp. and has thus far been a worldwide success. The non-vegetarian GM Diet plan is more suited for western nations where beef is a common everyday food that is enjoyed by people. Although beef may not be a common protein on the Indian subcontinent, there are other non-vegetarian alternatives that make this a viable option.

The abundance of poultry, fish, and beef in the second part of the GM Diet plan will keep you full and improve both your taste and health. For both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian GM Diet variations, days 1, 2, 3, and 4 remain the same. Additionally, the other items consumed on days 5, 6, and 7 remain unchanged except for the source of protein.

In comparison to the beans and lentil soup that vegetarians consume, non-vegetarians may have fewer options, but they also have more satisfying options. However, compared to the vegetarian form, the non-vegetarian version needs more water and exercise to balance it.

GM Diet Plan Menu for the 7 Days:

To maintain momentum, GM Diet Menu must be prepared well in advance. This GM Diet plan food represents your day-by-day progress toward a complete body makeover. So make sure to keep all the elements listed, with water being the important addition every hour or so. On the days when the same can be consumed, wonder soup must be prepared for those mouth-watering mid-meal joys. A daily intake of more than 2-3 bowls may result in bloating. A brief summary of the 7-day diet using GM menu items is included.

What To Eat On GM Diet Day 1:

Day 1 of the GM Diet starts off with a sweet celebration. Yes! On this day, you are permitted to eat all the sweet and tart fruits. Fruits, particularly melons, can help you feel fuller for longer. Eat more melons, oranges, strawberries, and apples while avoiding bananas. Cantaloupe and watermelon are delicious and aid in rapid weight loss. There is no limit to the number or quantity of fruits you can eat, but it is always preferable to maintain the stomach calm and ready for the days ahead by eating in moderation. Drink a lot of water throughout the day—at least 6 to 8 glasses.

What To Eat On GM Diet Day 2:

Day 2 of the GM Diet starts with a small cooked potato or sweet potato. You can eat any type of vegetable throughout the day, but you should only have potatoes for breakfast. Examples of vegetables you can eat throughout the day are lettuce, tomato, cabbage, onion, kale, artichoke, spinach, and broccoli. Vegetable consumption is not limited in any way. These would be your daily carbohydrate intake to keep you energized and ready for your next plans.

What To Eat On GM Diet Day 3:

The fruits and vegetables you consumed on days 1 and 2 of the GM Diet make up Day 3. All of these are currently edible. Just keep potato and banana away. Your body will start to lose fat in chunks starting on this day. Fruits include complex carbohydrates that keep you energized and focused. To keep your body hydrated, choose a salad, boiled veggies, and lots of water.

What To Eat On GM Diet Day 4:

For newcomers to the GM Diet, the fourth day can be a little challenging, but if you make it through it, you have already succeeded. Day 4 of the GM Diet includes wonder soup as well. But other than that, the only food allowed here is milk and bananas. You now need to limit the amount of food you consume. Over the course of the day, you must have 3 glasses of skim milk and 8 medium-sized bananas.

What To Eat on GM Diet Day 5:

On Day 5 of the GM Diet, we celebrate. Non-vegetarians can enjoy 20 oz of any one meat—beef, chicken, or fish—in two meals, along with 6 tomatoes, making today their feast day. The tomato’s fiber will help with digestion, and the meat will give iron and protein to our diet. In addition to the tomatoes, vegetarians can use cottage cheese or brown rice for the meat. Since you need extra water to carry out your metabolic processes and you don’t want to feel tired, up your water intake by four cups right away.

What To Eat On GM Diet Day 6:

On Day 6 of the GM Diet, beef and vegetables are permitted, but tomatoes are not. 20 ounces of meat total for the day, with unlimited veggies (apart from potatoes). Cottage cheese can be eaten by vegetarians in place of meat. Vegetables aplenty to keep you full all day. Simply put, this is the simplest of all because your body is already prepared for the food plan. Continue to drink more and more water.

What To Eat On GM Diet Day 7:

The last day has here, and your body feels lighter than ever. The GM Diet Day 7 menu encourages you to eat more fruits and vegetables. In addition to brown rice and an infinite amount of veggies, you can also consume fruit liquids (without additional sugars). Make sure to add plenty of water because today will have a significant impact on how long the weight loss and skin benefits you have already noticed last.

GM Diet for Weight Loss – Benefits, Risks and Diet Plans

Looking for quick strategies to lose those excess pounds? The same is what the GM diet has to provide. It is one of the most well-known low-carb eating regimens created by General Motors to aid in weight loss.

The diet program was instituted by General Motors to maintain its workforce healthy and effective. The outcomes were very encouraging, and this diet soon spread over the world. Learn more about GM diet programs, their advantages, hazards, and recommended eating habits by reading on.

What Is a GM Diet?

The General Motor diet is a weight loss program that lasts for seven days. It imposes severe guidelines on the food groups one may consume each day for a week. Foods in this category have a high water content but have a negative calorie impact. As a result, it aids people in burning more calories than their bodies can handle. The goal of this diet is to lose 5 to 10 kilograms of body weight, or even more, in a single week.

What to Eat on a GM Diet?

The GM diet plan is implemented over seven days with different rules for each day. An individual who opts for this diet should drink 8 – 12 glasses of water daily to stay hydrated.

Here is a specific list of foods one can eat when on this diet plan.

  • One can eat all kinds of fruits (except bananas) or fruit juices
  • Cooked or uncooked vegetables of one’s choice (but without oil)
  • 3 – 4 glasses of milk
  • A cup of brown rice
  • Black tea
  • Green tea
  • Sprouts
  • Nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts and avoid ground nuts or raisins
  • Unsweetened black coffee

What Are the Benefits of the GM Diet?

An individual on a GM diet plan will reflect the following benefits within a week –

  • Encourages the consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Helps to eliminate excess toxins and waste from the body
  • Increases skin health and natural glow
  • Increase the metabolism rate of an individual

What Are the Disadvantages of GM Diet?

There are various side effects of the GM Diet. They are as follows –

  • It is not a sustainable way to lose weight.
  • Claims are not backed by any scientific research.
  • Lack of evidence on eating fruits as snacks can help in weight loss.
  • Not suitable for everyone.
  • It can make an individual very weak.
  • Not suitable for a long-term dietary plan.

Who Should Try GM Diet?

This diet is an option for someone looking for rapid weight loss results. Although it contains some cliches, it aids in weight loss for a brief period of time. However, before implementing this strategy, one should be informed of the repercussions and closely adhere to the guidelines established for each day.

7 Days GM Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Sample GM diet charts for weight loss are as follows –

Day 1 – Fruit Diet

Meal of the DayMeal
BreakfastAn apple or a few plums or an orange
SnackHalf bowl of sliced muskmelon
LunchLunch One bowl of sliced watermelon
SnackOne orange or mosambi
DinnerA cup of muskmelon and pomegranate salad
SnackHalf cup of watermelon

Day 2 – Vegetable Diet

Meal of the DayMeal
BreakfastA bowl of boiled potatoes
SnackHalf bowl of cucumber
LunchA cup of lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and capsicum
SnackHalf cup sliced carrots and a glass of lemon juice with a pinch of salt
DinnerA cup boiled broccoli and green peas
SnackOne sliced cucumber

Day 3 – Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Meal of the DayMeal
BreakfastHalf bowl of muskmelon
SnackOne cup sliced pineapple or pear
LunchOne cup of lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and capsicum
SnackOne cup sliced carrots and a glass of lemon juice with a pinch of salt
DinnerOne cup of boiled broccoli and green peas
SnackOne cucumber

Day 4 – Bananas and Milk Diet

Meal of the DayMeal
BreakfastTwo bananas
SnackOne banana
LunchMilkshake made from 2 bananas, a glass of milk with a dash of cocoa powder
SnackTwo bananas
DinnerOne banana and a glass of milk
SnackOne glass of milk

Day 5 – Meat Diet (Chicken, Fish, Beef)

Meal of the DayMeal
BreakfastThree tomatoes
Snack4 glasses of water
Lunch250 grams of meat of your choice and a large tomato
Snack2 glasses of water
DinnerA bowl of hot piping tomato soup
Snack4 glasses of water

Day 6 – Meat and Vegetable Diet

Meal of the DayMeal
BreakfastOne glass of carrot juice
SnackHalf cup of veggies
LunchHalf cup of brown rice and 250 g of meat of your choice
SnackOne cup of cucumber slices
DinnerHalf bowl of brown rice
SnackHalf cup of veggie, 100g chicken/cottage cheese

Day 7 – Fruit and Vegetable Juice Diet

Meal of the DayMeal
BreakfastA glass of orange or apple juice
Snack4 glasses of water
LunchHalf cup of brown rice and sautéed veggies
SnackA cup of watermelon or few assorted berries
DinnerOne bowl soup
Snack4 glasses of water

A fantastic fast-acting weight loss option is the GM diet. It encourages healthy eating practices while reducing intake of processed foods and refined carbs. Along with its advantages, it also has a number of negative effects, such as appetite loss and muscle weakness.

Furthermore, because various people may experience varying results, this diet plan is not appropriate for everyone. Therefore, it is advised that you get guidance from healthcare professionals before choosing the General Motors diet plan since the nutritional plan may differ depending on your age, gender, and lifestyle.

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