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You’ve just tried gluten free apple crisp and you love it! You can’t believe you went without it for so long. You wonder why more people aren’t talking about how great and delicious it is. Here’s the thing: we’re here to change that. We want everyone to know how fantastic gluten free apple crisp is (and now that we’ve told you about it, they will).


Learn how to make the perfect gluten free apple crisp using only 7 ingredients. With a crunchy sweet topping and tender tart apples, this gluten free apple crisp recipe is quick to make.

This apple crisp is egg-free, nut-free, and has a refined sugar-free option.


We’ve been making this gluten free crisp recipe for about 20 years now.

We bring it to parties and potlucks and everyone, including people who eat gluten, say it’s the best gluten free apple crisp.

What makes it the best? The filling is just apples, sweet and tart granny smith apples. And the topping is crunchy, sweet, and full of spices and takes only 6 ingredients.

This gluten free apple crisp recipe pulls together quickly and bakes up in 30 minutes.

Lots of people add extra ingredients to the filling but the best apple crisps are the ones that highlight the apples and compliments them with a crunchy, spicy topping.


For this recipe I used Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 Gluten Free Flour Blend. I’ve also used my homemade gluten free flour blend. This recipe also calls for gluten free oats.

Please double check to make sure that your oats are gluten free. Purity protocol oats are recommended.

To make this gluten free apple crisp recipe refined sugar-free, replace the brown sugar with coconut sugar. You can also make my Paleo Apple Crisp.

I haven’t tested this recipe with sugar free sweeteners yet, but if I do, I’ll be sure to update this recipe post.

Working with Gluten-Free Flours
When working with or measuring gluten-free flour, spoon the flour into the measuring cup and level. Do not scoop your measuring cup into the gluten-free flour.

The best method really is to weigh the gluten-free flour but I don’t have the ingredient weights for all my recipes yet.

You can enjoy this gluten free apple crisp as-is, with vanilla ice cream, or whipped cream.

If you are dairy-free, you can top this yummy crisp recipe with your favorite dairy-free vanilla ice cream of dairy-free whipped cream.

Gluten Free Dairy Free Apple Crisp

To make this apple crisp a gluten free dairy free apple crisp simply swap out the butter with your favorite dairy-free butter. You can also use coconut oil.

Be sure to freeze the coconut oil and chop it into pieces before you add it to the dry mixture. This will ensure it doesn’t melt too quickly when baking.

What apple are good for making crisps?

We like to use granny smith apples, but you can use your tart apple of choice. Some other favorites are Honeycrisp and Golden Delicious apples.

What’s better than apple pie and a whole lot easier to make? Apple crisp! This apple crisp recipe is gooey on the inside, and tender but crisp on top. It’s made with wholesome ingredients, like old-fashioned oats, almond meal, pecans, honey, and of course, lots of fresh apples.

On a cool fall day, there’s nothing better the smell of this apple crisp baking in the oven. This homemade dessert would also be the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving supper.

This is my favorite apple crisp recipe, and it just happens to be gluten free and healthier than the rest. This recipe is made with significantly less sugar than most apple crisps, but tastes just as good. In fact, I’d say it’s even better!

This crisp turned out great for me when I made it a few years ago, but I heard that it didn’t turn out as well for some of you. This stuff keeps me up at night.

I’ve retested and tweaked this recipe, and it’s now better than ever. I’m so pleased to hear that with these updates, this crisp has been turning out perfectly in your kitchens.

How to Make the Best Apple Crisp

Apples take a long time to release their moisture, so my original crisp recipe was a little dry. To remedy this, I switched from using 1-inch chunks of apple to thinly sliced, which take less time to get juicy and cook through. I also added some liquid to the filling to the get the ball rolling, and reduced the amount of starch.

To ensure that the topping doesn’t get too crisp, you’re going to bake the apples for 20 minutes and then add the topping. This is actually pretty convenient, because it means that your crisp can start baking while you are still mixing together the topping.

That’s it! You’ve just made an apple dessert that rivals apple pie in flavor and comfort-food factor, but it’s so much easier.

Healthy Apple Crisp Ingredients

The recipe is flexible. You can easily make it dairy free, vegan or nut free. See the recipe notes for details.

  • Granny Smith Apples: Fresh and thinly sliced. No need to peel your apples—the skin softens up so much in the oven, you’ll hardly notice it’s there. You could also use Honeycrisp apples, or a combination of Granny Smith and Honeycrisp.
  • Old-Fashioned Oats: Oats form the base of the topping. Once baked, they are perfectly crisp-tender. Be sure to use certified gluten-free oats for gluten-free apple crisp.
  • Almond Meal or Almond Flour: Almond meal (or flour) lends some irresistible richness and flavor. You can use regular flour in place of the almond meal, if you prefer (see nut-free recipe note).
  • Pecans or Walnuts: Chopped pecans or walnuts are technically optional in the filling, but I never leave them out. I love those little bites of nutty goodness.
  • Honey or Maple Syrup: We’ll use one of these natural sweeteners in the filling instead of plain sugar. As a bonus, they impart some additional flavor that tastes so nice.
  • Coconut Sugar or Brown Sugar: We’ll use some sugar in the topping, since liquid sweeteners would interfere with the texture. I like to use coconut sugar since it’s less refined, but brown sugar works just as well.
  • Butter: This topping calls for a reasonable amount of melted butter, and I promise, you won’t regret it.
  • Greek Yogurt: We’ll use some Greek yogurt in place of some additional butter (though you can totally go all in on the butter if you’d like). I love that the yogurt imparts a subtle tang.
  • Liquid (Water, Bourbon, Apple Cider, Etc.): A little bit of liquid helps the apples break down. Additional options include brandy or apple juice. I love to use equal parts water and bourbon so the bourbon flavor is subtle. I think it’s just right!
  • Lemon Juice: A squeeze of lemon juice brightens up the flavor of the filling.
  • Starch: You can use arrowroot starch or cornstarch. The starch helps the filling come together so it’s not watery.
  • Cinnamon and Allspice: No apple crisp recipe would be complete without some warming spices.
how to make gluten-free apple crisp

The Best Apples for Apple Crisp

Granny Smith apples are the perfect apple for crisps. They retain their shape but become wonderfully tender in the oven, whereas other apple varieties turn to mush. Their tart flavor mellows and sweetens in the oven, but doesn’t turn overtly sweet. Some contrast is key!

Another great option, albeit more expensive, would be Honeycrisp apples. They possess similar qualities and have become widely available in recent years. You could even use a combination of the two!

Serving Suggestions

This gluten-free apple crisp is perfection on its own, but you can take it to the next level by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream—preferably the kind with flecks of real vanilla bean—and letting it melt over the warm crisp. Whipped cream is delicious, too, or you can add a drizzle of caramel sauce (DROOL).

How to Store and Reheat Leftovers

Leftover gluten-free apple crisp can be stored covered in the pan or transferred to an airtight container for up to a week. Reheat it in the microwave or 350ºF oven. (It can be eaten cold or at room temperature too, but it’s best warmed up.)

Can This Recipe Be Frozen?

Yes, just like the traditional recipe, gluten-free apple crisp freezes quite well. Cover the baked then fully cooled dish in plastic wrap, then foil, and store it for up to 2 months. Let thaw in the fridge before reheating.

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