Gluten Free Diet Plan To Lose Weight


Gluten free diet plan to lose weight – I know that you have heard before that losing weight is not simple. But, however, this time I will reveal to you the exact solution for healthy body with the help of a few easy exercises.

A Gluten-Free Diet Can Help With Weight Loss

There are frequently new assertions that a gluten-free diet can aid in weight loss. Many famous people, like Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who has been diagnosed with celiac disease, Oprah Winfrey, Miley Cyrus, and others, claim to have lost weight by avoiding gluten. These testimonies have led many people to switch to a gluten-free diet in an effort to lose weight.

But is it actually effective? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, previously the American Dietetic Association, will answer categorically in the negative. The association asserts that the gluten-free diet has no other known applications than treating celiac disease and that “there is nothing remarkable about a gluten-free diet that can help a person lose weight.” 1

Even though the answer is a resounding “no,” there haven’t been any studies looking into whether people who follow a gluten-free diet lose weight more quickly than those who don’t, although an academy representative theorized that people may lose weight when they follow a gluten-free diet because they can’t find as much food to eat.

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However, whether or not you have celiac disease, there is some evidence that eating a gluten-free diet can help you lose weight. If you do have celiac disease, multiple scientific studies have found that those who were overweight before their diagnosis usually lose weight after going gluten-free. 2

However, even if you don’t have the illness, gluten-free weight loss might still be effective for you. Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist and the author of Wheat Belly, claims in Very Well that persons without celiac disease experience the same weight loss as celiac disease sufferers do.

He claims that when his patients eliminate wheat from their diets, they regularly lose weight—typically between 15 and 20 pounds in the first month. Do foods containing gluten or wheat make people eat more than they should? Studies in medicine don’t show anything to support either hypothesis.

However, based on his own unpublished study and observations in his medical practice, Dr. Davis asserts that it is accurate that people eat more calories overall when they eat wheat and tend to lose weight—sometimes a lot of weight—when they cut out wheat.

Gluten-Free Diet in Celiac Weight Loss

Studies have fairly definitely demonstrated that the gluten-free diet aids in weight loss in obese persons with celiac disease. In one study, 191 participants were tracked; at the time of diagnosis, approximately 32% of them were underweight, 38% were of normal weight, 16% were overweight, and 14% were obese.

Out of the whole group, 91 patients put on weight—on average, 16.5 pounds—after beginning the gluten-free diet. However, 25 additional patients experienced average weight loss of 27.5 pounds, with the obese patients experiencing the greatest weight loss.

Weight tends to normalize on a gluten-free diet, according to another study that looked at 369 individuals. In other words, if you’re overweight, you’ll likely lose weight, but if you’re underweight, you’ll probably gain weight after switching to a gluten-free diet.


A third study compared the number of calories consumed by celiacs who adhered to the gluten-free diet to those who indulged, and it revealed that the latter group ingested an additional 418 calories per day on average than the former group. (That amounts to roughly one additional cinnamon crunch Panera Bread bagel every day.)

You are looking for a way to lose those excess pounds if you searched “can eating gluten free help me lose weight,” and I have a ton of solutions for you.

There are several diet misconceptions out there, but one that concerns weight loss is: can you lose weight by avoiding gluten? Here, I’ll explain!

Will Eating Gluten Free Help You Lose Weight

The fact that the gluten-free diet appears to work so well for others often inspires others to give it a try themselves. However, how can you be sure the diet will be effective for you?

The truth is that while the outcomes some celebrities have obtained may appear to be magical, they are not. Instead, cautious eating, a lot of exercise, and yes, a diet free of wheat and gluten are what led to those outcomes.

It’s not entirely apparent which of these aspects is most crucial, and it’s possible that a good diet and plenty of exercise end up being considerably more significant than avoiding gluten.

gluten-free dairy-free lunch

Does It Work?

It might even turn out that avoiding gluten has no effect on your weight other than to limit your meal options. There is controversy about whether eliminating gluten and wheat actually makes it easier to lose weight than dieting alone. 1

Some dietitians claim that eliminating gluten from your diet will result in you eating less calories overall, which will naturally cause you to lose weight.

However, other specialists contend that wheat (and not just the gluten protein in wheat) actually increases your appetite, prompting you to eat more. Notable among these is cardiologist Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly.

According to Dr. Davis, wheat includes components that increase appetite and urge the body to create more insulin, a hormone that can make you accumulate fat. However, his claim is not supported by any independent studies.

Dr. Davis claimed that in his own clinic, he has observed patients lose, on average, 15 to 20 pounds in a month when they just stop eating wheat.

Despite the encouraging anecdotal findings, there hasn’t been any published research on this to demonstrate whether or not it actually works. So while your mileage may vary, there’s no assurance you’ll experience those types of outcomes.

The good news is, though, you can try several strategies that may maximize the results of your gluten-free weight loss efforts.

Avoid Processed Gluten-Free Foods

Although that gluten-free cake mix looks delicious (and tastes pretty darn close to the real thing, too), you’ll need to stay away from it if you want to truly lose weight without wheat and gluten.

Some grain-based gluten-free foods like crackers, bread, pizza, cookies, and cakes actually have more calories than the wheat-based foods they’re replacing (and may even cause a more pronounced insulin reaction).

Additionally, a majority of individuals appear to believe that “gluten-free” on a product’s label actually refers to “calorie-free.” Keep in mind that eating extra calories simply because they are present in gluten-free foods won’t aid in weight loss. The exact opposite.

Consider counting the calories in gluten-free foods because they are just as important as calories from conventional foods.

Watch Your Total Calories

Many people do discover they lose weight when they cut out gluten, but only to a certain point. According to Dr. Davis, many patients seem to reach that stage after losing between 15 and 20 pounds.

In actuality, cutting out gluten tends to reduce hunger and desires in general (at least once initial cravings for foods made of wheat have faded), and a reduced appetite results in less calories ingested.

You’ll probably need to start counting calories and try to remain within guidelines for your body if you want to continue losing weight.

Set Your Calorie GoaL

Low-Carb, Grain-Free, or Paleo

It’s debatable, but Dr. Davis and other proponents of a gluten- and wheat-free diet for weight loss think a low-carb diet is the most effective for losing weight. The hypothesis holds that all carbohydrates stimulate insulin synthesis and cause hunger, not simply those made from wheat.

Dr. Davis advises restricting high-carbohydrate meals like fruits and legumes while completely avoiding gluten-free grain products like bread, cereal, and most snacks (even gluten-free potato chips).

If you’re diligent, it’s possible to take care of your nutritional requirements while adhering to a low-carb, gluten-free diet. Count the carbs you eat.

Remember that the verdict is still out on the Paleo diet; some experts caution that if you cut back on items like fruit, beans, and whole grain rice, you’ll be missing out on important vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients.

Be Truly Gluten-Free

Many people mistakenly believe they are gluten-free when they are not (gluten may be found in many unexpected locations), and in certain people, anecdotal data suggests that even little amounts of wheat and gluten may prevent weight reduction when regularly consumed.

There is no research on this, but you might want to think about trying to cut out all wheat and gluten if you’re serious about trying to lose weight without gluten.

2 Dr. Davis cautions that if you don’t, you might not totally stop the insulin response that prevents you from losing weight.

Gluten-Free Diet

One can only eat so many salads before lunch becomes unbearably monotonous. Here are 50 gluten-free lunch ideas that can fill you up till dinner, from lettuce sandwiches to rice bowls.


Proof that you don’t need breadcrumbs for impossibly tender meatballs.


This is one lunch you’ll definitely want to Instagram. It’s also ready in 20 minutes, a win-win.


Swap the soy sauce for gluten-free tamari and you’re good to go.


Who needs bread when you have adorable bell pepper boats? Make a big batch so you can enjoy the leftovers all week.

gluten free lunch ideas avocado quinoa salad recipe


It’s fast, fresh and protein-rich (thanks to black beans). Use leftover quinoa to speed up the process even more.


You can make them ahead of time (up to two days in advance) and they won’t get soggy in the fridge. Now pass that dipping sauce, please and thanks.


We’re all about cooking once and reaping the rewards over and over. These will keep in the fridge for four days.


Prep all the moving parts ahead of time so you can assemble these bowls as soon as the clock strikes “lunch.”


This dish tastes like takeout, without leaving you bloated later. Plus, “put an egg on it” never gets old.


The chicken is breaded with cornstarch, which, aside from being naturally gluten-free, also makes for an ultra-crispy coating.

gluten free lunch ideas oven roasted sweet potatoes recipe

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