Good Supplement For Weight Gain


Good Supplements For Weight Gain: There are plenty of supplements out there promising to boost your energy levels; however, they can at times be a little too optimistic. Below is a list of tried and tested supplements, listed in order of effectiveness. If you’re in a very active day-to-day schedule, first off, let me just say I’m glad you’ve made it to the end! To get the best results out of these good supplements for weight gain some preparation is required on your part. Don’t just chug them down without a second thought (although they say you should still always read the instructions).

How to Safely Supplement Weight Gain

Finding a safe supplement plan for weight gain can be complicated. Factors to consider include:

How do the functions of our bodies change as we age?

How can aging, nutrition, and medications work for or against weight gain?

What supplement is best based on individual medical conditions and health status?

A wealth of knowledge and information is needed to make a personalized and well-informed decision. The safest path is to consult a geriatric dietitian before making dietary changes. These licensed professionals specialize in nutrition for older adults. And always consult your doctor before starting any supplements.

Online forms or quizzes that provide supplement recommendations are not reliable and should not be trusted. Additionally, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not monitor the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements unless evidence exists that they are unsafe.

Protein Supplements for Weight Gain

What group of people comes into mind when you read this section’s heading? Athletes! They often have a protein shake after a workout or a protein bar as a snack. If used the right way, more protein means more lean muscle mass. However, protein supplements can be used for any group of people, including older adults. Protein supplements typically come in powders, premade drinks, or bars.

Protein Powder

Protein powder dietary supplements have become increasingly popular over the years.

This concentrated protein is extracted from animal or plant-based sources like whey and soybeans. It is processed into powder form to become the base for shakes and bars, or to use in cooking.

There are many brands of protein powder and not all are created equal. Some have lost nutrients during processing, while others may have sugar, artificial flavors, thickeners, vitamins, or minerals added. They may be complete or incomplete, depending on the protein source.

Complete proteins contain all 9 essential amino acids that our bodies need and are found mostly in animal-based protein powders. Incomplete proteins do not have all 9 essential amino acids and are found in plant-based sources.

These are common types of proteins found in protein powders:

Whey protein*

Casein protein*

Soy protein*

Hemp protein*

Premade Drinks

Premade protein drinks come in liquid form. There are many different brands to choose from. There are also many different types of protein drinks.

Protein drinks often vary in:

Protein content

Calorie content

Flavor options

Formulation for medical conditions

Choosing a meal replacement shake over a protein shake is a higher calorie option for those who need to gain weight. Meal replacement shakes will be covered in more detail later. However, you can learn more about the best pre-made nutrition drinks in our video below:

When it comes to selecting the best premade drink, read the nutrition facts label. Choose one with the best nutrition for you. And find one that tastes the best! Everyone has different preferences when it comes to what they like in a premade drink.

The most common kinds of bars are energy bars* and protein bars*. These convenient grab-and-go snacks can help older adults meet their dietary needs.

They can provide extra calories, higher concentrations of protein, and added nutrients.

You can buy premade food bars or get creative and make your own. Select any ingredients of your choice, mash them together and form rectangles, put in wrappers, and voil…! You have made your own unique food bars.

While these can be tasty treats, be careful to select appropriate textures. Some protein bars may be too hard for older adults to chew if they require softer textures. In addition, it is best to read the nutrition facts label on the premade bar packages, to make an informed decision.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Protein Shakes

Meal replacement shakes* are prepackaged drinks used as substitutes for solid meals.

They have a fixed number of calories and nutrients, and provide a healthy balance of the carbohydrates, proteins, and fat typically consumed in a regular meal. They are available in a variety of flavors.

Seniors who have difficulty eating whole foods or reduced appetite may find meal replacement shakes to be a delightful choice. Though there are exceptions, these should not completely replace solid foods as they are not as beneficial as whole foods.

You may choose to purchase store-bought shakes or make them yourself at home. Either way works!
Commercially Made Meal Replacement Shakes

There are many brands of meal replacement shakes and each brand may offer multiple varieties. This can make it tough to choose the right one for you.

Take for instance a popular commercial brand, Ensure*. It has a whole line of products designed to help meet certain needs. According to the brand’s website, Ensure Original, Ensure Plus, and Ensure Enlive are recommended for maintaining or gaining weight.

With the intended benefit of commercial meal shakes are convenience, it can be difficult to decide which shake best fits an older adult’s needs. It may be important to consider factors such as:

Will it be applicable for a person with diabetes?

Will it interfere with certain medications?

Or will it meet your calorie needs?

Commercial meal replacement shakes are a fantastic way to complement or replace a senior’s meals when used properly and if the older adult likes them.
DIY Meal Replacement Shake

If you like having more control over what goes into your shakes, making them yourself is an good option.

It can also be healthier and cheaper than purchasing premade shakes in the long run. What’s important is to make this fun and creative by exploring different tasty ingredients.

Before explaining the satiety factor of meal replacement shakes, let’s distinguish between satiation and satiety. Satiation is the feeling of fullness you get during a meal that prompts you to stop eating. Satiety is the period of feeling full before becoming hungry for your next meal.

One of the physical changes that takes place with aging is that food may stay in the stomach longer during digestion. As food moves through the digestive system more slowly, it may cause reduced appetite because of the prolonged feeling of fullness. (2)

Research shows that a beverage meals leave older adults feeling less satiated than solid meals. Seniors who are experiencing a reduced appetite may find meal replacement shakes or smoothies to be a practical way to meet their daily calorie needs. (2)


Creatine* is a nutritional supplement that aims to increase muscle mass. It is highly popular among young athletes and older adults.

The human body naturally produces creatine in the liver and kidneys. It can also be obtained by consuming animal protein like red meat, seafood, and poultry.
How it Works in the Body

Creatine stores energy in our muscles. It is used in metabolism to release energy that fuels muscles for quick, high-intensity events. Older adults produce less creatine in their bodies, which can lead to a condition of muscle loss known as sarcopenia.

Creatine supplements work to increase lean muscle mass with no gain in fat mass. They draw water into muscle cells (3), so it is important to drink extra water to stay hydrated when using them.
How it Helps with Weight Gain

Creatine helps increase lean muscle mass and bone strength in older adults. This can support their independence and reduce the risk of falls. This is usually accomplished through a combination of creatine supplementation and exercise, specifically resistance training.

A recent study compared the effects of creatine use with and without resistance training. It showed that without resistance training, low doses of creatine do not benefit muscles but higher doses can decrease muscle fatigue.

The study also found greater benefits of creatine when combined with resistance training. This combination led to larger increases in lean muscle mass and upper and lower body strength, with improved physical performance. It can have significant muscle benefits over the long term. (4)

Weight as a Function of Body Type

All bodies are not built equal, that much is obvious. Three guys can eat the same meals every day for a year and look very, very, different by the end of that year. If you’re someone for whom the classic advice of either “eat less” or “eat more” doesn’t necessarily work for, then it’s probably that you fall further on one end of the body type spectrum.

This spectrum is usually broken up into three archetypes:

First, there is the endomorph. Often referred to as “stocky,” these are our thick-boned brothers. Easier for weight gain to happen, usually rounder, and a tendency for a higher body fat percentage. The polar opposite of us, for whom it’s easy to pack on the pounds and difficult to shave them off.

And then there’s the mesomorph. While aesthetic standards change with the cultural mores in vogue, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that the mesomorph is not what most men aspire to be. Naturally athletic with a heavy bone structure, this body type finds it easy to build muscle and keep it on. The negative side is that it is easy to pack on the pounds. If you’re not someone who’s athletically inclined, then the pounds packed on are going to tend to be fat rather than building muscle.

And finally, we, the ectomorphs. If you’re reading this, then we’ve finally gotten to the star of the show. The “hard gainers”, since it’s difficult for this body type to gain weight. Characterized by lean muscle mass, long limbs, knobby joints, and fast metabolisms. The skinny-guy build, the build that’s usually on the forever-bulk, the build that’s told to “just eat more.”

To fill out the ectomorph frame is going to be variably challenging depending on how far along the spectrum your body-type is. Because these are, of course, archetypes. Very few people are going to be solely ectomorphic, mesomorphic, or endomorphic. This is simply a tool for people to use in order to generalize a good way forward for their specific characteristics-and thus, it should just be used as a tool.

You might be an ectomorph-mesomorph who might not have to work as hard to gain muscle but is still generally lanky. Or you might be an endomorph-mesomorph who has to work harder in order to gain lean muscle mass rather than just fat.

While ectomorphs and endomorphs are on opposite sides of the spectrum, it’s definitely possible to be skinny-fat. But this is generally those people who don’t work out at all and eat “dirty” foods, such as fast food, simple carbs, and sugar. If you’re already doing what you can to bulk up as an ectomorph, then you probably don’t have to worry about skinny-fat-it’s just an issue of turning all that food into muscle mass.

Which brings us to the next point..

Weight as a Function of Food

Just like all bodies are not built equal, all nutrition is not built equal either. We’ll dive into this further down below as it relates to ectomorphs, but for now, let’s get a general idea of how food interacts with your body.

When it comes down to the basics, every diet is essentially, CICO (Calories In Calories Out). You want to lose weight? Eat fewer calories than you burn. Gain weight? Eat more than you burn. We’re looking at the latter, so let’s expand on that.

Just like bodies and nutrition aren’t built equal, neither are calories. You might’ve heard of the tongue-in-cheek phrases, the “dirty bulk” and the “clean bulk”. As the names suggest, you want to be aiming for the latter meal plan.

Furthermore, there are four ways your body burns calories-a number, which when added together, is the number of calories you have to surpass each day in order to gain weight. There’s the calories you burn for your most basic bodily function (BMR), the calories you burn while being active (TEA), the calories burnt while exercising (EPOC), and those that are burnt while digesting food (TEF).

Someone who has a body type in the mid-range will usually find that their body is good at storing calories for rainy days. An evolutionary advantage borne out of a need for nutrients if outside sources were impossible to come by.

On the other hand, the skinny body type says, to hell with evolutionary advantage-I’m going burn everything, now. Physiologically speaking, this means less fat and less muscle stored on the body due to a higher metabolic rate.

Even common traits such as fidgeting, tending to stand or sit, walking while talking on the phone, or moving your hands while you speak can have significant effects on how many calories you burn. While not very meaningful on their own, these idiosyncrasies add up over the long term and definitely have an effect on the number of calories burned.

So, with all this exposition behind us, what are the best ways to circumvent the curse of the ectomorph?
.But Actually, Eat More

Before you say, “But I AM eating more,” make sure that’s really the case. There’s been a number of studies done on under-reporting and over-reporting the amount of calorie intake, and there’s a correlation between those who are skinny and over-reporting how much calories they’ve consumed.

As arduous as measuring every calorie you consume might be, it might be beneficial for some people to do over the course of a few days. Eat like you normally would and see whether you’re really hitting those caloric goals-or if you’ve been unknowingly leaving a lot of gains on the table.

You hear this a lot in weight-loss circles, but it’s helpful to reinvent your relationship with food. If you’re serious about gaining weight, treat eating as training-not just as a complementary activity. Remember, it all comes down to CICO. Are you eating enough calories?

And yes, for the higher-tier bodybuilders and weightlifters out there, eating does become a chore. For example, just check out how much The Rock eats in a day-it’s insane but necessary. And The Rock has the advantage of not being an ectomorph.

While you might find yourself enjoying food less and meals becoming chores, it’s still possible to reclaim your zest for food with well-planned cheat days. Meal planning at the beginning of the week is also a great week to keep on track with your dietary plan and make sure that you’re not missing out on any important calories that you definitely need.

Best Weight Gain Supplement

There are several people ranging from housewives to students who significantly seek for ways to gain weight very fast and in an healthy way.

Truly, it is so pleasant to receive lovely compliments from friends and acquaintances around you or even on the social media. Compliments like: “You look so amazing”, you have such a lovely body shape”.

Especially as a lady you may desire to look healthy, attractive and bodily may and that is quite understandable.

Even as a man, your thoughts on how to increase your size and healthily boost your presence is well understood.

These and more are the reasons we have compiled a list of supplements which you can take to help increase your body size while you remain healthy.

Meanwhile, be aware that there are basically no supplements without side effects.

  1. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer Protein Powder

This Is one among the several weight gain supplements that are simply a perfect source of calories. The composition of a remedy contains various protein sources so it gives you far more proteins and calories that you simply got to bulk up.

When you apply this with some other natural elements that has high-calorie content, your weight will surely increase really fast.

With its high load of Vitamins, this type of weight gain pills helps you to get your desired weight size in such a healthy way by filling up for your daily nutritional needs.

And in case you are so concerned about the flavourings, these supplements does not contain added sugar.

  1. Amino 3000

On the list of top weight gain supplements, Amino 3000 occupies the second position.

This supplement has an outstanding quality amongst other supplements you will find in the market when speaking of supplement components.
It gives you Amino acid and branched chain of Amino Acids other wise known as BCAA.

The following are the advantages of this unique Product:

First, it has a Balanced composition;
Secondly, its level of effectiveness is very high
Lastly, this product is processed hygienically.

After going through the high health benefits of this supplement, You must be wondering how much it costs in Nigeria. The price of Amino 3000(100 Capsules) is about N15450 in Nigerian currency.

  1. Appeton

This is an effective high protein formula which has been medically checked and verified to help boost body weight in a healthy way.

Some of the advantages of this product are:

It can be absorbed and digested
It helps increase weight fast
It has the proper element of Amino acid
Little wonder this product is one of the most popular supplements in Nigeria.

  1. Cypri Gold For Weight Gain

For females who desire to gain weight quickly, Cypri Gold syrup is a very good supplement because it is specifically made to give you all the important nutrients your body needs to make strong immune system and blood cells that are healthy.

This product has been tested and verified to be a good remedy as it contains Cyproheptadine which helps to improve appetite.

  1. Apetamin

This is arguably one of the best supplements for women for desire to gain weight really quick and healthily.

This supplement contains vital elements like Cyproheptadine, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E including other minerals that helps to boost your appetite and help you to add weight.

Truly, this is an amazing way to add weight quickly.

The following are the key advantages of this superb supplement:
First, it helps to stimulate appetite
Secondly, it helps to boost your immune system
Finally, in case you are wondering how much this unique supplement is, it goes for an affordable price of N6800(200ml bottle) in Nigeria.

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