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Grain Finished Beef For Sale, United States Beef of Colorado is your place for quality grain finished beef. Our cattle is grass fed and finished with high quality corn grain that suppliments the natural grass diet. We are a 100% USDA inspected facility.Beef isn’t just delicious — it’s also nutritious. Enjoy nutrient-packed beef with the Grain Finished Beef For Sale.

Marble Hill beef grass-fed grain-finished taste defined.

Let’s examine the reasons why the grass-fed, grain-finished beef from Marble Hill tastes better than the lauded, more costly 100% grass-fed cattle. First of all, 100% grass-fed beef denotes that the cattle have lived their entire lives on forage or grass alone. Even though they really finish the animals on grain for the last 90 to 160 days prior to harvest, several farmers nevertheless label their beef as being grass-fed. The USDA does not distinguish between the two varieties for customers, so the pricey grass-fed beef you purchase from the grocery store may actually be grain-finished.

Ozark First Cattle reared for beef are normally pasture-grown and grain-finished for 30 to 90 days prior to harvest. In the end, flavor boils down to individual taste, and each person has their own “sweet spot” for the flavor they find most appealing. When fed to calves during finishing, energy-dense grains like corn and barley result in more marbled beef with a milder flavor compared to beef finished on grass. On the subject of which tastes better, there is some disagreement. Some beef enthusiasts believe grass-fed, grass-finished meat tastes strangely gamey or grassy. Because of the marbling, grass-fed, grain-finished beef has a deeper flavor and is more soft.

Although most beef aficionados prefer the taste of Marble Hill beef that is grass-fed and grain-finished, this is mostly due to the fact that grass-finishing is not possible in Missouri. Since grass doesn’t grow well year-round in dry or cold climates, concluding with grass is neither natural nor sustainable. Likewise, local suppliers do not desire to sell their calves at auction to commercial buyers for confinement raising. The best course of action is to occasionally add grain to their diet. The majority of the herds are fed corn and hay that is grown and fertilized by the same herd, which is the humane and sensible approach for well-cared-for herds.

Farm to Table Grain Fed Beef

Grain Fed Ribeye SteakGrain Fed Ribeye SteakRegular pricefrom $8.99

Grain Fed New York StripGrain Fed New York StripRegular pricefrom $9.99

Grain Fed Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)Grain Fed Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)Regular pricefrom $6.50

Grain Fed 80% Lean/20% Fat Ground Beef, – 1lbGrain Fed 80% Lean/20% Fat Ground Beef, – 1lbRegular price$5.49

Grain Fed Chuck RoastGrain Fed Chuck RoastRegular pricefrom $15.78

Grain Fed 80% Lean/20% Fat 1/3lb Ground Beef Patties – 3 Per 1lb PackageGrain Fed 80% Lean/20% Fat 1/3lb Ground Beef Patties – 3 Per 1lb PackageRegular price$7.49

Custom Whole Beef Deposit

$100 Deposit- Reserves your beef and goes towards final cost.



A whole beef will have a total cost of $2800-$3200 and will yield between 400-480 pounds of beef.

  • Freezer Space Approx: 16-24 cubic feet

Grain-Fed Beef ($3.05/lb Hanging Weight) [RECOMMENDED] 

is a favorite of ours, renowned for its tenderness and marbling since grain aids in the formation of intramuscular fat in cattle. The aging procedure has given it a richer, meltier texture and amazing flavor. Contrary to popular assumption, well-managed farms’ pasture-raised, grain-finished cows nonetheless lead happy, healthy lives.

Due to the natural feeding environment, grass-finished beef ($3.35/lb Hanging Weight) tends to be leaner and has a particularly “gamey” flavor; nonetheless, some people like the flavor.

Grass-fed animals will be smaller than those raised on grains.

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