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Are you looking for great healthy recipes for dinner? My wife and I have tried to eat a lot healthier in the last year. We’ve been looking at recipes in magazines, blogs, and cookbooks. Now I figured it’d be fun if we all shared some of our favorite family recipes on the blog. To get things started I’m going to share a recipe for chicken stir fry with cashews (one of my favorites).

Quick and healthy dinner recipes

Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean hours in the kitchen. Try our easy 20-minute recipes, packed full of nutritional benefits and fresh ingredients

6. Super-quick sesame ramen

When you’re craving comfort food, our sesame ramen is the answer to your prayers – there’s nothing like noodles for filling up a hungry stomach in minutes. Turn a packet of store-bought instant noodles into something special with pak choi, a scattering of sesame seeds and the humble egg. That’s what we call healthy fast food.

7. Sesame tuna steaks with asian slaw

Give your tuna steak an Asian-inspired twist with sesame and a crisp slaw. If you’re a fish fan, this flavourful dish full of colour and texture is for you. We love the crunch of the toasted peanuts and the hint of heat from the red chilli. Create this restaurant-worthy dish in 20 minutes using just a handful of ingredients.

8. Courgette tortilla with toppings

Easily turn an everyday ingredient like eggs into a sensational veggie supper, complete with hummus, red peppers and olives. Our courgette tortilla with veg toppings is the definition of quick eats. This low-calorie Spanish-inspired recipe uses grated veg to bulk up the base and roasted red peppers from a jar for an instant flavour boost. Be as generous with the hummus as you like, and try serving alongside new potatoes or chunks of crusty bread.

9. Salmon & thai noodle bowl

Try our fresh salmon & Thai noodle salad. It’s an easy midweek meal that offers the perfect balance of protein and carbs, so you won’t be left feeling hungry and hunting for snacks 10 minutes later. Spice up our simple salmon recipe with a dash of red curry paste and plenty of seasoning. The orange zest lifts the flavours and adds a hint of tangy citrus that we can’t get enough of.

10. Veggie tahini lentils

Need a veg-packed midweek saviour? Give our veggie tahini lentils a whirl. Use a pack of pre-cooked Puy lentils to form the base, then cover everything in our delectably creamy tahini dressing. This is a handy recipe for feeding a mix of veggies, vegans and meat-eaters alike. For a budget-friendly alternative, try replacing Puy lentils with canned green lentils.

Healthy dinner ideas

When you’re trying to improve your eating habits, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut, relying on the same old dishes week in, week out. Our recipes are all designed to be as delicious as they are nutritious, from lighter versions of your favourite foods to fresh new flavours that you might not have tried before. Which of these healthy suppers will you try this week?

Steaks with goulash sauce & sweet potato fries

A fillet steak served with goulash sauce and wilted spinach

Have your steak and eat it too in this healthier version of the classic steak and chips, which contains an impressive five of your 5-a-day. The veggie-laden sauce goes perfectly with the lean red meat – paired with sides of oven-baked sweet potato fries and wilted spinach, it’s the perfect balanced supper.

Spinach, sweet potato & lentil dhal

A plate of spinach and sweet potato dhal

This comforting vegan curry is low in calories and freezable, too, so you can make double and get ahead for another day. The veggies provide a good dose of iron and three of your 5-a-day, while chilli, turmeric and cumin flavour the lentils beautifully. The leftovers are great reheated the next day, too.

Tomato penne with avocado

Mexican flavoured penne pasta served with avocado

Bring a taste of Mexico to your bowl of pasta with this low-fat, low-calorie winner. Peppers, tomato, onion, avocado and sweetcorn provide all five of your 5-a-day, as well as iron and vitamin C. Lime, chilli and coriander mix with the avocado to lend it that familiar Mexican kick.

Prosciutto, kale & butter bean stew

A Prosciutto kale and butter bean stew in bowls

Get your greens with this low-fat stew that’s ready in just 25 minutes. Kale, white beans and prosciutto is a classic combination which works brilliantly with the fennel. Chilli, thyme and a splash of wine add extra flavour, and it’s gluten-free and low-cal, too.

Chickpea, tomato & spinach curry

A chickpea, spinach, broccoli and tomato curry in a serving dish

Vegan comfort food in a bowl – this super healthy curry packs in portions of tomato, pulses, broccoli and spinach. The coconut cream sauce is flavoured with all the goodness of ginger, turmeric and lemon, while chopped seeds and nuts provide a contrasting crunchy garnish. Serve with brown rice.

Prawn jambalaya

A prawn jambalaya dish in a frying pan

Made entirely in one pan (which means less washing up), this robust supper is low-fat and low-calorie and packs in four of your 5-a-day. Use spices and canned tomatoes from your storecupboard and a bag of prawns from your freezer, then throw in all the freshness of celery, yellow pepper and chopped parsley. A perfect midweek supper.

Moroccan chicken stew

A Moroccan stew with chicken thighs and vegetables

Full of vibrant veg, green olives, lemon, apricots, almonds and spice, this flavoursome Moroccan chicken tagine is sure to become a favourite in your household. It’s gluten-free and low-calorie – and you can serve it with cauliflower rice to raise your veggie count even further.

High-Protein Dinners That Help Promote Healthy Blood Pressure

Protein is an essential part of your diet—it helps keep you satisfied, supports healthy digestion and keeps your muscles in fighting shape. These recipes contain at least 15 grams per serving, so you can get your fill at the end of the day. Plus, each dinner sticks to a heart-healthy level of sodium and includes ingredients rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium to help lower your blood pressure. Recipes like our Gochujang-Glazed Salmon with Garlic Spinach and Chicken & Spinach Soup with Fresh Pesto are delicious meals worth making again and again.

Chicken & Spinach Soup with Fresh Pesto

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Chicken & Spinach Soup with Fresh Pesto

This fragrant, Italian-flavored soup takes advantage of quick-cooking ingredients–boneless, skinless chicken breast, bagged baby spinach and canned beans. It features a simple homemade basil pesto swirled in at the end to add a fresh herb flavor. If you are very pressed for time, you can substitute 3 to 4 tablespoons of a store-bought basil pesto. Recipe by Nancy Baggett for EatingWell.

Chicken, Arugula & Butternut Squash Salad with Brussels Sprouts

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Chicken, Arugula & Butternut Squash Salad with Brussels Sprouts

Hot roasted vegetables lightly wilt the arugula in this healthy dinner salad recipe. Keep prep time minimal with leftover chicken, precut butternut squash and trimmed Brussels sprouts.

Gochujang-Glazed Salmon with Garlic Spinach

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Gochujang-Glazed Salmon with Garlic Spinach

Gochujang, a Korean red chile paste, and honey give this salmon a little bit of sweetness and a whole lot of spice.

Chickpea Pasta with Mushrooms & Kale

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Chickpea Pasta with Mushrooms & Kale

Loading up your pasta with vegetables like the kale and mushrooms here is not only delicious, it also makes the meal more satisfying.

Balsamic-Glazed Salmon

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Balsamic-Glazed Salmon

A quick and easy sweet-and-sour balsamic glaze spiked with maple syrup and Dijon brings these flaky salmon fillets to life. Parsley or cilantro provides a fresh contrast, rounding out this healthy, tangy dish.

Salmon Caesar Salad

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Salmon Caesar Salad

This easy Caesar salad subs creamy Greek yogurt and buttermilk for the traditional egg yolks and olive oil and mixes in mildly bitter radicchio in addition to classic romaine. Using just a small amount of flavorful Parmigiano-Reggiano shaves calories and sodium too.

Apricot-Glazed Chicken with Quinoa Pilaf

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Apricot-Glazed Chicken with Quinoa Pilaf

A bitter-tasting compound called saponin coats the outside of quinoa seeds, requiring a quick rinse to remove it. But check the package: some brands come pre-rinsed, saving you a step.

Sheet-Pan Chili-Lime Salmon with Potatoes & Peppers

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Sheet-Pan Chili-Lime Salmon with Potatoes & Peppers

Busy weeknights beg for something simple like this salmon sheet-pan dinner. Like the name suggests, it’s all cooked on one pan. The potatoes get a head start, followed by sweet bell peppers and finally chili-coated salmon fillets. It’s a complete meal with easy cleanup!

Lemon-Garlic Pasta with Salmon

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Lemon-Garlic Pasta with Salmon

Wondering what to do with leftover salmon? This is a delicious and easy way to turn it into another weeknight-friendly, quick dinner. Don’t forget to reserve some pasta water–its starch thickens the lemon-garlic pasta sauce and makes it silky-smooth.

One-Pot Garlicky Shrimp & Spinach

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One-Pot Garlicky Shrimp & Spinach

Shrimp, spinach and garlic brown and cook quickly for a simple one-pot weeknight dinner. A fast pan sauce gets life from zesty lemon juice, warm crushed red pepper and herby parsley. Serve with a slice of whole-wheat baguette to swipe up every last drop of sauce.

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