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Healthy Breakfast Recipe Ideas

What can I cook for breakfast? It’s a question repeated by millions every single day. And I bet you’re one of them.

I talk a lot about my cravings for easy, healthy breakfast recipes, because, hey, it’s the most important meal of the day, right?

Why is breakfast important? Because eating breakfast helps with weight loss, brain function, and keeping you moving all throughout the day. That’s why I am ALWAYS on the lookout for easy breakfast recipe ideas to keep this healthy habit fresh and fun. Because as we all know, breakfast is too easy to skip, and too often breakfast is boring too.

This list of 2 weeks, or 14 days, of seasonal and simple healthy breakfast recipe ideas offer up WAY better than average starts to your day and make eating breakfast a habit you’ll actually enjoy.

These breakfasts focus on all the flavors of fall, with some geared toward on-the-go and others for easy weekend breakfast or brunch. They’re seasonal but simple recipes for eggs, breakfast sandwiches, simple frittatas, oatmeal, avocado toast, and protein pancakes will make breakfast your favorite meal of the day.

14 Days of Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Make Now

1. Healthy Homemade Egg McMuffin

Healthy Homemade Egg McMuffin Recipe | #healthy #homemade #breakfast #sandwich #freezer #mcmuffin


Move over Mickie D’s, there’s a new Egg McMuffin in town, Make the most of ham and cheese with these quick and easy morning sammies.

2. Best Breakfast Smoothie

Fit Foodie Finds

Don’t mess around with a dinky drink! This protein-packed smoothie is made with fruit, oats, almond milk, and peanut butter to hit all the food groups and keep you feeling full until lunch time.

3. Paleo Pumpkin Bread

Fit Mitten Kitchen

Paleo or not, I dare you to say no to this nutrient and texture dense loaf topped with decadent cashew cream.

4. Bacon Broccoli and Potato Frittata


This stunner only looks complicated–on-hand ingredients get tossed together for an easy dish that holds over beautifully in the fridge, and can do triple duty as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5. Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

How Sweet Eats

Whether or not you’re a gym buff, leave the heavy lifting to these powerhouse pancakes made with plenty of pumpkin spice and a secret ingredient that will make your whole body happy.

6. Crunchy Buckwheat Granola

Minimalist Baker

You may be hearing a lot about buckwheat these days, thanks to it’s versatility and deliciously nutty flavor. Try it out with this healthy, ultra-crunchy granola, perfect for sprinkling on yogurt or enjoying as a hearty snack.

7. Breakfast Tacos


Let’s taco-bout the ultimate breakfast shall we? I believe in tacos for every meal of the day, especially when they can be put together in under 30 minutes.  Stuffed with shredded beef, sweet peppers, and scrambled eggs, this will be a new family favorite.

8. Maple Pumpkin Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

Iowa Girl Eats

If you’ve tried baked oatmeal before (or, especially if you HAVEN’T), you’ll want to dig right into these lightly sweetened bars that double as the perfect afternoon snack.

9. Apple Pie Oats

Kim’s Cravings

I’m not saying I would NEVER tell you to eat pie for breakfast, but if you’re looking for an every day option that’s a little easier on the waistline, these creamy, caramely oats are a lighter way to crush that pie craving.

10. Breakfast Salad

Naturally Ella

Turns out you can have salad for breakfast, too! Think of this as a deconstructed omelette in a bowl with tender greens, potatoes, and perfectly cooked eggs. Add bacon, cheese, or a slice of toast to round out this veggie-friendly meal.

11. Spinach and Mushroom Egg White Frittata


This single serving egg white frittata is one of the easiest breakfasts of the week, and totally healthy with protein-packed egg whites, too.

12. Banana Breakfast Cookies

Table for Two Blog

Tacos, pie, salad–we’re breaking every rule here, so why not add cookies to the mix? 😉 These breakfast cookies are packed with satiating whole grains, fruit, and nuts to hold you over without a major sugar cash before lunch.

13. Cinnamon Oatmeal Latte

How Sweet Eats

Get your breakfast AND your coffee covered with this palate-pleasing creation. Get cozy with this combo of old-fashioned oats, apples, cinnamon, and an eye-opening shot (or two!) of espresso.

14. Maple Sweet Potato Pie Oatmeal

Foodie Crush

Cozy up to comfort with this nourishing bowl of healthy and hearty slow-burning carbs. A touch of maple syrup and sprinkle of chopped nuts makes for a truly satisfying and seasonal breakfast.

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What’s your favorite breakfast? I love hearing from you!

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