Healthy Cold Lunch Recipes


If you need a Healthy Cold Lunch Recipe, you are in the right place. We have listed healthy recipes for you that can be prepared up to 36 hours ahead of time.These will make your life a lot easier and will allow you to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

How to make healthy cold lunch recipes? Those are the two questions we’ll attempt to answer in this post! We’ll also show you healthy cold lunch recipes that you can use on a day to day basis.

Healthy Cold Lunch Recipes

Greek Chicken Meal Prep Bowls

Greek Chicken Meal Prep Bowls Damn Delicious Crop

Damn Delicious’s Greek chicken meal prep bowls are a little time intensive on the prep side, but well worth the effort. As with all of the recipes here, the time you put in gets you lunch for the whole week. You’ll appreciate having flavorful Greek chicken topped with fresh cucumber salad and tzatziki sauce every day.

Spinach, Apple, Gorgonzola, and Candied Walnuts Salad

Spinach Apple Gorgonzola and Candied Walnuts Salad Inside the Rustic Kitchen

Like many people, I have no trouble eating salads everyday through the summer when there is a wealth of fresh ingredients readily available. I’m a little less inspired during the depths of winter. Inside the Rustic Kitchen’s spinach, apple, gorgonzola, and candied walnuts salad to the rescue. It’s well worth the effort of making a batch of candied walnuts for it.

Rainbow Hummus Wraps

Rainbow Hummus Wraps Tasty Thin

Tasty Thin’s rainbow hummus wraps are another fantastic rainbow lunch dish bursting with flavor and color. Nikki has several variation ideas to keep this wrap recipe fresh and interesting for work lunches week after week.

The Best Egg Salad Ever

Best Egg Salad How Sweet Eats

When you hard-boil eggs for the week ahead, How Sweet Eat’s egg salad is always a good work lunch recipe. You can make a big batch and switch up how you eat it. One day pack a couple of pieces of bread to make a sandwich. The day next have it over a small green salad. The following day scoop it up with tortilla or kettle chips (my favorite). You get the idea.

Lima Bean Salad

Lima Bean Salad Kitchen Confidante

I know, lima beans make me want to cringe, too. Kitchen Confidante has completely modernized the concept of a lime bean salad with tons of fresh veggies and a tangy lemon mustard dressing. You won’t even think about the fact that you’re eating lima beans.

Caprese Cold Noodle Meal Prep

Caprese Cold Noodle Meal Prep Meal Plan Addict

Meal Plan Addict’s Caprese cold noodle meal prep is another fantastic way to enjoy Caprese as an easy, filling work lunch. It’s no secret that Caprese is perfect with pasta, and I love that Steph has found a way to turn the pairing into a cold lunch.

Chicken Cobb Mason Jar Salad

Chicken Cobb Mason Jar Salad A Sweet Pea Chef

I didn’t want to include too many mason jar salads in my quick healthy lunch ideas for work list because they’re a little overplayed these days. But after Jessica’s Greek orzo salad, A Sweet Pea Chef’s chicken Cobb is at the top of my list. It’s hard to go wrong with a good Cobb salad. Lacey takes it over the top with homemade Ranch dressing.

Vegan Quinoa Sushi Bowl

Vegan Quinoa Sushi Bowl Beauty Bites

Even easier than making your own sushi, you can make Beauty Bite’s vegan quinoa sushi bowl, which comes together much more quickly and tastes just as good.  You would never imagine that this recipe is vegan, and you won’t miss the meat at all. I would double it for meal prep to get a week’s worth of lunches out of a single prep session.

Bruschetta Pasta Salad

Bruschetta Pasta Salad Lovely Little Kitchen

Lovely Little Kitchen’s bruschetta pasta salad has everything you love about bruschetta in a quick, tasty pasta salad. For a work lunch, I’d add chicken or even leftover grilled steak.

Turkey Ranch Wraps

Turkey Ranch Wraps Garnish and Glaze

Turkey ranch (or chicken ranch!) is a tried and true combination that works so well as a wrap. Garnish and Glaze’s turkey ranch wraps are filled with spinach, fresh veggies, feta, and a creamy Greek yogurt Ranch spread.


These simple healthy cold lunch ideas will solve all your clean eating problems (if you have any). Get inspired with these easy vegetarian lunch recipes that you can take to work or to school, they are delicious, nourishing, many gluten-free and vegan.


If you feel sick every time you think you need to eat “lean protein with veggies”, (especially when you’re vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian)…If you look at that pale chicken breast with soggy broccoli you packed for lunch 3 days ago with nothing but disgust…I’m here to tell you: There’s hope, my friend. There is hope.

As Shakira once said, you can have it all – flavor, healthy body, free time and hips that don’t lie. (just so you know – usually hips are huge liars).

These meatless clean eating lunch ideas will make you feel good and not like the universe hates you. They’re not boring and take less than 30 minutes to make.

Cold lunches are great if you don’t have a microwave at work, at school or are afraid that incubating your food in a microwave will turn it into a radioactive mess. Definitely not talking about myself here.

So, COLD lunches it is.

20-Minute Mediterranean Lunch Bowl! This healthy lunch idea is super tasty, very easy to make, vegan and gluten-free. If you’re eating healthy and making your meals ahead for the week, this clean eating vegan lunch bowl also comes with an easy meal prep option that will help you eat clean for the entire week! #lunch #Mediterranean #vegan #glutenfree


If you want to eat healthy throughout the week, it is worth doing some sort of meal prep on Sunday. Otherwise, convenience can easily take over and leave you with chips in your mouth for lunch. I am not the biggest fan of meal prep food, but I like making some things ahead of time to make quick and easy lunches in no time. Here’s what you can do to prepare for the week and make eating healthy for lunch easier.


You can prepare by having your fresh produce ready to go. For example, you can chop up some cabbage, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, whatever non-juicy fruits and vegetables you like. Once chopped, you can easily add them to make salads, bowls or wraps. Pack the chopped vegetables in an airtight container in the fridge and they will be good for the next 3 days.


The two things I usually like to make for the week are hummus and tzatziki. I keep my dressings pretty easy – some salt, some olive oil and some lemon juice are what I prefer in my salads. But if you do have some favorite healthy dressing recipes that you would like to use, feel free to make them ahead. Most will stay good in an airtight container for at least 3 days in the fridge.

A super easy roasted vegetable recipe for spicy roasted cauliflower, sweet potatoes and a sad little red pepper. This healthy side dish recipe is great for meal prep, vegan, gluten free and paleo.


Roasted vegetables are such a great addition to salads, bowls and wraps. They just make them more interesting and tasty. So, roast some vegetables in the oven like I did here and use them to make delicious healthy lunches.


Cook some rice, quinoa, bulgur, millet, lentils – whatever grains and legumes you would like to have in your salads or lunch bowls. I usually use pre-cooked chickpeas and black beans when I cook, just because it’s much easier, but I do make my lentils, rice and quinoa ahead and it saves so much time.


5-Minute Mediterranean Bowl - My Favorite Lunch Recipe! Try this healthy lunch recipe, it's also great to meal prep. You prepare everything and keep all parts in separate containers in the fridge (up to 3 days, except salad - but it takes only 2 minutes). Then arranging this beautiful & easy healthy bowl with quinoa & hummus takes around 5-minutes! It's vegan & gluten-free!Try it! | healthy meal prep recipe | healthy salad recipe


Okay, there’s a reason this one’s one of my most popular recipes on the blog. It’s amazing. It’s easy to make, works for meal prep and is full of flavor. With a salad, hummus, tzatziki and olives this vegan bowl is delicious, fresh and filling. The recipe is here.

These sweet potato black bean power bowls are full of flavor and really easy to make. You'll love these healthy vegan power bowls as a healthy gluten free vegan dinner idea or lunch recipe!


Full of flavor and so easy to make! Roast some vegetables, add some black beans, mashed avocado salad and lunch is ready. Recipe here.

Healthy quinoa bowls - a tasty, easy and healthy vegan dinner idea that you need to try if you’re looking for easy quinoa recipes! These healthy power bowls are filled with a roasted vegetable sauce, quinoa, a healthy salad, and are nourishing and delicious! Perfect clean eating recipe to meal prep for the week!


These vegan quinoa power bowls are great to meal prep for the entire week. The recipe takes a little longer, but it’s so worth it. You can find it here.

Try this easy breakfast fried rice bowl if you’re looking for some new healthy breakfast ideas! This tasty rice bowl is a great savory meal prep breakfast idea that won't leave you hungry.


Well, I know it says breakfast, but you can definitely have this for lunch too! Use hard-boiled eggs, cooked rice and your chopped vegetables – you’ll assemble it in no time. Recipe here.

20-Minute Mediterranean Lunch Bowl! This healthy lunch idea is super tasty, very easy to make, vegan and gluten-free. If you’re eating healthy and making your meals ahead for the week, this clean eating vegan lunch bowl also comes with an easy meal prep option that will help you eat clean for the entire week! #lunch #Mediterranean #vegan #glutenfree


This healthy Mediterranean lunch bowl is ready in just about 20 minutes and is filled with spicy chickpeas, avocado, hummus, a fresh tomato cucumber salad, cabbage and olives. It’s delicious and great for meal prep! Recipe here.

Vegan quinoa sushi bowl. This is an easy healthy vegan quinoa recipe that tastes like sushi -great for lunch! This healthy bowl is gluten-free, light and super tasty. And very quick to make! #lunch #quinoa


This is an easy, throw-together, sushi bowl and uses quinoa instead of rice, because quinoa is more nutrient-dense and pretty awesome. You can pack dressing, veggies and quinoa separately, but if you make this in the morning – it’s not gonna spoil until lunch even if you put everything together. Recipe here.


Having this delicious healthy avocado chickpea salad again for dinner tonight. It was sooo refreshing! A great high-fiber recipe, full of antioxidants and very easy and quick to make - perfect for summer!


Salads with chickpeas are so filling and so tasty. This one is not completely vegan, but if you get rid of the feta cheese – you’re good to go. It’s filled with fiber and antioxidants and is a very tasty, refreshing healthy lunch. I prep the ingredients the night before and then throw them all together in the morning with the dressing. Keeps well like this until lunch. Recipe here.

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