Healthy Dinner Ideas Protein


Healthy dinner ideas protein is probably something you’re looking at this very second. This happens to be a big concern for you, but your problem is that you have no idea where to begin. Sure, you’ve heard of the “Paleo” diet, but perhaps you don’t know how it works. The following article will focus on just that.

By now you’ve probably heard that protein is an important nutrient to eat every day. Putting a few high-protein dinners on your weekly menu is one great way to help make getting enough daily intake a little easier, no matter what else the day throws at you.

Healthy Dinner Ideas Protein

While total protein needs vary widely from person to person, as SELF has previously reported, a decent baseline is the recommended daily allowance (RDA): 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. (For a 150-pound person, for instance, that’s around 54 grams of protein a day.)

It’s also important to note that experts do say it’s best to have some protein with every meal, rather than loading it all up in one sitting. (Keeping protein-rich snacks on hand is a great idea too.) As SELF has reported, eating protein throughout the day can help keep your energy levels consistent. Plus, including a variety of protein-rich foods in your diet means you’re getting other important vitamins and nutrients—like fatty acids from seafood or fiber from beans—at the same time, SELF has reported.

High-protein dinners in particular can also help keep you feeing satisfied and full so that your stomach doesn’t start growling right before you climb into bed. (That’s always a dilemma for me, personally—I know if I eat too late, my stomach will feel wonky and I’ll have trouble sleeping, but I don’t want to go to bed hangry either.)

The high-protein dinners below each contain at least 15 grams of protein in a single serving, with most coming in above 20 or 30. Many of these recipes are also filled with things like veggies, whole grains, and plant oils, so they’re full of complex carbs and fat for a balanced dinner. From rich and cheesy pastas to quickie tacos to the speediest stir-fries, there’s sure to be a high-protein dinner here for whatever you’re craving.

11.  Ras el hanout, yoghurt and lime grilled chicken

Tom Walton’s Middle Eastern grilled chicken is perfect for any ultimate weekend feast.

12.  Mixed pepper crusted steak with mushroom salad

Keep summer cooking easy with this clever pepper-crusted steak and salad meal.

13.  Moroccan steak with eggplant and tomato salad

Mint, eggplant and tomato brightens up this Moroccan-spiced steak dish, making for a nutritious weeknight meal.

14.  Minute steaks with romesco salad

A smoky capsicum and chilli dressing add a spicy kick to this dish.

15.  Steak frites with green peppercorn sauce

Voila – this simple yet impressive recipe is inspired by classic French bistro cuisine.

16.  Sumac steaks with carrot and avocado salad

Fire up your taste-buds with these sumac spiced steaks.

17.  Roast chicken with winter fruits

Incorporate in-season fruits into your next Sunday roast.

18.  Balsamic lamb with radicchio, cannellini bean and pecorino salad

Put a new spin on everyone’s favourite cucina with this easy weeknight lamb leg steak and Italian-style salad.

19.  Miso steaks with warm mirin slaw and sushi rice

A complete Japanese-inspired meal that is so easy, you can enjoy it midweek.

20.  Gochujang-glazed skirt steak

Gochujang is a fermented chilli paste which is giving that trademark Korean lip-smacking savouriness to dishes all around town.

21.  Rib-eye steaks with lemon, caper and dill butter

Impress your Valentine with this hearty steak meal with lemon, caper and dill butter.

22.  Jerk steaks with cornslaw

Brighten up your dinner with some jerk steaks and a side of freshly made cornslaw.

23.  Grilled skirt steak with Gorgonzola sauce

Succulent skirt steak is teamed with a creamy Gorgonzola sauce for a sophisticated meal.

24.  Steak tartare piedmontese with almonds and crostini

A little courage and top-notch ingredients are all you need to make great beef tartare at home. This Piedmontese-style version is flavoured with truffle.

Best Steak Salad (Gluten-free)

This steak salad with roast potatoes, green beans and tangy dressing is an easy and delicious gluten-free meal to throw together at the last mintue.

1.  Spicy Shrimp Spinach Caesar Salad from Cotter Crunch

Homemade spicy Caesar dressing is the star of this salad—though the baked shrimp isn’t too bad itself, either.

Per one serving: 26 g protein

Image may contain Food Pasta

2.  Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Pasta from Simply LaKita

Who knew two perfect foods (enchiladas and pasta) could come together to make something even better? It’s creamy. It’s cheesy. It’s full of protein.

Per one serving24 g protein

This image may contain Plant Food and Egg

3.  Spinach and Tomato Pasta With Poached Egg from SELF

You haven’t lived until you’ve topped your pasta with a poached egg. A few sprinkles of nutritional yeast ups the protein content of this savory and satisfying dish.

Per one serving: 27 g protein

Image may contain Food Pasta Lunch and Meal
4.  Skillet Chicken Fajitas from The Iron You

These chicken fajitas are full of flavor and so easy to throw together. Serve the mixture inside a tortilla or with a side of rice, and pile on your favorite fajita toppings.

Get the recipe here.

Per one serving: 36 g protein

This image may contain Food Meal Dish Plant Lunch and Platter

5.  Sheet Pan Tofu With Vegetables Crispy Chickpeas from SELF

This easy vegetarian dish has a whole bunch of protein, courtesy of the tofu, chickpeas, and nutritional yeast.

Get the recipe here.

Per one serving: 30 g protein

Image may contain Food Dish Meal Animal Seafood Sea Life and Shrimp

6.  Seared Scallops and Cauliflower Rice Risotto from Dr. Davinah’s Eats

Make your own cauliflower rice, or buy it from the frozen section, for this grain-free, über-cheesy “risotto” dish.

Get the recipe here.

Per one serving: 23 g protein

Image may contain Plant Fruit Food and Apple

7.  Apple Cider Chicken Skillet from Well Plated

Apples + chicken = the sweet and savory combo you didn’t know you needed. This dish is great all by itself, but we also like it served alongside a whole grain like brown rice.

Get the recipe here.

Per one serving: 30 g protein

This image may contain Plant Vase Potted Plant Pottery Jar Planter Herbs Vegetable Food Produce and Bean

8.  Avocado Couscous Grapefruit Salad

This refreshing grain bowl makes a great dinner or lunch option. And other than the couscous (which you can prep ahead of time), it requires zero cooking.

Get the recipe here.

Per one serving: 17 g protein

This image may contain Bowl Food Dish Meal Cutlery Spoon Plant Soup Bowl and Curry

9.  Spicy Black Bean Soup

This spicy soup tastes a lot like chili, without the lengthy cooking time. It’s also loaded with fiber and completely vegan—just leave off the cheese topping or use your favorite dairy alternative.

Per one serving: 15 g protein

This image may contain Sandwich Food Bread Sandwich Wrap and Pita

10.  Warm Spiced Chickpea and Broccoli Wrap from SELF

Nutritional yeast adds extra protein and gives this wrap a savory umami flavor, while goat cheese makes it nice and creamy.

Per one serving: 25 g protein

Image may contain Plant Food Seasoning Sesame Vegetable and Rice

11.  Honey-Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli from Gimme Delicious

This better-than-takeout stir-fry comes together in only 10 minutes. Seriously. Serve it over rice and you’ve got a sweet-and-savory meal in no time.

Per one serving: 17 g protein

Image may contain Bowl Plant Food and Breakfast

12.  Tilapia in Parchment With Tomato and Broccoli Over Rice from SELF

Cooking fish in parchment paper is foolproof and requires minimal clean-up. This complete dinner will be ready in just under 20 minutes.

Per one serving: 32 g protein

Image may contain Food Bread Taco Dish and Meal

13.  Shrimp Tacos With Mango, Basil, Corn, and Feta from SELF

Shrimp cooks quickly, so these crunchy and sweet tacos are easy to throw together any night of the week.

Per one serving: 32 g protein

This image may contain Plant Food Meal Dish Lunch and Vegetable

14.  Sheet Pan Chicken Drumsticks With Warm Farro and Apple Salad from SELF

If you’ve never had a warm salad before, this kale- and apple-packed version will surely get you hooked.

Per one serving: 29 g protein

Pan filled with chicken and veggies.

15.  15-Minute Chicken and Veggie Stir-Fry from Gimme Delicious

So simple yet so good. This chicken and veggie stir-fry goes great with rice, quinoa, farro, or any other grain. Toss it over spaghetti if you’re really feeling fancy.

Per one serving: 28 g protein

This image may contain Food Pork Lunch Meal and Plant

16.  Maple-Mustard Grilled Chicken from The Fitchen

Food on sticks is just better. Pair these sweet-and-spicy chicken kebabs with a side of veggies or whole grains for a filling, protein-packed dinner.

Per one serving: 24 g protein

Image may contain Plant Food Vegetable and Pea

17.  Pea and Farro Stir-Fry from SELF

Revive leftover cooked farro by sautéing it with eggs and frozen peas—a new take on fried rice.

Per one serving: 27 g protein

This image may contain Sandwich Food and Bread

18.  Kale and Sweet Potato Parmesan Quesadilla from SELF

Thanks to whole wheat tortillas and a healthy dose of Parmesan, this veggie-packed quesadilla also has a bunch of protein.

Per one serving: 27 g protein

Image may contain Food Pasta Pizza Tortellini and Noodle

19.  One-Pan Swedish Meatball Stroganoff from Lizee Angel

Homemade Swedish meatballs and from-scratch gravy come together in this recipe to make the ultimate comfort food dish.

Per one serving: 31 g protein

20.  Creamy Miso-Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Pinch of Yum

The miso-peanut sauce is the star of these creamy, savory lettuce wraps. Sliced grapes add an extra sweet crunch to the mix.

Per one serving: 33 g protein

Image may contain Plant Food Produce Vegetable and Pizza

21.  Turkey Taco Skillet from Budget Bytes

Stuff this versatile turkey-corn-bean concoction into a tortilla to make a burrito, or scoop it over a bed of lettuce for taco salad. It can also be used to make some pretty great nachos.

Per one serving: 27 g protein

Image may contain Plant Food and Vegetable

Kale, hard-boiled eggs, and a rich Caesar dressing made with a creamy avocado base make for a satisfying salad.

Get the recipe here.

Per one serving: 15 g protein

This image may contain Plant Food Produce Vegetable Seasoning Lentil and Bean

23.  Sheet Pan Salmon With Kale and Farro from SELF

As long as you have farro (or any whole grain) prepped ahead of time, this sheet pan dinner comes together in less than 15 minutes.

Per one serving: 35 g protein

Image may contain Bowl Food Dish Meal Plant Produce Curry Vegetable Cutlery Spoon and Stew

24.  Spicy Red Lentil Curry from Minimalist Baker

Quick-pickled red onions add a nice bite to these spicy lentils. Serve them over brown rice for a protein-packed vegan meal.

Per one serving: 16 g protein

Image may contain Bowl Dish Food Meal Soup Bowl and Soup

25.  Dairy-Free Chicken Corn Chowder from Kim’s Cravings

There may be no dairy in this chowder, but there’s lots of protein and flavor anyway, thanks to the shredded chicken, jalapeños, and chipotle peppers.

This image may contain Food Dish Meal Stew Curry and Egg

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