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Having delicious dishes in dinner is the desire of every household. After the day-long work that includes full of hassles, having delicious and healthy food not only helps people to regain energy but also gives the mouth a touch of delightedness. But it is also evident that after hassling works in the entire day, people don’t feel like spending more time on cooking or bothering for its tastes. Hence, here in this blog, we will explain some of the delicious quick and healthy dinner recipes that you can make in just a few minutes without bothering for much hassles of cooking.

Tastes of healthy foods in just a few minute

Make some of the delicious yet healthy palatable dishes and enjoy your dinner in the best way. Let’s move to the recipes hereunder,

1.Smashed chicken with corn slaw

Make the dish with a pop of color, smashed chicken, and crunchy corn-slaw. Now, make crispy potatoes with a little turmeric and new potatoes. Serve both on one plate with a squeezed limewater. Trust us; it is a perfectly low-calorie and healthy dish. It will make your dinner perfect with the pack of chicken and veggies.

2.Curried chickpea cake with tomato sambal

Give up a new height in your game with this dish. Get a curried chickpea cake with Sambal. Now, blitz it with eggs and the combination of your favorite spices. Then fry some veggies and serve the dish altogether with garnishing with spicy tomatoes and cucumber sambal.

3.Kimchi fried rice

Having rice for dinner frequently is too good for any homeowner. This Kimchi fried rice will definitely change your perception of rice. Make this exotic dish with tangy pickle of veggies, fresh broccoli, and cook it for 20 minutes. Now serve it with zesty lime and enjoy your rice-meal to get a great dinner.

4.Spaghetti with smoky tomato and seafood sauce

Experience something different, experience something new with this delicious easy dinner meal. This is not at all like the usual tomato sauce. Try this smoky tomato and seafood sauce with spaghetti and smoked paprika to give your mouth the warmth of a delicious pasta dish. Now, add 2-3 teaspoons of sugar to sweeten the dish and serve.

5.Indian chickpeas with poached eggs

Eggs are always the best to remain healthy and fit. This Indian chickpeas in combination with yellow and red pepper, crispy spring onion, and tomatoes make a perfect pocket-friendly healthy dish that you can enjoy whether hunger attacks you. You can also add some fried veggies to have a languishing experience out of the dish.

Now, having dinner at home either with your partner or family can be made even more delighted with the perfect suit of dishes that need less hassle and money at the same time.

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