Healthy Lunch Ideas For School Vegetarian


If you are looking for some healthy lunch ideas for school vegetarian then I am going to list a few of those that would be great for you! The following blogs offer vegetarian friendly ideas for kids who are trying this new eating option for the first time.

Look no further! Here are some healthy lunch ideas for school Vegetarian. These healthy vegetarian packed lunch ideas will get your kids excited to take a healthy plant-based lunch and help you live a healthier lifestyle!

Healthy Lunch Ideas For School Vegetarian

If you’re family is looking to eat less meat, then these vegetarian lunch ideas are a great place to start. The recipes are easy to prepare, portable, and loved by both kids and adults- they won’t even miss the usual turkey sandwich.

Vegetarian Lunch Ideas

If you’re trying out more meatless meals with your family, try our 30-day vegetarian meal plan. It’s 4 weeks of delicious kid-approved recipes with done-for-you shopping lists and detailed meal prep. Take a peek inside the vegetarian meal plan here.


As with any of the lunch recipes you’ll find on this blog, vegetarian lunch ideas need to be:

  • easy to make
  • healthy
  • satisfying
  • portable
  • delicious- of course!

And just because these recipes are vegetarian doesn’t mean they skimp on the protein. Ingredients like hummus, cheese, legumes, and beans are all great sources of protein as well as other nutrients such as fiber, healthy fats, and calcium.


All my best kid-friendly lunches from over a decade of creating meal plans. Add some variety to your child’s lunchbox with these epic lunches, plus receive my Pack Meals Like a Pro ebook, free with purchase!


These school lunches ideas are perfect for vegetarian families or even those who want to go meatless every now and then. They are packed with veggies, fiber, and alternative sources of protein to keep you feeling satiated all day!

Did I mention how delicious these recipes are? Your kids will love them. It’s always fun for them to open up their lunchbox and find a delicious meal!

Lunch can be one of the hardest things to plan for, unlike dinner, there is only so much you can do since most lunches are eaten outside of the home. Most people want something that can be quickly assembled and is both healthy and satisfying. Not only do these recipes meet those high standards but they’re also 100% vegetarian approved!

1. Hummus Veggie Club

These vegetarian school lunch ideas are perfect for families avoiding meat or others going meatless every now and then. Easy, nutritious, and delicious!

A healthier twist on a club sandwich, this hummus veggie club will be sure to satisfy everyone! Creamy hummus makes a nutritious swap for regular replaces mayo and adds more flavor . Stack on any veggies you want and use whatever bread your family enjoys.

If your family doesn’t love hummus, try this salad sandwich with amazing homemade ranch dressing!

2. Enchilada Soup

These vegetarian school lunch ideas are perfect for families avoiding meat or others going meatless every now and then. Easy, nutritious, and delicious!

This perfectly spiced enchilada soup makes the best thermos lunch. It’s even more delicious on cold days when all you want is a warm bowl of soup. Pack this soup in a thermos and send it with your kid’s favorite toppings, such as cheese, avocado, and pico de gallo. Make sure to use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth!

3. Southwest Quinoa

Black beans and quinoa bring on the protein in fiber in this southwest salad. It can be packed ahead of time and is best served at room temperature or warmed.

4. Falafel Stuffed Flatbread with Tzatziki Sauce

These vegetarian school lunch ideas are perfect for families avoiding meat or others going meatless every now and then. Easy, nutritious, and delicious!

If your family loves Mediterranean food, then this recipe is for you! Crispy falafel is stuffed in a flatbread with veggies to make a satisfying lunch to please both kids and parents alike. Chickpeas contain lots of nutritious protein, fiber, and flavor!

5. Apple and Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This sandwich is a great way to use up all those delicious, juicy apples! It’s a spin on the classic grilled cheese sandwich with the added nutrition of fruit! Your kids might even love this version better than the original.

6. Broccoli Tater Tots

These vegetarian school lunch ideas are perfect for families avoiding meat or others going meatless every now and then. Easy, nutritious, and delicious!

Get some veggies into your kids’ diets without them even knowing! These broccoli nuggets are crispy and cheesy, an irresistible combination. They make an easy-packing lunch or great grab-and-go snack. Pair them with some fruit and nuts in a lunchbox, and you’ve got a super nutritious vegetarian lunch!

7. Black Bean Mini Taco Cups

Since regular tacos can sometimes be too messy for lunch boxes, these mini black bean taco cups are the solution! They’re easy to prep ahead and pack and are easily customizable to your family’s favorite topping! Try cheese, salsa, and even lettuce.

8. Tex Mex Bento Box

All-time favorite party finger foods can also be turned into a fun and satisfying lunch! These are great for packing at the end of the week with leftover odds and ends from the fridge and pantry. Bento boxes also come in handy for lunches such as this.


If your kids are involved in afterschool programs it’s likely they’ll need extra fuel to keep them going. These snacks are perfectly portable and kid-favorites that you can make ahead of keep in the refrigerator all week long.

  • Chocolate Bites
  • Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Snack Bars
  • Hummus with veggies
  • Banana Chips
  • Pumpkin Cookie Dough Dip
  •  Packable Vegetarian Lunch Ideas For Work or School

    Stuck in a lunchbox rut? These packable vegetarian lunch ideas are perfect for work or school. From sandwiches to salads to creative finger foods – there’s something for both you and the kids here!

    Lunch can be a real challenge. You need recipes that are easy enough to throw together in the morning, packable so they stay fresh until noon, and tasty enough that you actually want to eat them.

    That’s a tall order.

    So I’ve pulled together a few of my own favorite packable vegetarian lunch ideas to get you started.

    P.S. If you’re looking for school lunch ideas for the kids, you definitely want to check out my new e-book, Healthy Plant-Based School Lunches. It’s packed with my best tips for vegetarian and vegan lunches that your kids will actually eat!

    Packable Vegetarian Lunch Ideas For Work or School

    This list of 10 packable vegetarian lunch ideas for work or school will help you get out of the same-old-lunchbox-meals rut.

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