Healthy Lunch Ideas Kindergarten


Healthy lunch ideas kindergarten, kids need healthy food at school just as much as they do at home. Get the kids to help you in the kitchen and pack one of these portable lunches for them. They will love them. Packing your kids’ lunches can be a real challenge. If you want them to have a nutritionally balanced lunch, but they don’t always like the foods you prepare, consider some of our healthy school lunch ideas for kindergarten students. These nutritional ideas will help you plan thoughtful lunches that also taste good—an important bridge between home and school for kids.

Healthy Lunch Ideas Kindergarten

Are you struggling to come up with school lunch ideas for your toddler, preschooler or kindergartener?

Then you’ve come to the right place 👋!

I’ve spent the last 5 years making it my mission to create EASY and NUTRIENT-PACKED lunches. I even wrote an entire cookbook dedicated to school lunches!

Below you will find tips, tricks, printables, my favorite school lunch packing tools as well as 68 IRL examples of healthy school lunches.

Bonus – most of the lunches below only took me 5 minutes to pack 👍!

Reasons to Love these School Lunch Ideas:

  • great for ages 3-6
  • can be used for inspiration for older kids – just pack more
  • perfect packed lunches at home or school
  • healthy
  • colorful
  • nutritious
  • fun foods so they will eat
  • hidden veggies
  • can be used for any bento box you own
  • 13 weeks of lunch ideas
  • all real school lunches

my kids devoured (most of) these lunches below

great lunch ideas for kindergarteners.
Healthy lunch ideas.
easy lunches for preschooler snack kids for school or home.

Tips on How to Pack Bento Boxes

I live by two Bento Packing Principles – protein and color.

That’s really it! After I get those items packed, the rest of the lunch usually falls right into place.

Tip #1 – Pack a Protein

Packing a good and healthy source of protein 🍗🥚🥜 into each lunch box is key for making kids feel full and energized all afternoon long. Some of our favorite protein sources are: hummus, Greek yogurt, hardboiled eggs, almond/seed/peanut butter, beans, edamame, cheese or chicken.

Tip #2 – Make it Colorful

I live by the #eattherainbow method when it comes to lunches 🌈 (and I’m not talking about skittles here;). The goal is to try to pack the entire rainbow of colors into each and every lunch.

Why am I so into this philosophy of eating? It’s pretty simple.

By packing lunches full of color I know, without a degree in nutrition, that my girls are getting a variety of nutrients from each fruit and veggie I pack.

Colorful Food = Healthy Food

Although it might sound pretty labor-intensive to pack a ton of different colored produce in a lunch, I promise you that it’s actually as hard as you think! Once you open up your fridge and start poking around, you will be able to find a ton of colorful fruits and veggies that are perfect for your kiddos lunches.

Helpful Tools

For your convenience, I added a link for which bento box I used for each school lunch. But don’t think for a minute that you need a million different bento boxes to make these lunches (I just happen to have a very serious bento shopping problem 🙈, which I am working on thankyouverymuch:). Just get one bento box and work with how many sections you have.

Bus Bento

PlanetBox Bento (3 or 5 compartments in steel)

Bentgo (favorite for younger kids!)

Mini Dip Containers

Fruit and Veggie Cutters

Sandwich Shape Cutters

Silicone Muffin Liners

Need more info on bento boxes? I give you my honest review on the top 9 brands in this post

Preschool and Kindergarten Lunch Ideas

4 different bento school lunches for kids in a grid against different colored backdrops.

1. Spiced sweet potato mini muffins, peach chunks + blackberries, cherry tomatoes, Annie’s bunnies and chopped pears in the Innobaby Bus Bento.

2. Beet + apple hummus with rainbow veggie dippers, multigrain crackers, strawberries, yogurt covered pretzels and dried pineapple in the Planetbox Bento.

3. Fajita chicken quesadilla, dried cranberry + pistachios mix, chopped peaches, cherry tomatoes and a couple of dark chocolate chips (in the yellow container) in the Planetbox Bento.

4. Pesto + spinach pita pizza (recipe in book), pineapple, chocolate covered sunflower seeds (in the pink container), ants-on-a-log, mandarin oranges+ blueberries and Annie’s chocolate bunnies in the Planetbox Bento.

4 school lunches in a grid.

5. BBQ chicken pita pizza with corn and bacon, melon balls, carrot slices and raisins in the Ecolunchbox Bento.

6. Healthy chocolate zucchini bread with cream cheese, grapes + blackberry finger salad, yellow peppers and dip, Annie’s organic yogurt and cashew pieces in the Planetbox Bento.

7. BBQ chicken pizza, snap peas and dip, pineapple + honeydew + blackberry finger salad, strawberries and pomegranate seeds and raisins in the Planetbox Bento.

8. Leftover tomato + corn + walnut couscous salad, watermelon, avocado chunks, baby carrots and dark chocolate chips in the Planetbox Bento.

4 different school lunches in bento boxes against different backgrounds.

9. Lemon hummus with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and crackers, strawberry applesauce, grain-free raspberry + chocolate muffin and dried fruit (Bento is no longer available, but the Yumbox is even better).

10. Rainbow fruit (strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple, avocado and blackberries), homemade granola, Greek yogurt with honey and chia seeds and some snapeas in the Ecolunchbox Bento.

11. Turkey + pesto + yellow pepper wrap, trail mix, grapes, snap peas with dip and a dried apricot in the Planetbox Bento.

12. Greek yogurt with strawberry jam stir-in, peach + blackberry finger salad, homemade quinoa + almond granola, grapes and almond butter + dates with cinnamon roll-ups in the Planetbox Bento.

13. Boring cheese quesadillas, easy-peasy guac (recipe in book), pepper sticks, peaches, nut-free trail mix and a sweet potato, mango & black current pouch in the Planetbox Bento.

14. Curry egg salad sandwich (recipe in book), watermelon, mandarin oranges + blueberries, celery + peanut butter and dark chocolate in the Planetbox Bento.

15. Pulled pork sandwich with slaw, cut melon and strawberries, mixed dried fruit, Smarties and carrot sticks in the Steeltainer Bento.

16. Dinosaur almond butter + jelly sandwich, carrot sticks with ranch dip, peaches + grapes and pressed green juice (apples + celery + spinach + lemon) in BeatrixNY Bento and Cup.

Four different bento boxes filled with healthy can colorful school lunches.

17. Pumpkin yogurt with chia seeds, snappea sticks, dark chocolate power berry balls, blackberry + grape + pear finger salad, leftover cilantro + cheddar + corn bread muffin in the Bentology Bento.

18. Pretzel bagel bites and cucumber slices with honey mustard dipping sauce, granola + yogurt covered raisins and pear + pomegranate seeds finger salad in the LunchBots Bento.

19. Turkey pesto sausage pizza, green bean sticks with dipping sauce, cinnamon sweet potato chips, apple chunks and organic fruit chews in the Comfort Loft Bento.

20. ‘E’ pear sandwich with seed-tella and Halloween sprinkles (Ellie is convinced every meal should have sprinkles in it;) grape kabobs, olive slices, dehydrated strawberries and sliced sweet peppers in the Innobaby Bus Bento.

4 different school lunch ideas for toddlers and kids.

21. Bento box on left – kale chips, homemade applesauce, pink container has chocolate covered sesame seeds. Bento box on right – leftover slow cooker salsa chicken + cheese baked flautos, salsa, yellow container has a couple dried blueberries in the Steeltainer Bento.

22. Green hatch chili + lime hummus with carrot sticks, snap peas and multi-grain crackers, strawberries + pomegranate seeds, gouda slices and organic fruit chews in the Steeltainer Bento.

23. Pasta and meatballs, pear slices and graham crackers with goat cheese and blueberries (recipe in book) in the Steeltainer Bento and Thermos.

24. Whole wheat sandwich with seed-tella and raspberry jam, kettle chips, mandarin orange + blueberry finger salad, dye-free chocolate candy, dried blueberries + cranberries in the Innobaby Bus Bento.

A grid of 4 different colorful and healthy lunch ideas for kids.

25. Bits & pieces lunch in purée tray with lid – seed butter + raspberry jam sandwich, dried cranberries, sharp cheddar, frozen edamame, cherry tomatoes, blackberries, grapes, pomegranate seeds, dark chocolate and nut-free granola. I also sent a reusable pouch of broccoli + asparagus purée with tarragon and a little Greek yogurt in the Fresh Baby Puree Tray and Nourish with Style Pouch.

26. Turkey and cheese roll-ups + tomatoes on a stick with ranch dressing, kiwi + blueberry + pomegranate seeds finger salad, purple carrot sticks, homemade cookie and pretzels in the Steeltainer Bento.

27. Chicken + bean quesadilla with salsa, root veggie chips, avocado chunks, peppermint waffles cookies and blackberries in the Steeltainer Bento.

28. Egg salad sandwich, carrot sticks with ranch dip, pear + raspberry finger salad and a tropical dried fruit mix in the Steeltainer Bento.

4 bento boxes packed with healthy school lunch ideas for toddlers and kids.

29. Zucchini + chive cream cheese with carrot rolls ups on a whole wheat tortilla, melon balls, raspberry + pomegranate seeds, raisins, and frozen edamame in the Steeltainer Bento.

30. Whole wheat mini bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, covered pretzels, tri-colored carrots, hard-boiled egg and kiwi + blackberry + grape finger salad in the Innobaby Bus Bento.

31. Caprese sandwiches on-a-stick with basil dipping sauce, organic beef jerky and melon + blackberry + grape finger salad in the LunchBots Bento.

32. Bits & Pieces lunch – crackers, cheddar, grapes, sliced chicken, cucumbers, organic yummies and a pouch with applesauce + plain yogurt and cinnamon in the BEABA Container and the Nourish with Style Pouch.

4 different school lunch ideas for toddler and preschooler.

33. Apple slice sandwich with spiced seed butter + shaved coconut + granola, avocado + cucumber + tomato finger salad with lime juice, cheese slices, dehydrated strawberries and some organic chocolate candy in the Steeltainer Bento.

34. Breakfast for Lunch – refined sugar-free chocolate waffle cream cheese sandwich, rainbow fruit sticks, yogurt with peach jam and granola in the Bentology Bento

35. French bread pizza with corn + cherry tomatoes, blackberry + peach + raspberry finger salad, ants on a log using seed butter, dark chocolate pretzels and red pepper sticks in the Steeltainer Bento.

36. Whole wheat sandwich rolls ups with cream cheese and peach jam, pear + edamame + dried cherry finger salad, nectarine applesauce with Greek yogurt and cherry tomatoes with ranch dip in the Bentology Bento.

4 school lunch ideas in a grid against colorful backdrops.

37. Leftover basil + citrus chicken salad in whole wheat pita (recipe in book), grilled peaches + blueberries in yogurt, cheddar bunnies, heirloom tomatoes and a small amount of jelly beans in the Innobaby Bus Bento.

38. Leftover chicken sausage + cheese tortellini with nut-free pesto sauce and corn, pepper sticks with ranch dipping sauce, melon balls, dried fruit mix and Babybel cheese in the Steeltainer Bento.

39. Sandwich on a stick (meatball, cheese, toasted roll, olives, meatball), chopped strawberries, homemade sweet potato chips, chocolate chip cookie and avocado + edamame finger salad with lemon juice in the Steeltainer Bento.

40. Orange chicken salad + carrot wrap on whole wheat tortilla, popcorn + dried fruit with cinnamon, steamed broccoli with olive oil, dark chocolate pretzels and blackberries in the Steeltainer Bento.

A grid of 4 bento boxes filled with healthy and colorful school lunches.

41. Cream cheese + apricot jam sandwich squares, baked snapea chips, baby tri-color carrots sticks and dip, peaches and dark chocolate in the Innobaby Bus Bento.

42. Pineapple hummus, tri-colored pepper sticks, purple carrot sticks, multi-grain pita crackers, peach + plum + kiwi finger salad, chocolate surprise and frozen edamame in the Steeltainer Bento.

43. Whole wheat pita pizza with basil pesto, peach + blueberry finger salad, avocado + lime juice, yogurt covered pretzels and black olives in the Steeltainer Bento.

44. Leftover strawberry + avocado + corn + chicken farro salad, double grape + blueberry finger salad, yogurt covered pretzels, carrot sticks with ranch dip and dried cranberries in the Innobaby Bus Bento.

A grid of 4 school lunches that are great for toddlers or preschoolers.

45. Breakfast for Lunch – fruit kabob (strawberry, melon and blackberry), yogurt with chia seeds, grain-free refined-sugar free dark chocolate chip muffin, homemade granola and hard boiled egg in the LunchBots Bento.

46. Peach + bbq chicken pizza (made from leftover chicken from dinner) with cilantro, watermelon + melon balls, dried fruit mix, letter cookies and edamame + avocado + pumpkin seeds in the Steeltainer Bento.

47. Bits + Pieces Meal – hard salami, sharp white cheese, grapes, multi-grain crackers, basil gouda, dried strawberries with dark chocolate covered raisins and an orange. In the pouch was carrot + pumpkin + apple puree mixed with Greek yogurt and cinnamon in the BEABA Container and the ReSqueeze Pouches.

48. Whole wheat pita pizza with basil, nectarine + blueberry + watermelon finger salad, sesame sticks, dark chocolate covered raisins, frozen edamame with a reusable pouch filled with pumpkin + apple + yogurt puree in the Steeltainer Bento with ReSqueeze Pouches.

4 colorful and healthy school lunches for toddlers and preschoolers.

49. Flower pb&j sandwich, red berry salad, homemade granola, mango yogurt and dark chocolate chips in the ThinkBaby Bento.

50. Leftover yellow coconut rice and curry + lemon chicken, dried apple slices, yellow melon balls, pineapple, cheddar cheese and yellow pepper sticks in the Comfort Loft Bento.

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