Healthy Lunch Ideas Make Ahead


When time is scarce, it’s good to know that you can come up with healthy lunch ideas make ahead. Make Ahead lunches are really an ally when you’re running out of work at lunch time and want to stay at home instead of going out. A homemade lunch is a great reward for being flexible – and there’s no better reward for you than that!

Healthy Lunch Ideas Make Ahead

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I know that making lunch for us parents and the kids can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Don’t stress about making lunches. These make-ahead lunch ideas can be prepped in advance for easy lunches all week long!

Mornings are hectic which is why I’ve always been a pack-lunch-the-night-before kind of mom. I’m less likely to forget to pack my boys’ favorites and am sure to hit all the major food groups.

While I can’t make every school lunch ahead of time, my boys do crave a PB&J from time to time after all, having a few make-ahead ideas up my sleeve makes packing lunches less of a chore overall.

Some of our favorite go-tos for make-ahead lunches include:

  • Pasta salads – Whole grain pasta, veggies, protein and an easy dressing are all that’s needed!
  • Tuna or chicken salad – For easy sandwiches or to pair with crackers.
  • Soups – Perfect for chilly days here in PA and easy to pack in a Thermos.
  • Recipes you can make in a muffin tin – Muffins, quiche bites, mac n cheese, wonton taco cups. Most hold for several days in the fridge and can be freezer-friendly. Plus, it’s just fun to eat mini-versions of your favorite foods.

All these make ahead lunch ideas are great for the kids. Since you can make them ahead of time, have the kids help on actually packing their lunchboxes. When kids are involved in the process of making lunches, they are more likely to eat what’s inside.

Don’t forget to meal-prep your own lunch! These are all delicious, easy and nutritious meal ideas, so that means us parents can enjoy them too.

Make-Ahead Lunch Ideas

Make mornings easier with these make-ahead lunch ideas.

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