Healthy Lunch Meals to Lose Weight

Want to lose weight or be healthier? Well, with these healthy lunch meals to lose weight can have both. It doesn’t have to be a diet of salads and cabbage soup. Try one of these healthy lunch recipes as your alternative to eating out for lunch.

Are you tired of eating boring lunches everyday? Maybe you’re trying to lose weight, or just want to mix things up a bit. Whatever the reason is, there are healthy lunch meals that can help. Eating healthy helps everyone and anyone lose weight.

Healthy Lunch Meals to Lose Weight

Healthy Lunch #1

  • Ground turkey with mustard
  • White rice
  • Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and bolthouse dressing
Lunch 1 Aug 18 (Custom)

Weight Loss Lunch #2

  • Ground turkey with avocado
  • Oranges
  • Bell peppers, cucumbers, and Bolthouse dressing
healthy balanced lunch 2 Aug 19

Healthy Lunch #3

  • Chicken breast with BBQ Sauce
  • Russet Potato
  • Cucumbers, broccoli, pepper, and carrots

Healthy Lunch #4

  • Protein: Chicken breasts
  • Carbs: Apples
  • Veggies: Carrots, cucumber, and Bolthouse dressing
healthy on the go lunch

Healthy Lunch #5

  • Protein: Ground turkey with BBQ sauce and cheese
  • Carbs: Rice with butter flavored cooking spray.
  • Veggies: Roasted Peppers, onions, broccoli
Lunch 5 Aug 26

Healthy Lunch #6

  • Protein: Chicken breasts
  • Carbs: Potatoes
  • Veggies: Green salad, carrots, and Bolthouse dressing
Healthy lunch box salad and potatoes

Healthy Lunch #7

  • Protein: Chicken breasts
  • Carbs: peaches
  • Veggies: Carrots, cucumber, red peppers, and Bolthouse dressing
Healthy lunch with veggies and chicken

Healthy Lunch #8

  • Protein: Steak
  • Carbs: Peaches
  • Veggies: Carrots, cucumber, grape tomatoes, and Bolthouse dressing
lunch box for adults healthy

Healthy Lunch #9

  • Protein: Ground Turkey
  • Carbs: Low carb Healthy Noodles
  • Veggies: Zucchini and spaghetti sauce
college lunch ideas Lunch 9

Healthy Lunch #10

  • Protein: White fish (I used Feast Mode Honey BBQ seasoning on both the fish and the rice) I have an affiliate link and discount code for feastmode: roskelley10)
  • Carbs: Rice
  • Veggies: Carrots, broccoli and laughing cow cheese

 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

lentil soup in a bowl
1–5. Plant-based lunches for weight loss

Plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, are full of fiber and beneficial nutrients. They tend to be filling, and many of them are lower in calories than certain animal products and highly processed foods.

Thus, plant-based diets like vegan or vegetarian diets have been associated with weight loss in some people

1. Lentil soup

Soups are an ideal plant-based lunch option, as you can make them ahead of time and reheat them for a quick meal.

This lentil soup recipe is a complete meal in one bowl. It’s loaded with ingredients that are good to eat when you’re trying to lose weight.

Lentils provide filling protein and carbs while the veggies contribute additional fiber. Plus, lentils are a good source of iron, an important nutrient for blood health that some plant-based eaters may lack in their diets

2. Garden veggie chickpea salad sandwiches

Chickpeas are a versatile vegetarian protein. Some research suggests that chickpeas aid weight management, likely due to the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and variety of beneficial compounds they contain

The texture of chickpeas makes them very easy to smash with a fork to create a chickpea “salad” filling for sandwiches — the perfect lunch food.

This recipe for garden veggie chickpea salad sandwiches is a delicious lunch option if you’re trying to lose weight and eat a plant-based diet. If you follow a vegan diet, swap out the mayo for a vegan substitute.

3. Spicy peanut tofu Budd​_​_ha bowls

Tofu is a soy-based complete protein, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids that humans need to get from foods. It’s also a source of isoflavones, which are compounds that may protect against heart disease

Some people shy away from tofu if they don’t know how to cook it or don’t like the texture, but preparing tofu that’s crispy and delicious is easy to do at home.

Try these tofu Buddha bowls for lunch. They’re made with crispy tofu, brown rice, veggies, and a spicy peanut dressing.

4. Veggie wraps

A healthy wrap is a great lunch choice, especially if you need something that you can make ahead of time to eat at your desk or in between meetings.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to make plant-based wraps. To ensure that they’re filling, delicious, and help you lose weight, choose whole wheat wraps (or use lettuce) and add a protein source, healthy sauce or spread, and plenty of vegetables.

This veggie wraps recipe uses whole wheat tortillas, hummus, carrots, cucumbers, and other veggies. The edamame and hummus provide protein, while the avocado contributes healthy fats that help you feel full.

5. Quinoa and black bean stuffed sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes make a great base for plant-based lunches. They provide energizing carbs, plenty of fiber, and the pigment beta carotene, which can help you meet your needs for vitamin A to help support your immune system

Plus, stuffed sweet potatoes can be packed up to enjoy at the office or put together quickly if you work from home. Bake the sweet potatoes and prep the filling in advance, th​_en store them in containers in the fridge. Assemble the potatoes and reheat them when you’re ready to eat.

This recipe for stuffed sweet potatoes uses Southwest seasonings and offers tips for vegan topping alternatives if needed.

7. Tuna egg salad stuffed peppers

Tuna and eggs are two affordable, high protein foods that will keep you full long after lunch.

In fact, eating eggs instead of a higher carb meal may help reduce hunger and the number of calories you consume later in the day, which can help promote weight loss

While egg and tuna salads are​_ usually served on bread, you can stuff them into bell peppers for a low carb meal instead. Check out this easy recipe for tuna egg salad stuffed bell peppers.

8. Zucchini noodle stir-fry with chicken

This zucchini noodle stir-fry is a delicious choice to make for lunch if you’re watching your carb intake and trying to lose weight.

Zucchini noodles, or “zoodles,” resemble regular noodles but are lower in carbs. The zucchini packs fiber and micronutrients, while the chicken contributes protein to this dish.

Chicken is an excellent lean protein to eat when you’re trying to lose weight. In fact, eating chicken with a vegetable-rich diet is linked to a reduced risk of developing overweight and obesity

9. Low carb eggplant pizza

Eating more non-starchy vegetables like eggplant, often helps people lose weight. Eggplant is low in calories but high in fiber.

Using it in place of pizza crust is a great way to enjoy the flavors of pizza without consuming too many refined carbs at lunch.

Good plant-based, low carb optio​_​_​_ns can be hard to find, as low carb eating often includes animal products — another great reason to keep this recipe on hand.

If you work from home or have a little time for lunch meal prep, give this easy recipe for low carb eggplant pizza a try. The recipe provides options to add more protein if you’d like.

10. Mediterranean Cobb salad

Cobb salads typically include lettuce, bacon, eggs, avocados, and a creamy dressing. They’re very filling and low in carbs, making them a good lunch option for weight loss.

This Mediterranean-inspired Cobb salad is heavy on the veggies and uses a homemade yogurt dressing instead of mayo-based dressing or store-bought ranch.

Plus, many of the ingredients offer health benefits. Eggs are rich in protein and antioxidant compounds that promote eye health, while avocados and tomatoes contribute a boost of heart-healthy nutrients like unsaturated fats and lycopene

. Diabetes-friendly lunches for weight loss
a split avocado on a cutting board

If you have overweight or obesity and diabetes, a healthcare professional may have advised you to lose weight to improve or help manage your condition.

Eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight are both important for good blood sugar regulation

Many people with diabetes pay attention to their carb intake at meals, as carbs can increase blood sugar levels. They may limit overall carbs or try to keep the number of carbs consistent at each meal.

11. Avocado toast with cottage cheese and tomatoes

A diabetes-friendly lunch resembles a balanced plate, containing fiber from non-starchy vegetables and complex carbs, protein, and healthy fat.

Pairing carbs with these other macronutrients is key to preventing your blood sugar from spiking, helping maintain good blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day

Avocado toast on whole grain bread can be a great base for this type of lunch. This diabetes-friendly version features protein-packed cottage cheese and fresh tomatoes to complete the meal.

12. Lemon chicken quinoa salad

Salads made with a base of whole grains make healthy lunches that are easy to pack up for work.

Though quinoa is technically a pseudocereal, it’s often grouped with whole grains since it’s nutritionally similar and has a high fiber content.

It’s also a source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, making it a good food to add to meals for weight loss and blood sugar management .

This quinoa salad gets additional protein from chicken, includes tons of non-starchy veggies, and has plenty of flavor from lemon juice and parsley.

13. Black bean soup

Black beans are a high fiber, high protein food. Eating them can help people with diabetes who are trying to lose weight.

They’re also a good source of folate, a B vitamin that’s necessary for healthy blood cells and fetal development

Making a soup with black beans is an easy and affordable lunch option. This black bean soup recipe uses veggies, canned black beans, and lots of seasonings.

16. Paleo chicken curry

Chicken curry is made with a variety of seasonings that may provide health benefits. For example, turmeric has anti-inflammatory compounds that help protect against disease development

A paleo version of chicken curry made with cauliflower rice instead of white rice is a healthy lunch option for weight loss.

This chicken curry recipe is suitable for a paleo diet and features flavorful spices and filling ingredients like coconut milk and veggies.

17. Hearty hamburger soup

Satisfy your craving for a lunchtime hamburger with a paleo soup that has the same flavors and is better for weight loss.

This easy recipe for hearty hamburger soup combines pantry staples, ground beef, and seasonings into one delicious meal.

Plus, the recipe calls for tomatoes and tomato paste. They’re a source of potassium, a mineral that’s involved in healthy blood pressure regulation, so eating tomatoes may help boost heart health

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