Healthy Lunch Recipes For Adults


Do you want to try some healthy lunch recipes for adults? They are easy to make and delicious for everyone.

The main ingredients in these recipes are fruits which are one of the healthiest foods in the world. All these recipes are vegan and gluten-free friendly so you can enjoy them with your co-workers or friends.

Healthy Lunch Recipes For Adults

Peanut Butter

When it comes to healthy peanut butter, opt for a butter that has the fewest ingredients. If you like peanut butter, it is a great food that can open you up to possibly other nut butters or adding some fruit or fresh jelly along with it to a healthy bread. You can also dip a fresh vegetable such as celery sticks in peanut butter.

Lunch Meat

Picky eaters seem to either have lunch meat they tolerate or like, or they don’t do lunch meat. If you are a picky eater who does eat lunch meat or already eat other types of meat and are open to giving lunch meat a try, buying quality lunch meat can be a really healthy choice. Look for meats that are hormone-free and pasture-raised if applicable. You also want meat that is real meat and not artificially processed with who knows what else.

Homemade or Healthy Pizza

While pizza may not be on the list of every picky eater, it is certainly a common and popular food among picky eaters in general. The great thing about pizza is that you can start making healthy pizza at home. Making your own pizza is also a great way to become more comfortable in the kitchen. Many grocery stores sell pre-made pizza dough, which is a great jumping-off point add some fresh tomato sauce and any toppings you choose.

Pizza is a great food to serve as a base for trying additional ingredients or different variations. You can customize it any way you choose, which makes it a great option for the whole family. Pizza also works as a great leftover, making it an option for lunch.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is another common picky eater food. If you are a grilled cheese fan, you don’t need to give it up. But instead, try to make a healthier version. For bread, consider sourdough or whole-grain bread. You can swap out butter for grass-fed butter, olive oil, or ghee. And what’s grilled cheese without the cheese of course! The key is to use real cheese, not processed. Consider cheese that is pasture-raised or grass-fed.


Oatmeal can make a great food any time of day, especially if you are craving a hot meal. There are different types of oatmeal, a steel-cut you would have to probably meal prep ahead if you are eating lunch out of the home. Instant oatmeal packets are great on the go and just need to be combined with hot water. Many hotels, conference rooms, and office spaces provide access to hot water for tea- which you can use for your oatmeal. If you are eating it in a more on-the-go space, you can even make it in a smaller drink cup; just add a spoon!

I also find oatmeal as a great base food, where you can spice such as cinnamon, fruits, nuts, or seeds in time if you like. Oatmeal is also great because you can control the consistency and make it the way you like it!


Cereals can be a great healthy option for picky eaters of any age! Cereals are often fortified with vitamins and minerals, which can help you meet daily nutritional value intakes. The key to finding healthier cereal is to “put your blinders on” when it comes to all the sugar and artificially flavored cereals. You want to find some cereals, such as rice cereal or whole-grain cereal, that is low in sugar and has only a handful of real ingredients (always read the ingredients on the back of the box). You may have to look at some healthier grocery stores to find healthier options.


If you already eat salad, salad is a great lunch option as over time, you can begin to add more toppings to it. If a salad is not already on your tolerable foods list, you could try a romaine or spring lettuce mix with a simple dressing such as olive oil. Romaine is going to be crispier and crunchier overall than a spring mix. If you already like a dressing that is used as a condiment such as a ranch, give that a try. Once you learn to tolerate a lettuce, it is a great base to work with as over time, you can begin to add new toppings such as another vegetable, fruit, nuts, seeds, or protein.

Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables can be eaten alone or dipped in a sauce such as a ranch, peanut butter, or hummus. A few great lunch options are carrots, sliced cucumbers (remove the skin first), celery, sweet bell peppers, and cauliflower.

Fresh Fruit

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and apple slices can be great options for new fruit that is bite-sized. If you already eat apple slices, try a different color or type of apple or keeping it whole instead of sliced or vice-versa. Changing the way in which you eat foods is a way of expanding your options.

Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Strips

Since chicken nuggets can be a common food for picky eaters, let’s keep them on the table and look for healthier options. Making homemade chicken nuggets or chicken strips is a great way to ensure you are eating healthy ingredients and real chicken without fillers. If this is a safe, comfort food of yours, try to get creative with how you might be able to eat them, given your lunch options. Maybe you can transition to eating them cold or discovering how to perfect reheating them in a microwave.

Whole Grain Pasta or Chickpea Pasta

Mac and Cheese or pasta and tomato sauce can be a common food for picky eaters. Try using a healthier version of pasta such as a whole grain pasta, chickpea, or quinoa pasta. Pasta dishes can be made at home for lunch or meal prepped ahead of time. If you need to eat pasta warm and do not have access to a microwave or stovetop during lunch, try using an insulated thermos bowl container, which is great for keeping pasta dishes and soups warm.

Healthier Chips and Snacks

When it comes to chips and snacks, the good news is, there are many healthier options available while I understand this may take retraining your taste buds some (as I know picky eaters can often have only one brand they like), you do have some healthier options available for you. Siete brand foods have a great variety of chips made with real ingredients if you like tortilla chips. If you like potato chips, look for kettle-cooked in avocado, coconut, or olive oils, which are healthier oils and more minimally processed. When it comes to pretzels or other snacks, look for whole grains and ingredients that are “real” foods meaning the ingredients aren’t a bunch of chemicals.

Healthy dips such as great guacamole, salsa, or ranch can make great additions to these snacks. Most dips are available in healthier options, check out healthier grocery stores or make your own at home!

Smoothie or Fresh Juice

I’m a big fan of smoothies and fresh juices. My experience has been that they are a great way for everyone, especially picky eaters, to get a ton of nutrient-dense foods into their body. I’ve also found liquids easier to try and have more of than solids. If you are new to smoothies, you may try getting one from a smoothie shop or with some frozen fruit. Start with flavors you may already like. For instance, if you like raspberry candies, a raspberry smoothie would be a great first choice. Over time, you can try new flavors of juices or smoothies, the textures may vary between flavors, but they are still somewhat similar, that the taste is the main variable that changes. I’ve found that can also be easier for people. Smoothies are also a great way to gently expose your taste buds to new flavors.

Protein Shake

There are many different types of protein shakes available nowadays. With such a variety of choices, it does take some skill to navigate through the options. Some protein shakes are also marketed as meal replacements. If you are underweight, protein shakes can be a great addition to your current diet. If you are happy with your weight, you can use them as you see fit.

In looking for a protein shake, you want to turn the packaging around to look at the ingredients. You may also choose to go to a health food store and ask for recommendations. You ideally want protein shakes that are lower in sugar. There are many flavors to choose from, some mix well with juice or make a great addition to a smoothie, while others are flavored and can be mixed with water in a shaker container wherever you are.

Making healthy food choices is not always the easiest thing to do, even for people that don’t have picky palates, so honor each step forward you are taking towards incorporating more healthy recipes and healthy eating more of a priority in your life.

Mizuna quinoa salad – Lunch box 1

Mizuna Quinoa Salad

Mizuna Quinoa Salad is one such salad that will make you go swalla during your lunch break. Mizuna is Asian salad green with a peppery taste that will help you bring back your energy. Up the nutrition quotient with the addition of a boiled egg. Quinoa is perfect grain to pack in a lunch box. It’s healthy and tastes absolutely fabulous.

Lunch Box 2

Chilli Lime Tofu, some Roasted Veggies decked up with Quinoa Upma

If you haven’t packed them for your lunch box yet, you are seriously missing out on the incredible food here. Honestly, I have taken all of the recipes from my meal prep and used them for my quick-lunch box meals. You can make Chili Lime Tofu/ Paneer, Roasted Veggies and Quinoa Upma here. I did include a fruit and coconut water smoothie which is all of 100 calories as a snack too.

Lunch Box 3

I prepared this lunch full of carbs, proteins and loads of nutrients with the help of my lunch Meal Prep.  I made this as I was bored with my regular salad days and with the help of my Meal Prep I was able to pack them for my lunch.

It was so refreshing and fulfilling. I absolutely love Rajma and rice and since I am a forever egg, chili lime tofu/ cottage cheese and quinoa fan I chose to add some to my lunchbox anyway!

Meal Preps are as important as the morning tea, they keep me so sorted. All I have to do is take them out, reheat and pack them in my lunch. You can do this too by following my Meal Prep Ideas here.

The meals I packed with above lunch box recipes Meal prep


Veggie Fried Rice with simple cucumber salad

Roasted Veggies for sandwiches and pasta

Boiled eggs to add protein to lunch

Chicken Tikka Frankie (used readymade tortilla)

Dal Makhani and Rice

Quinoa Upma

Lunch Box -4

Quinoa Chickpeas and Pomegranate salad

 quinoa salad

Quinoa Salad is easy, quick, full of flavors and protein and exactly what you need in your healthy lunch box!

Low in GI and with a good amount of protein this is a great option especially for people like me who are prone to diabetics. Read the recipe here and feel free to experiment with the ingredients of your choice.

Lunch Box -5

Za’atar Spiced Mushroom and Masale Bhaat or Tehri

Herbed mushroom and masala bhaat

Vegetable Tehri or Masale bhaat is one of my favorite dishes to pack for lunch. Masale Bhaat or Vegetable Tehri is not only fulfilling but low on cholesterol too.

I always like to add roasted peanuts in them as peanuts are a great source of protein, fiber, and nutrients. I always try to add something more to my lunch as a snack. This time I chose some za’atar spiced mushroom. Make the recipe and pack them for your lunch, I am sure you will love it.

Lunch Box -6

Schezwan Fried Rice with Chilli Paneer

Schezwan Fried Rice Lunch Box Recipe

This is a perfect 20-minute recipe that you can quickly make with some leftover rice and veggies. I always try to make hearty meals for my day and Schezwan Fried Rice is great to pack in office lunch box. If you have time make this chilli paneer recipe to go with it.

Read the recipe here to make the rice today and don’t forget to pack some for your lunch box as well.

Lunch Box -7

Rajma Rice with Veggies and Fruit

Rajma Rice with veggies and fruit

I can never say no to Rajma and rice. One of favorite comfort meal for me. Since I always make it a point to add some veggies or fruits for my snack, I included some fresh tomatoes and cucumber along with a pear!

These snack not only helps to balance my diet but also makes sure that I do not eat junk outside. :p You can learn how to make easy and perfect Rajma Rice Recipe here, also pack some fruits for the snack too!

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