Healthy Lunch Recipes For One


Do you want to eat healthy lunch recipes for one? Then this is the right article for you. I’ve got a great bunch of healthy lunch recipes for one to share with you.

Lunch recipes for one. Can you just imagine how much happier you’ll be when you start leaving the house with a healthy lunch recipe for one? Before I started blogging, I never would have thought it was possible.

Healthy Lunch Recipes For One

Preparing meals for one can sometimes be difficult considering that “standard” recipes typically serve four. And unless you love algebra and fractions, who wants to start recalculating ingredient quantities for everything you make? Not to mention figuring out the best way to quarter an egg (Whisk it, weigh it, divide it by 4).

That’s why we’ve pulled together this collection of single-serving lunch recipes. Whether you’re a household of one or just making a lunch separate from the others in your home, we’ve got a little bit of everything, from your basic—but delicious—soups, salads, and sandwiches, to a little bit fancier—but simple—pastas, grain bowls, and pizzas. There’s more than a month’s worth of recipes to choose from, so say goodbye to lunchtime boredom.

Soups and Chili

Spring chicken soup with veggies & quinoa

Instant classic chicken noodle soup for one

Red lentil soup with coriander & cumin

Easy shrimp chowder for one

Instant pasta e fagiole soup for one

Poblano and turkey chili

Tomato-fennel soup

Chipotle-black bean chili

Speedy broccoli-cheddar soup

Salads and Lettuce Wraps

Chicken, peach & fig salad with ricotta salata

Lime-Ginger Quinoa, Mango, and Chicken Salad

Mediterranean Tuna Salad Lettuce Wrap

Orange, Pomegranate & Feta Salad

Chicken, grape and toasted walnut salad

Pan con tomate with Spanish salad

Lentil & Green Bean Lettuce Cups with Caesar Dressing

Sesame-lime chicken salad on baby kale

Tofu Cobb Salad Shaker with Shallot-Dijon Dressing


Honey mustard chicken salad on whole wheat

Shrimp Salad Sandwich with Cucumber & Dill

Ham and cheese melt with fresh slaw

Curried Egg & Apple Salad Sandwich

Grilled chicken sausage with pineapple salsa

Curry grilled chicken naan sandwich with mango salsa

Roasted broccoli grilled cheese

Quick beef gyro

Chicken Reuben Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Canapes

Cuban sandwich kebabs

Pastas and Bowls

Mediterranean pasta & white bean salad

Pesto-broccoli grain bowl

Cauliflower gnocchi with peppers and spinach

Pasta with Rosemary-Roasted Vegetables and Feta

Zoodle Pasta Primaver

Veggie “pasta” with lemon, chives, and goat cheese

Grain bowl with roasted veggies, chicken, & turmeric-yogurt

Greek Chicken Bowl

Garden-Style Penne with Sausage & Ricotta


Thin crust Greek pizza

Veggie pita pizzas

Veggie and pepperoni pizzadilla

Zucchini-pepperoni pizza bites

BBQ Chicken Pizza with Roasted Broccoli

Healthy meal-for-one recipes

If dining solo, treat yourself to a healthy and satisfying meal. We’ve got you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner with recipes using fresh ingredients.

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  • Chicken breast with avocado salad

    Chicken breast with avocado salad

    A satisfying solo salad that’s superhealthy – great for a busy worknight supper

  • Couscous & fish in a bag

    Couscous & fish in a bag

    Boost your iron intake with this simple healthy recipe

  • Cod with an orange & dill crumb and hasselback potato

    Cod with an orange & dill crumb and hasselback potato 2016

    This is a dish that’s big on flavour as well as texture with a crunchy topping to succulent white fish and crisp potato to go with it, a healthy dinner for one

  • Melon & crunchy bran pots

    Melon & crunchy bran pots

    Not just for breakfast, this healthy pot of yoghurt, fruit and seeds is a real mid-afternoon hunger booster and ready in 10 minutes

  • Creamy mustard mushrooms on toast with a glass of juice

    Creamy mustard mushrooms on toast with a glass of juice

    A quick and healthy vegetarian breakfast with a light cream cheese sauce

  • Berry omelette

    Berry omelette

    A one-egg omelette makes a high protein breakfast. If the brain-boosting berries aren’t sweet enough, add 1 tsp honey

  • Chicken meatballs with quinoa & curried cauliflower

    Chicken meatballs with quinoa & curried cauliflower

    If you’re looking for a healthy bowl of flavourful chicken and veg to re-energise after a workout, these meatballs with quinoa and curried cauliflower will do the job

  • Quick gazpacho

    Quick gazpacho

    Packed with vitamin C, low fat and counts as two of your five a day – this should be on the menu every week!

  • Mussels in red pesto

    Mussels in red pesto

    Mussels are full of omega-3, iron and protein – try yours cooked in red pesto and wine

  • Vitality chicken salad with avocado dressing

    Vitality chicken salad with avocado dressing

    A super-green, healthy mix of soya beans, cucumber, avocado and Little Gem lettuce – topped with lean shredded chicken breast

  • Avocado smoothie

    A glass of kale and avocado smoothie

    This easy smoothie gets its vibrant green colour from avocado, cucumber, spinach and kale. Blitz with pineapple and coconut water.

  • Spicy courgette pitta pockets

    Spicy courgette pitta pockets

    Treat yourself to a solo supper of grilled vegetables, served in bread pockets with tahini, hummus, broad beans and harissa

  • Egg & soldiers

    Egg & soldiers

    We love this spin on the traditional using asparagus soldiers for your dippy egg – a great low-fat, gluten-free snack or light lunch, just over 100 calories

  • Veggie olive wraps with mustard vinaigrette

    Veggie olive wraps with mustard vinaigrette

    Eat the rainbow with our simple, healthy, veggie wrap. This olive and veg sandwich makes an easy vegan, low-calorie lunch option to eat al-desko

  • Chicken taco salad

    Chicken taco salad

    A crunchy chicken salad that’s zesty, healthy and 4 of your 5-a-day. Try this for variety in your teenager’s lunchbox or take it to work

  • Creamy yogurt porridge

    Creamy yogurt porridge

    This delicious oaty breakfast is low in fat and calories and will keep you full all morning. Serve with one of our suggested toppings

  • Potato salad with anchovy & quail’s eggs

    Potato salad with anchovy & quail’s eggs

    This healthy, satisfying salad makes a tasty packed lunch or light supper with green beans, parsley, chives and lemon

  • Haddock with cannellini beans & artichokes

    Haddock with cannelloni beans & artichokes

    This easy healthy supper is an ideal meal for one. Baking the ingredients in parchment gently steams the fish and beans, keeping them tender

  • Pitta pockets

    Pitta pockets

    A no-cook quick and simple snack that’s ideal for an energy-boosting refuel when doing exercise or playing sport

  • Tangy trout with a simple garden salad

    Tangy trout with a simple garden salad

    This tasty and versatile fish gets a lemony makeover and makes a great treat for one

  • Tuna Niçoise protein pot

    A glass jar filled with tuna Niçoise

    Looking for a tasty protein fix after a workout, or a lunch that will fill you up? Try a tuna and egg Niçoise pot, delivering 30g of protein per portion

  • Prawn & avocado wrap

    Prawn & avocado wrap

    Wrap up something healthy for your lunchbox. This sandwich is flavoured with lime, spring onion and spicy sauce

  • Chicken & avocado sandwich topper

    Chicken & avocado sandwich topper

    Lean chicken makes a great base for a sandwich. Combine with fresh salad ingredients and a little low-fat mayonnaise

  • Healthy chocolate milk

    A glass of healthy chocolate milk on a wooden board with the ingredients alongside

    Enjoy this healthier version of chocolate milk that’s high in protein. The green tinge comes from iron-rich spinach, but trust us – it tastes great

    Healthy Lunch Ideas That Serve One Person

    Eating for one means you can tailor your midday meal according to your favorite flavors. Salads, pastas, toasts and soups are all up for grabs, so get ready for the quick and easy lunch of your dreams. Recipes like our Open-Face Goat Cheese Sandwich with Tomato & Avocado Salad and Pesto & White Bean Stuffed Tomato are delicious and simple to pull together. These lunch recipes for one person feel special, but are easy enough to make any day of the week!

    Open-Face Goat Cheese Sandwich with Tomato & Avocado Salad

    Open-Face goat cheese sandwich with tomato & avocado salad

    This simple lunch comes together in just 10 minutes, making it a great option for busy days.

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