Healthy Meals For A Big Family


I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites healthy meals for a big family! I love having recipes on the go. My favorite part is that they are all easy clean-up type meals!

Meals for a big family can be hard to come by, especially when they all have special dietary needs. It’s also challenging to take into account everyones preferences and make one meal that everyone likes.

Cheap Healthy Meals For Large Families

These Cheap Healthy Meals For Large Families are perfect for pushing your grocery budget farther.

Not only are these meals all healthy options, they are seriously delicious.

Everyone in the family will enjoy them.

You won’t feel guilty about feeding them to your kids, and you will be spending less on groceries.

Sounds like a perfect plan to me!

Cheap Healthy Meals For Large Families

1. Turkey Taco Skillet Recipe

Turkey Taco Cheap Healthy Meals For Large Families

FiveSpot Green Living always has delicious recipes to share, and we love this Turkey Taco Skillet Recipe.

Basic ingredients that satisfy our tastes buds at a fraction of the cost and lower fat. Rice added into this recipe makes it go farther on a budget, and the seasonings make it chock full of flavor you expect.

It is definitely a favorite for any large family!

2. Teriyaki Chicken and Spiralized Veggie Stir-Fry Recipe


This Teriyaki Chicken and Spiralized Veggie Stir-Fry Recipe  is a great way to use up those boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs you got on sale. The  sauce is organic, inexpensive and will leave you feeling better since you will know exactly what your kids are eating.

Add in some steamed rice and frozen stir fry veggies and you have a cheap healthy meal for large families that will end up on your menu plan regularly.

3. Spinach lasagna


This Spinach lasagna is a great delicious meal everyone will love. You can add ground meat or inexpensive ground turkey for the meat lovers. It is an easy to adapt recipe that is also easy to cook.

4. Spinach Herb Cauliflower Pilaf


This from Spinach Herb Cauliflower Pilaf from My Life Cookbook is a beautiful meal that is hearty and super healthy. Shred your cauliflower and cook with seasonings and vegetables to create a rice like texture with tons of nutrients.

This is an amazing way to get your kids to eat another vegetable, plus it is so cost effective! You can add in some chicken or shrimp if you wish, but it is perfect as a stand alone meal.

5. Spinach Meat Balls


These meat balls are so easy and have an added crunch with the spinach. You can replace the beef with turkey or even chicken. These are so easy to throw together, budget friendly and perfect to add to pasta, serve with barbecue sauce and veggies or use on sandwiches.

Make them in large batches when your favorite meat is on sale, then keep them on hand in the freezer! Just thaw and reheat when you need a little something extra to go with your pasta!

6. Lemon Chicken Greek Salad

Lemon Chicken Greek Salad Cheap Healthy Meals For Large Families

This Lemon Chicken Greek Salad is an amazing meal from Posed Perfection. It includes great delicious flavors and tons of hearty vegetables that make it super healthy and easy to throw together. Use chicken breasts or chicken thighs to create your preferred chicken.

7. Baked Mac and Cheese

Sometimes, you just need a little comfort food after a rough week, and this baked mac and cheese definitely fits the bill! I know what you’re thinking: mac and cheese isn’t exactly health food, right? Well, if you’re making it with processed cheese, it’s definitely not.

However, when you make your own from scratch, you choose the ingredients. Swap out regular macaroni for whole-grain, use low-fat skim-milk cheese, and so on. Originally made out of ingredients scrounged from a convenience store during a huge blizzard, it’s easily adapted to include your favorite cheeses!

Serve it with homemade garlic bread! While it’s pretty filling on its own, you can also heat up some precooked chicken breast strips and toss them in for added protein. Stewed tomatoes also make a great addition!

8. Healthy Pumpkin Soup


When it comes to healthy cheap meals, you can never go wrong with soup! I love our pumpkin soup with almond milk! It’s made with just 6 ingredients (3 of which you probably already keep on hand)! The almond milk gives it a subtle nutty flavor and is perfect for family members who can’t tolerate lactose.

Pumpkins are rich in antioxidants, beta carotene, and potassium, making them them not only the most delicious veggie, but one of the healthiest, too!

9. Vegetarian Taco Skillet Recipe


This vegetarian taco skillet recipe isn’t just cheap at under $10 for the whole meal, it’s healthier than regular tacos because it doesn’t include red meat. Don’t worry, even your meat lovers won’t miss the ground beef!

The peppers are the most expensive ingredients, and you can usually find those on sale in your grocery store.

10. Cheap Cheese Pasta

Need a kid-approved meal the whole family will love? You can’t go wrong with our easy cheese pasta dinner recipe! Check it out!

When your budget is stretched as far as it will go and you need something quick & cheap to feed your large family, this cheese pasta recipe is a life-saver! We even make it for parties so we have an inexpensive yet crowd-pleasing vegetarian option! Bonus: it’s a huge hit with picky eaters!

new healthier family dinners

Getting the family to eat healthily can be a struggle, but not with these brand new family-friendly dinners. With zucchini slice, fritters and fried rice, the whole family will gobble them up!

Healthy apricot chicken

1Healthy apricot chicken

Revamp traditional apricot chicken with this nutritious, reduced fat and high fibre recipe.

2Mexican zucchini slice

You can make this Mexican-inspired zucchini slice up to two days in advance. Gently warm in the oven before serving, then top with the avocado, tomato and sriracha.

3Cheesy beef and lentil meatballs

Made with lean mince and lentils, these cheesy meatballs are under 500 calories per serve.

Crispy vegan noodle salad

4Crispy vegan noodle salad

This quick and easy Asian salad is loaded with crispy fried noodles, teriyaki tofu and lots of vegies, and is topped with a creamy Sriracha mayo dressing.

Healthy tuna mornay

5Healthy tuna mornay

For low calorie comfort food try this healthier version of classic tuna pasta bake.

Sticky pork with zucchini noodles

6Sticky pork with zucchini noodles

Tossed with crisp veg, zucchini noodles and aromatic herbs, this marinated sweet and sticky pork feels indulgent but it’s under 500 calories!

Healthy beef stroganoff

7Healthy beef stroganoff

Give the classic beef stroganoff a healthy makeover with this better-for-you recipe.

Healthier yellow chicken curry

8Healthier yellow chicken curry

Packed full of flavour, this healthier version of the classic yellow chicken curry is under 500 calories.

Salmon tacos with papaya salsa

9Salmon tacos with papaya salsa

Topped with fresh papaya salsa, these tasty tacos are under 500 calories per serve.

Healthy poached chicken green dinner bowl

10Healthy poached chicken green dinner bowl

Use creamy coconut milk to poach these succulent chicken tenderloins for an extra boost of flavour.

Simple Recipes If You’re Needing To Feed A Large Family

Dinner doesn’t have to be a big production.

1. Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken Tacos

Slow cooker chicken tacos with avocado, queso, and tomatoes.

2. One-Pan Sausage And Veggies

Sausage and veggies over rice.

3. Fajita Pasta Bake

Fajita pasta bake with vegetables.

4. Sheet Pan Quesadillas

5. One-Pot Spicy Thai-Inspired Noodles

6. 15-Minute Sheet Pan Chicken Fried Rice

7. Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers

8. Easy Swedish Meatballs

9. One Pot Cheesy Chicken, Rice, and Broccoli

10. Baked Ziti with Ricotta and Sausage

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