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I just finished eating two healthy meals from Healthy Meals To Lose Weight Delivered. I love the meals there are so delicious.

You’re one of the many people looking for healthy meals to lose weight and you’ve landed on the right place! We provide healthy meal plans delivered directly to your door. The meals we prepare are low in calories, non-gmo, low sugar, and high protein. By using our service you’ll burn fat, build muscle and get ripped fast!

 Meal Delivery Services To Make Cooking For Weight Loss Easy, Per Nutritionists

It doesn’t get more convenient than this.

meal delivery boxes to lose weight


Meal delivery kit services are everywhere (and for good reason!). They make whipping up breakfast, lunch and dinner so much more convenient—especially if you’re trying to lose weight. The food is delivered right to your door with pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step instructions for an healthy and balanced meal.

Meal kits get you in the habit of planning ahead and cooking your own food—a tried-and-true weight loss strategy, according to Samantha Cassetty, RD, a nutrition counselor and communications consultant.

But not all programs are created equal, especially those designed to help you lose weight, so before you start getting meals delivered to your doorstep, you need to figure out which program is best for your goals.

Here, dietitians narrow down the best options that provide the most personalized and health-conscious eating plans to help lose weight. From Hello Fresh and Blue Apron to Purple Carrot and BistroMD—these easy meal delivery kits will make cooking and losing weight so much easier, all while channeling your inner chef. Options range for anyone who can barely boil water (no judgement) to those of you home chefs who just want the ingredients so you can cook yourself.

See below for the best Women’s Health editor, nutritionist, and dietitian-approved meal delivery services to help make weight loss easier.

1. Hungryroot

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There’s a reason why Hungryroot has become increasingly popular with meal planners: It’s so darn easy. All you need to do is take their quiz, and then the site will fill your cart with all kinds of ~healthy~ groceries. When the box arrives at your door, it’s not only filled with the food your quiz indicated you might like, but with chef-curated recipes using the groceries in your cart.

Dietitian Anita Mirchandani, R.D. is a fan of it, too. “I like that Hungryroot helps you plan out your total intake depending on your preferences,” she says. “It’s also priced well with high quality ingredients that cater to a variety of dietary restrictions.”

2. Fresh N’ Lean

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Attention keto and paleo lovers: You’re gonna love Fresh N’ Lean. The company claims to be an alternative to the processed food at times present in many people’s diets, which is why it offers pre-made protein-based, gluten-free, and fiber-rich meals and delivers them right to your door.

There are a bunch of different meal delivery plans at your disposal here (including keto, paleo, low-card, vegan, etc.), and one option even allows you to order in bulk, if you so desire. (Plus, the company says Fresh N’ Lean foods will keep you full for a long time.) Everything they deliver is approved by their dietitians and prepared from scratch in Anaheim, California.

3. BistroMD

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Created by an actual MD as a weight loss service to help patients, BistroMD is the perfect hybrid between meal delivery and a personalized health plan. Choose between 4 different weight loss programs: standard, gluten free, diabetic, and menopause.

Your weekly box will either include five or seven full days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner—or five or seven days worth of just lunch and dinner. Once your plan is picked, RDs on the BistroMD team will create a custom diet plan based on your taste preferences and weight loss goals. Plus, you can update your profile with likes, dislikes and health changes at any time and your meal plan will be adjusted.

4. Freshly

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If you legit hate cooking, you’ll definitely take an interest in Freshly, the delivery service that focuses on shipping pre-made, reheat-able foods straight to you. The company’s meals (like steak peppercorn, cauliflower bolognese, chicken tikka masala, and pulled pork al pastor) all come ready-to-eat. Mirchandani loves how convenient it is, and that even though everything comes fully-prepped, all meals are made with fully prepped ingredients.

All you’ve gotta do is pop them in the microwave and boom, you’ve have a full, healthy meal at your disposal. (You can receive anywhere from four to 12 meals per week.) Freshly even has a FreshlyFit option, which provides you with over 15 paleo and keto-inspired menu choices and gives you all the low-carb, protein, and calorie facts about your meal.

5. Sakara Life

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If you’re on Instagram, odds are you’ve seen an ad (or influencer) post about Sakara Life at least once in your life. The meal delivery service focuses on “clean eating” and “feeding your spirit,” which for them means plant-rich meals for weight loss, digestive improvement, a boost in energy, and more.

Here’s how it works: Sakara meals come on a week-by-week basis, AKA you’re free to cancel your meal plan any week you don’t feel like receiving orders or credit card charges. While the menu is typically set each week so you can’t pick and choose your meals (they offer up to three per day plus snack options), the delivery service actually switches up what they’re serving every seven days.

What are the best meal delivery options for weight loss?

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Some meal delivery brands cater to people who want to lose weight. Increasing exercise levels and adopting other healthy habits can help.

A quick look at the best meal delivery services for weight loss
  • Best for a range of diets: Factor
  • Best for organic meals: Trifecta
  • Best for lower budgets: Blue Apron
  • Best for certified humane meals: Fresh n’ Lean
  • Best for allergies: Gobble
  • Best for gender-specific meals: BistroMD
  • Best for fast preparation: Freshly
  • Best for vegans: Veestro
What is meal delivery?

Meal delivery brands provide prepared meals for home delivery. A person only needs to heat them up. Meal delivery kits, on the other hand, contain portioned ingredients and recipes. People prepare and cook these meals at home.

In both cases, a person chooses the types and number of meals they want to order each week. Most brands offer one-off purchases as well as subscription plans.

Using a meal delivery service may save time and help prevent food waste. These services may appeal to people with limited cooking abilities or people who want to try new recipes without the hassle of grocery shopping.

Learn more about the best meal delivery kits here.

How to choose a meal delivery service

People may wish to consider the following when choosing a meal delivery service:

  • Preparation time: Some services may provide ready-to-eat meals, recipes, or premeasured ingredients, all of which have different preparation times.
  • Menu choices: Individuals with food allergies or dietary requirements should ensure that the meal delivery service they choose has food they can consume.
  • Cost: People should choose a meal delivery service that fits their budget.
Meal delivery brands for weight loss

A person should be sure that their meal choices meet nutritional requirements and contain whole grains, vegetables, and a suitable balance of macronutrients.

People should vary their menu choices to ensure that they are getting essential vitamins and minerals.

Learn more about a healthy diet here.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

Medical News Today follows a strict product selection and vetting process. Learn more here.

Best for a range of diets: Factor

Factor, formerly Factor 75, provides fully prepared meals designed by dietitians and prepared by chefs. The company says that its meals are fresh, never frozen, and that a person needs to eat them within 7 days of delivery.

The brand offers various menus that may help with weight management, including:

  • low calorie
  • low carb
  • high protein
  • keto
  • plant-based
  • paleo

It also has gluten-free options. The company says its meals each have around 600 calories.

Sample meals:

At the time of writing, some options include:

  • keto poblano bowl
  • Peruvian grilled chicken
  • BBQ pulled chicken


4 meals per week $15.00 per meal
6 meals per week $12.83 per meal
8 meals per week $12.30 per meal
12 meals per week $11.50 per meal
18 meals per week $11.00 per meal

Factor also offers add-ons, such as snacks and shakes, for a fee.

Delivery is free, and the company ships to the contiguous United States. Deliveries are made between Monday and Wednesday, depending on the zip code, and customers are able to skip deliveries as long as they give 4-weeks’ notice.

Best for organic meals: Trifecta

Trifecta delivers fresh, organic, chef-prepared meals. Each meal contains 350–500 calories.

The meals are suitable for a range of diets, including plant-based, keto, and paleo.

Sample meals:

Some options include:

  • salmon and wild rice
  • chicken pesto pasta
  • pineapple coconut loaf


KetoClean, or Paleo meal plans $108.43 per week
Vegan or Vegetarian meal plans $90.93 per week
Meal PrepClassic MealsBudget Meal Prep, or Meat Lovers Meal Prep kits $119.20 per week

Delivery is available in the contiguous U.S. The company offers free shipping, and customers are able to skip deliveries as long as they give 7 days’ notice.


Best for lower budgets: Blue Apron

Blue Apron offers meal kits. Its menus include low calorie, carb-conscious, and diabetes-friendly options.

It also has meals approved by WW (previously Weight Watchers) and meals with 600 calories or less.

For people with plant-based diets, it uses the Beyond Meat plant-based alternative in its recipes.

Sample meals:

Some options include:

  • grilled Italian burgers with fontina, Calabrian mayo, and balsamic-herb onions
  • curry-peanut chicken with sushi rice and marinated vegetables
  • smoky guajillo pork and rice bowls with fresh tomato salsa and lime mayo

Each kit comes with recipe cards with beginner-friendly instructions, and most recipes take under 45 minutes to prepare.


Signature Vegetarian Signature for Four
2 recipes per week $9.99 per serving $9.99 per serving $9.99 per serving
3 recipes per week $9.99 per serving $9.99 per serving $7.99 per serving
4 recipes per week $9.99 per serving not available $7.49 per serving

Shipping is free for most Blue Apron plans, and delivery is available in the contiguous U.S.

A customer can decide to skip meals or change plans between 5 weeks and 5 days before the company processes their next order.

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