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There are a lot of healthy snacks for weight loss in Nigeria on the market. But which ones really work and which ones just have big promises? The choice can be overwhelming. So we narrowed down your options and picked only the best snacks for you guys. Here’s what we came up with:

Ewedu Soup weight loss

Weight loss is one of the most sought after topics on the internet, and this is because there are a lot of people who want to learn how to lose weight.  In Nigeria, millions of people are trying to lose weight and overcome obesity. They have been wondering how to lose weight in Nigeria and looking for Nigerian foods for weight loss.

The good news is that you can easily find all the foods listed here in your neighborhood or from the closest food market. This post provides the top Nigerian foods for weight reduction that will help you get rid of extra fat in your body.

How to lose weight in Nigeria

The key to successful weight loss is the combination of a good weight loss diet and regular exercising. However, finding a good weight loss diet is not easy, especially when you have little or no knowledge about their calories.

Many Nigerians face this predicament because a typical Nigerian who consumes local Nigerian foods won’t find it easy to know which food he or she should eat to lose weight.

If you want to know how to lose weight fast in Nigeria, then you should know the common Nigerian weight loss foods that are available to you. Many Nigerian meals, snacks, and dishes are very good for weight loss, so it is possible to lose weight in Nigeria.

Keep it in mind that any good weight loss food, should be capable of boosting your metabolism, helping you feel fuller faster, contain a moderate amount of calories and helping you burn fat.

10 Most Healthy Nigerian Foods for Weight Loss 

1. Ofada Rice

Ofada rice weight loss

Carbohydrates are one of the major factors that result in excess weight gain, and to even worsen the matter most of the foods served in typical Nigerian homes, restaurants, events, etc. contain a substantial amount of Carbohydrate, which is not ideal for weight watchers like you.
If truly you desire a drop in your current weight, then it is imperative you limit your carbohydrate intake and switch to low-carb foods. Fortunately, Ofada rice contains only little amount of carbohydrate and substantial content of protein, which means it will help boost your weight loss campaign and strengthen your muscles when consumed regularly.

Ofada rice or Brown rice also contains nutrients that are not present in white rice like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. One cup of ofada rice contains 216 calories.

2. Boiled Potatoes

For individuals seeking Nigerian foods for weight loss, both sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes are excellent choices. They have a lot of fiber and resistant starch, which basically implies that you will feel fuller for longer after eating this wonderful cuisine.

Even though potatoes are a calorie-friendly dish, overindulging in them might hinder your efforts to lose weight, so be careful what you consume.

In order to reap the most advantages, you must avoid frying potatoes because their skin is extremely high in fiber.
87 calories are included in 2/3 cup (100 grams) of boiling potatoes.

3. Nigerian Fruits

Nigerian foods for weight loss

Your weight loss campaign is not complete yet if you are not taking [enough] fruits!
Fruits are natural foods, and they contain natural sugars, which are a better alternative for processed sugars. They also increase your satiety, meaning that you will feel fuller for a longer period without excess caloric intake.

Thankfully, Nigeria is home to hundreds of fruits that are excellent for losing weight, and you can use them in a fruit salad to reap the full advantages

Some of the best Nigerian fruits for weight loss include the following:

• Apples – they contain a high content of fiber and can help keep hunger at bay for a very long time, and thus reducing unnecessary caloric intake. Apple also contains Pectin, fiber type that aids the removal of excess fat deposits from the body.
• Bananas – the unripe ones, in particular, are very high in resistant starch, which has been severally proven to boost weight loss. The Resistant starch in Bananas also reduces appetite as well as fat storage in the fat cells.
• Cucumber and Watermelon – they contain potent slimming properties and a reduced number of calories, which make them a great fruit for weight loss.
• Avocado – they are excellent sources of minerals, fiber as well as vitamins, and they also contain a significant amount of monounsaturated fatty acids, which is associated with reduced weight gain. To use Avocado for weight loss, you can mix ½ of it with tomatoes [for breakfast] or better still add it to your salad.
• Grapefruit – it boosts metabolism while also burning excess fat in the body. It is also rich in fiber and keeps your blood glucose level in check. When you eat half a grapefruit a few hours before your meals, it can make you feel full for a longer period to prevent you from consuming unnecessary calories.
Other healthy Nigerian fruits for weight loss include tiger nuts, dates, and Nigerian pear (ube).

4. Nigerian Leafy Vegetables

health benefits of bitter leaf

The high content of fiber in vegetables also increases your satiety and keeps hunger at bay for a very long period. What a way to curb unnecessary caloric intake!
Additionally, vegetables are packed with enriching vitamins & minerals which boost immunity, aid detoxification, reduce bloating & stomach discomfort while burning excess fat in your body.
On the plus side, vegetables are not the kind of foods you have to import or purchase online – you can fetch them from your garden, or better still buy from the nearest foods market to you.

Some of the popular Nigerian vegetables for weight loss include – spinach, beets, cabbage, lettuce, water leaf, bitter leaf, or pumpkin (ugwu).

5. Honey

Honey is well known for its versatility and huge benefits such that it could help boost your weight loss campaign by a significant margin. Here is how:

Basically, most of the packaged foods we consume daily often contain artificial sweetener or refined sugar, which could later result in excess weight gain and other serious health conditions. But the good news is that you can replace that unhealthy, artificial sweetener with natural honey and this will not only add great taste to your food but also keep your health optimal.

Aside from that, honey is also packed with several potent antibacterials, antiviral, and antifungal properties, which are proven to be effective for treating health cough, catarrh, cold, and other related health conditions.

6. Coffee

A lot of people are fond of drinking coffee every morning to wake them up and boost their alertness. But did you know that this same coffee can help you lose some weight? Discover below:

Coffee contains caffeine, a powerful property that boosts alertness and stimulates lipase, an enzyme that plays an important role in the breaking down of fat in the body – which in turn boosts weight loss process. Aside from that, coffee comes with antioxidants that help in boosting metabolism, and it also cuts down the amount of fat being absorbed by your body for a slimmer look.

Another reason why Caffeine is considered a great food for weight loss is that it is diuretic and can help flush excess fluids and waste products in your body. Remember, a healthy bowel is Key to losing more weight!

However, it is imperative to note that excess intake of coffee could result in several health conditions, including dehydration, hypertension, diabetes, and lots more.

7. Low-Fat Yogurt

This is yet another great food for weight loss. Low-fat yogurt is packed with probiotics – helpful bacteria that helps in lowering the amount of fat absorbed by your body. This makes it easier for you to lose more weight, especially when combined with a healthy diet and intense exercises.

In addition to the above, low-fat yogurts contain extremely low calories and a significant amount of protein, which are essential for rapid weight loss and muscle building. Also, they do not contain any artificial sweeteners or preservatives that can pose serious risks on your health and overall wellbeing – which means they are safe for human consumption.

8. Beans

Beans are one of the best Nigerian foods for weight loss, and here are some reasons why. Firstly, beans readily available, affordable, and easy to prepare in numerous varieties. Secondly, beans are extremely rich in protein and have very little calorie content. Thirdly, beans build the muscles and burns fat. Beans are also high in fiber, giving you a feeling of fullness and fewer calorie intake.

I recommend that you consume a diet rich in beans and legumes at least three times a weekly to lose weight. I personally prefer to eat beans with roasted plantain (Boli)

9. Nigerian Soups

Ewedu Soup weight loss

So many local Nigerian soups are good losing weight. Here are a few of them:
Ewedu is a common soup in Nigeria; it is also good for weight loss. Ewedu is low in calories; in fact, a place of ewedu soup will contain 87 calories.

Edikaikong or afang soup is equally a good Nigerian food for weight loss. One serving of Afang soup has a calorie of 367 (approximately), which is low compared to other Nigerian soups. It is also high in fibers and vegetables.

Other recommended Nigerian soups for weight loss are Oha soup, Nigerian pepper soup, and gbegiri.

10. Moin Moin and Okpa

Nigerian foods for weight loss

A few Nigerian snacks are good for losing weight. Two of my favorite snacks are moin moin and Okpa.

Moin Moin, also known as bean pudding is a snack, but can also serve as a food or appetizer. Moin Moin is absolutely perfect for weight loss. It is prepared with of beans and other assorted spices like eggs, or fish which are all gold weight loss foods.

Okpa is equally crucial for losing weight. It is highly proteinous, extremely low in calories and can fill you up easily.

5 Best Nigerian Snacks for Weight Loss

Nigerian snacks for weight loss

Do you think it’s possible to lose weight while regularly consuming snacks? Regardless of what you think, it is actually very possible to lose weight with snacks.

If you eat healthy, protein-rich snacks often, you can definitely lose weight. Some of these healthy snacks can even help keep you full throughout the day and reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods.

Snacking can aid in keeping your hunger levels in check, especially on days when your meals are spaced for long periods. Nonetheless, it is imperative to make healthy snack choices. The truth is that eating a snack is better than allowing yourself to become voraciously hungry. This will lead to poor or unhealthy food choices and excessive calorie intake.

There are so many healthy Nigerian snacks for weight loss that you can easily consume to help you lose weight. Many Nigerian snacks are very healthy and are highly rich in proteins and nutrients. Here are 5 best Nigerian snacks for weight loss.

1. Akara

Health Benefits of Akara

Akara, or bean cake, is a perfect Nigerian snack for weight loss. This snack is made up of beans, which makes hight proteinous. Akara is prepared from bean paste, which is fried in hot oil and eaten. Other ingredients like onions, pepper and other spices are added to akara to improve the taste. Most people eat akara with bread, stew or pap, or just alone. One ball of akara contains about 50-70 calories; it also makes you feel fuller and drink a lot of water.

2. Moin Moin

Health benefits of Moin Moin
Moin Moin for weight loss

Akara and moin moin are prepared differently yet are quite similar. The major ingredients in Moin Moin, a steamed Nigerian bean pudding, are beans paste, onions, fish, eggs, or additional seasonings. This Nigerian snack is exceptionally high in fiber and protein.

One serving of moin moin has about 150 calories, which is a fairly moderate amount of calories. It also contains a lot of fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer and stave off hunger. As a result, eating moin moin may encourage you to eat less during the day and consume less calories.

3. Okpa

Health Benefits of Okpa
Okpa for weight loss

Okpa is also known as Bambara nut pudding as it is made from Bambara beans or nut. It is a popular snack in the Southeastern parts of Nigeria. Okpa has a low calorie of 250 per cup.

It also helps you eat less. When you eat a hot and spicy okpa, you will drink a lot of water, and your body will feel full. You should definitely consume okpa for weight loss as a healthy snack.

4. Nigerian Boli

Healthy Nigerian snacksPlantains are simply roasted for boli. The majority of Nigeria is home to this nutritious food, which is widely available and quite popular. You can eat roasted plantains that are either unripe or ripe. Whichever you decide, you can be sure you’re getting a wonderful snack for losing weight.

In general, plantains are wonderful high-fibre foods with tons of nutrients and vitamins, making them fantastic for weight loss. They also aid in digestion and give you a feeling of fullness. 200 calories or so are in one serving of plantains.

5. Donkwa

Nigerian snacks for weight loss

Donkwa is a common Nigerian street snack prepared from roasted, dried, and milled maize and groundnuts. It is very popular in the Northern parts of Nigeria.
Donkwa is also known as Dodonkwa or Tanfiri. It is very delicious, easy to prepare, and above all, great for weight loss. Donkwa is an amazing Nigerian snack for weight loss. It is rich in protein and also gluten-free.

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