Healthy Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes


Healthy vegetarian meal prep recipes with a Mediterranean twist. Includes delicious vegetarian recipes that can be made ahead and stored so you can eat healthy meals on the go. These are healthy vegetarian recipes you will want to make again!

Looking for healthy vegetarian meal prep recipes? Look no further! In this article, I’ve detailed 7 days worth of vegetarian meal prep. These recipes are healthy and delicious, making them the perfect plan for you if you’re trying to lose weight this year.

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes

Healthy vegetarian meal prep recipes doesn’t have to be about boring salads and rice bowls. In fact, you can use meal prepping as an opportunity to try new recipes and enjoy more veggies. I’ve put together a list of 51 vegetarian meal prep recipes including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks.

In today’s world, eating healthy isn’t always easy. So often, it involves expensive or time-consuming meals that are also unsatisfying. However, eating healthful yet easy vegetarian meals is easier than you may think.

10 Healthy Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes—Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners & Snacks!

Let’s be real—eating healthy can be difficult. If you struggle to stay on track (like I do), meal prep can be a life-saver. But, meal prep can also feel like a lot of work… And, sometimes the same old recipes just get boring. Simplify your prep and shake up your routine with these 40 EASY vegetarian meal prep recipes! (And, most of them are also VEGAN!)

Check out these 10 vegetarian breakfasts, 10 lunches, 10 dinners, and 10 snacks to see what you like. Then, you can mix and match to create TONS of new vegetarian meal prep combinations! Variety in your meal prep will keep healthy food interesting! All of these recipes are meatless, and the majority are also plant-based for anyone living a vegan lifestyle. Plus, many of these vegetarian meal prep recipes are also gluten-free and dairy-free!

Healthy food doesn’t have to get boring. And, even the simplest of recipes can be amazingly delicious. Some of the vegetarian meal prep recipes in this list only use two or three ingredients! That’s because these recipes are made with real, whole foods that provide our bodies with the kind of fuel it appreciates. And, it makes prep time a whole lot easier… Feel free to get creative with different ingredients and flavorings to make these vegetarian meal prep recipes your own!

Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

1. Freezer Oatmeal Cups

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes, vegetarian meal prep breakfast, freezer oatmeal cups, easy vegetarian meals

Not an overnight oats fan? Meal-prep your HOT oatmeal by portioning and freezing it into muffin tins! And, when you cook your batch of oatmeal, you can flavor and sweeten it however you like. In the mornings, simply reheat a few of the oatmeal cups on the stove, or in the microwave. Then, stir in whichever fresh fruit, nuts, or toppings that you like and enjoy! With so many possible toppings and mix-ins, you’ll never have a boring breakfast!

2. Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookies

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes, gluten free breakfast cookies, vegetarian meal ideas, easy vegetarian recipes for beginners, easy vegetarian breakfasts

Cookies for breakfast?! You better believe it! These beauties are deliciously sweet but full of wholesome fuel—with NO refined flours or added sugars! The pumpkin puree gives these cookies a bit of natural sweetness, but YOU are in control of the kind and amount of sweetener you add. And, using oats and oat flour keeps this meal prep breakfast whole-grain and gluten-free. Also, you can make this a vegan breakfast by using a flax egg and dairy-free chocolate chips or cacao nibs!

3.  Low Carb Crustless Quiche

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes, crustless quiche, simple vegetarian meals, best vegetarian recipes

Pie crust is delicious—no doubt about it. But, it’s made from refined flours which don’t offer much fuel for our bodies. Instead, you can bake your quiche right into the pie pan! This recipe has a fluffy texture, but is still sturdy enough to cut into slices. And, each slice has over 1 serving of vegetables in it! Getting your veggies in has never been easier. It can often be tough to find low carb vegetarian meal prep recipes. But, this tasty quiche has only 5 grams of net carbs per serving!

4.  Superfood Smoothies

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes, vegan smoothie recipes, breakfast smoothies, easy meal prep breakfasts

When it comes to vegetarian meal prep recipes, smoothies are a deliciously simple choice for a quick breakfast. Plus, there are endless flavor combinations you can explore! These 5 smoothie recipes all contain healthy superfoods that are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Which superfood smoothie suits your style?!

5.  Sneaky Cauliflower Brunch Bites

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes, cauliflower breakfast egg cups, easy vegetarian recipes, vegetarian meal ideas

What do you get when you cross a a cheesy egg breakfast with a fresh lunchtime salad? These savory brunch bites! Just mix together your ingredients, add your toppings, and bake in mini muffin tins. They’re like teeny crust-less quiches! And, you’d never guess that 1 serving of these mini muffins has an entire serving of CAULIFLOWER hidden inside! It adds some creaminess and thickness, plus tons of fiber and essential vitamins!

6.  Mithai Overnight Oats

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes, mango overnight oats, easy vegetarian meals, easy vegetarian recipes for beginners, healthy vegetarian breakfast

Here’s an easy meal prep breakfast that tastes like a sweet DESSERT—a.k.a. “mithai” in Indian cuisine! If you’re sick of your same-old-same-old overnight oats routine, this flavor combo is the perfect way to switch things up. They’re sweet, creamy, and loaded with slow-digesting carbs to fuel you throughout the day! Plus, the pistachios and almonds add some satiating protein and a satisfying crunch. Make this your own with you favorite fruits and mix-ins. Or, add some protein powder!

7.  Low Carb Pumpkin Bread

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes, low carb pumpkin bread, paleo pumpkin bread, easy vegetarian meal prep breakfast

If you’re looking for on-the-go vegetarian meal prep recipes, this LOW-CARB pumpkin bread is the perfect option! Just blend up your batter ingredients, bake, and you’ve got a healthy breakfast to last you all week. It’s a simple meal that you can have ready to grab and go on busy mornings. Plus, this fuel-filled breakfast uses no refined flours, and is completely sugar-free! Almond flour keeps this pumpkin bread low in carbs and high in fiber. And, you can make this a Paleo breakfast by using an approved sweetener.

8.  Quinoa Fruit Salad

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes, quinoa fruit salad, healthy vegetarian breakfast, simple vegetarian recipes, quick vegetarian meals, easy vegetarian dishes

Quinoa doesn’t have to be savory ALL of the time—it adds delicious texture and nutrition to this sweet, simple breakfast! Quinoa is a wholesome, gluten-free grain that can bulk up a fruit salad and keep you energized throughout the day. Plus, this superfood grain is also high in protein and fiber! You can prep a large batch of quinoa and chop your fruits at the beginning of the week, making this one of the simplest vegetarian meal prep recipes on our list.

9. Three-Ingredient Pancakes

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes, 3 ingredient pancakes, easy vegetarian breakfast meal prep

Sometimes the simplest vegetarian meal prep recipes are the most delicious. And you only need 3 INGREDIENTS to make this healthy breakfast! These vegan pancakes are light, fluffy, and naturally sweet with NO added sugars—thanks to the bananas. Just be sure to use

ripe, spotted bananas for maximum sweetness! Top with a generous drizzle of maple syrup and your favorite fresh fruit.

10.  Mini Blueberry Blender Muffins

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes, healthy blueberry muffins, blueberry breakfast muffins, simple vegetarian meals

These mini muffins are SO easy to make—just blend up your batter, add blueberries, and bake! Made with oats instead of refined flour, they’re whole-grain, fuel-filled, and gluten-free. Plus, the ripe bananas add a natural sweetness, so you may not even need to add any sweetener! It’s a delicious on-the-go breakfast, or a simple snack. If you bake these into mini muffin tins, each mini muffin is only about 20 calories!

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes

Find healthy, delicious vegetarian meal prep recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats

cinnamon roll overnight oats shot overhead in mason jars with raspberries and pecans on top

It takes just minutes to assemble this healthy no-cook breakfast and you’ll have meal-prepped grab-and-go breakfasts on hand for the rest of the week. Top these delicious vegan oats–inspired by classic cinnamon bun flavors–with fresh or frozen fruit and your favorite nuts and seeds.

 Spicy Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup


Based on a popular weight-loss plan, this healthy cabbage soup recipe gets tons of flavor and a metabolism-boosting kick from spicy chiles.

Vegan Superfood Grain Bowls

Vegan Superfood Buddha Bowls

This nutrient-packed grain bowl recipe comes together in 15 minutes with the help of a few convenience-food shortcuts like prewashed baby kale, microwavable quinoa and precooked beets. Pack these ahead to keep on hand for easy meal-prep lunches or dinners on busy nights.

Blueberry-Banana Overnight Oats


Blueberries, sweet banana and creamy coconut milk combine to turn everyday oatmeal into the best vegan overnight oats! Make up to 4 jars at once to keep in the fridge for quick grab-and-go breakfasts throughout the week.

Blueberry Almond Chia Pudding


Switch up your morning oatmeal routine with this so-easy chia pudding recipe. It’s made just like overnight oats–combine chia and your milk of choice, let soak overnight, then top with juicy blueberries and crunchy almonds and dig in!

Black Bean-Quinoa Bowl


This black bean and quinoa bowl has many of the usual hallmarks of a taco salad, minus the fried bowl. We’ve loaded it up with pico de gallo, fresh cilantro and avocado plus an easy hummus dressing to drizzle on top.

Peanut Butter Protein Overnight Oats


Powdered peanut butter is a handy pantry staple that makes a great vegan protein booster for oatmeal and smoothies. Double or triple this recipe to meal-prep breakfasts for the week or to have breakfast ready for the entire family.

Apple Cinnamon Chia Pudding


Switch up your morning oatmeal routine with this so-easy chia pudding recipe. It’s made just like overnight oats: combine chia and your milk of choice, let soak overnight, then top with the classic flavor combo of apples and cinnamon, with pecans for added crunch.

Chipotle-Lime Cauliflower Taco Bowls


A bold, smoky marinade elevates roasted cauliflower in this meal-prep version of our popular Chipotle-Lime Cauliflower Tacos (see Associated Recipes). To cut down on prep time, look for precut cauliflower in the produce department. You can also save time by using microwaveable quinoa pouches (you’ll need one 8-ounce pouch for this recipe) instead of cooking quinoa.

Muffin-Tin Quiches with Smoked Cheddar & Potato

Muffin-Tin Quiches with Smoked Cheddar & Potato

Potatoes, cheese and greens make this mini quiche recipe delicious and satisfying. Bake up a batch over the weekend and you’ll have breakfast available in a hurry for the rest of the week.

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats with Banana


It takes just a few minutes to prepare these overnight oats and you will be all set with 4 packable healthy breakfasts to enjoy throughout the week. Use whatever milk you have on hand for this easy meal-prep breakfast recipe.

Crispy Chickpea Grain Bowl with Lemon Vinaigrette


Our favorite part of these vegetarian grain bowls is the tangy lemon vinaigrette, which ties together a satisfying combo of quinoa, toasted pumpkin seeds, and roasted chickpeas and kale. Whip them up for easy meal-prep lunches or a healthy and satisfying dinner.

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