Healthy Weeknight Meals On A Budget


Healthy Weeknight Meals on a Budget! Who are we kidding? Weeknights are the bane of our existence. You’re tired from work and you just want to hang out at home in your sweats and eat something good for you. Well, that’s exactly what I’m about to show you how to do on a budget.

Of course you want to eat healthier. Who doesn’t? Maybe you don’t have a ton of time to meal plan so healthy weeknight meals on a budget are what you’re looking for. I’m here to help with that.



If you only end up trying one recipe this week THIS IS THE ONE!

This cheesy pasta was a HUGE hit with the family so much so i’ve already made it 2 more times.

I will say though that this recipe is a tad on the spicier side so if that isn’t your thing I would definitely omit it. The first time I made it with the spice and the 2nd and 3rd time without and was amazing both ways.GET RECIPE


I’ve tried a lot of taco salads over the years but never any with Doritos.

annnnnd…. If I’m being completely honest I mainly put this on the meal plan because of the Doritos.

My kids love chips and I love it when they eat dinner so why the heck not right?

This ended up being so yummy and extremely quick to throw together. Perfect for those nights when you are too tired to cook.GET RECIPE



If you’re looking for a dinner you can throw together in a few minutes look no further.

This was so quick and easy to put together that even my husband (who has absolutely no cooking skills) was able to do it without a hitch.GET RECIPE


This is one of my personal faves to make on a really busy weeknight because it’s easy to prepare in the morning and then throw in the oven later when you need it.

Impossible to mess up and comes out perfect every single time.GET RECIPE


I’ve been making pierogies like this for a really long time.

My husband grew up on pierogies and I never really enjoyed them all too much until I found this recipe. I love switching up the meats and vegetables depending on what’s on sale.

My favorite way to put this together is to use Italian sausage, bell peppers, and cheese YUM!GET RECIPE


This recipe totally lived up to its name. 15-minute teriyaki for sure.

I loved how minimal the ingredients were in fact I already had everything on hand I needed to put this together.

Even my pickiest child loved this recipe and he usually dislikes most chicken recipes.GET RECIPE


In the summer I was making a popcorn chicken salad pretty much weekly and this is sort of that in a different way.

I absolutely love finding new ways to make pasta salads because they are easy to put together in the morning or the night before and because you eat them cold it takes next to nothing to serve them up on a busy weeknight.GET RECIPE

 healthy dinners on a budget

Eating well doesn’t have to tug on your purse strings. Try these delicious and easy recipes which use everyday ingredients to create better-for-you meals.

Roast mushrooms with spinach and ricotta

21Roast mushrooms with spinach and ricotta

Chickpeas make this meat-free dish filling and hearty, and add protein and fibre.

Healthier chicken and vegie one-pot

22Healthier chicken and vegie one-pot

This lighter chicken and veg casserole will cure all your comfort food cravings without derailing your healthy eating plan.

Healthier chicken breast and zucchini linguine

23Healthier chicken breast and zucchini linguine

On the table in 20 minutes, this healthier creamy chicken ‘pasta’ dinner will be a hit with the whole family. It’s also low in calories and gluten free.

Moroccan-spiced pork meatballs

24Moroccan-spiced pork meatballs

These Moroccan-spiced pork meatballs make for a tasty dinner kids will love!

Healthy chilli con carne

25Healthy chilli con carne

Ready in 40 minutes, this healthy Mexican beef chilli con carne is packed with vegies and served with natural yoghurt.

Healthy chicken noodle soup

26Healthy chicken noodle soup

Full of nutrient-dense vegies, including broccolini and buk choy, and chicken things for iron, this hearty Asian-inspired chicken noodle soup is good for the body and soul!

Chipotle bean and corn shepherd's pie

27Chipotle bean and corn shepherd’s pie

We’ve given this vegetarian shepherd’s pie a Mexican makeover. Best of all this hearty dinner recipe is ready in just 30 minutes!

Healthy chicken pasta salad

28Healthy chicken pasta salad

We’ve given classic creamy pasta salad a healthy makeover by using buckwheat pasta and a lighter zesty dressing, as well adding lots of nutritious ingredients such as vegies, seeds and chicken.

Five-spiced eggplant with tofu and Chinese greens

29Five-spiced eggplant with tofu and Chinese greens

Try something a little different with this Asian-inspired main meal.

Healthy zucchini superfood slice

30Healthy zucchini superfood slice

This healthy version of the family-favourite zucchini slice is loaded with quinoa, zucchini and kale, and makes a perfect vegetarian dinner or lunchbox filler

 budget family meals under $5 a serve

Make your weekly shopping budget go the distance with these cheap and cheerful dinner ideas that cost just $5 (or less!) per serve.

Pork and apple rissoles

Pork and apple rissoles

A tasty rissole with a delicate apple flavour. A big hit with the family.

Baked cheesy meatballs

Baked cheesy meatballs

A tasty and simple recipe that’s sure to be a winner with the whole family.

Sour cream quiche

Sour cream quiche

A creamy quiche that’s easy to make.

Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

A delicious and easy economical meal for the slow cooker.

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

This simple chicken curry is a cinch to prepare on a busy weeknight and perfect for feeding the family! It uses coconut cream for richness and you can adjust the amount of curry powder if you prefer it more or less spicy.

Asparagus and chicken quiche

Asparagus and chicken quiche

A lovely quiche to have with a salad.



Great for an appetiser or snack.

One-cup quiche

One-cup quiche

Easy quiche recipe with ingredients no more than one cup, and only one bowl. Great to eat hot or cold. This is a base recipe and can be changed to suit personal tastes. Add other ingredients such as shredded chicken, ham, corn, asparagus or capsicum.



Genoese (Italian) flatbread made with chickpea flour (besan). Low fat, low GI and low carb. Can be used as a pizza base with flavourings, or plain with dips.

Slow cooker barbecue chicken

Slow cooker barbecue chicken

An easy, no-fuss chicken dish, which is a good recipe on a busy day.

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