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Homeopathy for weight loss is effective without causing any harm to the body. But it may take several months before you can witness the results. As a rule, the more stubborn your weight gain (or loss), the longer it will take to lose weight. So don’t expect immediate results. People have been taking homeopathic remedies for years to get relief from various diseases like hypertension, diabetes and chronic pain resulting from inflammatory conditions and degenerative disorders. In many cases, people who have tried every other method to relieve their pain without any positive result, have reported good response with homeopathy.

Homeopathic Weight Loss Remedies

Though these are not guaranteed ways of losing weight, they may be worth a try to see if they spark something in you.

Calcarea Carbonica

The main reason that some people who try homeopathic remedies for weight loss see results is likely because the remedies help to clear up blockages. 

Many people struggle with weight issues because they have digestive issues and/or have problems with their metabolism. 

Calcarea carbonica may be able to help with that. This remedy is essentially impure calcium carbonate and is made from the middle layer of shells. It is intended primarily for people who find that most of their weight sits in the stomach area and tend to sweat at night. 

Other signs that your body may need Calcarea carbonica include:

  • High anxiety
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweaty head
  • Hungry right after eating


According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, lycopodium “is a widely used homeopathic medicine for the liver, urinary, and digestive disorders.”

Those who struggle with hypothyroidism may find that lycopodium helps them, as well as people who suffer from gastric issues such as constipation and flatulence. 

People who need lycopodium typically crave sweets and have a love for hot drinks and food. They may also eat far more than necessary at meals, which leaves their stomach feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

Coffee and a donut

Natrum Mur

This homeopathic remedy is best for those who struggle with anemia and often crave a lot of salt. It is also best for those whose weight tends to accumulate in their thighs and buttocks. 

You may also see some benefits from taking natrum mur if you experience the following:

  • Struggles with heat
  • Weight gain due to depression and stress
  • Anemia

Nux Vomica

If you find that you have been living a sedentary life and your weight has become an issue, you may want to try nux vomica. Constipation typically goes along with a sedentary lifestyle, and nux vomica may be able to help with that. 

Consider trying this remedy if you experience the following:

  • Cravings for spicy food
  • Cravings for fried food
  • Inability to handle cold
  • Constipation


Perimenopause and menopause can cause weight gain for many women. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to get rid of that extra weight. 

Graphites may be able to help you with that. This homeopathic remedy is made from carbon and helps some with chronic constipation. 

This remedy may be the right pick for you if you are experiencing the following:

  • Sadness
  • Inability to handle cold air
  • Excessive salt in your diet
  • PMS
Sad woman

All of the above remedies are worth trying if they speak to the weight issues you’re having. Just be sure to do your research and take only the recommended dose. 

By introducing one of these into your daily life and combining it with an improved diet and some regular exercise, chances are good you will see some numbers drop on the scale. 

How does homoeopathy work in gaining your body weight? 

Weight Gain Treatment

Since being underweight is common among children and adults, it is important to identify the reasons. So, you can focus on homoeopathic medicines if you want to be completely free of the risks associated with being underweight.

If you are trying to gain weight, homoeopathy medicines can become highly beneficial for you. Homoeopathy has various medications that can help underweight people and want to gain weight safely. 

The selection of weight-gain medications depends on the unique circumstances of each case. The homoeopathic weight gain medicines boost your immunity as well. 

In reality, Homeopathy medicines work by fixing the underlying medical problem that causes weight loss in the first place. Eventually, these medicines improve your overall health too.

Why Is A Weight Loss Journey Ideal With Homeopathy?

If you don’t begin your weight loss journey on time, then it’s possible to have different health issues like heart disease, lung infection, respiratory issues, and many other problems. Bear in mind that every part of our body is linked to one another. So, it’s all-important to begin your weight loss journey at one of the leading homeopathy clinics in Mumbai to make sure your health does not have to see any sort of compromise.

Homeopathy Treatment For Weight Loss

Are you responsible for your health? If not, then eventually, you will have to bear the consequences. It’s like being careful about:

  • What do you do?
  • What do you eat?
  • What lifestyle practices do you follow?

Dr. Sonal’s Healing With Homeopathy is your cornerstone to make your well-being better for the present and future. Most importantly, there should not be any point where you get influenced by others and prefer those things that won’t benefit your well-being a single penny. It’s true if there’s something that you keep on doing continuously, then you are going to see the negative results at one point in time. As per homeopathy, the weight loss journey is ideally and effectively done when you opt for a lifestyle that’s all healthy.

Diet And Nutrition Changes Are Required For Weight Loss As Per Homeopathy

Following the right kind of diet is not going to amazingly make the weight loss journey smooth even overall health is benefited like:

  • Make sure to limit fat, sugar, and salt content in your daily diet
  • Processed food is not a great choice for the body’s immunity. Eat fresh food daily
  • It’s better to have every nutritious food in your diet the right way.

No doubt, making changes to the diet might seem tough and bothersome as there are different factors combined together. But, you don’t have to stress yourself as under the homeopathic doctor’s supervision, you get a better picture of what your balanced diet should look like. Homeopathic doctors don’t suggest anything unless the root cause is determined and if there are any health issues, you have faced in the past. To get yourself on the right, here are a few noteworthy points that you should be mindful about:

  • Say goodbye to excess sugar intake and carbs (except healthy ones); When you do so, you will automatically notice a change in the body.
  • Let the healthy fats, vegetables, nutritious protein, and every kind of healthy option get added to your food platter.

Homeopathy Restores Your Body Balance As A Whole

Restoring the body to its right state is not just about making a diet right but focusing on mental and emotional health. This is where homeopathy treatment stands apart, and one of the amazing stats is the proof of the same. One of the research has shown that around 70% of the patients have shown positive outcomes on follow-up visits with homeopathy treatment. So, it’s time to make a change that’s right and fruitful.

What to eat and avoid when you are on homeopathy

What to eat? What to avoid?

Does homeopathic treatment require refraining from eating some food articles? Especially coffee, tea, mint, garlic, onion, alcohol? 

This is a common question and there goes a myth with it at times.

Going little in the background will help to understand this better. The homeopathic medicines are essentially taken by mouth; and the pills or globules get absorbed in the oral cavity.

Though we do not still know the exact mechanism of how it works, we believe the medicines get absorbed in the oral mucosa. Since the medicine gets absorbed and acts from the mouth, it is suggested that the mouth should be clean from strong food articles, taste, and fragrances.

Since coffee, onion, garlic, and mint have a strong odor, it was suggested that they are better avoided during the course of homeopathic treatment.

Our experience says that above-stated articles may be consumed if you are on the homeopathic regimen, provided you keep a gap of about half an hour between the intake of medicine and such food articles; not hampering the action of the medicine.

We have observed and documented that if such discipline is observed, the homeopathic medicines do work; without banning those food articles.

There may be some food restrictions because of one illness such as high blood pressure (to avoid salt), gastritis (to avoid spicy food), Hepatitis C (avoid deep-fried food); and because of their effect on the homeopathic medicines. (For private circulation only. For the use of patients at Life Force. Copyright © 2005 – 2011, Dr. Rajesh Shah. All rights reserved.)

Any particular food article may not be considered as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for everyone. There are disease-related circumstances, which determine if or not a particular food article is good, for the patient at a given time. Here are some broad suggestions:

  • For Skin Disorders
  • For Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • For Urinary System Disorders
  • For Patients With Hypertension
  • For Patients With Diabetes
  • For Nephrotic Syndrome
  • For Ulcerative Colitis


Respiratory disorders (Acute or recurring cough, cold, Asthma, etc.)

  • Avoid chilled drinks, chilled water, ice cream if one is sensitive
  • Avoid chilled drinks, chilled water, ice cream if one is sensitive
  • Any food substance known to aggravate the above conditions in the past may better be avoided
  • Avoid smoking


Skin disorders:

General foods to avoid in skin diseases:

  • Avoidance of spicy food helps control itching and burning
  • Artificially flavored food be better avoided
  • Avoid non-vegetarian food as much as possible

For Vitiligo:

  • Unripe fruits, sour fruits, sour curds, anything excessively sour
  • Fish and marine food products
  • Avoid artificially flavored and colored food articles such as aerated drinks, junk food

For Urticaria:

  • Avoid known irritants and allergens
  • The know irritant and could be identified by individuals, as they may differ from patients to patient. Also, they can be identified by allergy tests.
  • Avoid spicy and pungent food articles
  • Artificially treated food


For Psoriasis:

  • Avoid spicy and pungent food articles
  • Artificially flavored food
  • Avoid non-vegetarian food as far as possible

For Gastrointestinal disorders (Gastritis, Ulcer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, fissure-in-ano, piles, etc)

  • Avoid spicy and pungent food articles
  • Avoid tobacco, paan-masala, gutka, supari, smoking, etc.
  • Avoid deep-fried food, oily and junk food
  • Avoid irregular food habits
  • Avoid alcohol, beer, aerated drinks

For Urinary system disorders (Recurrent infections, renal stones, etc )

  • Avoid eating vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, brinjal, etc
  • Avoid alcohol, beer, aerated drinks
  • Avoid artificially treated food
  • Avoid red meat

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