How To Find Motivation For Weight Loss


What do you need to be motivated? Perhaps you feel weak, or that your motivation is lacking. Read on and discover my tips to achieve motivation for weight loss. Motivation what is it? Put simply, it’s a state of mind that encourages us to act. Motivation can help us with our daily tasks as well as anything we are passionate about. Our level of motivation determines how much we will achieve in life.

Master Motivation to Lose Weight and Exercise in 3 Simple Steps

First, we’re going to go over the weight loss motivation stages people cycle between.
Second, I’m going to go over the top 5 reasons why people struggle to get and stay motivated to lose weight and exercise.
Third, I’m going to give you thought prompts that will make it easier for you to get motivated to reach your weight loss and wellness goals again.
Finally, I’m going to share links to other motivational posts that will give you tons of tips to get motivated.

Weight Loss Motivation Step 1: Figure out what Motivation stage you’re in

Being a weight loss success story is about changing your lifestyle, habits, and behaviors. Not continuously attempting temporary fads and gimmicky diets and inconsistently exercising.

Fortunately, I’ve studied behavior changed in depth. See me explain my take on the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change.

To stay motivated to lose weight, you need to make sure you’re in the right stage, mentally. What stage are you in? Watch this video to find out. When you’re done watching leave me a comment and let me know what stage you’re in.


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Motivation Stage 1: Pre-Contemplation

In the first stage, people have no intention to change their lifestyle. They either don’t see a reason to change their habits, don’t think there’s a problem with their body/health, or they’re happy just the way things are.

In this stage, people rationalize their thoughts. They may think to themselves “losing weight is too much work” or “life is good just the way it is” or “I don’t need to lose weight to be happy.” The good news? If you’re reading this, you’re probably not in this phase.

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Motivation Stage 2: Contemplation

Contemplation is the second stage where most people get stuck. In this stage, you’ve made a conscious decision to lose weight and start contemplating how to do it. During this stage, you seek out information but aren’t actively changing your eating or exercise habits. You may be in this stage right now.

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Motivation Stage 3: Preparation

During the preparation stage, you feel ready to make lifestyle changes because you see that there’s a benefit associated with them.

You see change as rewarding and feel inspired to take action. People in this stage make the effort to lose weight by making small changes like drinking more water, walking, or swapping out fries for salads.

Moving from the contemplation stage to the preparation stage is a big deal. Many people stay in this stage while others skip this stage completely start taking action. Skipping step 3 dramatically decreases weight loss success and motivation because it’s hard to get results without an action plan. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Having a meal plan or exercise program helps ensure you’ll get results, which positively reinforces behavior change. If you don’t get results (aka reward) or lose weight, most people quit.

Motivation Stage 4: ACTION

The action stage of weight loss is where people struggle with weight loss motivation the most. The action is when you’re actively changing habits, eating healthy, and exercising regularly. It’s where you’re breaking your emotional connections to food and unhealthy habits. This stage is where most people reach but end up relapsing back to the 1st or 2nd stage because they didn’t get results or couldn’t stay motivated.

People struggle with weight loss because they didn’t have the education, tools, plan, and support needed to stay motivated. If you can stay in the action motivation phase for at least 6 months, your chances of losing weight and keeping it off skyrockets. Unfortunately, do to restrictive diets, overly intense workouts, and mindset, most people don’t stay in the action phase very long.

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Motivation Stage 5: Maintenance

In the maintenance stage, you’ve lived a healthy and active lifestyle for more than six continuous months. Eating healthy and exercising makes you feel better than temporary happiness from junk food and skipping workouts.

People (including the original non-supporters) are complimenting your weight loss and asking you for advice. Congratulations, you have successfully changed your lifestyle! NOTE: You can still relapse back to the other stages.

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Weight Loss Motivation Step 2: Figure out WHY YOU CAN’T STAY MOTIVATED TO LOSE WEIGHT

To lose weight you have to stay in the action phase of motivation long enough until you reinforce new healthy habits but people tend get unmotivated before that happens.

Top Reasons why People Struggle with Weight Loss Motivation

1) They haven’t accepted that you have to give up the habits that caused the weight in the first place (aka You don’t want to)

Are you really ready to give up your bad habits? You don’t have to change overnight. Make a conscious effort to slowly phase out your vices, and replace them with healthier alternatives. Resistance to change comes from fear-based limiting beliefs. Most people either are afraid of change, afraid of failure, or afraid of rejection.

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2) They’re not emotionally excited enough about their weight loss goal as much as they need to be

They don’t want to lose weight bad enough. Get crystal clear about what you want, why you want it, and how (freaking!) good it’s going to be when you get it. Visualize it! Think about how bad you want it every time that little devil on your shoulder is trying to get you to cheat on your diet or skip the gym. A Weight Loss Vision Board can help you stay motivated and focused.

3) They aren’t getting the results they want. so they give up out of frustration

This happens when you don’t follow a complete plan that’s best for you and your goal. Make sure you’re following the right program for you. But it’s also important that you follow professional weight loss and wellness advice. Preferably a professional who completely understands the exercise, nutrition, and how to use both to lose fat, and keep you motivated, in a way that’s tailored to suit you perfectly.

4) They have something working against their metabolism that makes them feel unmotivated

Motivation struggles are often a symptom of a much bigger root cause. It is A LOT HARDER to stay motivated if you have toxic build-up, metabolic dysfunction, hormone imbalances, and limiting beliefs working against you.

The good news is, it’s completely possible to use food and exercise to reset your body quickly and reverse problems so you can lose fat fast. (like up to 10 pounds in 7 days fast)

Please leave me a comment and let me know which of the 4 motivation issues you struggle with the most or if I missed one.

Ways to Stay Motivated on Your Weight Loss Journey

Skip the Deprivation

If you have a lot of pounds to drop, you’re likely to lose motivation during your weight loss journey. You start off with the best intentions, eager to exercise and prepare low-calorie cuisine, but eventually abandon your mission when it gets too boring and bleak.

We’ve all heard fitness experts proclaim, “It took you a long time to put on the weight so it will take you a long time to take it off.” While that’s certainly true, it’s less than inspiring. In fact, it’s downright discouraging as you look ahead to a future of restricting your food intake, calculating your calorie input, and squeezing exercise into your already jam-packed schedule. No wonder so many of us quit!

That’s why it’s essential that your weight loss journey doesn’t center around dieting and deprivation. To succeed at losing weight and keeping it off, you need to incorporate joyful new activities into your life. For many of us, good times have always centered around food. A weight-loss journey is an opportunity to fill ourselves up in ways other than eating.

Anne Guillot, a dietitian, sums it up best: “Being focused on what you can’t have doesn’t work. In fact, if you deprive yourself, it has been shown by studies that this deprivation is linked to cravings and overeating…It’s not that we can’t stop eating unhealthy foods; it’s that we can’t live with a constant feeling of deprivation.”

Walk, Walk, and Walk Some More!

I had gained so much weight that going to the gym to run on a treadmill or take an aerobics class was out of the question. I needed to get in better shape before I could do those things. Therefore, I did what I could: lots and lots of walking!

Whenever I had a break in my day-before work, during my lunch hour, while my son was at swim practice-I walked. I listened to music or a favorite podcast as I strolled through my neighborhood, the downtown, nearby parks, and the mall. Walking soon became my favorite part of the day, and I looked forward to it more than eating. I found it incredibly peaceful and soothing. It helped me get back in touch with my body after decades of neglect.

Many fitness experts say face-paced walking is the best exercise for those of us who have 50 pounds or more to lose. Personal trainer, Jessica Smith, says: “I truly believe it’s the best way to get and stay in shape. Not only is it free, anyone can do it and you don’t need any equipment to begin. It’s easy on the joints, and I believe it helps with appetite control.”

Drink Lots of Water to Stay Hydrated and Focused

In the past, losing weight was always difficult for me because I focused on what not to do: eat. This time around, though, I focused on what to do: exercise, write in my journal, eat fruits and vegetables, meditate, have lots of downtime, make time for fun, and drink lots of water.

Studies show that most of us don’t take in enough liquids. We become dehydrated, causing us to feel weak, lightheaded, unfocused, and unmotivated. Jaime Mass, a registered dietitian, says many of us misinterpret these symptoms as hunger rather than thirst, making us eat more when we really need to drink.

In addition to combating dehydration, water makes us feel full. But, let’s face it: Drinking lots of it throughout the day can get tedious. To make it more enjoyable, I like to add slices of lemon or lime or drops of flavor such as Mio (contains no calories, sugar, or carbohydrates, and was ruled safe by the FDA). I also like to sip my water from a fancy crystal glass-a visual reminder that I’m doing something valuable for myself.
Many of us were rewarded with food while growing up and continue the practice as adults.

Many of us were rewarded with food while growing up and continue the practice as adults.

Reward Yourself With Things Other Than Food

For as long as I can remember, reaching back to my earliest childhood memories, food was used as a reward for doing unpleasant tasks. Mom gave my siblings and me a candy bar each week when we cleaned our rooms. After a dental check-up with no cavities, she’d take us to the ice cream parlor. In elementary school, teachers gave us M&M’s when we got a word right during spelling bees.

As a teenager and young adult, I continued this pattern by rewarding myself with high-calorie treats: a bowl of ice cream while studying for exams, a pizza after completing a big assignment, cookies when I received a good grade. After decades of rewarding myself with food, I decided this habit finally needed to stop. At long last, I became determined to treat myself with kindness and respect, not food. With this goal in mind, I made a list of ways to reward myself that included some of the following:
getting a manicure
having a massage
taking a walk in the woods
having a cup of tea
taking a long bath
reading a novel
watching a favorite TV show
playing Scrabble with my husband
purchasing a new pair of shoes
going to a movie
taking a nap

I had never taken care of myself in ways other than eating so this was new, radical, and a significant break from the past. Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, a licensed dietitian, recommends being even more purposeful with our rewards, linking them to a change in our behavior. She recommends, for instance, that those of us who are stepping up our workouts sign up for an exercise class that we’ve been wanting to try: yoga, aerobics, spin, or dance. She believes new eating habits should be rewarded with something related to that shift. She says, “If you are trying to improve your diet you could buy a new blender to make smoothies or a new cookbook filled with healthy recipes.”

Create an Inspiration Board

Food is all around us as an immediate source of pleasure. It’s easy to succumb when we feel weak, tired, stressed, and defeated. To combat its temptation, I created an inspiration board to display in my home: a big, bold reminder of what I was striving to achieve.

It included photos I cut from magazines of things I wanted to do when I got thinner: a woman climbing a mountain, a couple walking on the beach in swimsuits, a husband and wife taking a ballroom dance class. It reminded me of all the things I’d given up because of my obesity that I wanted to recapture. It kept me focused on what I was gaining, not what I was sacrificing. “Create a weight loss motivation board in 7 easy steps” has some fantastic tips and some eye-catching samples to get you started.

Minimize Time With Foodie Friends

When I was obese, most of my pals were also overweight. We were foodie friends, trying out new restaurants and overindulging with appetizers, drinks, and desserts in addition to our entrees. When I was ready to lose weight and overhaul my lifestyle, many of these relationships became casualties of that. It turns out that a shared love of food was the only thing we had in common.

I started meeting new people who loved to walk, hike, and do yoga. I found a hand-full of folks who inspired me through their example, helping me achieve my goals. I recently joined a weekly book club where we fill ourselves up with knowledge rather than food. It’s a huge departure from my previous life when eating was always at the core of whatever I was doing.
Studies show you’re more likely to stay committed to a fitness program if you do it with a partner.

Studies show you’re more likely to stay committed to a fitness program if you do it with a partner.

Find an Exercise Buddy

By enlisting an ally during our weight loss journey, we increase our chances for success. John Raglin, a professor of kinesiology at Indiana University, found that those of us who exercise with a buddy are more likely to stay committed to our fitness goals. He says, “When we studied the drop-out rate of a year-long fitness program, we found couples who entered the program together had only an eight percent drop-out rate compared with roughly 50 percent of the people who entered the program alone. And we’ve found that you get similar results whether you’re working out with a spouse, a friend, or within a group.”

I chose a friend who didn’t need to lose weight but who wanted to get fit after years of being sedentary. We made a plan to walk together before work three days a week. There were many mornings when I didn’t want to do it because it was too cold, too dark, or too early. Knowing I had to meet her at a specific time, though, always kept me accountable for showing up.

Unhealthy Weight Loss Motivation

You want to reach your ideal size.

What even is an ideal size? And ideal in whose eyes? Everyone loses weight differently, and you have no idea whether or not your `ideal’ size will even suit you. The problem is, if you are fixated on reaching a certain size you may be so determined to achieve it that you don’t care if you start to look gaunt or ill.

Someone told you to lose weight.

No! No no no! The fact is unless you’re being told by a doctor that you need to lose weight for health reasons, how much you weigh is absolutely nobody’s business but your own. This kind of coercive control is wrong, whether it’s from a spouse, parent, or friend, even if they say they are coming from a place of love. It’s your body, your weight, and your decision, and embarking on a weight loss program to please someone else is doomed to fail.
You think he or she will come back to you if you lose weight.

Along the same lines as being told to lose weight, dieting in the hope that your ex will see the error of his or her ways is a disaster from the off. You don’t know if your weight is the reason they left, even if that’s what they say, so you have no way of knowing if losing it would entice them back.

Furthermore, why would you want someone back who is so superficial that your weight makes or breaks a relationship? In all likelihood, you would embark on a crash diet to shed those pounds as quickly as possible, and if things don’t work out – actually even if they do – you run the risk of piling it all back on again just as quickly.

You have to lose weight because all your friends are.

At the risk of sounding like someone’s mother, would you jump off a cliff if your friends did it? Getting fit and healthy with friends is one thing, and it can be great motivation, but doing it just so you can be like them is not a good way to raise your self-esteem. Constantly comparing yourself to others is a miserable existence, and you will end up feeling wretched about yourself.

You’re going on vacation.

So you want a beach body? Well, here’s the thing.any body is a beach body, regardless of size or weight. And what happens when you get there? Are you going to continue depriving yourself of foods even though you’re on vacation? That’s not what a holiday is all about.

But then again, if you decide to enjoy everything the resort has to offer, you are going to pile the weight back on even more quickly, because all that dieting has slowed down your metabolism. It’s a catch-22 situation, and the only way to win is not to crash diet to fit into your new bikini, but buy a bikini to fit your size instead.

It will make you popular.

In a world that places so much value on aesthetics, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if you lost weight, people would like you more or you’d have more friends. You may even have found in the past that losing weight made you more popular. But the thing is, it wasn’t how you looked that made people want to be with you, it was your renewed self-confidence.

Losing weight makes you feel good about yourself, which in turn makes you appear more self-assured, and it is this which attracts people to you. When the weight goes back on, you lose confidence, which makes people shy away from you. If you can find other ways to boost your self-confidence, you will have people flocking to you because it feels good to be around you.
You’ve got a closet full of clothes you no longer fit into.

The general rule of thumb is that if you live in a climate with two seasons and you haven’t worn something in 6 months, get rid of it. Or, if you have 4 seasons where you live, give it a year. Either way, the easiest way to solve this dilemma is to not hold on to clothes that no longer fit you.

What we all fail to remember is that as we get older, we change shape, and even if you did lose weight, there’s no guarantee that the clothes would fit you. Donate old outfits to charity and replace them with gorgeous new clothes in your size which will make you look stunning.

Don’t forget that trying to squeeze into too-small clothes just makes you look bigger than you are, anyway.

You want to look good in your wedding photos.

We all want to look our best on a special occasion, but nothing is as beautiful as joy. Dieting to fit into a 3-sizes-too-small wedding gown is just going to make you miserable, and that will show on your face in the photos.

Eat healthily by all means – this will have the added benefit of making your hair shine and your skin clear – but by far the most attractive thing in your photos will be the genuine happiness on your face.

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