How To Gain Weight For Men In 10 Days


Glad this article shall explore the best ways of how to gain weight for men in 10 days. Here, the best ways are not pointing to the body fats but the growth of healthy muscle mass that will enable you to become the man you have always desired. It is worthy of note that being underweight is not always a good thing as it poses a lot of health problems such as infertility, malnutrition, a non-active immune system, and so on.

Hence, the idea of gaining weight in 10 days may seem arduous and to some extent, appear foolish. Men are often creatures who would always prefer a balanced weight and always look down on themselves if underweighted.

In lieu of this, this article shall leave no stone unturned when it starts to demystify the basics of gaining strong and healthy body mass. Shall we take a look?

How To Gain Weight For Men In 10 Days

How to gain weight for men in 10 days fast. You can go from skinny to the handsome body always when you know how to gain weight for men in 10 days. It is an easy way for gaining weight for men without starving yourself.

The following guide provides you with the best way to apply this diet plan and eat more food as it gives you balanced nutrition.

Seek Weight From Foods

Healthy Recipes For Heart

It is no doubt that foods may help your chances of gaining more healthy flesh and body mass. These foods are relatively accessible and affordable as you can easily include them in your diet. In addition, these foods help your cause in acquiring overall health. These foods are;

Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes

Taking protein shakes regularly should give you a good start in finding a solution to how to gain weight in 10 days if you are man. Protein is the most vital nutrient needed for you to add more body muscle.

This is because the body muscle is made up of protein and in essence, ends up converting plenty of extra calories into muscle. In other words, protein is indispensable as extra calories end up becoming fats without it. Take protein shakes after a workout or before it.


The endless results from research have proven that milk is a double-edged sword. This is because milk is a very good source of protein, fats, and carbohydrates combined. The protein in milk offers a ready product for those who want to know how to gain weight in 10 days. Add milk to your diet and thank me later.

Lean Beef

Lean beef should also make your menu when planning a healthy body muscle diet. Little did you know that lean beef has everything it takes to build your body mass such as iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Also, lean meat has one of the highest protein levels of amino acids which, in collaboration with insulin, enhances strong body muscle.


Yogurt contains a full-packed release of protein. Also, it is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D, both of which help build strong and healthy muscles. You can take yogurt with nuts and almonds topping.



You might not know that eating nuts and nuts butter constantly help you gain more weight. Nuts have vital fat-burning properties that later develop more body mass. You can add nuts to your salad or any other food you wish to eat.


Spinach also helps you gain a considerable amount of body mass in 10 days when you consume them. This is because spinach, a leafy green vegetable and one of the cruciferous vegetables, has manganese and iron which enhances muscle growth and development.


Beans are a win-win when you nosh on them! Beans are embellished with protein that aids the growth of more body muscle. Beans are also an excellent source of folate supplement which makes the growth of muscle easy and rapid.


Berries are very brilliant when it comes to preventing inflammation and as such, are needed by the body to stay muscular. Besides, berries also help in reducing the development of fat cells. They are indeed an excellent weight-giver!

Having explained the benefits you might derive from foods that can make you gain weight in 10 days, it is then important to assert the fact that they should be included in your diet menu.

Never Say “No” To Foods

Getting to know how to gain weight for men in 10 days requires the tenable idea of eating more food. Yes! To make this work, it is important too;

  • always consume the 3 square meals per day
  • always take snacks after each meal
  • always increase your food portion more than what you take before.

Make Friends With Supplements

Make Friends With Supplements

Take supplements that will help you gain more weight. Examples of such supplements are the Creatine supplement. You may take about 20g of Creatine supplement pills for the first 5 to 7 days and a later 5g of the pills in subsequent days. However, consult your doctor before you opt-out of Creatine pills.

The Gym Is Key

Another way to get rid of being underweight is by visiting the gym. Always make visits to the gym to lift heavyweights. Weightlifting will ensure the extra calories in your body are being converted into body mass. Ensure;

  • you visit the gym to lift heavy weights at least 5 times a week
  • you increase the weight over time, perhaps on a bi-monthly basis
  • you talk to your gym master to deploy new tactics and moves.

Lay Your Bed Always

In case you don’t know, the body mass rises at a very high pace when you sleep. In lieu of this, good sleep is very crucial to gaining more weight. Engage in frequent sleep at least 8 hours per day. Note this well as you will never develop muscle if you do not sleep often,

Exercise Is As Good As Balanced Weight

Exercise Is As Good As Balanced Weight for how to gain weight for men in 10 days

Also making the list of ways on how to gain weight for men in 10 days is the regular body exercise. Exercise aids the proper channeling of the body’s metabolism which makes the body demands more food.

Just ensure you engage in an exercise in any form for at least 30 minutes for 4 days.

Sideline The Schedule

You may not know the need to eradicate stress if you truly want to gain weight in 10 days. Stress beats the body to fatigue, kills appetite and hunger. Hence, sideline your schedule that would make you weak and tired.

Put Off The Light

To gain more weight, quit smoking if you do. Smoking makes your body oppose appetite and this results in underweight. Remember you have to eat well to gain more body mass.

Other tips to gain more weight in 10 days are;

  • cycling
  • running
  • drinking enough water

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Gaining weight is equally tedious as it is losing it. Stay motivated and follow healthy habits to gain weight fast and systematically. It is never advisable that you go for unhealthy eating habits including eating junk to gain weight fast. You might gain weight fast doing so, but it has its own cons.

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