How To Lose 3 kgs In a Week Indian Diet


This books is written for beginners and people on how to lose 3 kgs in a week indian diet . This diet will start losing weight in your body in just 3 days. In this book, there are some useful tips for you. The diet does not require any hard work or special ingredients. Just by following the advice given in this article, you can lose your weight within a few days. This book also contains some useful tips that help you to maintain your body all throughout the year, not just while following this diet, and they are explained in detail so that you can follow them easily at home.

How to lose 3 kgs in a week without exercise?

How to lose 3 kgs in a week without exercise?
It is possible to shed those extra kilos quickly!

Sometimes you just want to lose weight quickly, whether you have a big occasion coming up or you just want to look great and feel confident.Although it isn’t simple, it’s possible to shed those extra kilos quickly—you just need to make the right choices.Here are five simple tips to help you lose up to three kilograms in one week without heavy exercise.


Switch to a liquid breakfast

One handy way to cut down on your calorie consumption for the day is to switch from a heavy breakfast to a liquid-only meal in the morning.Replace your first meal with a protein-based shake or Greek yogurt topped with fruits.These high-protein drinks will keep you full until lunchtime, thereby reducing unhealthy snacking.This will drastically help reduce your total calorie intake.


Replace one meal

While fad diet gurus will keep on convincing you to skip meals, we don’t suggest you go that harsh on your body.Instead, simply replace one meal of your day with a vegetable or salad-based option, that will keep you full, without pounding up too many calories.Go for healthy vegetable soups or a salad loaded with leafy greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.


Go easy on your dinner

Typically, our dinner consists of 600-800 kcal, while we don’t need anything more than 300-500 kcal to end the day on a healthy note. So, go for a healthy yet lighter meal in the night to keep unwanted calories at bay.


Extend breaks between meals; walk more

Timing: Ideally, we should remain 10-12 hours without food overnight. You can further extend the break between meals by taking your (liquid) breakfast at around 8 am and finishing off with a light dinner at around 7 pm.Walking: Aim to walk 10,000-12,000 steps every day of the week to facilitate your weight loss plans.

Other tips

Other handy tips and tricks to lose weight quickly

– Eat a balanced and nutritious diet, which is particularly rich in protein and fiber.- Eat your meals slowly, and at regular intervals (preferably every three hours).- Cut down your intake of sugary foods and alcohol.- Try to reduce your stress levels.- Aim for 7-9 hours of sound sleep every night.- Always stay 

Weight loss: You can lose 3 kgs in a week with this diet plan

Weight loss: You can lose 3 kgs in a week with this diet plan

We all love that perfectly toned body without any hint of flabs, but we also know that achieving that needs a huge effort and dedication. Most of us embark on the track of attaining a fit body and mind, which nowadays is as good as attaining nirvana.
No wonder, staying in shape seems like a daunting task as it is not just sacrificing on your favourite delicacies rather it calls for a holistic change, which also calls for regular workout or brisk walk. The idea of going on to a strict diet sounds like a daunting task and especially when you are looking for a quick weight loss plan. Well, to achieve this quick weight loss target, we often spend a bomb at the gyms and fad fitness centers and what not! But what if we tell you that you can simply lose three to four kgs a week just by following this simple diet plan that too without putting in much effort. So, here’s a low on the GM diet, which can effectively help in losing weight fast.

Here’s what you should be eating during a GM diet
As per fitness experts, chalking out the right diet plan on an alternative week happens to be the most effective ways of losing. So, while planning your weight loss regime prepare two alternate plans so that it doesn’t turn monotonous. The best thing about this diet is that the results are pretty evident by the end of three to four days. Moreover, the restrictions help in managing the calories and even beginners can go for this diet for quick weight loss.


First week
Any gluten-free cereal or grain can be prepared as a porridge or khichdi. Following this plan for 2-3 days can help in losing 3-4 kgs.

Breakfast – Begin your day with one cup of low-fat milk with 2 tablespoon oats or cornflakes

Lunch– Then for lunch you can prepare dalia khichdi loaded with vegetables. Apart from that, you can eat two bowls of that khichdi or porridge to satiate your cravings.

Tea time– Replace regular sugar and milk based tea with green tea

Dinner– Any gluten free porridge or dalia cooked with low-fat milk.

Mid meal snack: Melon seeds, walnuts or almonds

Plan 2
Another popular form of GM diet is going for a soup-based diet, wherein the only major meal of the day is a soup-bread meal, which must be followed for at least 3-4 days to lose as good as 2-3 kilos.

Begin your day with a hot cup of green tea and almonds.

– A hearty bowl of breakfast can make your day and this can be done by preparing a bowl of soup with vegetables like beans, cabbage, tomato and various seasonal veggies.

Lunch– Next is time to add some bread slices to your meal along with a hearty bowl of soup.

Teatime– A piping hot cup of green tea

Dinner– Either a bowl of soup or veg sandwich made with veggies can help in satiating those cravings.

It is essential to add either green tea or green coffee as it gives the body ample antioxidants and nutrients to sustain the diet.

Do’s and don’ts:

It is always advised to go for some basic exercise or brisk walk, this makes the diet even more effective.

Apart from that It is essential to understand that weight loss takes time and thus binge-eating is a strict no no as it can ruin your efforts.

Do not skip meals as the gap leads to overeating and bloating, which gradually affects metabolism.

Reduce sugar intake rather if you want to make your food sweet replace it with honey but sugar can spoil your efforts.

How to lose 3kg quickly: what dietitians recommend for fast and safe weight loss

Yes, you can lose weight quickly. But you need to do it safely. Image: iStockSource:BodyAndSoul

Five of Australia’s best-known dietitians share their best tips for fast – but safe – weight loss . Nicole Dynan, Jamie Rose Chambers, Chloe McLeod, Jonathan Stedman and Rachel Hawkins share the tools and practises they implement with clients to get real results. 

When it comes to weight loss, we generally want it as quickly as possible. And while it needs to be said that more extreme weight loss (more than two kilograms a week), is likely to be largely fluid loss (as opposed to fat loss), the research does suggest that initial weight loss helps to predict long term weight loss success. It appears that when we see significant changes on the scales it motivates us, and helps to keep focus on weight loss goals.

Then there are times in which we need to drop a few kilos quickly – to get ready for surgery, perhaps start the fertility journey, or even to just feel a little better in our own skin.

If this is the case, and you want three to five kilograms off quickly, what do dietitians – the professionals who spend their entire day talking food, health and weight loss goals – suggest you do to drop weight quickly, but also safely?

We asked five of Australia’s best-known dietitians to share the tricks they use themselves, and with their own clients when weight loss is the goal.

1. Eat in sync with your circadian rhythm

“The first thing I tell clients is that fluid is your friend. All you need to do is have a glass of water before a meal. It is an old trick, but it works by helping the stomachs receptors to trigger a feeling of ‘fullness sooner’.”

“Next, I focus on plate size. It has been shown that eating off smaller plates encourages you to eat much more slowly, savour your food and eat less overall.”

“And finally, I work closely with clients to time their meals and eat in sync with your circadian rhythm. As our metabolism has adapted to daytime food and night time sleep, by simply avoiding snacking and eating at night with behavioural strategies such as ‘closing the kitchen’ after dinner and brushing your teeth after eating you significantly reduce calorie intake, which in turn can support weight losses of 0.5-1kg a week.”

2. Try intermittent fasting

“Intermittent fasting has a strong and growing research base to support its use in weight control. I find that my clients do extremely well when they skip breakfast or dinner and prolong their overnight fast, which means they eat over a shorter time of the day – usually about eight hours, which naturally reduces calorie intake.”

“The added benefit is that when you do eat, you can eat your normal diet, so no calorie-counting or cutting out food groups like many fad diets. It becomes an easy diet approach to adhere to long term.”

3. Shift the focus to veggies

She says there are two key areas she focuses on when the goal is fast weight loss.

“It may sound simple, but if you shift the focus of each meal to have a vegetable base (such as a breakfast bowl with lots of veggies and eggs, a salad or soup for lunch and ½ a plate of veggies or salad with dinner), instantly you reduce calorie intake by as much as 300 calories a day.”

“That simple change in which you are eating more but focusing on lower calorie foods will result in at least half a kilo a week weight loss.”

“The other important area we do not often think about is reducing salt intake. With diets that contain a lot of processed foods, so too do they contain a lot of salt. When you actively limit your overall salt intake to 2000mg a day or even less, again you will drop at least half a kilo pretty quickly.”

4. Swapping heavier for lighter

The specific types of foods we choose each day can be a focal point when weight loss is the goal.

Jonathan Stedman AKA ‘The Guyetitian’, says that a ‘low residue diet’ can help when the goal is getting a flat belly, fast. “All you need to do is cut right back on your dietary fibre intake for two to three days and swap heavier foods such as bread, pasta and legumes for lighter options such as tinned fruit, yoghurt, egg whites, lean meat, white rice, peeled and cooked vegetables.”

“This swap helps to reduce the bulk of food you have consumed and result in a two to three kilogram weight loss, as there is less food digesting in the large intestine. And while this is not ideal for health long-term, it is an effective strategy.”

And like Chloe McLeod, Jono agrees that limited salt is extremely important to shed water weight. “Most processed foods contain added salts. So sticking to light whole foods that are also rich in potassium and water – like celery, and all salad veggies, will help to strip any extra fluid kilos quickly.”

5. Adjust the quantities

“I find that incorporating small daily serves of a person’s ‘soul food’, such as chocolate will result in better weight loss as they are more likely to be satisfied with the foods they are eating – making it less likely they will ‘break their diet’ and binge eat.”

“Small frequent meals help to ensure that my clients do not get overly hungry and binge eat; loading up on vegetables in turn helps to keep the calories controlled, supporting weight loss. It is about eating more of the low-calorie foods overall, and complimenting the diet with controlled amounts of what they love to eat.”

Lose weight in 10 days with these 6 tips, get fitter and happier

Walking after meals, drinking plenty of water and exercising are some of the changes in your lifestyle that shall help you lose weight fast.

Simple lifestyle changes like eating home food and avoiding outside meals can help you become healthier and lose weight.(Shutterstock)
Simple lifestyle changes like eating home food and avoiding outside meals can help you become healthier and lose weight.(Shutterstock)

For all those of you who have always wondered whether it is possible to achieve a leaner look in a matter of days, the answer is yes.

Losing weight and being fitter is all about the kind of lifestyle you lead, and making a few tweaks. Here are some tips that will help you lose 2–3 kgs in just 10 days.

Drink water

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Water has a very important role in helping flush out toxins from the body.

“Drinking water first thing in the morning gets your metabolism running. It also helps in curbing those hunger pangs which make you crave for snacks,” says Ishi Khosla, a clinical nutritionist at the Centre For Dietary Counselling in Delhi, and also the founder of The Celiac Society Of India.

Walk after meals

A short, five-minute walk after meals not only aids digestion but also helps in burning some calories. It has been found that a post-meal walk helps in clearing glucose from the bloodstream in part. This is because a lot of it is taken by the muscles for activities.

Eat more fibre, cut added sugars

“Increase intake of vegetables, salads and soups. Dedicate one meal only to vegetables or sprouts. Cut back on cereals after 7 pm. Snack on nuts, chana, seeds or fruits. And of course ditch hard drinks as far as possible,” advises Khosla.

Eat at home

This one is a no-brainer. We have all heard our elders advising us to eat home-cooked food.

“With the kind of busy lifestyle people lead today, it is not uncommon to eat outside or get something for later. However, such food is often high in fat and oil and therefore, over time, can make you gain weight in an unhealthy manner. Cooking at home allows you to have control over the ingredients,” explains Tanisha Mehta, a Bangalore based nutritionist at Columbia Asia Hospital.

Eat less salt

“Do not stock up on all those processed items available over the counter. This includes chips, biscuits, and the like. These are high in salt, which is added as a preservative. Consuming extra salt can leave you looking and feeling bloated,” says Mehta.


Indulge in minimum 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Combined with a healthy diet, this is one of the best ways to lose weight without harming the body. Pick an exercise routine that suits you and your schedule.

Stick to this regimen and you are sure to see visible results in a matter of few days.

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