How To Make Banana Pudding From Scratch Video


Want to know how to make banana pudding from scratch video? This delicious treat is one of my favorites and is always a huge hit at any summer barbecue! This recipe is so easy to make and only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish! I know you’re going to love it!

This is a short video that shows you how to make banana pudding from scratch. This can be useful if you want to impress your friends and family at Thanksgiving. The video is easy to follow, and the instructor has a friendly tone of voice.

Homemade Banana Pudding Recipe

Banana pudding recipe

Yeah, bananas are pretty great on their own, but if you have a bounty of bananas, don’t miss out on making homemade banana pudding recipe. No gross box kits or any of that needed! Just a few key ingredients (including those Nilla Wafers) and you’ve got a classic dessert everyone will love!

Best Banana Pudding Recipe

Not long ago, I was making banana pudding using the box mix. It’s so much easier and so much tastier to make it from scratch though. My kids love this stuff, and when we have weekend gatherings, I love making it so everyone can have a tasty treat.

Banana Pudding Ingredients

  • Pudding – You make your own with all-purpose flour, milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract.
  • Bananas – These babies need to be sliced up and added to your dish.
  • Nilla Wafers – Because it’s not official without these iconic cookies! A Southern banana pudding recipe will often use Nilla Wafers.
  • Meringue – This is the final step done in the oven that makes it extra amazing!

Easy Banana Pudding Recipe

I can’t believe I ever served the boxed pudding with this dessert. It’s very easy and the payoff with flavors is so good, you’ll kick yourself for not doing this sooner. A simple banana pudding recipe takes under one hour and is absolutely delicious!

Keep calm and go bananas!

How do you Make Old Fashioned Banana Pudding from Scratch

When making this banana pudding recipe from scratch, you’ll start by making the pudding first on the stove top. After that, you’ll preheat your oven while you layer the pudding, Nilla Wafers, and banana slices in a casserole dish. You’ll make a meringue to go on top, bake it until it’s lightly browned, and then serve this delight up.

Expert Tips for the Perfect Old Fashioned Banana Pudding Recipe

  • Try to eat it quickly. Banana pudding has Nilla wafers which notoriously get soggier over time. Don’t try to make too much more than you need.
  • Use ripe to almost over-ripe bananas. In other words, the bananas that have a few spots on the skin are probably your best choice.
  • You can use boxed pudding. If you really want to skip making your own pudding, you can put in a boxed version. But this tastes so much better when you make it yourself.
How to cook banana pudding

What is banana pudding made of?

Old fashioned banana pudding is made with eggs, sugar, all-purpose flour, milk, vanilla extract, salt, bananas, and Nilla wafers.

How to Cook Banana Pudding

A quick banana pudding recipe starts on the stove top and ends in the oven. Simply follow this recipe to have the best banana pudding from scratch!

How ripe should bananas be for banana pudding?

Your bananas should be yellow with brown specks on the peel. This will give you the very best banana flavor for your banana pudding.

How do you keep bananas from turning brown in banana pudding?

Keep your bananas from turning that gross brown color by covering them completely with the pudding. This acts as a barrier that keeps the enzymes from reacting with the air and browning.

Can you freeze bananas for banana pudding?

You can freeze them, though for banana pudding, bananas are best at room temperature.

How do you keep bananas from turning brown in banana pudding

How do you thicken banana pudding?

Banana pudding is thickened with the help of all-purpose flour. That’s how you make the pudding portion with a nice, thick texture.

How do you keep banana pudding from getting watery?

Don’t mix it too much to keep it from turning watery. Follow this recipe and you will have the perfect thickness to your pudding. Baking it for the meringue at the end will also see to it that your pudding retains a proper texture.

Why is my homemade banana pudding runny?

You may have removed your homemade banana pudding from the heat too soon. Use a candy thermometer to get it to about 175F to 180F which gives you a thicker pudding that won’t go runny.

Is banana pudding better warm or cold

How Long to Bake Banana Pudding

Baked banana pudding only takes 5 minutes in the oven to brown that meringue topping. That’s it!

Is banana pudding better warm or cold?

Traditionally, it is served with a meringue on top and made as you see in this recipe. Hence, it should be served warm. Though plenty of people love banana pudding when it’s cold. You should try it both ways and see what you think!

What goes well with Banana Pudding

Whipped cream and ice cream are always welcome to serve with banana pudding. And if you’re planning a big meal beforehand, why not make it a southern feast with mac n’ cheese, shrimp and grits, fried chicken, and all those southern staples!

How do you thicken banana pudding

How to Store Banana Pudding

Banana pudding needs to go in the fridge. Make sure you seal it well!

How Long Does Banana Pudding Last?

You’ll have 4 days to use it up in your fridge. After that though, banana pudding might be best in the freezer.

Homemade banana pudding recipe

For a Classically Creamy Dessert, Try Chef Jon Ashton’s Easy Banana Pudding Recipe 

Freshly made banana pudding in the circles and the slices of banana on a white table.

On this episode of Keep It Simple, Chef Jon Ashton shows us how to make the best AND easiest Banana Pudding with a depth of flavor and fresh ingredients. Watch and learn his secrets!

Banana pudding is one of those classic, “reminds me of my childhood” desserts. Banana pudding custard layered with vanilla wafer cookies and more bananas, topped with whipped cream—what’s not to love?

Most people shy away from making homemade banana pudding though, because it seems easier to buy at a store, enjoy at a restaurant or wait until a relative whips one up for you.

But Chef Jon Ashton is here to prove making banana pudding at home is easier—and way better!—then you think.

Keep reading for his Easy Banana Pudding Recipe, including what to top banana pudding with and how long it will keep for in the fridge.

Ingredients for Banana Pudding



  • 5 bananas, slightly underripe; divided
  • 2 Tbsp orange juice
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice, plus 2 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 3 cups half and half, divided
  • 4 large egg yolks
  • 3/4 cups sugar
  • 3 Tbsp cornstarch
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 Tbsp unsalted butter
  • 1 (12-oz) box vanilla wafers
  • Whipped cream (homemade whipped cream or store bought)
  • Toasted almonds, for garnish
  • Plastic wrap

How to Make Homemade Banana Pudding

The first step is to slice your 5 bananas and divide them in half, in two bowls. Add orange juice to the first bowl of bananas and mix well, then add lemon juice to the second bowl and mix.



2. Cover both bowls with plastic wrap and place them in the microwave for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, warm the half and half in a pot on the stove.



3. Remove plastic wrap from the bowls. The bananas should be nice and mushy.



4. Add egg yolks to a bowl, then add sugar and cornstarch and whisk together.



5. Once half and half is warm, add a ladle full to the egg mixture bowl and gently whisk again until incorporated.



6. Next, add the egg mixture straight into the half and half pan, whisking until thick.



7. Remove from the heat once you see bubbles forming at the surface; and add vanilla extract, salt and butter, continue whisking.



8. Transfer the pudding mixture to a food processor and add the cooked bananas and 2 more Tbsp lemon juice. Pulse until well blended and smooth.



9. Transfer to a bowl and add plastic wrap directly on top to prevent a skin, then refrigerate for 30 minutes.



10. Take 2/3 cup of the chilled pudding and spread it on the bottom of a 13×9-inch baking dish, then layer cookies in single rows.



11. Add sliced bananas on top of the cookies, top with another layer of cookies and place dollops of custard around, spreading about.



12. Refrigerate for 2 hours for crunchy cookies and 6-8 hours for softer cookies.



13. After it’s chilled for a few hours, remove from fridge and top with whipped cream layer and more cookies. For additional toppings, try toasted almonds and crushed cookies.

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