How To Make Mango Juice From Mango Pulp


Today, I’m going to show you how to make mango juice from mango pulp. Mango is one of the most popular fruits in the world, and for good reason. They’re absolutely delectable, and not just as a standalone fruit. Mangos are used to create a number of different dishes like mango milk shakes and mango puddings. Mangos aren’t hard to make either. With just a few ingredients you can quickly whip up a batch of tasty homemade mango juice!

Mango Juice Recipe

Mango Juice Recipe

In the summertime, mango juice acts as a body and mind coolant. We do consume the market-available preserved mango juices, but they contain fewer mangoes overall as well as coloring and preservatives. So let’s produce mango juice at home without any coloring or preservatives.

Ingredients for Mango Juice

  • Ripe Mangoes – 5-6 (1.5 kgs.)
  • Lemon – 7 (250 gms.)
  • Sugar – 5 cup (1 kg.)

Method – How to make Mango Juice

Remove the sugar and place it in a basin with 500 g (2 1/2 cups) of water. To boil the water, leave the bowl on the stove. 5–6 minutes of boiling time will yield one string of sweet syrup. Now extinguish the flame and let the syrup to cool.

Mango pulp should be removed from washed, peeled mangoes and placed in a separate bowl. Put the pulp in the mixer, and use it to create a thick paste.

Lemon juice is extracted and placed in a small bowl.

Once the syrup has cooled, add the mango pulp and lemon juice. They should be thoroughly mixed before being sieved. Place a bottle of this juice in the refrigerator after filling it. This juice can be consumed for at least a month. Take 1 part of the concentrated mango juice and add 5 times as much water anytime you want to drink it. Juice and water should be thoroughly combined before adding ice cubes to chill it.

It’s time for your freshly produced mango juice. Give these to your children whenever they return from school or anytime they feel the need for a refreshing beverage in the sweltering summer heat.

How to make the Mango Juice instantly.

Instant mango juice is available to you. Remove the pulp from 250 g of mangoes, add it to the mixer, along with 4 table spoons of sugar, 3 glasses of water, and the lemon juice. Then, turn the mixer on. After sifting the mixture, pour the juice into a glass and top it off with ice cubes to chill it.

Mango Passion Fruit Juice

Looking for a cool mix to make your day more bearable? This mango passion fruit juice is the ideal balance of sour, sweet, and cool.

Glasses of mango passion fruit juice close up shot.

Juice of Mango, Passion Fruit

I had the advantage of being able to go outdoors and pick our own fruits to create juices when I was younger.

Almost every type of tropical fruit was available to us. A few additional fruits include cherries, pommerac, oranges, grapefruits, pommecythere, passion fruit, pomelos/shaddock, and a variety of mangos, including Julie, Ice Cream, and Starchy.

Juice mixtures ranged from simple single fruit drinks to those created with whatever was currently in season.

Mango and passion fruit are a delicious pairing. Even Starbucks offers a mango passion fruit smoothie, after all.

This is a cool beverage with natural flavors. Tropical flavor and a fresh blend will tempt your taste senses.

a blend of acidic from the passion fruit and sweet from the juicy mango.

Drinks with great fruit combinations are so reviving.

What is passion fruit?

Other names for this fruit include grenadille, maracujá, maracuya, or lilikoi; it is also occasionally spelled passionfruit.

Passion fruits cut with some seeds in and some seeds in a bowl.

Passion fruit grows on a vine and can be either yellow or purple in hue. They were mostly yellow while I was growing up.

It tastes really sour. Some may even say tart. But as it ripens, the sweetness increases.

What is consumed is the fruit’s interior. The interior is pulpy and seed-filled.

I am aware that the seeds can cause some people some worry, but there is nothing stopping you from eating them. Ask my little one.

Antioxidants abound in passion fruit, which is also known to contain large amounts of beta-carotene.

Nutritional benefits of mango

Mangoes, the best fruit ever, will then be added.

There are thousands of different kinds of them. And mangoes have a plethora of advantages.

Mangoes have a variety of advantages, including:

  • help with digestion
  • promote a healthy gut and eye health
  • clears the skin
  • lowers cholesterol
  • aids with clearing the skin from blemishes

How to select the best mangoes?

In order to get the mango for this recipe at its sweetest, it must be ripe. similar to the ingredients we’d use to make mango ice cream.

Squeezing a ripe mango gently will reveal whether it is tender. not harsh and rigid.

When you touch the skin, it must gently give, similar to how ripe peaches do.

For this drink, I try to stay away from stringy mangoes. However, you can make advantage of them. Simply strain them to remove the string and obtain the juice

Mango sliced with cheeks off showing pulp of mango.

Ingredients for making passion fruit mango juice

Fresh fruit is required as one of the best components for this drink.

  • Fresh mango pulp.
  • Passion fruit pulp.
  • Water.
  • Sugar.
  • Angostura bitters.

Equipment and tools

For this recipe it would be good to have a:

  • some sort of sieve. You can use cheesecloth or a standard sieve, which is what I do.
  • a suitable non-reactive basin for collecting the strained juices. Plastic containers sometimes retain the fragrance of the previous item you stored in them, which is why I dislike using them.
  • a competent blender of some kind. The mixer does not have to be a well-known brand. In reality, blending the mango pulp in my ninja blender went really well.

Making mango passion fruit juice

Mangoes and passion fruits should be washed. Even though we won’t be using the skin or shells, we still don’t want any trash or filth in the area.

Scoop out the pulp and seeds of the fresh passion fruits by halves them. We’re aiming for half a cup.

With a spoon, mix the pulp into a fine-mesh sieve to get the liquid through. Keep a few seeds for garnish.

Mango meat should be separated from the skin and seeds. In order to prevent your blender from sticking, mix the pulp with just enough water. It shouldn’t be overly runny.

Blend the mango pulp and passion fruit juice together.

Juice mixture should also contain sugar and water. As this might vary depending on how sweet your fruits are, adjust to taste.

After adding the bitters, cool.

The passion fruit seeds can be used as a garnish at the base of the glass and are best served chilled.

Three glasses of mango and passion fruit juice mix.
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Substitutes | Additions

  • Even while I like to use fresh fruit when making these drinks, some companies sell the pulp already prepared for consumption if you don’t have access to fresh fruit.
  • Various pulp products are available, including frozen mango pulp and passion fruit pulp. They can be purchased at Walmart and several stores located in sizable Caribbean neighborhoods.
  • Want a tasty frozen beverage? Use the frozen concentrate to try this concoction. ideal for relaxing poolside. A mango passion fruit rum drink will take you on a tropical vacation when a little rum is added.

Tips for making mango passion fruit juice

  • Simply pressing the pulp with a spoon to get the juice from the passion fruit is the best method.
  • Make sure your mango is not green and acidic to taste because passion fruit may be quite tart.
  • Use granulated sugar to prevent the liquids’ colors from being altered.

Mango Juice

Mango Juice – Nothing says summer like gulping down a big old glass of fresh, tropical tasting juice on a hot afternoon. This is one of my favorite drink recipes during mango season because it’s quick and easy and, more importantly, super delicious. This one is for you, all my fellow mango lovers! 🥭

Two glasses of mango juice garnished with mint

Every single person in my family, literally, adores mango juice. Did I mention that it’s easy to make and only needs a few ingredients? You read it right; it’s simple to create and a hit with everyone. Where are my harried mothers? You all are aware of the success of this recipe.

Mango juice also has a wonderfully refreshing quality. especially if you love mangoes as much as I do. It is sweet and tropical, a terrific pick-me-up when the summer heat is getting to you.

Mango juice with a cut mango in the background

What is Mango Juice?

Mango juice is exactly what it sounds like—mango juice. If you’ve ever drank mango nectar from a can, you’ll understand how thick the liquid from mangos can be. In order to create mango juice with an actual “juice” consistency, water is added.

Recipe Ingredients

Everything you need to make mango juice
  • Mangos – This fruit is sweet and meaty, and it tastes delicious both as a snack and as a beverage.
  • Sugar – This item is optional, but you can use it if you want to increase the sweetness.
  • Mint Leaves – This herb provides a lovely garnish and is the key ingredient in my preferred sugar syrup.

How to Make Mango Juice

Making the simple syrup

The Sugar Syrup

  • Start the Simple Syrup – In a small saucepan, mix the mint leaves, water, and sugar. While stirring, bring to a boil until the sugar dissolves. For one minute, simmer. After taking the syrup off the heat, allow it to steep for about 30 minutes. (Photos 1-2)

The Mango Juice

Cutting and making the puree
  • Peel and Slice Mango – Along the mango seed, cut the sides. Without cutting through the mango peel, make grid-like cuts in the mango flesh. With a big spoon, separate the flesh from the skin and remove the cubes. See my tutorial on for more advice on how to complete this stage. how to cut a mango(Photos 3-5)
  • Puree – In a blender or food processor, add the mango flesh and water, and pulse until smooth. (Photos 6-8)
  • Finishing Touches – In a container, pour the mango juice. After that, taste and add the sugar syrup. You can choose how much sugar syrup to use in this step at your discretion. To combine, stir.
  • Serve Add ice cubes and mint leaves as a garnish. Take a deep breath and relish!
Pouring mango juice into a pictcher with mango in the background

Recipe Variations

  1. By replacing the water in your mango juice with coconut water, orange juice, pineapple juice, or any other favorite beverage, you can make it even more tropical.
  2. Mango nectar can be made instead of mango juice by omitting the water and only adding sugar syrup. The final product will be a mango beverage that is both thicker and sweeter.
  3. Add milk to a mango smoothie instead of water. Delicious and creamy!

Tips and Tricks

  1. The consistency of this mango juice recipe is entirely up to you. If you like a juice that is thinner, add extra water.
  2. If you decide to add sugar syrup, do it gradually and taste the juice along the way until you get the appropriate amount of sweetness. If the mixture isn’t sweet enough, you can always add more sugar syrup, but if you add too much, it will be difficult to remove.

Make-Ahead Instructions

You can prepare mango juice a few days in advance if you’d like because it keeps fresh in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. Mango juice is even freezer-friendly. Making it ahead of time is possible because it keeps well for three months in the freezer.

Two glasses of mango juice garnished with mint leaves

Serving and Storage Instructions

Serve chilled mango juice! Once the glass has been filled with ice, swirl it briefly before serving.

Mango juice should be kept in the refrigerator in a pitcher or container with a lid. Mango juice can be frozen in any airtight container. Personally, I enjoy using ziplock bags.

Simply take the frozen mango juice out of the freezer the night before you intend to consume it. You can start serving it right away when it has thawed.


Can I put mangos in a juicer?

You can, however if you want to extract the juice from mangos, a blender or food processor works best. Compared to a juicer, a blender’s shredding and grinding will extract significantly more juice from the fruit.

Are mangos high in sugar?

Yes, mangos have a lot of sugar compared to other fruits. If you are watching your sugar intake, you can probably still enjoy this juice, but definitely skip the sugar syrup.

What is mango juice good for?

On a warm day, I’m feeling revived! Mangoes do, however, provide a number of health advantages. They are rich in minerals including potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron as well as a ton of vitamins.

What Goes With Mango Juice

So many recipes pair wonderfully with mango juice. Personally, I enjoy serving it with Caribbean fare like Jamaican jerk chicken or rice and peas.

It also goes well with coconut shrimp or anything spicy. Try it with a plate of kelewele (spicy fried plantains) or Poulet DG, and you’ll see what I mean. 👌

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