How To Make Mango Kulfi At Home


Are you looking for How To Make Mango Kulfi At Home ? I know how it feels, we’ve got no time to look for recipes of new foods, especially if they interest us!

Mango Kulfi recipe is one of the best summer desserts. Kulfi means ice cream, but somewhere in India, it is not called so. Instead of milk and cream, Mango Kulfi has milk powder or desiccated milk added to it, which makes it thick and dense.


A quick and easy no-cook Mango Kulfi recipe to satisfy all your mango and ice cream cravings. Perfectly creamy and delicious, this Indian mango ice cream is a must-have summer treat!

I’m sharing how to make easy mango kulfi ice cream at home in no time!! You need just 6 main ingredients and 5 mins to make them and freeze.

8 Mango Kulfis on a ice filled tray topped with pistachios and dry rose petals

Mangoes and ice creams are what Summer is made of. Combine the two and enjoy the best of both worlds, Mango Kulfi!!

I’ve been making this mango kulfi recipe on repeat this summer and always have it stocked in the refrigerator. It’s a breeze to make and kids love eating one as an afternoon dessert or snack.


  • super quick and easy to make
  • requires no cooking
  • can be made with fresh or canned mangoes
  • creamy, rich, and absolutely delicious.
  • satisfies all your mango and ice cream cravings.

For those who are new to Kulfi, it is an Indian version of ice cream made mainly with milk, sugar, cardamom powder, and nuts. It requires no eggs or ice cream maker.

Traditionally Kulfi is made by slow-cooking (i.e. boil and simmer) the milk to reduce (to half) thus thicken it. Check out my Pista Kulfi to make it this way.

Today’s recipe is a modern take on making kulfi. Its instant and no-cook.

Unlike the traditional method, this one is instant, requires no cooking, and is made with condensed milk, heavy cream, milk, and mango puree.


  • Mango Puree – Fresh or canned mango pulp of Alphonso, Kesar or Ataulfo mangoes.
  • Dairy – Heavy whipping creammilk, or evaporated milk.
  • Sweetener – Sweetened Condensed milk (recommended) or sugar
  • Nuts – Almonds and pistachios, coarsely ground.
  • Flavor – Cardamom powder
  • Salt – a pinch of salt can make a difference and help bring out flavors.

Please refer to the recipe card for exact measurements of ingredients


Here are the detailed instructions on how to make mango kulfi. Just blend all ingredients, mix the nuts, pour into the mold, and freeze. Let’s see how to make it.

1 & 2 – Using a blender, blend all ingredients (milk, cream, condensed milk, mango puree, cardamom powder, salt) except nuts until smooth and creamy.

3 & 4 – Add the coarsely crushed nuts and mix until well combined. Your no-cook kulfi mixture is ready! Makes a total of 4 cups.

5 & 6 – Pour the kulfi mixture into molds of choice. I used this Popsicle Mould. Alternately you can also small paper cups (5oz). Poured approximately 2 cups in molds (8 kulfis) and 2 cups mix in 4 paper cups. 

7 & 8 – Cover with aluminum foil and add the wooden ice cream sticks or the ones that come with your popsicle mold. Refrigerate for 6-8 hours or until frozen.

For serving, just hold the molds under running water for 10 seconds and the kulfi should slide out easily.

Rich and creamy No-Cook Mango Kulfi Icecream is ready!! Enjoy immediately!

Top view of 8 Kulfi ice creams on an ice filled tray.


  • Adjust sweetness based on mangoes. Fresh mangoes may need about 1 full can of condensed milk while canned mangoes will need only half.
  • Highly recommend using condensed milk, it adds to the creaminess and flavor.
  • To make Fresh Mango puree – Scoop out the pulp, discard the seed and skin. Puree the pulp, pass it through a sieve and use this smooth puree for this recipe.
  • Texture – For best texture, don’t blend the nuts. Add them later and mix them.
  • For an even creamier kulfi, add evaporated milk instead of regular milk.
  • Molds hack – replace Popsicle or kulfi molds with paper cups. They are excellent for freezing icecream and kulfis and even make it easier for the kulfi to slide out.


Which variety of mango works best for Kulfi?

Use a ripe, pulpy, and juicy variety of mangoes like Alphonso or Kesar. Another substitute is Ataulfo mangoes, Mexican variety. Avoid fibrous kind.

Can I make Kulfi using canned mango pulp?

Yes, use Alphonso or Kesar mango pulp that is easily available in most Indian grocery stores. These Indian mango varieties are great in color and taste that work best for desserts!!

How to store kulfi

Store in molds or paper cups covered with foil in the freezer. Just use it as needed and keep the unused covered back in the freezer.

Mango kulfi

Mango kulfi recipe
  •  Dessert
  •  Easy
  •  6
  •  15 minutes

With origins in the Persian Empire and regional variations throughout Asia and the Middle East, the kulfi is something of an iconic dessert. A set, frozen cream dessert often flavoured with fruits, nuts or spices such as saffron, Peter Joseph’s simple mango kulfi recipe uses condensed milk for sweetness and the vibrant flesh of the mango for a refreshing treat.

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Peela pulao - lemon rice with cashew nuts



  • 225g of double cream
  • 125g of mango purée
  • 225g of condensed milk
  • juice of half a lime


  • 1 mango, peeled and diced
  • 60g of mango purée
  • 1 tbsp of pistachio nuts, finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp of freshly grated coconut


  • Electric hand whisk
  • 5cm round mould (12)



Place the double cream in a large bowl and whisk until it forms soft peaks. In separate bowl, mix the mango purée, condensed milk and lime juice together to form a smooth mixture

  • 225g of double cream
  • 125g of mango purée
  • 225g of condensed milk
  • juice of half a lime


Gently fold the whipped cream into the mango mixture, thoroughly combining the two but taking care not to knock too much air from the whipped cream


Divide the kulfi mixture between 12 small moulds or ramekins, each about 4.5–5cm in diameter, and place in the freezer for at least 2 hours to set


To serve, carefully remove the kulfis from their moulds and place 2 in the centre of each plate. Pipe or spoon a little extra mango purée across the plate, garnishing with freshly diced mango, pistachio nuts and a little freshly grated coconut

  • 1 mango, peeled and diced
  • 60g of mango purée
  • 1 tbsp of pistachio nuts, finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp of freshly grated coconut

mango kulfi recipe | easy no cook mango kulfi recipe with milkmaid

mango kulfi recipe | easy no cook mango kulfi recipe with milkmaid with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a cheat version of traditional matka kulfi recipe with condensed milk and full cream. it is typically served as dessert after main course meal and also can be served to kids.

mango kulfi recipe | easy no cook mango kulfi recipe with milkmaid with step by step photo and video recipe. an ideal indian dessert recipe prepared with mango slices, milkmaid and fresh cream. traditionally mango kulfi is prepared by evaporated milk or thick milk which is prepared by boiling the milk till it reduces to half. however this recipe is cutdown version with milkmaid, mango slices and fresh cream. check traditional way of preparing kesar pista kulfi.

well i am big fan of kulfi recipe and i always try to finish my outdoor meal with dessert. apparently, it happens to be kulfi recipe most of the time. i had previously shared kesar pista kulfi recipe but mango kulfi is my all time favourite for 2 reasons. one it is because it has mango flavour and second (most important one) it is instant without any cooking and boiling. to be honest, this recipe was shared by one of my readers (malini mehta), and i have introduced some subtle changes.

besides, some variations and tips for a ideal mango kulfi recipe.  firstly, if you prefer you kulfi to be more rich and creamier, than increase the quantity of cream by half cup to ¾ cup. optionally, you can also add boiled or evaporated milk for rich and creamier kulfi recipe. secondly, i have added fresh mango slices, but even store bought mango pulp can also be added to the same quantity. lastly, if you do not have matka or kulfi mould you can also use plastic cups or paper cups or even coffee mugs for this recipe.

easy no cook mango kulfi video recipe

recipe card for easy no cook mango kulfi recipe:

mango kulfi recipe | easy no cook mango kulfi recipe with milkmaid

easy mango kulfi recipe | easy no cook mango kulfi recipe with milkmaid

Prep Time15 mins

Cook Time8 hrs

Total Time8 hrs 15 mins



Servings4 Serving



  • ▢¾ cup mangoes (chopped)
  • ▢½ cup full cream milk (chilled)
  • ▢3 pods cardamom / elaichi / elakki (powdered)
  • ▢½ cup full fat cream / malai
  • ▢½ cup condensed milk / nestle milkmaid
  • ▢3 tbsp saffron / kesar water
  • ▢5 pistachios (chopped)
  • ▢few strands saffron / kesar


  • firstly, in a large blender take ¾ cup of chopped ripped mangoes. alternatively, use mango puree.
  • also add, cold milk. add more milk and reduce the amount of cream if you are diet conscious.
  • furthermore, add half cup of thickened cream. adding more cream makes malai kulfi more rich and creamy.
  • additionally, add half cup of condensed milk / milkmaid. we are not adding any extra sugar, as condensed milk do contain sugar.
  • also add half tsp of cardamom powder.
  • and add saffron / kesar water for more rich taste and colour.
  • close the blender and blend to smooth milkshake consistency.
  • furthermore, pour the prepared mixture into matka / kulfi mould / glass.
  • also garnish with few chopped pistachios and saffron strands.
  • cover with cling wrap / aluminium foil and freeze for 8 hours. covering with cling wraps avoids kulfi from covering with ice crystals.
  • finally, serve mango matka kulfi chilled.

Mango Kulfi Recipe

Mango Kulfi

How to make Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi Recipe: Popular kulfi recipe but with a twist, flavored with mango. Sinfully rich and creamy.

  • Total Cook Time40 mins
  • Prep Time10 mins
  • Cook Time30 mins
  • Recipe Servings8
  • Easy

Ingredients of Mango Kulfi

  • 1 can (400 gm) sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/2 cups mango pulp
  • 1/2 cups cream
  • 10-12 almonds, blanched
  • 8 kulfi moulds
  • Vark leaves-optional

How to Make Mango Kulfi


Mix together the condensed milk, cream and mango pulp.


Beat to blend well. Add the nuts, saving a few for garnishing.


Mix well and pour into moulds.


Freeze at the lowest possible temperature.

To Serve:


Take the mould out of the freezer and prise the kulfi out with the help of a knife, into an individual serving bowl.


Garnish with vark leaves and nuts and serve immediately.

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