How To Make Mango Milk


Let’s explore how to make mango milk.  We’ll talk about how to pick fresh mangos, simple steps for freezing mangos, how to make mango puree, and my favorite use for fresh or frozen mango: Mango Milk! Tired of normal mango lassi? Try making mango milk at home. It’s less expensive, there are more chances to customize it according to your taste, and you’ll also be sure of what goes into in.

Mango Milk

Easy fresh Mango Milk for one is fruity, creamy and delicious!! Made with ripe mango chunks, chilled milk, saffron, cardamom and sugar, this is perfect to be enjoy all summer.

glasses filled with mango milk along with polka dot straws

Mango season calls for all things mango! We love enjoying them as is and making them into delicious treats. Indian summers are never complete without mangoes and kulfis.

Watch how to make Mango Milk

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What is mango milk?

Why this might become your go-to summer drink?

  • Easy <— just blend and serve
  • Makes simple serving
  • Delicious with the addition of cardamom and saffron
  • Smooth and creamy
  • Great for breakfast, snack or dessert

Main ingredients

Mango – Use well ripened, sweet mango

Milk – Chilled whole or 2%

Sugar – The quantity of sugar depends on the sweetness of mango

Flavorings – Cardamom powder, Saffron and salt

ingredients needed for making milk with mango


This is one of the easiest recipe ever.

Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.

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Expert tips

Select sweet, well ripened mangoes for the mango milk recipe

Quantity of sugar – It totally depends on the sweetness of mango used

Cardamom powder – Grind about 1 tablespoon of green cardamoms in a dry spice grinder, until finely ground and use as needed for the recipe.

Make ahead instructions – The milk can be made ahead and refrigerated in sealed jars for up to 2 days.

Double or triple recipe – The recipe can be easily doubled or tripled to serve more.

mango and milk served in glasses with paper straws


Can I use whole cardamom instead of cardamom powder?

Absolutely! Use one whole cardamom pod instead of the 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder. But, you want to blend the smoothie long enough to make sure the cardamom is well ground. Otherwise, you might end up with tiny pieces of cardamom in the milk.

Can I skip saffron?

We recommend not to! Saffron not only adds flavor but also deepens the yellow color of the mango milk drink.

Can I use honey or maple syrup instead of sugar for a healthier twist?

The flavor of regular sugar compliments the cardamom and saffron when compared to other sweeteners.


Mango milk is a delicious and refreshing summer drink you can make with fresh mangoes. It is technically a thinned down mango milkshake without ice cream 🙂 I saw this in the menu card of a cafe and was tempted to make at home. With just some fresh ripe mangoes, whole milk and flavoring of your choice you can make this delicious mango milk as dessert or after school snack!

Mango milk for dessert

I made this mango milk many times along with mango milkshake, mango ice cream, mango lemonade last month. Now that mangoes begin to disappear, I made this drink again yesterday as we like it a lot. This is much lighter and full of mango flavor compared to milkshake.

We love flavored milk varieties and I make many of them for my kid. We love badam milk, pistachio milk, saffron milk, cardamom milk and many more.

Flavored milks are best way to make kids drink milk. Rather than using store bought malt powders I prefer to make my own badam milk powder or masala milk powder at home.

Fresh seasonal fruits are also best way to sneak in some milk in kids diet. You can also make fresh strawberry milk during season.

Coming to this mango milk, it is an easy 3 step recipe. Chop the mangoes, blend with milk and sugar, serve 🙂 Yes that easy it is. Takes just 5 minutes to prepare yet very big on taste and flavor.

Serve mango milk as dessert after a meal. It is also very good as after school snack with some cheese balls,  cutlet, sandwich or dosa pizza.

This Mango Milk Recipe Is

Easy, simple & quick

3 ingredients & 5 mins recipe

Gluten free & Vegetarian

Can be made vegan by using dairy free milk

Lighter than milkshake with full of mango flavor

Kids friendly, flavorful & delicious.

Easy mango milk

To make mango milk always use ripe and sweet mangoes. I have used banganappali mangoes here so the color is pale. If you use Alphonso mangoes the mango milk will be more deep in color and vibrant.

Compared to milkshake, this drink should be thin and more fluid. I like to use 1/2 cup chopped mangoes for 1.5 cups milk. You can slightly vary the proportion according to your preference though.

This mango milk is flavored with a wee bit of saffron extract. You can also use saffron strands or cardamom powder. Also I have just added few pistachios here.

Instead of sugar you can add honey, date syrup or coconut sugar too.

To make vegan mango milk you can use coconut or almond milk.

You can make this mango milk well ahead and serve chilled. It keeps well for 2 days in refrigerator.

How To Make Mango Milk

1. Peel, discard the stone and roughly chop the mangoes.

chopped mangoes for mango milk

2. Add it to a blender or mixer grinder jar along with 3 cups milk and 3 teaspoons sugar.

Milk combined with mangoes and sugar in a blender jar

3. Also add some pistachios and saffron strands if using.

Making mango milk

4. Blend smooth.

making mango milk recipe

5. Transfer to a serving glass and top with pistachios and saffron strands. Serve mango milk as dessert or snack.

Mango Milk Recipe + Video

Super easy, delicious and flavorful 4 ingredient beverage using mango and milk.

What is Mango Milk?

It is a refreshing and delicious flavored milk made with fresh mangoes and saffron. It is very similar to mango milkshake but the difference is consistency and flavors.

Mango Milk Recipe – 4 Ingredient Mango Beverage

Mango Milk RecipePlay Video

This drink is a thinner version of the mango milkshake and can be made easily with available ingredients.

How to make it vegan?

Replace milk with your favorite plant-based milk such as oat milk or almond milk.

Serving suggestions:

  • It can be served as a dessert or snack.

Shelf life:

It can be enjoyed for up to 2 days when stored properly in the refrigerator.

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