How To Make Strawberry Blonde Hair Color


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make How To Make Strawberry Blonde Hair Color ? Maybe you want that retro look, or maybe you want to just try something new. Regardless, there are some things you should know before you get started. Here’s how I learned how to make my own strawberry blonde hair color.



Collage of strawberry blonde hair color ideas, created using Wella Professionals.

Is there anything sweeter than strawberry blonde hair? With all the shine of copper and lightness of blonde, it’s a red-meets-gold hue that warms up the complexion and makes locks look positively luminous. The trend is no one-tone wonder, either; strawberry blonde can be worn deep and rich or light and bright, so you can custom-blend the shade to flatter just about everyone.

Want in? Whether you’re wearing the shade yourself or you’re a colorist mixing it up for your clients, here’s everything you need to know about strawberry blonde hair…


There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for creating strawberry blonde hair. The shades, volumes and levels of pre-lightener needed all come down to the base color you’re working with. If you’re going strawberry blonde from brown, expect a few turns in the salon chair, while natural blondes may find one session is enough to reach the juiciest tint.


This is the trickiest shade to turn strawberry blonde. For brunettes, all-over lightening is a must, as it’s not a color that tends to blend well with copper balayage. For this, colorists should use Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder until they reach a pale yellow hue, which may take a few salon sessions and plenty of our bond-strengthening system, WellaPlex.

Then, tone using a hair-kind, permanent formula, like Koleston Perfect. Not only does it deliver our purest pigment yet, but it also gives you less hair damage color after color* – ideal after such high volumes of lightener.


If you’re working with copper hair, you’re in luck; going strawberry blonde is a simple process, made easier with ribbons of our freehand pre-lightener, Blondor Freelights. Apply in root-to-tip blonde highlights or try a balayage technique, concentrating golden blonde hues through the mid-lengths and ends, while the roots of the hair are left that little bit deeper.

For hair that’s naturally a darker red, up the number of lightened sections, leave some of them blonde, and tone others with a soft copper hue, like demi-permanent Color Touch 8/43. The effect is beautifully multi-tonal.


For light or medium blonde hair, there are so many ways to wear the strawberry blonde trend. Our favourite? In a sheer, all-over, almost-peach tint with hints of gold sparkling through. On a blonde base, try adding a scattering of semi-permanent Color Fresh CREATE lowlights, mixing Nu-Dist Pink with a drop of warmth, like Uber Gold or Hyper Coral for a strawberry hue.

Best of all, our Color Fresh CREATE pigments always pastelize true to tone, so the strawberry tint still looks fresh and bright through the fading process. The dream for first-time redheads.


Woman wearing white shirt and showing off strawberry blonde highlights, created using Wella Professionals.



This is how you do strawberry blonde highlights. A copper base comes to life with a few paler ribbons, made light and luminous using our light-reflective, permanent Illumina Color formula. Style smooth and straight to let the full spectrum of colors really shine, using the Pro-Straight Color tool to shape the ends for a bouncy, blow-dried effect.

Back of a woman’s head showing long, wavy, strawberry blonde ombre hair, created using Wella Professionals.



If you like your strawberry to come with a side of juicy peach or orange, follow Harri Åkerberg’s lead with this poppier, punchier take on the color trend. He created an ombre with the subtlest gradient for richer roots and paler tips, mixing up a kaleidoscope of Koleston Perfect hues to get the purest pigment pay-off.

Back of a woman’s head showing long, wavy, strawberry blonde balayage, created using Wella Professionals.



The best strawberry blondes are multi-tonal, which is why balayage is ideal for this trend. The painterly approach sees blonde sections sparkle, while warmer lowlights  Opens in a new tab add a little extra plumping dimension. To up the volume further, tong sections of hair by wrapping mid-lengths to ends around the Pro-Curl tong, then lightly spritz with EIMI Glam Mist for a boost of brilliant shine.

Woman wearing green shirt and showing off light strawberry blonde highlights, created using Wella Professionals.



A little like rose gold hair, light strawberry blonde is more pastel pink than radiant red, featuring slices of blushed blonde with a subtle coppery edge. This particular mane was colored at Studio Bello in Finland, featuring Blondor + 4% for the highlights and a gloss using Illumina Color 10/95 + 9/04 + 9/43 + 9/60. The dream blend.

Back of a woman’s head showing mid-length, wavy, strawberry blonde balayage, created using Wella Professionals.



Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher are all fans of a dark strawberry blonde hair color; a shade that’s brimming with depth, on the brink of a rusty, red-toned brown. If you like locks with plenty of warmth, make sure you always mist EIMI Thermal Image before styling; a heat protectant spray that gives deeper, richer tones a little extra gloss.

How To Get A Sweet Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

A sweet color that makes for a spicy look.OCTOBER 09, 2020

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color


When it comes to coveted hair colors, strawberry blonde hair ranks among the top. Perhaps that’s due in part to what a rare, natural hair color it is 一 but we’d like to argue that it’s because of how uniquely beautiful it is. So if you’re looking to sport the gorgeous shade, but you aren’t part of the roughly one percent of the population that has it as their natural color, don’t worry. Ahead, we’re sharing how to get strawberry blonde hair at home. Plus, how to care for it to keep your new hair color looking sweet. 

What’s A Strawberry Blonde Hair Color? 

If you’re not familiar with what defines strawberry blonde hair, allow us to explain. It’s a gorgeous hue that combines hints of blonde, red, pink and gold for the ultimate warm shade. And like all hair colors, it can vary in depth and be customized to your preferences. 

How To Get A Strawberry Blonde Shade

While you can achieve a strawberry blonde color with tons of dimension using highlights or balayage, doing so will require a visit to the salon. However, if you’re looking for a solid shade or wan’t to save some time and money, you can totally DIY at home. Just consult with experts via the L’Oréal Paris Hair Color Concierge, for pro tips and color recommendations. In the meantime, check out some of our hair color suggestions below to help you get the look.. 

For An Ultra-Warm Strawberry Blonde Color 

If you’re looking to achieve a sunny, warm strawberry blonde color, the L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color in Light Reddish Blonde is for you. It provides a vivid color that lasts up to eight weeks. 

For A Reddish Strawberry Blonde Color 

If you’re looking for a reddish hue with hints of brown and pink, go for the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color in Medium Reddish Blonde. In addition to being a stunning, medium strawberry blonde hue, it’s perfect if you have gray hair that you’re looking to cover because it provides 100 perfect gray coverage. 

For A Rosy Strawberry Blonde Color 

If a light, rosy shade is what you’re after, you’ve met your match with the L’Oréal Paris Féria in Rose Gold. It provides a shimmering color with tons of dimension. 

For A Customized Strawberry Blonde Color 

For a strawberry blonde shade that’s totally unique to you visit your colorist and have them create a hue that suits your skin tone and undertones perfectly.

How To Care For Strawberry Blonde Hair 

To keep your new color looking its best, treat your color-treated mane with proper care by following the tips below.

1. Use Hair Care Products For Color-Treated Hair 

When your hair has been colored, it’s important to replace your go-to shampoo and conditioner with formulas that are made for color-treated hair. The L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Bond Strengthening Color Care Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Bond Strengthening Color Care Conditioner are great because they’re gentle on color while working to strengthen the hair by reinforcing weak hair bonds and protecting against future hair damage. 

2. Always Use Heat Protectant 

If you’re going to be styling your hair with hot tools, make sure you always use a heat protectant. We love the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Weightless Blow Dry Primer, Heat Protectant because you can use it on towel-dried hair to protect against damage up to 450 degrees and to give you a smooth blowout. 

3. Tone Your Hair 

If you notice that your hair color is fading, using a hair toning gloss can help give it a pick-me-up. The L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss One Step In-Shower Toning Gloss in Copper works to condition the hair, boost shine, and tone your color in just 15 minutes. 

4. Use A Hair Mask

Colored hair can be prone to dryness and dullness. Revive your strands by using the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Signature Masque, Color Care Hair Mask once or twice per week. It enhances shine while nourishing the hair and providing intense hydration. After shampooing, coat your strands in the mask, leave it on for five minutes, and then rinse. 

Strawberry Blonde Hair | How to get the look at home.

strawberry blonde hair at home

Watch out, strawberry blonde is back. And we’re here with everything you need to know about how to get the look at home.

Blonde hair is taking over this year and with so many tones, colour variations, hair dyes, styles and hues to choose from, it’s not hard to see why.

From ash blonde, highlights, ombre and balayage, to platinum, caramel and rose gold, you can change things up and add a bit of spice and excitement as often as your blonde hair desires.

One such colour that’s storming up the colour trend charts for this year is Strawberry blonde. Red hair colours are always hot and this soft, sexy pink hue is a delicious addition.

But can everybody pull off this shade? What tone should you go for if you have dark hair or light hair? How do you dye my own hair at home without ruining it? We’re going to answer all these questions today. Read on!

What is strawberry blonde hair?

First things first – what does strawberry blonde mean exactly? Basically it’s reddish blonde with golden undertones.

This fruity colour from the red hair family is a perfect blend of pale red or pink and warm, golden blonde shades.

It’s a tone blondes or redheads enjoy flirting with to add a bit of shimmering depth or lighten their natural colour.

And it also looks incredible when blended with other complementary hair colour ideas like blonde and auburns to create ombre, balayage and even subtle pink highlights.

Wear it long or short, with wavy hair, sleek poker straight or curly haired styles – this hue rocks them all.

Check out the latest looks for ideas and inspiration.

Is strawberry blonde hair red or blonde?

Strawberry is a shade that dances between blonde and red hair and is not quite one or the other – it’s the best of both.

It has the softness of red hair with the sun-kissed lightness that comes from flaxen (pale naturally blonde colour), making it anything from red to gold to amber in different lights.

The best way to describe it is the colour of strawberry ice cream!

What’s the difference between strawberry blonde and ginger?

There are many colour variations on the strawberry blonde hair colour chart. The most popular right now are:

Ginger hair a natural red hair shade with more orange tones to it than soft strawberry.

Copper hair is also a variation on ginger that’s more metallic and orange-red in tone.

Strawberry blonde is a lighter, pinker colour that can be a natural red colour with strawberry blonde highlights.

What’s the difference between strawberry blonde and rose gold?

So what’s the deal with rose gold? Is it not just an updated version? A little bit yes.

Rose gold is part of the edgy new metallic colours like copper, gold and silver that are all the rage in everything from hair colour to homewares.

Rose gold is more ashy, metallic and pink than more natural looking strawberry so it’s more suited to those with darker tones.

Strawberry is a warmer shade of red so pale skin, light eyes and light hair peeps will suit it best.

Auburn is another similar shade from the red hair family. But it’s usually darker and more light brown-red and with less of a blonde tone than strawberry.

strawberry blonde swatch
Strawberry blonde

What skin tones does strawberry blonde look good on?

This is a warm blonde colour with a golden-reddish blonde tint. If you have fair skin, blue or green eyes and freckles, it’ll look awesome on you.

That’s not to say cooler tones can’t carry it off. Here you’ll need to pick a deeper, cooler hue like an ashy rose gold to make it shine.

Use our checklist below to find out your undertones!

If you have cool undertones:

  • You have a fair skin tone and a complexion that’s pink or pale.
  • You will blush really easily!
  • Jewel tones and pastel colours look great on you.
  • Yellow is a colour that you’d never wear as it washes you out.
  • You have blue veins and not green veins in your wrist.
  • Pearls and silver jewellery are very flattering on you.

If you have warm undertones:

  • You have red or golden shades in your natural hair colour.
  • Your skin tone and complexion is golden, tan or olive.
  • You might have and used to have freckles.
  • You have green colour not blue colour veins in your wrist.
  • You suit wearing bright colours or richer shades better.
  • Gold jewellery looks awesome on you.

Will strawberry blonde suit me

You can also find out which hair colour suits you by taking our quiz! Just answer a few quick questions to find out what hair colours most suit you! Click on the image below.

How can I get strawberry blonde hair at home?

Good news dear friends! It is totally possible to dye your own hair this stunning shade of strawberry blonde at home!

But whether you’ll achieve dark or light shades of golden strawberry very much depends on the base colour your hair is now.

If your current hair colour is darker than blonde, you’ll need to lighten it first before you can achieve the strawberry look at home. Be careful! This will involve bleach. Read our guide on how to bleach your hair safely at home here.

You’ll need a blonde base to apply the golden strawberry reds and pinks that make this light colour. If your hair is already a natural red hue such as auburn, go for more golden shades of red and pink to add depth and warmth to blonde hues.

We always suggest having a chat with your hairdresser if you’re thinking of trying out a new colour or do. They’ll know if your hair colour and condition is up for it.

If you’re au fait with home hair dyeing and just want to do it, there’s good news. There’s a variety of soft pink and red hair box dyes out there that will strawberryfy your locks.

dark strawberry blonde highlights color instagram

17 Strawberry-Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Inspire Your New Hue

strawberry blonde hair ideas

If you’ve ever looked at someone’s hair color and wondered Is their hair red or blonde? Here’s your answer: It’s both, and it’s called strawberry blonde. Like the lighter version of auburn hair, strawberry blondes have found that sweet spot right in between red and blonde tones—think rich blonde or golden red, not brassy. If you’re looking for a way to add some bright light to this dark, gloomy season, try strawberry blonde. Even if you’re not a natural redhead or blonde, you can still try the look for yourself with a little help from your colorist (no bleaching your own hair, k?!). Ahead, we’ve got 17 ways to wear the look on all different hair lengths, types, and textures. You know the drill—scroll through, screenshot the one you like (if you can pick just one), then try it out for yourself.

1Classic Strawberry Blonde

If you were to close your eyes and picture a strawberry blonde hue, it would look something like this color, which is equal parts blonde and red hair. Play up the peachy shade with matching peach-toned eyeshadow and blush.

2Apricot Blonde Hair

What do you get when you add a pinch of strawberry pink to blonde hair? This warm blonde with apricot undertones. Try it next time you’re bored of your cool-toned ash-blond hue and want something a little richer.

3Peach Blonde Hair

Not into strawberries? Pick peach instead! This look leans a little more orange than red (ya know, just like the fruits do) and is a cool alternative to the classic strawberry blonde. If you’re looking for a fun spring hair color idea, this is it.

4Rosy Gold

Bring golden hour with you everywhere you go with a rosy-gold (not to be confused with rose gold; we’ll touch on that later) strawberry blonde shade like this one. It’s kinda the perfect summer hair color.

5Strawberry-Blonde Ombré

How dreamy is this color gradient that goes from neutral brown at the roots, to strawberry blonde in the middle, and bright blonde on the tips? It’s everything ombré hair in 2021 should be.

6Warm Blonde Hair

Warmer shades of blonde are known to look amazing on darker skin tones and warm undertones. If you like your color to complement your complexion, choose a strawberry blonde to add brightness and combine it with a darker root for dimension (it’ll help with the grow-out phase too).

7Strawberry-Blonde Hair Dye

Your colorist can whip up a gorgeous pastel peach like this no prob, but if your hair is already lightened and you want to try it yourself, use a color-depositing conditioner or temporary hair dye for DIY color that fades as you wash it.

8Natural Strawberry Blonde

Even natural redheads tend to lose their color brightness during the bleak winter months. Bring back the vibrancy of your color with a hair gloss or glaze and some highlights.

9Rose Gold Hair

For a strawberry blonde color that reads as pink more than red or orange, you’ll want to try rose-gold hair. This is proof that strawberry blonde can also be on the cooler side, like the ashy look shown here.

10Sunkissed Strawberry Blonde

I think I speak on behalf of all of us when I say this was the look we were hoping for back in our experimental Sun In days. This brown hair with highlights is warm and glow-y, but not at all brassy and orange.

11Copper Blonde Highlights

Looking for a cool way to switch up your usual color and style? Add a few strawberry blonde streaks by incorporating strands in various shades of copper to your braided hairstyle.

12Strawberry Blonde With Highlights

If you’re a natural redhead and you want to lighten up your hair, why not try a strawberry blonde highlighted look? Just ask for a few baby highlights throughout and bright blonde money pieces in the front.


13Caramel Strawberry Hair

I’m not sure caramel strawberries are a thing IRL, but on your hair? The two hair color trends go amazingly well together. With this hue, you get a mix of brown and blonde shades together with the strawberry for a really rich, golden color.

14Face-Framing Highlights

If you’ve got naturally darker hair, I’m gonna stop just short of forcing you to try these strawberry-blonde highlights. SO GOOD. Dark brown hair with balayage and face-framing pieces brings so much brightness and warmth around the face, and the strawberry blonde color only amplifies that.

15Shades of Pink

Strawberry is one of those colors that can mean a million different things to different people. If your idea of strawberry is pink and lots of it, add different strawberry shades throughout your hair. If you’re dyeing your natural hair, make sure to see a pro to get you to the color you want without risking the health of your strands.

16Copper Blonde Hair

How cute are these strawberry blonde bangs?! Copper is one of the go-to fiery red shades, but if you want to tone it down a bit, try a blonde copper or rose gold for a softer look.


17Creamy Strawberry Blonde

I dub this hue strawberries and cream. If you take a creamy blonde and add a bit of strawberry color to the roots, this faded strawberry color is what you’d get. Because reds can be hard to maintain, make sure to switch to shampoos for color-treated hair to preserve your peach blonde color.

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