How To Make Strawberry Latte


Learn how to make homemade strawberry latte in 2 easy steps with this recipe.

The best time of the year is coming, yes it’s almost summer that means a lot of strawberries. On this article i will teach you how to make strawberry latte. Beside from being delicious, it is healthy and the most important thing is it takes 10 minutes to be ready so let’s get started.

Iced Strawberry Latte: An Easy and Refreshing Coffee Recipe

Iced Strawberry Latte: An Easy and Refreshing Coffee Recipe

Summer is the perfect time for iced coffee. A cold glass of this refreshing drink is not only a great way to cool off, but it also can inspire creativity. Use this coffee recipe to get the most out of your morning.

If you’re looking for a delicious, low-calorie coffee drink for summer, try this iced strawberry latte recipe. You’ll love the fruity taste and beautiful strawberry texture. Make it just the way you like it with some whipped cream and a shot of syrup.

What is an iced strawberry latte?

Coffee aficionados might choose their beans based on the roast or their coffee maker based on its speed, but a truly passionate coffee drinker bases their choice of beverage on the weather.

For those who live in areas where warm weather is the norm, nothing beats a summertime iced coffee. And nothing beats the taste of a perfectly prepared iced strawberry latte.

An iced strawberry latte is a coffee-based drink that consists of strawberry sauce, milk of choice, strong espresso coffee, whipped cream, and ice cubes for that refreshing touch.

Iced strawberry latte.

It’s a coffee recipe that will not only keep you energized but cool you down on a hot day and boost your energy levels.

You can make this drink with different ingredients, depending on your flavor preference. Let me tell you a bit more about the ingredients and how you can switch it up:

What ingredients are used in this coffee?

To make this drink perfect for the summer, I’ve built the recipe around just a few ingredients, which leaves you with more time to enjoy it while sitting out in the sun.

Have a look below for all the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Whole milk
  • Espresso coffee
  • Strawberry sauce
  • Whipped cream
  • Ice cubes
All ingredients needed to make an iced strawberry latte at home.

As you can see from the small ingredients list above, you don’t need many ingredients to make this amazing drink at home.

And my favorite part about making coffee at home is that you can switch out the ingredients I’ve mentioned above and use the ones you prefer.

You can switch the whole milk for a lower fat kind or use a milk alternative that you like. I’ve tested this recipe with almond milk, and it tasted amazing.

The strawberry sauce can be store-bought if you want to save some time. But if you want a homemade version, you can find the recipe for it further down.

Homemade strawberry sauce is easy to prepare, and you can make a big batch at once that you can use for a few more recipes.

This iced latte is cooled with ice cubes, but you can also use coffee ice cubes if you want an even stronger-tasting iced coffee.

When using regular ice cubes, you’ll slightly dilute your iced coffee over time because the ice starts melting.

If you use coffee ice cubes instead, you’ll still dilute your iced coffee, but this will leave you with even more coffee instead! If you’re interested in trying it, you can check out the full recipe.

This recipe’s whipped cream is optional, but it gives the latte a slightly sweeter and rich taste. If you love sweetened coffee, then you’ll love the addition of some whipped cream.

What is the best espresso to use?

Espresso coffee is one of those coffees that tastes rich and delicious and is perfect for drinking straight or using in recipes like these.

Because espresso coffee makes up a big part of this recipe, you want the coffee to be great in quality.

There’s a lot of ways to prepare espresso at home, have a look below for a few options:

  • You can brew coffee with an AeroPress or Moka pot
  • You can brew coffee with an espresso machine
  • Or, you can use your Nespresso or Keurig machine
"Pouring freshly made Moka pot coffee into a glass."

The AeroPress and Moka pot make great espresso-like coffee that works really well for this recipe.

If you have an espresso machine at home, then you’ll want to use it for this recipe as well.

You can also use your Nespresso or Keurig machine and brew espresso with the machine. I suggest choosing an espresso pod that is strong in flavor, so your iced strawberry latte will be nice and balanced.

As for the amount to use, you can choose to use a single espresso shot if you prefer a sweeter coffee.

If you’re a fan of strong-tasting coffee, then I suggest using two espresso shots instead.

You can also use brewed coffee if you don’t want to use espresso as the basis for this drink.

If you prefer to use brewed coffee, then I do suggest double brewing the coffee. This will enhance the robust flavors, as this works best for this iced latte recipe.

Now that you know about all the ingredients to use and what coffee is best used, let’s jump into the recipe:

Iced Strawberry Latte

Iced strawberry latte, ready to drink.

This iced strawberry latte is easy to make and tastes amazing. You can enjoy it as your morning coffee or drink it while sitting outside.

PREP TIME3 minutes


TOTAL TIME5 minutes


  • 1/2 cup (0.12 l) of whole milk
  • Two espresso shots
  • 2 tbsp (30 grams) of strawberry sauce
  • Optionally: a serving of whipped cream
  • Ice cubes


  1. Start by brewing the espresso shots. You can use any of the brewing techniques I’ve listed above. I used an AeroPress for my espressos.
  2. Once the espresso coffee is brewed, cool them by adding a few ice cubes. You can also prepare them ahead of time and chill them overnight in the fridge.
  3. In a tall glass, add the strawberry sauce.
  4. Add a handful of ice cubes to the glass. I like to add enough ice cubes so that the glass is filled halfway.
  5. Slowly pour the milk into the glass.
  6. Pour the espresso coffee on top of the milk.
  7. Optionally, you can add a serving of whipped cream on top and add a drizzle of strawberry sauce.

You’ve now made an iced strawberry latte!

It’s best enjoyed right after making the drink. Serve it with a straw if you want to combine all the flavors.


If you want a sweeter-tasting iced strawberry latte, you can use a single espresso shot or add a bit more strawberry sauce.

Iced Strawberry Latte Recipe (Refreshing & Easy!)

iced strawberry latte recipe

If you were making a list of ideal summer drinks, iced strawberry lattes would have to be near the top. Velvety milk, bold espresso, and a not-too-sweet homemade strawberry syrup come together in this perfectly balanced, refreshing drink. Serve it over ice to see the beautiful layers before you start enjoying your treat!

Scroll down to learn about our new favorite drink, the iced strawberry latte, and find the detailed, easy recipe. You’ll be amazed by the flavors!

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What’s in an Iced Strawberry Latte?

1.Homemade Strawberry Syrup

Since this is a strawberry latte, the strawberry flavor is central to the drink. There are a few ways you add strawberries to a latte, like using strawberry milk or adding strawberry extract. But our favorite way is to make a quick homemade strawberry syrup! All you need are strawberries, water, and sugar — and the leftover syrup is delicious on ice cream or in your morning cup of coffee.



Espresso is the second major ingredient, balancing the sweetness of the strawberry syrup and the creaminess of the milk. Use your favorite fresh coffee beans and a good quality espresso maker for the best results. We like portable models like the Wacaco Minipresso, but full espresso machines will produce the most barista-worthy espresso!

homemade iced latte


The third part of a strawberry latte is, of course, the milk. You can use any kind of milk, including non-dairy options like soy or coconut milk. And if you’re making an iced latte, like we are here, there’s no need to heat or steam the milk! You can pour it straight from the refrigerator into your glass. Ready to start brewing?

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iced strawberry latte

Iced Strawberry Latte

Served over ice, this strawberry latte offers stunning layers of espresso, milk, and homemade strawberry syrup. The strawberries are the perfect complement to bold espresso and velvety milk!






SERVINGS–+ latte(s)

CALORIES140 kcal


  • Small saucepan
  • Stovetop
  • Espresso machine or coffee maker
  • Tall glass
  • Spoon


Strawberry Syrup

  • 1 cup quartered strawberries fresh or frozen
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • ½ cup water

Strawberry Latte

  • 2 shots espresso or ½ cup strong coffee
  • 8 ounces milk any kind
  • 1 tablespoon strawberry syrup
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • Fresh strawberries optional garnish


Make the Strawberry Syrup

  • Combine the syrup ingredients in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring regularly. Let the mixture boil for 10 minutes.
  • Reduce the heat to medium-low and let the syrup simmer for 5 more minutes. Then remove the pan from the heat and let the syrup cool.
  • Strain out the strawberries and transfer the mixture to an airtight container.

Make the Strawberry Latte

  • Pull two shots of espresso or make ½ cup of strong brewed coffee. Let the coffee cool while you work on the next step.
  • Fill your latte glass with ice and then add a tablespoon of your strawberry syrup.
  • Pour cold milk on top of the syrup and add the espresso or strong coffee last. Top with a few fresh strawberries if you’d like. Take a moment to admire the beautiful colored layers before you stir your iced strawberry latte!

Sweet and Refreshing Strawberry Latte

Stop me if you disagree, but I just don’t get strawberry flavored drinks. Chocolate drinks have real chocolate, and vanilla drinks are flavored with vanilla extract, but strawberry drinks rarely contain real strawberries. This shouldn’t be that way

Today we’re making a lovely strawberry latte, and yes, we’re using fresh strawberries.

Let me tell you a bit more about this pink concoction. When people say latte, I think of coffee, but if you think outside the box, any flavored, frothy, milky drink is a latte, and that opens our eyes to endless possibilities.


Strawberries and Milk

Strawberries and dairy are delicious together, think of strawberries and cream, which is precisely my inspiration for this strawberry latte. For that, we’ll need strawberries, of course, so pick yourself fresh, organic, ripe strawberries.

Be careful; strawberries are amongst the Dirty Dozen list for contaminated fruit. Actually, the red berries top the list for all the amounts of pesticides and chemical residues in them, so please spend a little more and go organic.

Strawberries alone are not enough to make ourselves the best strawberry-scented drink we can, so we’ll be mixing them with sugar, a technique that will allow all the juices in the fruit to come forward, and the flavors intensify.

Creamy? Creamier!

We’ll be using half and half too, which is creamier than whole milk and gives all my lattes a decadent mouthfeel. Heat half and half, but don’t boil it; it will lose its texture if you do.

Do you know what’s better than a creamy latte? A creamier latte, which is why we’re adding condensed milk too, which will also act as our sweetener. You can always add a little sugar if you want to, but I’m guessing you won’t need it. The candied strawberries are also playing a part as a sweetener.

There you have it, four ingredients for an all-natural, sweet strawberry latte you’ll want to make every day. Serve this one with vanilla cookies or a bowl of fresh strawberries if you have some left.

Don’t forget to share this recipe with your friends. Let’s get past artificial strawberry syrups at last and celebrate fresh fruit!

Korean Strawberry Milk Recipe

In South Korea, people love drinking flavored milk drinks. Of these drinks, some popular flavors include banana, melon, and strawberry. While you can find the processed versions of flavored milks in convenience and grocery stores across the nation, people now enjoy the freshly made alternatives in boutique cafes and at home. So, with strawberry season just around the corner, why not try making this easy and popular Korean strawberry milk recipe?

What is Korean Strawberry Milk? 

Typically, fresh Korean strawberry milk (생딸기우유) is made of three ingredients– strawberries, sugar, and milk. Unlike processed versions that use artificial flavorings, this fresh strawberry milk uses real strawberries. While strawberry milk does contain sugar, it is much healthier than the processed alternatives that have long shelf lives and contain artificial flavors and preservatives.

During the warmer months, I enjoy sitting on my porch and sipping on this flavorful and refreshing drink. Also, I enjoy this drink as a light dessert after a heavy or fatty meal such as samgyeopsal.

A side shot of Korean strawberry milk topped with homemade whipped cream.
Korean Strawberry Milk Topped With Homemade Whipped Cream

Korean Strawberry Milk vs Korean Strawberry Latte

In South Korea, people have started distinguishing the difference between strawberry milk and a strawberry latte. On one hand, you make strawberry milk by pureeing the strawberries before adding them to the milk. On the other hand, you make a strawberry latte by adding large chunks of strawberries to sweetened milk. 

I rather just combine the two. Wouldn’t you? For my recipe, you make the strawberry milk by stirring in the pureed fresh strawberry mixture. Then, you top and garnish the drink with some chunks of strawberries. 

How Do You Make Strawberry Milk?

Our Korean strawberry milk is incredibly easy to make! Below, we list out all of the necessary ingredients. Then, we will discuss how to make strawberry milk! 

A shot of the top of the drink--strawberries sitting on top of the whipped cream.
Do You Like Strawberry Milk?

Strawberry Milk Ingredients

Main Ingredients

  • Fresh Strawberries: When picking out your fresh strawberries, look for ones that are bright red. Strawberries with a yellow or green section next to the leaves are underripe and won’t taste as sweet. If the strawberries are deep dark red, they may be getting to the end of their shelf life. Remember, with strawberries, if you see one moldy strawberry in the pack, the rest will soon follow. If you do not have access to beautiful fresh strawberries, you can substitute for frozen strawberries instead!  
  • Sugar: For the classic Korean strawberry milk recipe, you use a 1:1 ratio (by weight) of strawberries to sugar. For those who want your drink to be less sweet, you can reduce the sugar by half!
  • Your Preferred Milk: For this recipe, you can use regular dairy milk or a non-dairy alternative.
    • Non-Dairy Alternatives:  Typically, for specialty drinks, I like to use more neutral-flavored milk alternatives such as almond, oat, and soy milk. I avoid milk alternatives that will overpower the drink such as coconut. 

Garnish and Topping Ingredients

  • Fresh Strawberry Garnish: For many versions of this Korean strawberry milk, the strawberries are pureed. I enjoy adding in slices or chunks of strawberry into the drink as well. This way, you can enjoy bites of the fresh fruit!
  • Whipped Cream: To me, nothing tastes better than strawberries with fresh homemade whipped cream. So, why not top the drink with it? To make whipped cream, you need heavy cream and sugar. If you do not wish to make it, you can buy a premade can. Whipped cream is a delicious optional topping!

Now, let’s learn how to make strawberry milk below!

A shot of the bottom of the glass of strawberry milk. The strawberry syrup is sitting at the bottom.
Before Drinking, Mix the Strawberry Syrup With the Milk

How Do You Make Strawberry Milk?

First, Sterilize Jars if You Are Making a Large Batch.

If you are making a lot of the strawberry and sugar mixture and plan to have leftovers, you need to sterilize the container so it doesn’t contain any bacteria. To do so, boil your glass container or jar in water for 10 minutes. Then, set on a clean towel and let it cool. Sterilizing will keep your strawberry mixture safe in the refrigerator for a few days. 

Second, You Need to Mash Your Strawberries.

Start by washing your strawberries. Then, using a hand masher, press on the fresh strawberries until you smash them into tiny pieces. 

For frozen strawberries, either let them fully defrost before mashing or use a blender to break up the strawberries into little tiny pieces. When blending, use the lowest setting and constantly check your strawberries for the desired texture. If you want lots of chunks in your drink, blend for a short amount of time. On the other hand, if you do not want any chunks, blend until smooth. 

Third, Make the Strawberry Syrup.

Transfer the mashed strawberries over to a pot. Then, add the sugar. Cook the mixture on medium heat until the sugar melts and the mixture comes to a boil. Then, turn off the stove and remove it from the heat. If you made a large batch that you plan to keep in the refrigerator, you can transfer the strawberry syrup into your sterilized jars at this point. Finally, you need to let the mixture cool completely before adding it to your drink. If you don’t, your hot strawberry mixture will cause the milk to curdle. 

Cooking Alternative: If you do not want to cook the strawberries and sugar, you can place the sugar and strawberries in a bowl together. Then, mix the two, cover, and chill in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. The sugar will naturally dissolve. In other words, you are macerating the strawberries in sugar. 

An overhead shot of Korean strawberry milk topped with strawberry.
Strawberries Are a Bright and Refreshing Fruit!

Finally, Combine Milk and Strawberry Syrup!

Before drinking, we recommend stirring the milk and strawberry syrup together to fully incorporate. At this point, if you want a strawberry garnish and whipped cream, you can add it to the top! 

Helpful Straw Hint: If you cut chunks of strawberries and plan to drink the milk with a straw, make sure your chunks are small enough to fit into the straw.

Typically, Koreans serve the strawberry milk with a 2:1 ratio. The milk will takes up 2/3 of the mixture while the strawberry syrup will take up 1/3 of the glass. If you find the strawberry syrup to be too strong for your taste, you can reduce the amount you put into your cup.

Korean Strawberry Milk Recipe Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding how to make strawberry milk.

Can I Use Frozen Strawberries?

Yes! You can use frozen strawberries to make this Korean strawberry milk recipe. When using frozen strawberries, you can let them defrost beforehand mashing them or you can use a blender. 

A side shot of Korean strawberry milk topped with homemade whipped cream.
For This Recipe, Use Fresh Strawberries.

Can I Make This Korean Strawberry Milk Recipe in Advance?

Once again, yes! You can make a large batch of strawberry syrup. If you do, store your strawberry syrup in a sterilized container for approximately 5 days. You can also freeze the strawberry syrup for 3 months. Once mixed in with the milk, it will keep for 2-3 days

I recommend mixing your desired milk and strawberry syrup serving the day before you plan to drink it. The flavors incorporate and become stronger if they sit overnight. Otherwise, keep your strawberry syrup separate so it lasts longer in the refrigerator. 

Note: If you need instructions on how to properly sterilize containers, I recommend checking out my ‘Southern Hot Pepper Jelly’ blog post. I describe in-depth the sterilizing process of jars and other glass containers. 

What if I Don’t Want the Seeds?

If you do not like the seeds, I recommend blending the strawberries and then pressing them through a fine-mesh sleeve. Personally, I find this to be a lot of extra work for little gain. The seeds do not change the flavor of the strawberry milk and do not seem to have much effect on the texture as well. 

Can I Substitute the Sugar?

Yes! If you do not want to use white sugar, I recommend using honey. With honey, there will be an added natural floral note to the drink. 

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