How To Make Strawberry Puree Without A Blender


How to make strawberry puree without a blender (or food processor). Say what? Doesn’t sound as nice, does it? But yes, you CAN make strawberry puree without a blender and it’s actually quite easy! 

I had an idea a couple of weeks ago that I would like to make some strawberry puree. But I don’t have a blender… So today we are going to find out how to make strawberry puree without a blender!

How To Make Strawberry Puree Without A Blender

In this short post, we’ll address the query, “How to puree strawberries without a blender?” and offer details on how to store strawberry puree in addition to some recipes that call for it.

How can strawberries be pureed without a blender?

A mortar and pestle and strawberries can be blended together. Before putting the strawberries in the mortar and pestle, remove the leaves.

To make this process simpler, slice the strawberries. Using this procedure, you can also select bruised strawberries to make the process of turning them into a puree easier.

Start mucking the sliced and damaged strawberries inside the mortar and pestle. You can rub the fruit to determine whether it is too firm to muddle or whether it is soft enough.

What are other methods to puree strawberries?

  • You can use a food mill to blend strawberries. As the food mill contains small holes, the consistency of the strawberries can turn out to be a bit thicker. 

A food mill also has different types of discs. According to your choice, you can select the discs to create the puree which can give you coarser or finer puree.

  • A sieve can also be used to puree strawberries. The sieve can also act as a strainer and strain out the seeds through the sieve. Place a bowl below the sieve.

Using a fork, the strawberries can be pushed through the sieve or you can push the sieve down the strawberries using your hands. The strawberry juice will slip through the mesh into the bowl below.

Hot water can be poured through a little bit to ease the process.

  • If you find it difficult using a sieve, go for the food processor to puree the strawberries. 

You can cook the purees before you put them in a food processor, to ease the pureeing process. Also, test the blades of the food processor before using them to puree strawberries.

After adding the strawberries, add water with sugar and then switch on the food processor. The content of sugar added should be lower than water (1:2 ratio of sugar to water)

  • You can use the handle of a chef’s knife to smash the strawberries too. Remove the leaves of strawberries. Chop the strawberries evenly after washing them. Chop the strawberries into smaller pieces.

Push your knife over the already chopped strawberry pieces at a slight angle. This would flatten the chopped pieces.

  • You can use a steamer’s basket to puree strawberries as well. Place the strawberries in the steamer basket after which keep it in boiling water. After a while, take the steamer basket out of hot water.

Now place the steamer basket under running water to cool it down. After it cools down, you can puree the strawberries using a rolling pin. If the fruits are still firm, add a little bit of hot water to them to soften them.

  • Chinois strainer is another stuff that you can use to prepare the strawberry puree. Chinoise strainers have small holes through which the strawberries would need to be pushed to create the puree. 

A mesh chinose would provide you with a smoother puree though using chinose would be time-consuming.

  • A vegetable peeler can be used to puree foods especially baby foods. It is safer to use and saves time and does not require electricity too.

How to store strawberry puree?

  • Put the puree in the refrigerator after storing it in an airtight container. It keeps well for 4-5 days in the refrigerator.
  • The frozen storage of strawberry puree is an additional way of preservation. The strawberry puree can be stored in the freezer for at least three months.
  • The puree can also be divided into parts and put in ice cube trays. In this manner, only the amount of puree you actually need needs to be removed; the remainder can be stored safely in the freezer.
  • Do not use a dirty spoon or utensil to scoop out the puree from an airtight container that has been placed in the refrigerator with the puree. Keep the puree’s storage container tightly closed at all times.

How can you incorporate strawberry puree in your recipes?

Strawberry puree can be used to prepare strawberry margaritas, strawberry applesauce, coffee cake, smoothies, or strawberry cheesecake

Other stuff that you could prepare using strawberry puree includes strawberry ice cream, strawberry sauce, strawberry jam, and strawberry pie.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How to puree strawberries without a blender?” and provided information on storing strawberry puree as well as recipes that can be prepared using a strawberry puree.


Strawberries can also be pureed with a sieve. Additionally, the sieve will be able to remove any seeds left behind by the strawberries that will always end up sticking to your teeth if you don’t use it. Win-win situation! If you want the best results, push down the strawberries with a fork and force them through the sieve as much as possible.

How Can You Puree Without A Food Processor?

You can start by simmering, boiling, or stewing the food until it is soft and almost falling apart. Then, mash it with a fork or potato masher until it is smooth and even. Push the puree through a sieve and through with the back of a spoon if you want a finer texture.

How Do I Mash Strawberries Without A Masher?

The first step is to place the berries in a large, wide bowl. My first step was to mash the washed and hulled strawberries with the end of a large balloon whisk. In Step 2 you will need to mash some of the berries and then toss them with a spoon.

Can You Puree Fruit In A Blender?

It doesn’t matter what kind of soup you make or what kind of baby food you make, a blender is all you need to puree the ingredients to a smooth, liquid consistency. A blender can easily puree soft fruits, vegetables, and even meats.

How Do You Make Puree Without A Mixer?

Make sure you use a food mill.Chinois strainers are a good way to clean your dishes.Make sure you use an immersion blender.Make sure you use a chef’s knife.Cheese graters are a great way to grate cheese.Mash the food with a fork after it has been boiled.Rolling pins are a good choice.cheesecloth and mallet are both effective.

How Do I Puree Strawberries Without A Blender Or Food Processor?

In summary, a pestle and mortar is an easy way to puree strawberries without using a blender. You don’t need much to muddle a strawberry, although you will get some seeds along the way. If you wish to strainer this mixture, you can do so.

Can I Puree By Hand?

I agree with the ricer or food mill — the food won’t be damaged enough to be ‘purée’, but you won’t have the lumpiness that comes with using a hand masher. Small-bowl food processors score +1.

Can I Use A Blender If I Don’t Have A Food Processor?

Soft foods, especially those with high water content, benefit from a basic blender. Josh points out that when making soup, you can substitute a blender for a food processor. It should be fine to use a blender if a recipe calls for processing a thick, creamy soup in batches.

Can I Puree With A Hand Mixer?

She says that an immersion blender – also called a stick or hand blender – can blend, puree, and emulsify food. In addition to crushing ice, a standard jar blender can also handle rougher tasks, but it requires more liquid to achieve smooth results.

Is It Better To Puree In Blender Or Food Processor?

Food processors are generally more versatile than blenders, since they have slower speeds and a variety of blades that can be used for slicing, grating, making dough, and so on. A blender’s blade is faster, which means that the puree will be completely smooth.

How Do You Mash Strawberries Without A Blender?

– The Muddling Technique. This is a technique that is commonly used by bartenders to make delicious cocktails, but can also be used in place of a blender to make a delicious cocktail.The second method is to use a food mill.The third step is to pour a Sieve.The fourth tip is to use a food processor.The fifth tip is to use a chef’s knife.The steamer basket is 6 inches long.


What Is The Easiest Way To Crush Strawberries?

A large bowl is used to crush fresh strawberries before they are used in the strawberry recipe. If you prefer, you can use a potato masher or a rigid pastry blender to crush the berries until they are in small pieces. It is usually our daughters who take turns, since neither of them wants to miss out.

How Do I Puree Fruit Without A Blender?

If you want to puree by hand, you can use a mallet. You can puree your fruits and vegetables by placing them in a plastic bag and hitting them several times with the mallet until they are completely broken down with the mallet. If you want a smooth consistency, you can also boil them first.

How Do You Mash Strawberries For Babies?

The mixture should be smooth after being pureed in a food processor or blender. Ensure that the consistency is reached by adding water. Mash the strawberries with a potato masher instead of pureeing them if you want a chunkier puree for babies 10 months or older.

Is Blending And Puree The Same Thing?

The difference between blend and puree is that blend is to mingle; to mix; to unite intimately; to pass or shade insensibly into each other while puree is to crush or grind food into a puree.

How Do You Make A Puree In A Blender?

Once the soup has cooled, blend it with the remaining ingredients.Your blender’s center cap needs to be removed.Put half of the blender in the freezer…Put a towel over the top of the blender….The soup should be blended together.Put the soup in a pot and add the vegetable juice.Soup should be repeated with each remaining serving.

What Should You Not Put In A Blender?

A liquid that is extremely hot.Potatoes that have been mashed…You can also buy dried fruit or sun-dried tomatoes…Beans are a great source of caffeine.Anything Extra-Frozen…Spices that are whole.When it’s running, you may notice that your skin is tight.


In conclusion, blending strawberries without a pestle and mortar is simple. To muddle a strawberry, you don’t need much, however you might end up with some seeds. This mixture can be strained if you’d like.

Without a food processor, how would one puree?

The food can first be simmered, boiled, or stewed until it is tender and nearly falls apart. Once smooth and even, mash it with a fork or potato masher. If you prefer a smoother texture, push the puree through a sieve and then again with the back of a spoon.

Without a masher, How Can I Mash Strawberries?

The berries should first be put in a big, broad basin. I started by using the end of a huge balloon whisk to mash the cleaned and hulled strawberries. You must mash some of the berries in Step 2 before tossing them with a spoon.

Food can be pureed without a blender.

Boil and mash the food with a fork. The most straightforward method for getting blender results is this one. You can simply cook the food in a saucepan for 5 to 10 minutes, then mash it up with a fork to produce purees, sauces, smoothies, jellies, or dips.

Without a mixer, how do you make puree?

Make certain to employ a food mill.

Cleaning your dishes with chinois strainers is a fantastic idea.

Use an immersion blender only, please.

Use a chef’s knife, please.

The best way to grate cheese is with a cheese grater.

After the food has been boiled, mash it with a fork.

Rolling pins are an excellent option.

Both cheesecloth and a mallet work well.

Without a processor, how do you puree?

A food processor can be used to prepare sauces and dressings in addition to pureeing meals. The food can first be simmered, boiled, or stewed until it is tender and nearly falls apart. Once smooth and even, mash it with a fork or potato masher.

Will Hand Pureeing Work?

I concur that using a ricer or food mill will prevent lumpiness while not causing enough harm to the food to qualify as “purée”. Score one for small-bowl food processors.

If I don’t have a food processor, can I use a blender instead?

A simple blender helps soft meals, especially those with a lot of water. Josh reminds out that you can use a blender instead of a food processor to make soup. If a recipe instructs you to process a thick, creamy soup in batches, you should be able to use a blender.

With a hand mixer, can I puree?

She claims that a stick or hand blender known as an immersion blender can be used to puree, mash, and emulsify food. A typical jar blender can do harsher duties in addition to smashing ice, but it needs more liquid to get smooth results.

Is a food processor or a blender better for pureeing?

Since they operate at slower speeds and feature a selection of blades that can be used for slicing, grating, forming dough, and other tasks, food processors are typically more versatile than blenders. Because a blender’s blade rotates more quickly, the purée will be totally smooth.

How Can Strawberries Be Mash Without A Blender?

  • The Muddling Method. This method, which is frequently employed by bartenders to create mouthwatering cocktails, can also be used in place of a blender to create mouthwatering cocktails. Using a food mill is the second technique. Pouring a sieve is the third stage. Use a food processor is the fourth piece of advice. Use a chef’s knife as the sixth piece of advice. The steamer basket has a length of 6 inches.

How Can Strawberries Be Crushed Easily?

Before using them in the strawberry dish, fresh strawberries are crushed in a big bowl. If you’d rather, you can mash the berries into small bits using a potato masher or a sturdy pastry blender. Our daughters typically take turns since neither one of them wants to miss out.

Without a blender, how can I puree fruit?

A mallet can be used to purée food by hand. Fruits and vegetables can be pureed by putting them in a plastic bag and using a mallet to repeatedly pound them until they are totally broken down. You might also boil them first if you prefer a smooth consistency.

How Should Strawberries Be Mashd For Babies?

After being processed in a food processor or blender, the mixture ought to be silky. Be careful to add water until the desired consistency is achieved. If you want a chunkier puree for babies 10 months or older, mash the strawberries using a potato masher rather than pureeing them.

If I don’t have a blender, what can I use instead?

A blender can easily and effectively take the role of a food processor.

I intend to blend.

I’ll use a chopper.

I grind things. I grind things. An enormous grater is required. Mortar and pestle. A rolling pin and a plastic bag go well together…

Fatimah Condeh (Mizzteemah)


Strawberries are a popular and delicious fruit that offer a wide range of health benefits. Here are some of the key health benefits of strawberries:

  1. Rich in Nutrients: Strawberries are packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, potassium, and manganese. These nutrients help to support overall health and can aid in the prevention of chronic diseases.
  2. Promotes Heart Health: Strawberries contain flavonoids and other compounds that help to reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular health. They can also help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  3. Supports Digestive Health: The fiber in strawberries helps to promote healthy digestion and prevent constipation. They also contain natural acids that can aid in the breakdown of food and improve nutrient absorption.
  4. May Improve Brain Function: Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect against oxidative stress and reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline.
  5. Boosts Immune Function: The vitamin C in strawberries helps to boost immune function and reduce the risk of infections.
  6. May Reduce Cancer Risk: Strawberries contain several compounds that have anti-cancer properties. They can help to reduce the risk of several types of cancer, including breast, colon, and skin cancer.
  7. Good for Skin Health: The antioxidants in strawberries can help to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. They also contain vitamin C, which is essential for the production of collagen and helps to maintain healthy skin.
  8. May Help with Weight Loss: Strawberries are low in calories and high in fiber, which can help to keep you feeling full and satisfied. They are also a good source of water, which can aid in weight loss by promoting hydration.
  9. May Improve Eye Health: The antioxidants in strawberries can help to reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

Overall, strawberries are a nutritious and delicious fruit that can provide several health benefits when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

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