Immune Boosting Recipe For Babies


Immune boosting recipes are for everyone. Babies are wonderful creatures who tend to fall sick often. Mothers will agree with me that nurturing a sick baby is one hell of an experience. This is however inevitable as Sandra Gordon(2020)asserts that diseases and infections are a fact of life for kids and sometimes “normal”. Again, babies tend to react irrationally to the daily growth that occurs in their bodies, giving way to “uneasiness” and sometimes irritation. Imagine a child whose first set of teeth emerge, you may expect the child to experience cold or any other sickness. In the same vein, it is worth noting that the immune system at childhood is always weak and inexperienced to fight off the arrays of germs that the child is exposed to almost on a daily basis.

This article will scrutinize some immune boosting recipes for toddlers.

Immune Boosting Recipe For Babies

A baby’s immune system is still developing during the first few years of life. This makes him or her more vulnerable to illnesses like the flu and other infections. It’s crucial for parents to learn how to keep their children as safe as possible because infants don’t have much defense against the influenza types that are now prevalent.

Why Do Babies Need Immune Boosting Recipes

The body is endowed with a poor immune system from birth. As his body coils to practically a twist upon delivery, a newborn baby appears frail and sensitive. As soon as a child is born, any modification made to him is possible due to the fragile state of his body. The immune system is simply too powerless to effect any change in this situation. The mother could choose to sculpt the head whatever she pleases. She might even make dimples on his cheeks by pinning her fingers there.

Furthermore, the major problem starts when a child becomes a toddler. A toddler is typically a child of two(2) to three(3) years old who has not fully mastered the art of walking. He carries himself on his knees with the support of his two hands against the ground. At this, a toddler seems to have the world at his fingertips as he manages to rummage the entire house in his cat-like movement. He exposes his body to specks of dirt and germs, picks any available item at a go and heads it towards his mouth. The exposure here is always a great danger if proper nutrition is not put in place. The immune system at childhood can hardly stand the fonts of dirt and germs which result in a series of infections and at such, immune boosting recipes are needed.

Immune Boosting Recipe

Immune Boosting Recipes For Toddlers

Recipes for toddlers are generally made in conformity to the response by toddlers. Toddlers possess the ability to display a slow intake of food. They find it difficult to mash and swallow heavy foods as the teeth are inadequate and the tongue is very light. Therefore, parents should endeavour to make very light for their babies which may if of course include liquids.

However, below are the immune boosting recipes for babies which will help fight off viruses and bacteria.

1. Fish

Parents have got to find a way of adding fish to their kids’ menu. Fish helps the immune system to function properly and also helps to build the working rate of the brain. Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids, alongside some healthy fats that help in increasing the level of blood cells. How great and lovely will you be if you go fishing just for your kids! Give them tuna or salmon to eat.

2. Yoghurt

As I have stated earlier that liquid must find a way into your kids’ menu, yoghurt then is the right decision. Choosing the low-fat yoghurt stands a better chance of fighting off bacteria in a toddler’s intestine and also an immune boosting recipes for toddlers. Studies reveal that pure yoghurt is full of probiotics which can prevent gastrointestinal illnesses in kids.

3. Nuts

Nuts are of course immune boosting recipes for toddlers. Nuts are highly loaded with vitamin and mineral which help in fighting off viruses and bacteria in kids. Parents may wonder what style of use in which nuts are to be served, it is always a simple one. Buying all-natural nut butter is good to avoid hydrogenated oils. Again, parents may experience a choking hazard by giving their kids spoonful of nut butter. They should instead give them toasts or crackers with a thin layer of butter on it.

4. Citrus Crush

One of the excellent facts of citrus is that all its fruits are rich in Vitamin C. Parents need to help their kids with the right supplement of vitamin C to produce lots of white blood cells which help in healing wounds and injuries faster and also provide the body with antioxidants which fight off diseases. Give citrus fruits and sit back to watch how oranges, limes, lemons, cantaloupe, kiwi ignite them with vibrancy.

5. Blueberries

Parents can imagine how beneficial it is to provide their children with delicious blueberries to ward against pesky bugs. Blueberries are a fantastic source of vitamin C and also have a lot of antioxidants, particularly flavonoids and anthocyanins, which are quite powerful at fighting off bacterial and viral infections. If administered whole, blueberries pose the same choking risk as whole nut butter. Blueberries can be given when pureed alone or with yoghurt, pears, or oats.

6. Eggs

Another immune boosting recipes for babies, eggs are rich in vitamin D, and also the only food with natural vitamin D. It is, however, important to know that many people are prone to illnesses because of the low intake of eggs-the only natural vitamin D. I am sure that parents would not take such chance. Give your kids more eggs by boiling hard for immune boosting and also note that eggs are a good source of vitamin B and selenium.

Immune Boosting Recipe

7. Oats

When helping your kids fight viruses, bacteria and other infections, oats are immune boosting recipes to be reckoned with. Oats boast of a component of fiber that activates killer cells -the beta-glucans. Oats can be served to kids by adding almonds, blueberries, Apple cinnamon amongst others. Add oats your kid’s menu and be relieved. It worth it!

8. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be mixed with eggs to put a smile on the faces of your kids. Parents prefer sweet potatoes pancake with their favorite Healthy food recipes to make a wonderful meal! Rich in vitamin C, sweet potatoes are also rich in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene, as studies show, increases the number of white blood cells that fight against infections. Again, vitamin C is a great immune boosting recipes for toddlers.

In actual sense, you will find out that the above-named nutrients are required to be served in their whole components. This is because kids do not have strong organs to take them in that way, which may lead to choking hazard and indigestion. Parents are therefore urged to mash, mix or blend these foods with other foods to make palatable. As parents, help your kids’ grow well and you have helped yourself with foods that boost your immune system.

In conclusion, this article has convinced all parents to raise strong and healthy kids through immune boosting recipes as there is no hundred per cent assurance that kids would not fall sick.

Immune-Boosting Baby Foods

baby smiling while being fed

Everyone hates getting the flu, a cold, or a stomach bug, but these wintertime diseases may be particularly difficult (or even a little frightening) when they affect the youngest members of your family. By receiving the flu shot (babies can get the vaccine after six months), regularly washing their hands, concealing their coughs and sneezes with tissues, and avoiding contact with young children if they become ill, parents, siblings, and caregivers can help prevent the spread of illness to babies.

If your infant is eating solids, you can also support her overall health by serving her enticing meals that strengthen her immune system. Include these five components in your family’s regular meals to help everyone stay away from nasty pests!

1. Whole-Fat Plain Yogurt

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that help your baby fight off dangerous ones in the digestive tract, boost general immunity, and lessen adverse effects if she ever needs antibiotics. Plain yogurt is a fantastic source of probiotics. (Seek out items bearing the National Yogurt Association’s “Live & Active Cultures” mark.) Yogurt also contains protein, which aids in the growth, maintenance, and repair of all bodily cells, including white blood cells that fight infections and the immunity-booster vitamin D.

You can serve yogurt by itself (but don’t use sweetened varieties) or stir it into fruit or veggie purées as a healthy way to balance the tartness.

2. Sweet Potatoes

These in-season, yellow-orange tubers are rich in vitamin A, which is needed for a healthy immune system. Our bodies convert beta carotene into vitamin A. Other excellent sources of beta-carotene are dark leafy greens, mangos, pumpkins, squash, carrots, and squash.

Use our simple guide to learn how to cook sweet potatoes.

3. Avocado

This deliciously creamy fruit is a good source of both vitamin E (a potent antioxidant) and vitamin B6, which helps build the cells of the immune system and increase immune response. The omega-3 fatty acids in avocados also help the body better absorb immune-boosting nutrients, so including it in baby’s dinner will make the most of all the healthful ingredients that go in his mouth.

Purée or mash avocado well before serving. If baby is around 10 months old, you could also try the Spunky Coconut’s simple DIY avocado-pear ice pops they might even help with teething!

4. Brown Rice

These nutritious little grains are packed with the essential minerals magnesium (a macromineral you need a lot of it) and selenium (a micromineral you need it, but not a ton), which both enhance immunity and bolster resistance to viral infections.

Purée cooked brown rice with meats, veggies, or fruits brown rice blended with roasted bananas, a dash of cinnamon, and a little water is so good we would eat it! It’s also delish mashed up with stewed dried fruits.

5. Blueberries

Blueberries are a fantastic source of several antioxidants (particularly the flavonoid complex anthocyanins, which can help fight against all kinds of ailments), whether they are consumed fresh or frozen (winter is approaching). While studies show that vitamin C does little to prevent colds, blueberries are a wonderful source of vitamin C and may help your child feel better if they already have a cold.

Blueberries in their whole form are a choking hazard, but you may blend them up by themselves (if they are sweet enough) or combine them with other foods like apples, bananas, pears, yogurt, oats, or meat for a heartier baby-friendly meal.

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