Instant Pot Apple Cobbler With Cake Mix


This Instant Pot Apple Cobbler With Cake Mix recipe is gluten-free, made with all dairy-free ingredients, and the perfect dessert for fall. You will be amazed at how delicious this Instant Pot Apple Cobbler is. It’s super easy to make and there’s nothing better than having some homemade dessert to eat when it’s fresh out of the oven.

Instant Pot Apple Dump Cake

Instant Pot Apple Dump Cake requires 3 basic staple ingredients. This is my go-to dessert for any occasion or unexpected guests knocking at my door. Tender and moist cake with an apple filling. 

Instant Pot Apple Dump Cake

instant Pot Apple Dump Cake requires 3 basic staple ingredients. This is my go-to dessert for any occasion or unexpected guests knocking at my door. Tender and moist cake with an apple filling. 

This Instant Pot Apple Dump Cake is such a delicious warm treat no one will believe how easy it was to make.  

Dump and Go Instant Pot Apple Dump Cake

This is a perfect dump and go dish.  You literally dump all of the ingredients into a bowl.  There is no expertise needed. No gourmet cooking training.  No experience needed at all.

 If you can use a can opener and operate an instant pot you will be impressing everyone you know very soon.

I became a fan of dump cakes many years ago.  I have always loved to cook but baking was never my forte.  Once I discovered how easy and how delicious dump cakes were, I started to treat my family too delicious warm baked desserts.  Needless to say, dump cakes are a big hit in my house. 

The Best Dump Cakes

Once I purchased my first instant pot and realized how incredibly magical they are, I decided I needed to transform my baked dump cake recipes into instant pot dump cake recipes. The first instant pot dump cake I created was my popular Instant Pot Lemon Cream Cheese Dump Cake.  The results were so delicious!

Does Dump Cake Have to Be Refrigerated

This Apple Dump Cake does need to be refrigerated due to the Apple filling. You will find almost any Dump Cake recipe will need refrigerated due to the filling. There might be a rare recipe out there that doesn’t. So I don’t want to say you always have to. But a good rule of thumb is to refrigerate. 

Instant Pot Apple Dump Cake

How Does A Dump Cake Work

In a sense it is magical! The key is to spread fruit on the bottom, sprinkle cake mix and then spread slices of butter evenly over the top. As the butter melts the cake mix begins to form from the butter and liquid from the filling. 

It is such a delight and like I mentioned above super easy to make with minimal prep or cleanup required. 

How Long Will Dump Cake Last In Fridge 

Your dump cake will last in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Use your best judgment as to when you find it is time to throw it out. 

How to Reheat Dump Cake

If I spoon up a bit of cake and have a craving for it warm, I pop it in the microwave. Then top with a spoonful of ice cream, and it tastes like it is fresh from the oven.

Now I want to remind you that you can eat the cake cold as well. It tastes delicious straight from the fridge. It is all about what you prefer. 

Can I Make Apple Dump Cake in Oven

Absolutely. You will use an 8×8 pan or if you want to use whole cake mix use 2 cans of fruit and use a 9×13 pan. Then just place the slices of butter so it covers the entire cake and bakes until it is fully cooked. 

Can I Use Other Pie Fillings 

Yes. You can essentially use any cake mix and any pie filling. Feel free to experiment with ingredients and see what you enjoy. 

When To Serve Dump Cakes

  • Potlucks 
  • Dinner dessert
  • Summer cookouts 
  • Dessert for unexpected guests
  • Birthdays 
  • Play dates 
  • And more

We seriously make dump cakes any and every chance we get. When it is easy to make and delicious, why reach for anything else. 

Can You Freeze Dump Cake 

Yes. You can freeze dump cake up to three months. Just store in a freezer-friendly container. Then thaw in the fridge the night before you plan to eat. Or sit on the counter and let it thaw that way if you want it faster. 

I have done this where I do individual servings so anytime I crave a snack I can grab one and enjoy. 

If you enjoy cake with fruit you will love dump cake. This apple dump cake is full of rich and tender apples, moist cake and lots of sweetness. 


Can You Freeze Dump Cake 

Yes. You can freeze dump cake up to three months. Just store in a freezer-friendly container. Then thaw in the fridge the night before you plan to eat. Or sit on the counter and let it thaw that way if you want it faster. 


To make this easy apple dump cake, I used the pot-in-pot method of cooking in the Instant Pot.

If you aren’t familiar with this method, you essentially combine the ingredients in a smaller dish that fits into your Instant Pot 

You’ll add water to the bottom of your Instant Pot, then lower the dish of ingredients onto your trivet. So the Instant Pot heats up the water, creating pressure, which cooks the food in the smaller dish.

This is particularly helpful when you don’t want the water to combine with your food, which is the case in this recipe. Nobody wants watery dump cake!

One thing to be mindful of when making desserts in the Instant Pot is that the environment in a pressure cooker is moist, as opposed to the dry heat of an oven.

So the top cake layer doesn’t really brown or crisp up like it would in the oven.

Since the dump cake is made in a separate baking dish, it’s super easy to transfer it to the oven for a few minutes to brown the top. Or, if you have an air fryer lid for your Instant Pot, you can use that to crisp up the top.


It’s really easy to make this simple pressure cooker dessert.


  • Canned apple pie filling
  • Spice cake mix
  • Unsalted butter
spice cake mix, butter, and apple pie filling positioned in front of the Instant Pot


Add water. First you’ll pour a cup of water into the insert pot of the Instant Pot and set the trivet in place.

Water being poured from a red measuring cup into the insert pot of the Instant Pot

Prepare dump cake. Next, you’ll spread the apple pie filling into a 1.5-quart baking dish that fits in your Instant Pot.

I use this Corningware baking dish. It works great, fits in my 6-quart Instant Pot, plus it’s pretty enough to serve from (plus, it can be used for plenty of other things, too)!

apple pie filling spread in a corningware 1.5-quart dish

You’ll sprinkle 1 cup of the spice cake mix over the apples. It’s important here that you don’t use the whole package of cake mix, otherwise the layer will be too thick for the butter to soak all the way through.

Then, drizzle the melted butter over the cake mix, trying to cover as much as possible. It’s okay if there are small areas that aren’t covered.

cake mix spread over the apple pie filling, then topped with melted butter

Pressure cook. Then, you’ll lower the baking dish onto the trivet in your Instant Pot.

Close the lid and cook at high pressure for 30 minutes. I don’t cover this one with aluminum foil, but you can if you’d like.

baking dish with ingredients for apple dump cake lowered onto the trivet in the instant pot

After a 5 minute natural release, you can perform a quick release and carefully lift the dish out.

Brown the top. This last step is optional. If you’d like, you can transfer the dish to the oven and bake at 450F for about 5 minutes, allowing the top to crisp up a bit. You can also use an air fryer lid for your Instant Pot, if you have one.

Just be sure to empty the water from the insert pot first if you’re using your air fryer lid!

Instant Pot with an air fryer lid on top

Whether you choose to brown the top or not, I do recommend letting the dump cake sit for 5-10 minutes afterward. This will allow it to set up a bit before you serve it.

After you’ve let it cool for a few minutes, go ahead and scoop it out into some dessert bowls while it’s still warm. It’s like eating a warm apple cobbler!

overhead view of a scoop of pressure cooker apple dump cake


I serve dump cake the same way I serve cobbler, because they really are so similar.

Although you can eat dump cake cold or at room temperature, I definitely recommend serving it warm.

It’s simply delicious served “a la mode” with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or with a generous dollop of whipped cream!

a scoop of vanilla ice cream melts over a serving of apple dump cake cooked in the Instant Pot


  • You could use a yellow cake mix if you prefer, but I like the pairing of the spice cake with the cinnamon apples.
  • Because cake mix has some salt in it already, I suggest using unsalted butter.
  • Feel free to change it up and use different pie filling, too!
  • I recommend refrigerating leftovers.

Easy Apple Cobbler Recipe

If you are looking for an easy apple cobbler recipe, look no further. Here you have a super easy recipe. If you are minimal on groceries, raid your pantry and whip up this super easy dump and bake dish.

I love recipes using Apple Pie Filling, it makes it so easy, and you still get that cinnamon-spiced tender apples in each bite.


What If I Don’t Have Spiced Cake Mix

I love using recipes that use spiced cake mix, because it adds so much flavor. But, sometimes when you are shopping you will find that it is hard to find.

You can reach for a yellow cake mix, white, and it will work just the same. The cobbler just won’t have all the same flavors as you lack the spices in the cake mix.

Also, here is another spice cake mix recipe to try out if you are looking for more. Recipes using canned apple pie filling speed up the prep work, which I will never complain about.

How To Store Your Leftover Cobbler

I store my leftover cobbler in the fridge. I find it last longer this way, and then you can toss in the microwave for a quick reheat. If you reheat it, it will taste like it was fresh out of your pressure cooker.

We also don’t mind eating it cold, it is still a tasty dessert. Or if you are like me, nothing wrong than eating it for breakfast.

Can I Use Different Pie Filling

Of course! Peach would be a great swap of fruit. Or you can use any other type of fruit if you would prefer.

Just think how it would pair with the spices in the cake mix.

Easy Instant Pot Dessert

While the Instant Pot is great for so many main dishes and sides, don’t rule out desserts.

You will do back-flips over this recipe and more. Make sure to check out my site for even more Instant Pot desserts, dinners and more.

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