Keto Diet Menu Mcdonalds


Keto diet menu mcdonalds this is for you here we provide complete guideline about keto diet menu mcdonalds. This keto diet menu from McDonalds is going to give you everything you need to make keto work for a busy schedule. We’re talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks — and even what to order on the side.

Keto Diet Menu Mcdonalds

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If you’re following the ketogenic diet (like pretty much every celebrity), you might be wondering how you can do it without constantly cooking from scratch. The good news is that it’s definitely doable and not just at conventionally “healthy” eateries.

Yes, you can consume keto in well-known fast food restaurants like McDonald’s. All you need to do is order correctly. A couple of the menu items are truly keto without any adjustments. Additionally, there are many meals that may be ordered and modified to match a ketogenic diet.

Before diving into the best McDonald’s keto orders, here’s a quick primer on what following the keto diet actually looks like.

The term “ketogenic diet,” or “keto,” is short for “ketogenic diet,” and it entails consuming less carbohydrate and more fat in order to encourage your body to burn fat for energy, according to Scott Keatley, RD, of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy.

While every person’s physique and needs fluctuate slightly, the normal daily macro percentages are as follows:

  • 60 to 75 percent of your calories from fat
  • 15 to 30 percent of your calories from protein
  • 5 to 10 percent of your calories from carbs

Usually, that means consuming no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. (some strict keto dieters even opt for just 20 grams a day). Ketosis is the metabolic state where fat is used as fuel rather than carbohydrates. Many people find success with weight loss when they adhere to the keto diet. However, there are certain drawbacks to the diet, including the fact that it is not sustainable and the keto flu.

However, if it succeeds for you, good for you. According to registered dietician and WH advisor Amanda Baker Lemein, here is exactly how to order at McDonald’s to stick to your keto goals.

1. Bacon ranch grilled chicken salad

“This is the healthiest option in my book,” says Baker Lemein. “The vegetable content provides added fiber—something many Americans, especially those on keto, are missing—and lean protein from grilled chicken. It’s low in saturated fat too.”

Nutrition info: 8 g carbs, 13 g fat, and 39 g protein

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2. Side salad

Okay, so a Big Mac is not a McDonald’s side salad. For those following a ketogenic diet, it’s a worthwhile option.

Whether you follow a ketogenic diet or not, I always advise that non-starchy vegetables make up at least half of your lunch and dinner plate. For individuals on a ketogenic diet, this will give nutrients and fiber to any meal with very few carbohydrates, according to Baker Lemein.

Nutrition info: 3 g carbs, 0 g fat, and 1 g protein

3. Grilled chicken sandwich without the bun

“This is very low in saturated fat but still has 33 grams of protein, so it will be filling,” says Baker Lemein. “I recommend pairing this with the side salad to increase volume though, as few people would be satisfied with only a chicken breast.” Noted!

Nutrition info (sans bun): 1 g carbs, 2 g fat, and 33 g protein

4. Egg McMuffin without the English muffin

This is the best keto breakfast option on the menu. “The egg and Canadian bacon will provide plenty of protein, plus, Canadian bacon is lower in saturated fat than bacon or sausage,” says Baker Lemein.

Nutrition info (without the muffin): 3 g carbs, 11 g fat, and 12 g protein

5. Double cheeseburger without the bun

“A hamburger will be lower in saturated fat than breakfast sandwiches, but not as filling. A burger definitely fits the bill for keto though,” says Baker Lemein.

Nutrition info (sans bun): 4 g carbs, 20 g fat, and 20 g protein

6. Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, minus the biscuit

Without the bread on this breakfast sandwich, the bacon, egg, and cheese fits the bill for a keto morning meal. Plus, the eggs add important nutrients like choline and vitamin D, says Baker Lemein.

Nutrition info (no biscuit): 4 g carbs, 13 g fat, and 14 g protein

7. Pico guacamole chicken sandwich without the bun

This sandwich is loaded with healthy fats from avocado and nutrients from tomatoes and onions in the pico de gallo.

Nutrition info (no bun): 9 g carbs, 18 g fat, and 34 g protein

8. The “big breakfast” without the biscuit and hash browns

This classic breakfast totally qualifies as keto if you skip the biscuit and hash browns to lower the carb count (essentially making it a scrambled eggs and sausage meal).

Nutrition info (without the main carb items): 2 g carbs, 29 g fat, and 19 g protein

9. Big Mac without the bun

Yup, you can still eat a Big Mac when you’re on the keto diet, though it’s definitely not the healthiest keto option on the menu. If you’re looking for an indulgence that still falls in the keto range, this is it.


A large cup with Mcdonalds in the background.


The first thing you should stay away from is soft drinks because they are packed with sugar, pointless carbs, and calories.

However, since diet sodas have 0 net carbs, you can choose that instead.

Some more sugary menu items on the McDonald’s menu are the ice creams and milkshakes – those are another no-go.

Last but not least, you should avoid sugar-free coffee options.

They may not contain sugar, but they do contain carbohydrates.

Instead, you can order black coffee and bring your low carb sweeteners like Stevia, Swerve, Or Monk Fruit.


Of course, breads and other breaded foods are completely off limits.

The term “buns” here refers to anything breaded, such as chicken nuggets and crispy chicken sandwiches, as well as buns, biscuits, muffins, wraps, and bagels.

Having said that, my keto cloud bread, keto sandwich bread, or keto tortillas can simply be used in place of any buns or wraps!

They’re quite simple to make and only require a few pantry supplies, so you can prepare them ahead of time.


Packets of salsa & mayonnaise along with ranch dip & buffalo sauce dip from McDonalds.

Of course, you should stay away from the ketchup and french fries.Additionally, nearly EVERY SANDWICH COMES WITH Ketchup, so ALWAYS ASK FOR NO Ketchup!

You can order mustard or mayo instead of ketchup on your burger since they both have no net carbohydrates!

Oh, and if you’ve tried any of my dishes, like my low-carb meatloaf or my keto BBQ chicken, you probably already have some keto-friendly ketchup on hand! Just bring your own, then.

Similar to ketchup, there are many needless calories and carbs added by salad dressing selections.

I suggest using the existing dipping sauces to create your own.

Both the buffalo dipping sauce and the creamy ranch dipping sauce contain just one net carb.

You can combine them to create a delectable, spicy, low-carb ranch dressing to serve with burgers or salads.


My best keto diet advice is to use the McDonald’s mobile app to place your order, as I did.

Since you only have to pick it up, it’s the most convenient way to ensure that all the details of your – let’s be honest – somewhat complicated keto order are correct.

Additionally, the app frequently has special offers that you might not be aware of if you were to just use the drive-thru.


McDonald’s breakfast menu is so popular that it’s become an all-day thing in many places. So, here are some of the breakfast items you can order and how to make them keto!


A piece of sausage topped with cheese on a black take-out container.

To make the classic McMuffin keto, you just have to order it without the muffin.

What you end up with is a sausage patty topped with a slice of cheese.

The price comes out to $1.89 and only has 2 net carbs! And, in terms of calories, you’re looking at about 260 calories

By the way, I think this would be the perfect time to whip out your keto cloud bread!


A slice of Canadian bacon topped with a rounded egg and cheese.

Ordering the Egg McMuffin without the muffin will make it keto.A rounded egg, cheddar, and some Canadian bacon will eventually be served to you.

You get more protein from that rounder egg despite the slight price increase to $4.

By the way, the spherical egg is McDonald’s lowest carb egg option with only 1 carb.

Additionally, it’s the only egg item at McDonald’s that is freshly prepared there.

In total, your Egg McMuffin will only include 3 net carbohydrates and 260 calories if you order it this way.

As a pro tip, complete out your breakfast by combining an Egg McMuffin order with one of these keto yogurts.


A piece of sausage topped with a rounded egg and a slice of cheese.

The Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McMuffin is the ultimate McMuffin order.

You receive the standard McDonald’s sausage patty, a rounded egg, and a slice of cheese when you order this without a muffin.

In comparison to the other McMuffin alternatives, this one offers the best value at $2.00.

Furthermore, the entire meal just contains 3 net carbohydrates and 340 calories.

In all honesty, I think this is superior to the Egg McMuffin.The sausage patty is so savory and delicious, I really love it!

Additionally, this keto smoothie recipe goes great with the keto McMuffin. So try that combination if you want to create the best keto breakfast for yourself.


A fluffy egg on a black take-out container.

The biscuit sandwiches at McDonald’s are a trendy addition to their breakfast menu.

Additionally, you may order any biscuit sandwich without the biscuit to make it low carb and keto.

You will receive a McDonald’s folded egg—I like to call it the fluffy egg—if you order the Egg Biscuit in this manner.Anyway, the two net carbohydrates and 70 calories in this keto McDonald’s order are extremely low.

It’s also important to note that this costs $2.29.

Therefore, it seems a bit pricey for an egg.

In your and my opinion, the other biscuit variants I discuss below offer superior value.

However, this is your best option from the McDonald’s breakfast menu if you’re trying to be as low carb and low calorie as you can!

By the way, see this selection of nutritious cereals for more keto breakfast alternatives. On it, there are a ton of fantastic low-carb options.


A breakfast sausage patty on a black take-out container.

You can get this low-carb breakfast choice for for $1 because it is on the dollar menu!

Once more, you should request it without the biscuit to receive a plain McDonald’s sausage patty that is 1 net carb and 190 calories, which you may sandwich between some keto bread.

If you’d like, you may also order a slice of cheese to throw on top for an extra carb (you can do this for the first biscuit, too).


A folded egg topped with bacon and a slice of cheese.

For a total of $3.99, you can get a fluffy folded egg, some bacon, and some melted cheese when you order this McDonald’s biscuit without a biscuit.

There are only 180 calories and 2 net carbohydrates in the entire thing.

Not bad for a bacon, egg, and cheese keto biscuit, huh?

This combination of bacon, egg, and cheese was fantastic; the smoky, salty flavor of the bacon went perfectly with the rich cheese and the soft, fluffy egg.

It is spot on!


A piece of sausage on top of a fluffy egg and topped with cheese.

Similar to the last biscuit, this one comes without the biscuit but with a fluffy egg and melting cheese.

The McDonald’s sausage patty, which raises the total to $4.39, is the key distinction.

In all honesty, despite the slightly high price point, I liked the nostalgic appeal of this delectable McDonald’s morning sausage. It makes me think of my childhood when coupled with the fluffy, delectable egg and the soft, melting cheese.This was always my order when my grandma took me to McDonald’s as a child.

In any case, when compared against the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese combination, both are unquestionably winners, though the sausage variation earns a few bonus points for nostalgia.

By the way, this menu item is 270 calories and 3 net carbohydrates.


2 Slices of bacon on top of a folded egg and topped with American cheese.

Of course, a list of breakfast options from McDonald’s would be incomplete without the McGriddle!

Naturally though, we won’t be ordering them with griddle cakes.

In essence, you receive part of that mouthwatering bacon, a fluffy folded egg, and cheese.

And it costs $3.99 and has 3 net carbohydrates and 270 calories, which is almost exactly the same as the biscuit!

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