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Low Carb Apple Crisp Coconut Flour Recipe – This low carb apple crisp coconut flour recipe is a must if you’re craving something sweet, crunchy and delicious. Do you love apple crisp? I do! Did you know that coconut flour makes the most delicious, low carb apple crisp ever? If you follow a low carb diet, then you will be interested in this easy and tasty recipe.

Paleo Vegan Apple Crisp With Coconut Flour

This Paleo Vegan Apple Crisp with Coconut Flour is an EASY, fall dessert made with simple, wholesome ingredients! Gluten free, dairy free and just SO cozy!

The BEST Paleo Vegan Apple Crisp with Coconut Flour - This almond flour apple crisp is an EASY, cozy fall dessert made with simple, wholesome ingredients! Perfectly crispy, and spicy-sweet that you won't believe it's gluten free, dairy free and better for you! | #Foodfaithfitness | #Vegan #Paleo #Healthy #Glutenfree #Dairyfree

PIN Paleo Vegan Apple Crisp With Coconut Flour


In THIS CORNER: cinnamon apple goat cheese cheesecake AND this vegan apple crisp.

IN THAT CORNER: low carb keto pumpkin cheesecake AND pumpkin spice paleo magic cookie bars.

I MEAN. I don’t really know much about any kind of UFC fighting (which is what I am imagining here. Just, of course, FOOD STYLE) but I can ALMOST 100% tell you, without doubt, that would be the HARDEST battle in all the LAND.

How could you even choose? DON’T MAKE ME.

But, liiiike, since were eating a paleo apple dessert today, I think it’s best if we choose apple cinnamon for today, no? You know, just for the purposes of this post.

You can go back to eating pumpkin spice tomorrow with zero judgement. It just means you are doing the fall RIGHT.

Elephant in the room:  we J-U-S-T ate a vegan gluten free apple crisp not even a month ago. Even Mr. FFF called me out on it. He was like “did you just not make an apple crisp, liiiike, 2 seconds ago? Why are you making another one? I think the apple crisp shenanigans need to chill out a bit yo.”

That is loosely translated though. He didn’t use those exact words, and he definitely did not say “liiike” or “yo.” <– Just wanted to make sure you know that his medical schooling is being put to use and his vocabulary is not that of his unedumacted wife.

BUT, internet friends, THAT almond flour apple crisp had OATMEAL. And THIS one is a coconut flour apple crisp that A-L-S-O happens to be a PALEO apple crisp recipe, which the other was not.

PRACTICALLY a totally different recipe.

Since we’re going GUNG HO “team apple crisp” today, I wanted to make sure that ALL of your basic needs were covered.

Real talk: apple crisp in the fall, is like air every day of your life. IT IS a basic human NEED.

Especially with ice cream on top. Bonus points for a drizzle of dairy free vegan caramel sauce too! <– If that is “basic” then I DON’T WANNA BE FANCY.

What Are The Best Apples To Use For Apple Crisp?

I feel like this is personal preference, so don’t hate me when I say that I like to use nice crisp, totally-sweet apples for apple crisp. My go-to’s are usually Fuji apples or Honeycrisp apples. However, some people like a little mix of sweet AND TART. If that is you, why don’t you get a little crazy and throw some Granny Smith’s in there?

All options will make you the most excited you have ever been to be called BASIC.

Paleo Crumble Topping FAQ

I guess not really a FAQ, but more a “how to make your mouth happy when you eat crumble topping because you want it be crispy” but, your answer: EAT this paleo vegan apple crisp with coconut flour ALMOST right away.

Wait 20 mins so your mouth doesn’t end in sad, burned-ness.

The crumb topping will lose a little bit of its crispness if you let it sit a long time, so you’re gonna wanna dig in ASAP

But, liiiike, I’m hoping you didn’t REALLY need me to tell you that?

Low Carb Apple Crisp Grain Free

Low Carb Apple Crisp

This Low Carb Apple Crisp Recipe has too high of a carb count to be categorized as “keto”. However, it is a grain-free way to enjoy a fall harvest.

The crisp mornings of fall had me quickly craving some of my all time fall-favorites including apple crisp! It took some trial and error to get this topping to have a satisfying texture without being soggy or simply absorbing into the apples.

When I was working on this recipe, we had just returned from a trip to our family farm where we had picked bushels of apples!  I have no idea what kind they are, but they are delicious.

These specific apples tend to release quite a bit of moisture when baked so I added a tablespoon of coconut flour to the filling. Coconut flour is highly absorbent and perfect for this purpose.

Choosing Apples

If I were choosing apples at the store, I would choose a tart apple such as granny smith. I enjoy a tart filling and a sweeter topping. If you prefer a sweeter filling, you can double the amount of Bocha sweet or Monk Fruit Sweetener in the filling. If you desire a brown sugar taste, add a touch of molasses (about 1 tsp) to the filling to give it just a hint of a brown sugar flavor.

The taste of this low carb apple crisp takes me back to my childhood. The sweet spiced apples… the crumbly topping. Such a wonderful fall comfort food. And, this recipe is healthy enough for breakfast!

Low Carb Apple Crisp in a pan with a piece cut out

Note: Apples ARE naturally high in natural sugars and therefore high in carbohydrates. This topping adds very few net carbs to the apples. If you are following a strict Keto diet or one for medical reasons, take a peek at some of my cupcake recipes instead.

It was kind of hard deciding on a title for this recipe. I could have named it Grain-Free Apple crisp or Sugar-Free Apple Crisp. But, my research showed me that you are probably searching for “Low Carb Apple Crisp”. But, I could be wrong, so comment below and let me know!

Substitutions For Low Carb Apple Crisp

Keto baking can be VERY finicky. I can’t tell you how many times I get a text or call from a friend who’s tried a recipe but swapped out ingredients for other ingredients

Unfortunately, baking the keto way means sticking to the script. I test these recipes over and over again using all kinds of different ingredients. (And as you know, these ingredients aren’t cheap!)

As a way of helping you find the perfect ingredients–I list links to everything other than the basic stuff. This way– you know what to order–and if you choose to order through my links I get a small kickback which helps to cover the cost of being a recipe creator and blogger. Thank you! (Also– please–share with your friends on social media!)

Low Carb Apple Crisp Apples

Alternative Sweeteners

This recipe will work with a number of sweeteners. Here are my favorites

  • Bocha Sweet
  • Monk Fruit Sweetener 

Why Bocha Sweet?

Our sugar substitute of choice is BochaSweet and there’s good reason for this!
BochaSweet is extracted from the Kabocha pumpkin which has been a staple in the Japanese diet for centuries. Consuming BochaSweet on a daily basis helps to support longevity and supports healthy blood sugar levels.

Even better? It tastes almost exactly like real sugar. There’s no thin flavor or metallic aftertaste. I think most of us are looking for something that tastes amazing because only a full, satisfying taste is going to work over the long-term.

So, if we are going to go to all the work to make these keto parfaits so we can please our tastebuds AND stick to our keto diet. Well, we want the result to taste GOOD not… just ‘meh’ and unsatisfying. For this reason plus the health benefits, we reach for BochaSweet every time.

Alternative Flours

I use two alternative flours in this recipe. Coconut flour and almond flour are NOT interchangeable. Coconut flour is absorbent while almond flour is not. They bake very differently but both are a staple in a low carb kitchen. You can choose to omit the coconut flour from the filling if you are using a sturdy baking apple like a granny smith.

Spices & Extracts

Choose fresh, flavorful spices and extracts so your finished product tastes absolutely amazing. The shelf life of a spice is only 2-3 years. So, if you’re like me, and time gets away from you…. it might be time to replace that cinnamon and nutmeg that’s been in your pantry for a decade.


No, authentic apple crisps are not keto-friendly, because first, apples are high in sugar and carbs.

Then, regular apple crisp toppings contain high starchy flour, usually all-purpose flour and sugar.

So you can’t indulge in regular apple crisps without raising your blood sugar level. But, you can make a low-carb apple crisp recipe using some healthier ingredients and techniques that will taste just the same!

Zucchini Apple Crisp


No, apples are not keto-friendly fruits. Even if some apples have fewer carbs than others, they are still high-carb fruits containing between 14 grams and 26 grams of net carbs per 100 grams.

So when it comes to baking keto apple dessert, you need to find a way to swap the apples for a low-carb alternative that mimics the texture of apples and play with spices and natural flavors to make your recipe taste like apples.


The secret in this recipe is to use zucchinis instead of apples. It makes this a zucchini mock apple crisp since we are not going to use apples as a base for this keto crisp recipe.

However, stay tuned because the tricks below are going to make this zucchini apple crisp taste like the real thing, but without the carbs.

Let me tell you how to achieve the best apple flavor in a crisp without using apples at all!


First, you need to choose one of the low-carb vegetables below to make this diabetic apple crisp. Any of the below vegetables have an apple-like texture, not a strong flavor and when cooked with the right ingredients, they taste like a classic crumble apple mixture.

  • Zucchini
  • Yellow Squash
  • Chayote Squash

Use the vegetable that is the easiest to find for you this season and follow the recipe as written below.


  • Zucchinis – yes, Zucchinis are the best low-carb vegetable to replace apples in low-carb apple dessert recipes. When cooked in sugar-free sweetener, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar, it tastes just like real apples and saves you all the added sugar from the fruit.
  • Coconut Oil – or butter.
  • Lemon Juice – this is one of the secret ingredients that make the tangy-sweet flavor of the zucchini pop out.
  • Cinnamon
  • Erythritol or any granulated keto sweetener you love, sugar-free brown sugar substitute works well.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – This is the second secret ingredient to turn a zucchini crisp into the tastiest apple crisp! Apple cider vinegar is also a great ingredient to add to your keto diet to reduce your appetite.
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Almond Flour – I don’t recommend coconut flour for the crisp topping. It dries and is not as tasty. For a nut-free option, swap the almond flour for sesame seed flour or sunflower seed flour. Both are keto nut-free flours.
  • Chopped Pecans
  • Chopped Walnuts
  • Sliced Almonds – or chopped almonds or shredded coconut.


First, preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C) and grease a 9-inch pan with coconut oil. Set aside while you prepare the apple mixture for your sugar-free crisp.

Peel and trim the end of the zucchinis, then cut into 5-inch cubes (1.5 cm).

Warm a non-stick frying pan with coconut oil over medium heat. Stir in the zucchinis cubes and then sprinkle sugar-free crystal sweetener, cinnamon, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar on top.

Toss and cook on high heat until bubbles form on the sides of the pan and a brown color syrup forms. It takes about 5-6 minutes to evaporate the water from the vegetables and create a caramel-like texture.

Remove from the heat, stir in vanilla extract, and transfer the apple mixture into the prepared baking tray. Set aside to steam out and meanwhile prepare the crisp toppings.


To make the toppings, place all the toppings ingredients into a bowl and use your finger to rub the softened coconut oil onto the chopped nuts and almond flour until it forms small pieces like wet sand.

Finally, crumble the keto crisp toppings evenly over the zucchini mixture and bake in the center rack of your oven for 20-30 minutes at 180°C (350°F) or until golden brown on top.

Tip: When Is It Ready?

You know that the apple crisp is cooked through when the apple mixture forms bubbles on the sides of the pan, and the top is golden brown.

Remove from the oven and set aside 10 minutes to cool down before serving. As it cools down, the toppings get very crispy.


Yes, you must keep your apple crisp in the fridge if you want to keep it for up to 4 days.

Of course, you can keep the baked apple crisp at room temperature until it cools down. But then, it’s recommended to store the apple crisp in the fridge, or the cooked apple can turn.

To store your apple crisp, you have two options. First, you can keep it in its baking dish. It’s very convenient because it avoids cleaning more dishes.

If you do so, cover the top of the dish with a piece of plastic wrap or foil to prevent too much air from going in. Or transfer the apple crisp to an airtight box.


The last option is to freeze apple crisp for later. You can freeze small portions or large batches as long you place the crisp in an airtight container.

The day before serving, thaw the apple crisp at room temperature and rewarm in a lukewarm oven at 300°F (150°C) for 10-12 minutes.


While this apple crisp tastes amazing, it is even better with some toppings. The best keto-friendly toppings for this gluten-free sugar-free apple crisp are:

  • Sugar-free Vanilla ice cream.
  • Whipped cream
  • Whipped coconut cream for a vegan low-carb apple crisp.
  • Sugar-free maple syrup
  • Cinnamon

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