Nice Healthy Lunch Ideas


Nice Healthy lunch ideas aren’t as hard to find as you think. This article has some great ideas that are nice and healthy.

Do you know what to pack for lunch to take to work? Are you are getting bored with the same old lunch ideas? Well, if this is you, then I’ve got a couple of lunch idea’s that will keep you from getting sick of having the same thing over and over again.

Nice Healthy Lunch Ideas

Protein pots

A selection of homemade healthy protein pots with tuna, steak and chicken

Protein is an important part of a balanced diet. If you’re looking to increase your protein intake from time-to-time, our homemade protein pots make for a perfect snack or light lunch, and all contain around 30g protein:

Steak & broccoli protein pots
Tuna Niçoise protein pot
Indian chicken protein pots

Try our best ever high-protein lunch recipes.

Homemade wraps

Spicy chicken, red peppers and avocado on a wholemeal tortilla to make a healthy wrap

Flatbreads and tortillas make a great alternative to bread, or you could use crisp lettuce leaves if you’re looking to cut the carbs. Protein-rich chicken and fish make great filling options, or pile on the veggies for a lunchtime nutrient hit.

Try our healthy wrap recipes:

Spicy chicken & avocado wraps
Lebanese chicken wraps
Roasted chickpea wraps
Veggie olive wraps with mustard vinaigrette
Tuna mayo lettuce wraps
Lemony salmon & lettuce wraps

Sandwich ideas

A Moroccan pitta filled with falafels and houmous

Forget soggy sarnies – our filling pittas, club sandwiches and toast toppers are packed with delicious, nutrient-dense ingredients that are sure to hit the spot. Pack up the ingredients separately and assemble at your desk for a super fresh open sandwich.

Super sandwich inspiration:

Stuffed Moroccan pitta
Green club sandwich
Smoked trout & cucumber open sandwiches
Chicken & avocado sandwich topper
More healthy sandwich ideas

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Portable soups

Mexican bean soup with shredded chicken and lime

To avoid leakage, pop in a thermos flask with a tight seal. If you can make use of a microwave during your lunch break, you could batch-cook soup, freeze in Tupperware (that’s suitable for the freezer and the microwave), then thaw and reheat when you want to eat.

Nutritious soup ideas:

Healthy Ways to Pack a Better Lunch

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