Oven Chicken With Vegetables


Oven baked chicken with vegetables is the perfect weeknight meal. Ready in less than 20 minutes, you can get this one on the table fast. To make it a complete meal, serve with a salad, or a bowl of soup. Dinner’s done. This Baked Chicken Legs And Vegetables recipe was so easy and great tasting.

Vegetable nutrition facts are important to know. If you don’t know these vegetable nutrition facts, then you may fall short in getting the most out of the vegetables you consume. Let’s discuss what some of the vegetable nutrition facts are…

Oven Chicken With Vegetables

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables flavored with garlic, spices, lemon juice and olive oil is always a family favorite. Juicy and tender chicken thighs are baked with potatoes and other veggies you have on hand with no fuss. This is an easy go-to dinner recipe that you can make on busy weekdays.

Roasted chicken with vegetables in a casserole pan

Juicy baked chicken thighs and delicious veggies are flavored with garlic and seasoned with various spices. Just out of the oven! Smells so good and feels so comforting! If you want to put some delicious chicken roasted with vegetables on your dinner table tonight, look no further. All you need is 15 minutes to prepare this tasty and healthy meal.  The oven will do the rest for you.

You know it’s almost impossible to go wrong with oven baked chicken pieces recipe. When chicken comes together with potatoes and other vegetables, it gets even easier to satisfy everyone.

I make many different chicken recipes at home simply because they are quick, healthy and tasty.  A dinner with chicken wings and bulgur can easily get folks at home around the table in no time. Sticky chicken wings turn our regular dinner into a pure feast at home.

This roast chicken with vegetables is just another delicious and simple chicken recipe I make quite often. Some days I come home from work, exhausted and want to make a simple dinner. What I do in these situations is to prepare the ingredients and place them in a pan and the oven will do the job for me. So, baking time gives me time to relax or finish some work until the dinner is ready.


  • Roasted chicken thighs and vegetables is a nutrition pack. The ingredients cater the needs of a good diet very well. Chicken provides good amount of protein. As it is white meat, it is healthier and lighter than most other sources of animal-based protein like beef or butter. We have big amount of garlic in the recipe which is mostly known as a natural anti-biotic.
  • Besides potatoes, this recipe contains various other veggies like carrots, red bell peppers and tomatoes. They are a good source of fiber, which is essential in a healthy diet, and vitamins. And they all go wonderfully with chicken.
  • Spices like black pepper, thyme, and chili pepper contribute a lot to the flavor. And the good thing is you can be flexible with them and add in whatever spice you like.
  • I am a big fan of olive oil, so I add a generous amount of olive oil in it.  With olive oil, nothing can go wrong. It makes this meal as light as it makes it delicious.

How to Make

Making baked chicken and vegetables in the oven takes three simple steps.

  1. Let’s start with preheating the oven to 400F/200C. While it’s heating, put chicken thighs, potatoes, carrots, red bell pepper and tomatoes in a large bowl. Now Season with salt and spices. Add in olive oil, lemon juice and water. Toss very well.
  2. Transfer chicken thighs first into a baking dish. Then add vegetables on and around the thighs and pour any remained sauce over them. Cover it with aluminium foil. We are almost there!
  3. Roast your chicken and veggies in oven for 50 minutes. It’s done. Now sprinkle parsley on it and serve! People are getting impatient now that they can smell it!

How Long to Roast

I use either boneless chicken thighs or drumsticks in this recipe. As for the vegetables, potatoes are staple for me but you can use any vegetable you have on hand. Put everything in a casserole pan, drizzle a generous amount olive oil and bake at 400F for 50 minutes.

I bake everything together and never have a problem. The only thing I can warn you about is the chopped size of the potatoes you use. Don’t chop them very thinly to prevent them from being mashed. Make thick slices of potatoes (about 1 inch) so that they are cooked at the same time. Just halving them would be enough if you are using baby potatoes. If you are using other vegetables, consider their cooking time before slicing them.

When you use a whole chicken though, you will probably need more baking time. Check the tenderness of potatoes after 50 minutes, remove them if they are done and bake the whole chicken for an extra 20-30 minutes.

3 Methods

  1. In foil packets: You can cut squares of foil and place a few spoons of chopped vegetables on each. Then place one chicken thigh in each foil square. The amount of ingredients will depend on the size of the squares. Just make sure you can close your foils properly.
  2. In sheet pan: If you place ingredients in a sheet pan, I recommend you do not remove the skin on the chicken parts. Otherwise, you will probably end up with dry chickens. If you leave the skins on, you will have delicious juicy thighs.
  3.  In a baking pan covered with foil: Put everything in a baking pan and cover it well with foil. I use this method in this very recipe. But the other methods work equally well.

Serving suggestions

As you see in the picture above, we love to pair this scrumptious meal with orzo rice and refreshing Turkish cacik, which is very similar to Greek tzatziki. If you prefer to serve it with a refreshing salad, Rebecca’s Cucumber Scallion Salad would be perfect match.

Baked Chicken Legs And Vegetables

Baked Chicken legs along with vegetables in a delicious ranch marinade, is the kind of dinner we love on any day. Butter, ranch seasoning, paprika for a little extra kick, salt, and pepper, are all you need for this recipe. No more boring vegetables here, because the veggies are cooked along with Chicken and suck up all the flavor.

And it creates this amazing pan sauce, which is packed with flavor and perfect to drizzle over. Check out these Air fryer Chicken Drumsticks with a spicy dry rub for a healthier alternative.

This baked Chicken legs with vegetable is a delicious one-pan dinner with minimal effort. Chicken and vegetables tossed in a ranch marinade and cooked until tender and juicy.

  • Chicken: I have used bone-in Chicken legs for maximum flavour. You can also use Bone-in Chicken thighs or Chicken leg quarters. Bone-in Chicken thigh takes a little longer to cook than boneless, so the vegetables also get enough time to get cooked.
  • Vegetable: I have used potato and Carrot here. You can also use Zucchini, pepper etc.  Add hard root vegetables along with chicken, but throw in softer veggies midway, to avoid overcooking.
  • Garlic: Well I am a little obsessed with garlic, the more the better. Add some whole cloves of garlic that will add more flavor to the pan juice.
  • Wine: Again for a flavourful pan sauce. You can substitute with chicken stock.
  • Butter: Love rich buttery pan sauce??? Butter keeps the meat moist and flavourful. You can also swap butter with Olive oil for a healthier version.
  • Ranch Seasoning:  You don’t need dozens of spices, use good quality ranch seasoning or a homemade one here.
  • Paprika: For an extra kick, I like to add paprika. You can skip it if you want.
4 steps to bake chicken legs in ranch seasoning

How Long To Bake Chicken legs/Chicken Drumsticks in Oven?

Chicken drumsticks when baked remain really moist and juicy. There is no fear of the meat getting dry and chewy. How long to cook chicken legs in the oven depends on its size.

It takes 40-45 minutes for the chicken drumsticks to cook in an oven preheated at 425 degrees F.

Dutch Oven Chicken and Vegetables Dinner

Enjoy this delicious Dutch Oven Chicken and Vegetables Camping Recipe. This meal is lower in carbs, depending on what vegetables you use.

Chicken in a Dutch Oven with Vegetables
Chicken in a Dutch Oven with Vegetables

Last weekend we went camping and ate the most incredible baked chicken and vegetables recipe. It was shared by our camping friends, Robin and Brad.

How to Make Dutch Oven Chicken & Vegetables

We quickly discovered that while there are several ingredients in this recipe, it requires little effort to make. The chicken and vegetables are all cooked in one pot, which also makes for easy clean-up.

This camping recipe can be customized with your favorite vegetables. Just add spices for an uncomplicated prep.

Why you will love this Roasted Chicken in a Dutch Oven

You will become an instant fan of this Chicken Breast in a Dutch Oven because it is:

  • a hearty one pot meal
  • easy to prepare
  • customized with your favorite vegetables & spices
  • can be made with chicken thighs or breasts
  • lower in carbs
  • easy to clean-up

Dutch Oven Chicken and Potatoes Recipe

This Dutch oven-roasted chicken with vegetables recipe calls for the following ingredients, although the vegetables and spices can be changed to your liking:

  • chicken thighs or breasts (we prefer skinless and boneless)
  • your favorite vegetables (we used sweet potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms)
  • spices, such as seasoning salt, lemon pepper, or cajun seasoning
ingredients for Dutch oven chicken thighs

How to Roast Chicken and Vegetables While Camping

This simple Dutch Oven Chicken Breast recipe goes together quickly.

  1. prepare charcoal for the Dutch oven
  2. chop the vegetables
  3. dump in all the ingredients and add spices
  4. bake

Dutch Oven Baking Prep

Like all Dutch Oven Camping Recipes, you need to prepare charcoal. We use a charcoal chimney to prep the coals for our Dutch oven.

hot coals being place on the lid of a Dutch oven out at a campground

Recipe Instructions

While the charcoal is prepping, start chopping! We start with the vegetables that will take the longest to cook and place them in the bottom of the Dutch oven as they are chopped.

Our first vegetable was carrots, which did not need chopping because we used packaged baby carrots. Next, we chopped the sweet potato and layered it on top of the carrots.

We added some spices on top of the root veggies. We sprinkled on onion flake, garlic powder, salt & pepper. Real onions can be used instead of dried minced onion.

Then we dumped the pre-sliced mushrooms on top of the carrots and sweet potatoes and added a 1/4 cup of water. The water keeps everything nice and moist!

Lay the chicken thighs out on top of the veggies. Finally, generously shake garlic powder, pepper, and seasoning salt on top.

Put the lid on the Dutch oven and bake. Place over a small circle of 6-8 hot coals. Spread 10-12 pieces of coals on the lid of the pot. Bake for 45 to 60 minutes or until everything is thoroughly baked.

collage of preparation of the camping chicken in a Dutch oven

Recipe Tips

Can I use any type of chicken in this recipe?
We use skinless and boneless thighs or breasts, but skin-on chicken pieces would also work. A small whole chicken can be used in the middle of the Dutch oven with the vegetables surrounding it. Extend the cooking time for a whole bird.

How do I adjust the recipe to bake at home?
The recipe can be made in your camping Dutch oven in your oven or on the grill. We oven bake it in an enamel-covered Dutch oven pot with the lid on at 350° for an hour.

white paper plate with roasted vegetables and chicken on it

We love this recipe!

This Dutch oven chicken thighs and vegetables recipe surpassed our Campfire Roasted Chicken as our favorite oven-roasted chicken with vegetables recipe. You really cannot mess it up!

We will definitely be making this chicken vegetable recipe on every camping trip from now on. We will probably make it with the same exact veggies each time.

It is so simple but so good. We need to try this dutch oven dinner at home.

update: We made this baked chicken and vegetables in the oven at home at it was pretty good!

I would not recommend making it in any other cookware because the cast-iron Dutch oven really adds to the flavor.

Dutch oven with food in it


What vegetables go good with chicken?

The good news is that many vegetables are good companies to chicken. It is completely up to your wishes and creativity. You can have roasted chicken with potatoes only if you do not want any other veggies to interfere with this amazing couple J But I prefer to have as many nutrients as I can get from a meal so I add in different veggies, as well.
I make different versions of this baked chicken recipe with different vegetables. I sometimes substitute peppers with zucchini or I sometimes add in broccoli or cauliflower, especially in winter.

Can you bake vegetables with raw chicken?

Yes, you can. The only thing is chicken takes a bit longer to bake than veggies so you get very tender veggies. But this should not be a problem unless you like your veggies tough.

Should I wash chicken before I cook it?

No, you should not. Washing chicken is said to be unhealthy as it can spread germs or some bad bacteria when washed.

Do you cover chicken when baking?

Yes, if you want juicy chicken! For this very recipe with skinless chicken thighs, I recommend covering the chicken otherwise it might dry out. However, covering is not needed if you use chicken with skin on. As an example, we don’t cover it when making roasted stuffed whole chicken, one of our favorite special occasion dishes.

What can I season my chicken with?

Most spices go very well with chickenCumin is one of them. Thyme, curry powder, oregano, rosemary, black pepper, nutmeg also go very well with chicken.

Does baking chicken in foil keep it moist?

Yes. With the foil wrapped around it, chicken keeps its juice for itself and this makes it moist and tender. Make sure you do not overcook, though. If you overcook chicken, foils may not be enough to keep it moist.


Vegetables are full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that provide many important health benefits to your body. For instance, carrots are known for being very high in vitamin A, which plays an important role in eye health, as you grow older. 

Vegetables also offer many other health benefits like: 

Improved Digestive Health

Vegetables are a good source of dietary fiber, a type of carbohydrate that helps pass food through your digestive system. Studies show that fiber may also improve vitamin and mineral absorption in the body, which could potentially raise your daily energy levels.

Lower Blood Pressure

Many green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, and chard contain potassium. Potassium helps your kidneys filter sodium out of your body more efficiently, which can reduce your blood pressure.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Green leafy vegetables also contain vitamin K, which is believed to prevent calcium from building up in your arteries. This can lower your risk of arterial damage and help prevent many heart health complications in the future.

Diabetes Control

Vegetables are particularly high in fiber, which is needed for optimal digestion. They have a low glycemic index, so your blood sugar won’t rise quickly after a meal. The American Diabetes Association recommends at least 3 to 5 servings per day of non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, carrots, or cauliflower.


Vegetables are a rich source of f olate, a B vitamin that helps your body make new red blood cells. Folate is especially important for children’s health and may also reduce the risk of cancer and depression. 

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