Baked Chicken With Ritz Crackers


This baked chicken with ritz cracker recipe is a must-try when you are tired of making the same old things. Chicken just tastes better when it is covered in the light and tangy sauce. You will love how crisp and fresh the ritz crackers are even after being smothered in the sauce. It’s mild, but flavorful and you will be able to eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I can’t even tell you how much I love

chicken and cheese. I mean, just look at this baked chicken with ritz crackers recipe and all the gorgeous things I could say while describing it: crispy and crunchy crust, gooey cheese, juicy tomatoes…but truthfully, if you want to eat something this delicious in a healthier way, you might go for fish sticks instead of chicken nuggets! A delicious and mouth-watering recipe for a baked

chicken with Ritz crackers. It’s one that you’ll want to serve every time you have a get-together. The secret to success with Ritz Cracker Baked Chicken is the golden combination of crispy chicken, creamy sauce, and melted cheese. Use your favorite Ritz crackers for this easy baked chicken dish! You’re here to find out if ritz crackers are good for you! There’s not much to say about ritz crackers that hasn’t already been said. They’re delicious and definitely a go-to for any party or potluck.

Baked Chicken With Ritz Crackers

Ever think about making healthy homemade meals for your family? Baked chicken with ritz crackers is a fantastic recipe that’s good to know! It’s really easy to make and it tastes delicious. Baked chicken has never seemed like so much fun. The vegetable of your choice is shredded and mixed with a delicious lemon herb seasoning, baked with cream cheese in a pan until crispy and light. Serve over crusty bread with an orange wedge smashed on top for the perfect sandwich lunch.

You only need a few ingredients to make Ritz Cracker Chicken Recipe. Get dinner on the table fast and prepare to watch your family go crazy over this crispy baked chicken.

Ritz Cracker Chicken Recipe:

Are you ready for another EASY and delicious dinner recipe? Well this Ritz Cracker Chicken recipe will do just that!

I fell in love with the idea of covering my chicken in this family favorite cracker. We all love Ritz crackers so it seemed like the perfect coating for chicken!

Originally, I was concerned that it was going to lack in flavor, but it did not. I was pleasantly surprised how it was packed with flavor.

The kids loved it and quickly devoured this delicious tender chicken recipe.

Ritz Cracker Chicken is such an easy meal!

They don’t look like anything special…. but when you bite into the chicken your mouth with do a little party. No seriously…. my entire family kept going on and on about this recipe.

They keep begging for me to make it again. Everyone loved it and it was a hit all around.


For my version of Ritz cracker chicken you will need just these ingredients:

  • Chicken breasts
  • Eggs
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Butter
  • Garlic Salt
  • Pepper

Yep that is it! The crackers are loaded with flavor so it is really all you need.

How to Make Ritz Cracker Chicken:

  • Prepare oven and baking dish – Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F and spay a baking dish with a non stick cooking spray.
  • Whisk Eggs – Whisk the 2 eggs in a large shallow bowl.
  • Crush the Ritz Crackers – Place the crackers in a food processor and blend until they are fine crumbs. Add them to a separate shallow bowl and stir in the garlic salt and pepper.
  • Dip the Chicken – Dip the chicken in beaten egg and then coat the chicken with the cracker mixture.
  • Make sure all chicken is coated – Then place the coated chicken in the baking dish. Continue this process until all the chicken has been coated.
  • Place chopped butter on chicken – Chop up the butter and place pieces on top of the chicken. You can also top with melted butter.
  • Bake Ritz Cracker Chicken – Bake for 25-35 minutes until chicken is cooked through, has browned slightly and has reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.
  • Serve and Enjoy – Let the chicken rest for 5 minutes and then it’s ready to serve and enjoy!

The crushed cracker crumbs really make this meal amazing and give each piece of chicken the best flavor.

Ritz chicken is easy to make!

It only takes about 30 minutes for this baked chicken recipe. It is one of the best easy recipes and such a tasty chicken recipe.

Sometimes, we will add a little Italian seasoning or garlic salt to the ritz cracker crumbs before baking. Yum!

Tips for the Best Ritz Butter Chicken:

  • Frozen Chicken – If your chicken is frozen, thaw overnight in the refrigerator. You can also place frozen chicken in a bag and submerge in cold water.
  • Shallow Bowl – Coating chicken with eggs and ritz cracker crumbs works best when you use a shallow bowl.
  • Use both hands – I use one hand to dip chicken in eggs and the other hand to dip in cracker crumbs. This prevents lumps of ingredients on your hands.
  • Sour Cream – My kids like to dip their butter chicken in sour cream.
  • Coating Chicken – When you are dipping chicken in the egg and cracker crumbs, make sure all sides get coated.

Can you Freeze Ritz Cracker Chicken

Yes, you can freeze Ritz Cracker Chicken. You can either freeze it before you bake it or after you bake it.

  • Freezing Unbaked Chicken – Wrap individual pieces of chicken and place in a zip lock freezer bag. It will last about 6-9 months in the freezer.
  • Freezing Baked Chicken – Once your chicken has cooled to room temperature, place on a baking sheet and place in the freezer. Once frozen, wrap in plastic wrap and place in a zip lock freezer bag.

What to serve with Ritz Cracker Chicken:

  • Broccoli
  • Potatoes
  • Green Salad

How to Store and Reheat:

Refrigerate any leftover chicken in an air tight container for up to 5 days.  

Reheat in the oven to make the chicken crispy again when enjoying your leftovers.  

Ritz Cracker Baked Chicken

There are so many Ritz Cracker recipes, but you have to try this baked chicken recipe! If there is one thing I love as much as Halloween, it’s chicken. Baked Chicken is just that. It’s simple and delicious, but it’s also that one meal that gets people talking. It’s pretty much up there with the chicken-and-waffles combo for making people do a double take. So whatever your website is, if you can possibly work this recipe into it somehow then definitely do it.

Boneless chicken breasts soaked in buttermilk; then coated in Ritz cracker crumbs and baked until juicy and golden brown.

Ritz Cracker Baked Chicken Breasts

I had some leftover Ritz crackers when I recently made the Velveeta Shells & Cheese; so I decided to use them as a topping for this Ritz Cracker Chicken. 

Boneless chicken can sometimes be a little dry; especially if overcooked. Brining the chicken or soaking it in buttermilk first is a good way to seal in the juices; leaving your chicken extra juicy. 

We tend to eat a lot of chicken; whether that’s boneless breasts or chicken thighs.

 This recipe for Ritz Cracker Baked Chicken doesn’t require a lot of ingredients and makes a quick, delicious weeknight dinner.

The crackers add a buttery, rich flavor that goes perfectly with many side dishes. 


  • Resealable Plastic Bag (or bowl)
  • Mini Food Processor
  • Mixing Bowl (for coating the chicken)
  • Casserole Baking Dish
Ritz Cracker Chicken closeup


For this recipe you’ll need the following ingredients: 

  • Boneless Chicken Breasts: Chicken breasts seem to be getting larger and larger. Try to find some that are smaller in size (around 6-ounces). If you can only find the large ones, cut them in half horizontally before making this recipe. 
  • Buttermilk: You can purchase buttermilk or make it yourself by combining 2 cups of milk with 1/4 cup of lemon juice or white vinegar. Allow the mixture to rest for 15 minutes until it thickens before soaking the chicken. 
  • Ritz Crackers: I like to purchase the ones in the snack size sleeves so they stay fresher longer. You’ll need 4-snack size packages or 2-full sleeve packages. You’ll need approximately 2 cups of crumbs. 
  • Parsley: I used dried parsley to give this chicken recipe a bit of color, but you can use other spices like basil or oregano. 
  • Black Pepper
  • Cooking Spray
Ritz Cracker Chicken on a white plate


  • Start by adding the chicken to a resealable plastic bag (or a bowl); then add the buttermilk.
  • Coat the chicken, seal the bag (or cover the bowl); then refrigerate for at least 4 hours up to overnight. 
  • When you’re ready to cook the chicken, preheat the oven to 375 degrees F and spray the baking dish with the cooking spray. 
  • Add the Ritz crackers, parsley and pepper to a mini food processor; then pulse until fine. Add the crumbs to a bowl; then dredge the chicken into the crumbs.
  • Coat both sides of the chicken; then place into the baking dish. Repeat for all pieces of chicken; then spray the tops with some of the cooking spray as well. 
  • Place the baking dish in the oven and cook 20-25 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees F in the thickest part of the chicken. 
  • Cooking times may vary depending on the thickness of the chicken. These pieces were approximately 6-ounces.


Because the flavor is buttery, mild and a little salty from the crackers, you can serve this Ritz Cracker Chicken with a variety of sides. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Sides: Apple Bread Stuffing, Creamy Garlic and Herb Mashed Potatoes or Broccoli and Cheese Risotto

Vegetable: Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole, Steakhouse Creamed Spinach or Italian Style Grilled Street Corn

Are Ritz Crackers Healthy To Eat

Are ritz crackers healthy to eat? It depends. Ritz Crackers are a snack food that is marketed by Nabisco. Are ritz crackers healthy with cheese, the first step to evaluating any food for health is finding out what’s in it. That can sound complicated and difficult, but typically it comes down to three easy steps: Are Ritz Crackers healthy to eat? Are they good for you? Or are they bad for you? Do crackers have health benefits? Or dangers?

Ritz crackers are the third leading crackers brand in the United States with sales of $485.6 million according to a statistics report. When it comes to snacks, Ritz crackers may be at the top of your list whether you are shopping at your local supermarket or in the grocery aisles of big box stores like Walmart or Target.

These versatile crackers are great to dip into hummus or guacamole, top with Chinese or deli meat or pop in your mouth just as they are. If you attend a party or a gathering, it’s easy to grab a box of Ritz crackers and a dip and you will be all set to contribute something delicious to the festivities. But the question arises, Are Ritz crackers healthy? Well, the article is all about the answer to this question.

Are Ritz Crackers Healthy for You?

Most of the crackers are notorious for having high sodium and fat content. That is the reason people are suspicious about Ritz crackers too. Is Ritz healthy? Are Ritz Original crackers healthy? Is Ritz good for you? These types of questions about Ritz crackers are very common.  So, let us have a debate on how healthy are Ritz crackers?


It is debatable whether Ritz crackers are a healthy snack but the reason some countries do not allow the sale of Ritz crackers has to do with the ingredients list and how they are made.  The major problematic ingredient is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. It is a type of trans fat that is not allowed in many European countries including Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, and Switzerland. It is also prohibited in some regions of the United States.

Trans fats are created during the refinement process of vegetable oils that turn them into a colorless and odor-producing oil, according to the Environmental Working Group. They refine the oil to improve its sensory value and to make the oil more versatile and interchangeable. Hydrogenated oil increases the shelf life of a product and helps the ingredients mix well together.

According to the University of California Davis, trans fats are known to be very unhealthy. Trans fat increases low-density lipoproteins, a type of cholesterol, known to be bad for the body. Low-density lipoproteins can build up in the bloodstream and block the arteries. It can also increase the possibility of cardiovascular diseases. According to FDA, removing these partially hydrogenated vegetable oils from food can prevent heart attacks and deaths each year.

Another harmful ingredient in Ritz crackers is high fructose corn syrup. This is an artificial sweetener that plays havoc on human health by causing obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. The sodium content in Ritz crackers is also high. It can lead to hypertension and can cause bloating. So,  if we analyze the overall ingredient list of Ritz crackers they are not very healthy.

Are Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers Healthy?

Are wheat Ritz crackers healthy? Are whole wheat Ritz crackers healthy? Ritz crackers are not very good at providing nutrition. However, can whole wheat Ritz crackers be a slightly better choice than plain Ritz crackers? So, Are plain Ritz crackers healthy? The answer is that they are less nutritious than whole wheat Ritz crackers.


Although these crackers are made with whole wheat, they are still highly processed. They contain high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils that are not good for health as they raise bad cholesterol levels in the blood. They can clog the arteries supplying blood to the heart and hence can cause ischemia and shock.

Ritz whole wheat crackers are good in taste and texture. People think they are healthy because they are made with whole wheat. But the truth is that they contain refined ingredients which are not good for health. They contain 70 calories per 5 crackers out of which 25 calories come from fats.

Are Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers Healthy?

Ritz peanut butter crackers are very delicious. Peanut butter is sandwiched between two crackers. Nut butter-containing products are considered for health as they contain vitamin E and other essential nutrients.  Vitamin E prevents heart diseases, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, and is good for the health of the eyes.


So, are peanut butter Ritz crackers a healthy snack? Yes, they are healthy as they contain a lot of proteins. Proteins are good for the health of muscles. Eating peanut butter crackers can make you feel full for longer as proteins in peanut butter give a satiating effect.  It has limited calories and it can help you lose weight.

Are Ritz Cheese Crackers Healthy?

Ritz cheese crackers are not good for health as cheese is high in fats and is packed with a lot of sodium. It is very high in calories. It contains a lot of sugar and fat that can cause obesity followed by diabetes.

Cheese does indeed offer some calcium too but the problem is that it can cost you so many calories. Eating a lot of cheese crackers can make you gain more weight. The sodium content in cheese can cause high blood pressure and other heart-related diseases.

Are Ritz Crackers Healthy for Dogs?

Ritz crackers are not healthy for dogs as they contain a lot of salts, sugar, carbohydrates, and gluten. They are also not good for dogs having gluten allergies. The following ingredients in the crackers are harmful to dogs.

  • Soy lecithin
  • Malted barley flour
  • Leavening Agents
  • High Fructose Corn syrup
  • Unbleached flour
  • Sugar and salt

Dogs who have gluten allergies may show the following signs and symptoms after eating Ritz crackers.

  • Diarrhea
  • Intestinal inflammation
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Itchy skin

The partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are also not good for your dog’s health.

Are Ritz Crackers Good for Weight Loss?

Are Ritz crackers fattening? Yes, Ritz crackers are fattening as they are high in calories and contain a lot of sugar and fats. These are refined products that are highly processed and can cause obesity. They contain a lot of calories that are not good to eat if you want to lose weight.

You can not take a risk of eating crackers if you are on a diet. A moderate amount of peanut butter crackers can be healthy for weight loss as they are high in calories. But do not munch on too many crackers if you are trying to lose weight. Eating too many crackers means gulping an extra amount of calories that can be fattening.

However, the reduced-fat Ritz crackers are budget-friendly and are low in calories. If you want to enjoy crackers while losing weight, reduced-fat crackers can be a good choice but the amount of chemicals is the same as the original crackers. Also, the refining process is still used for reduced-fat crackers and the calories are empty.

Are Ritz Crackers Healthy for Diabetics?

Are Ritz crackers Ok for diabetics? Yes, diabetics can eat a moderate amount of Ritz crackers. Ritz crackers are not much high in sugar like other sugary crackers like pretzels. But keep in mind the amount of sugar per cracker and eat according to your needs. It is better to consult your physician before choosing anything to eat if you are suffering from any type of diabetes.

Are Ritz-baked Crackers Healthy?

Are baked Ritz crackers healthy to eat? Well, Ritz-baked Crackers are not very high in sodium but they are just empty calories as they do not contain many vitamins and minerals. Also, the fat in these crackers is trans fat that is very harmful. It can increase bad cholesterol levels in the blood and can also cause cardiovascular diseases.


The Bottom Line

Ritz crackers are perfect as a complement to meat and cheese or just a tasty snack on all its own but, are Ritz crackers healthy? The partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup listed in the ingredients list make these crackers harmful for health.

You can’t always rely on the nutritional label of your favorite product because there are loopholes that allow food manufacturers to state that their product has zero trans fats, even if it still contains it. So, moderation is the only key to staying fit while enjoying your favorite snacks.

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