Slow Cooker Chicken With Dumplings


One of my family’s favorite dishes is Slow Cooker Chicken With Dumplings. It is so easy to put in the Crock Pot, and at dinner time, the whole house fills up with such a delicious aroma! The rich taste of chicken and vegetables in a tasty broth goes great served over rice or noodles. At my house, it is a meal that pleases toddlers and teens alike. < 

Crock-Pot Chicken and Dumplings

WATCH: Nothing Could Be Easier Than Crock-Pot Chicken And Dumplings

Q: Is there anything more comforting than chicken & dumplings? 

A: Nope!

How do you make chicken & dumplings in a slow cooker?

This recipe is broken down into two parts: cooking chicken and cooking biscuits. First, you lay boneless skinless chicken breasts over a bed of onion in your slow cooker, then pour cream of chicken soup and chicken broth on top. Once the chicken is cooked, it’s time to add the vegetables and biscuits. That’s it. 

Why does this recipe use cream of chicken soup?

 Nothing quite beats the creamy texture and savory flavor of cream of chicken soup. You can absolutely make your own copycat recipe from scratch, but we lean on the canned stuff for convenience here.

How do the biscuits cook in the slow cooker?

So first you cook the chicken mixture, and then for the last hour you cook the biscuits. The heat in the slow cooker will help the biscuits rise and “bake”. They’ll need a lot longer in the slow cooker though—about an hour to be fully cooked through.

Can I use dumpling dough from scratch?

Absolutely! We use refrigerated canned biscuits here for convenience, but we can only imagine what this recipe would taste like with our perfect flaky biscuits.

Editor’s Note: This recipe was edited slightly on February 4, 2021.





onion, chopped

1 1/4 lb. 

boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 tsp. 

dried oregano

Kosher salt

Freshly ground black pepper

(10.5-oz.) cans cream of chicken soup

2 c. 

low-sodium chicken broth

sprigs fresh thyme

bay leaf

stalks celery, chopped

large carrots, peeled and chopped 

1 c. 

frozen peas, thawed

cloves garlic, minced

(16.3-oz.) can refrigerated biscuits


  1. Scatter onion in the bottom of a large slow cooker then top with chicken. Season with oregano, salt, and pepper.
  2. Pour soup and broth over chicken, then add thyme and bay leaf. Cover and cook on High until the chicken is cooked through, about 3 hours.
  3. Discard thyme and bay leaf, then shred chicken with two forks. Stir in celery, carrots, peas, and garlic. Cut or tear biscuits into small bite-sized pieces then stir into chicken mixture. Spoon liquid over any biscuits at the top. 
  4. Cook on High until vegetables are tender and biscuits are cooked through, stirring every 30 minutes, about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes more. 

Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings

Easy Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings.

Juicy chicken breasts cooked to tender perfection in the slow cooker in a rich creamy sauce.

Shortcut dumplings make this deliciously comforting meal effortless for a family favorite everyone will agree on.

Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings served in a bowl with parsley on top

Chicken and Dumplings are probably the ultimate comfort food.  Tender juicy shredded chicken and soft dumplings in a rich creamy brothy gravy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Old Fashioned Chicken and Dumplings from scratch but having a busy household with kids, I know that sometimes time is short and I don’t have hours to spend cooking a full Sunday dinner from scratch.

This recipe uses a few little short cuts to make it really quick and easy to put together while not skimping on flavor.

Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings in the slow cooker with a spoon

The best part about this recipe is that it cooks up in the slow cooker all day long.

That means you can spend about 5 minutes prepping and head on out and run your errands (or go for lunch with your friends which sounds much more fun).

The slow cooker does all of the work but the results are just as amazing as a from scratch recipe (there’s a reason this recipe has a five star rating ★★★★★)!

Quick prep with optimal results is my kind of cookin’.

I use a can of premade biscuits to make the dumplings to make this dish totally effortless.

You’re going to want to roll them extra thin as they do puff up a little while they cook.

If you don’t want to use (or don’t have) canned biscuits, feel free to mix up a batch of your favorite homemade biscuits to create your own dumplings (or use Biscuit Mix).

Once you shred the chicken and stir it back in, your dumplings will break up a little bit but don’t worry; the edges soak up a bit of the sauce making for a perfect bowl of comfort.

While I know not everyone likes vegetables with their chicken and dumplings, I sure do!

I love the addition of frozen veggies for color, flavor and some extra nutrients (plus frozen veggies are pretty effortless).

If veggies in your chicken and dumplings isn’t your thing, feel free to leave them out (but don’t skip the onion, it adds lots of flavor)!

How to Make Perfect Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

As easy as this recipe is, here are a few tips to make sure it turns out perfectly for you!

  • This recipe is best made in a 6QT crock pot.
  • While this chicken and dumplings recipe uses frozen veggies, they should be defrosted before adding to the slow cooker.
  • My biscuits are always perfectly cooked after 60 minutes however some slow cookers may require extra time to cook the biscuits.
  • Open the lid as little as possible as the slow cooker can lose heat quickly and this can cause your biscuits to not cook properly.
  • Boneless chicken thighs make an excellent addition to this recipe.
  • Once the biscuits are cooked through they should still have a soft, slightly doughy dumpling-like texture.
  • Depending on the size of your slow cooker, this recipe may not double well.  To double this recipe, cook the chicken portion as directed.  Additional dumplings can be cooked on the stovetop or baked in the oven as biscuits.

Dairy (such as cream or milk) doesn’t always do well in the slow cooker; it can often separate or curdle so I’ve subbed in condensed soup in this recipe.

Condensed soups make a great addition to crock pot recipes as they tend to hold up very well in the slow cooker (plus they add lots of flavor to this recipe) without the risk of curdling.

Once you try this easy recipe, it’ll quickly become your go to for slow cooker chicken and dumplings.

Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings in a bowl

Ensure your slow cooker is on high and the liquid should be bubbling along the edges when you open the lid to add your vegetables and biscuits.

It’s really important that you open the lid for as little time as possible and that your vegetables are completely defrosted.

Note: Buttermilk, Country or Homestyle Biscuits work best in this recipe.  When adding the vegetables/biscuits ensure the lid is left off as little as possible.  Leaving the lid off for long periods of time will drastically increase cooking time. 

Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings

Easy Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings simmers tender chicken breasts in a creamy sauce. Store bought biscuits make this recipe a total breeze while the slow cooker does all of the work.

Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings

Easy Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings. Juicy chicken breasts cook to tender perfection in the slow cooker in a rich creamy sauce. Shortcut dumplings make this delicious comforting meal effortless.

prep time10 minutes

cook time5 hours 10 minutes

total time5 hours 20 minutes

servings4 servings

ingredients  1x2x3x

  • ▢1 large onion diced
  • ▢1 can cream of celery soup (10.5 oz)
  • ▢1 can cream of chicken soup (10.5 oz)
  • ▢1 tablespoon fresh parsley
  • ▢1 teaspoon poultry seasoning
  • ▢black pepper to taste
  • ▢4 skinless boneless chicken breasts
  • ▢2 cups low sodium chicken broth
  • ▢2 cups frozen vegetables or peas and carrots, defrosted
  • ▢1 can refrigerated biscuits (8 pieces) Buttermilk, Country or Homestyle


  • Add onion to 6 qt crock pot and top with chicken breasts.
  • In a small bowl, combine cream of celery soup, cream of chicken soup, parsley, poultry seasoning and pepper. Spread over chicken breasts. Top with chicken broth and cook on high 5 hours.
  • Approximately 1 hour (I allow 60 – 90 minutes) before serving (after 4 hours of cooking time), roll each biscuit thin and flat. Cut into 4 strips. Add vegetables to the slow cooker and stir. Add biscuit strips on top. Replace lid as quickly as possible.

to serve

  • Remove chicken breasts and slightly shred. Add back into slow cooker and stir (this will break up the dumplings somewhat which is ok). Let cook an additional 10 minutes and serve.


Note: My biscuits were perfectly cooked after 60 minutes however some slow cookers have required extra time to cook the biscuits.

Nutritional information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.


Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings is the ultimate comfort food! This easy Crockpot chicken casserole with from-scratch dumplings is hearty, healthy and totally delicious.

Close up on a bowl of chicken and dumplings

It is suddenly really cold out and I am craving all things cozy and comforting. I can’t get enough of casseroles and one pot dishes and this slow cooker chicken stew with fluffy dumplings may just be the ULTIMATE comfort food.


Boneless chicken thighs cooked with carrots, onions and leeks until the chicken is deliciously tender. The dumplings are totally optional but they turn this simple casserole into a full meal.

Chicken and dumplings stew

Here’s why are also bound to love this Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings recipe:

STRESS FREE: Just a few minutes of chopping vegetables and seasoning the chicken then everything cooks in your slow cooker while you get on with things.

EASY GOING: You can use your favorite vegetables to bulk up this delicious chicken casserole or just keep it very simple as I have done.

KID APPROVED: Even my kids, fussy eaters both, love this casserole. It’s even suitable for toddlers and babies (but keep an eye on the salt content).

Chicken and Dumplings in a crockpot


Full measurements and instructions can be found on the printable recipe card at the bottom of the page. Please take a look at the steps and video before attempting this recipe!

Season the chicken thighs with salt, pepper and the dried herbs. Use kitchen scissors or a sharp knife to cut into bite sized pieces.

Heat the oil in your slow cooker (if it allows for searing like this Morphy Richards model) and add the onion, leeks and carrots. Cook over low heat for about five minutes or until the vegetables have softened.

Cooking onions, leeks and carrots in a slow cooker

Add the chicken, minced garlic, stock, mustard and tomato paste. Stir well to combine, cover and cook on HIGH setting for 2 hours (or on the LOW setting for 3-4 hours).

Ingredients for chicken stew in a slow cooker

Combine all the ingredients for the dumplings in a bowl, adding just enough water for them to come together. The dough should be soft but not sticky.

making suet dumplings

Divide into eight pieces and roll into golf-sized balls.

Rolling dumplings for stew

Give the stew a good stir. Check the seasoning and add more salt, if needed. Make sure to turn to the HIGH setting if you have been cooking on the LOW setting. Place the dumplings over the stew, spaced out to allow for them to rise.

Placing dumplings over chicken stew in a crockpot

Cover and cook for a further 90 minutes or until the dumplings are fluffy and cooked through. The bottom of the dumplings will remain soft as it is in contact with the stew. Avoid opening the slow cooker as it will lose heat and your cooking time will be longer.

Serve sprinkled with fresh parsley, thyme, rosemary or sage. This stew is very hearty on its own (especially if served with the dumplings) but you can also spoon it over mashed potatoes or rice if you like.

Bowl of crockpot chicken stew with dumplings


I am using a classic suet dumplings recipe here. You can replace the shredded suet with cold grated butter if you like or you can use biscuit dough if you are located in North America.


Keep any leftovers in the fridge for up to three days or in the freezer for up to three months (without the dumplings). Reheat in a saucepan until piping hot before serving.

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