Spiced Pear Chutney


This Spiced Pear Chutney is delicious, easy to make and keeps in the fridge for up to a month. Use it on sandwiches, as a topping for baked potatoes or ice cream, or as a dip with snack foods such as crackers, tortilla chips and nuts. Spiced Pear Chutney: Adding a fresh twist to the festive season, this chutney can be used with meat, cheese and desserts.

Spiced Pear Chutney Canning Recipe

Preserve pears in this flavorful pear chutney for a quick, delicious weeknight meal or appetizer.


I have a confession… I’m not a big fan of pears. Or peaches for that matter. I guess maybe I’ve just never had a good pear? I’m not sure, but when I came across a recipe for pear chutney I kind of curled up my nose and moved along. 

But, I would find myself continually coming across recipes for chutney and reminding myself that I had a pear chutney recipe sitting in the cupboard in a cookbook. So, I decided to give it a try because… well, you don’t know if you don’t try, right?

Chutney is generally a spicy condiment made from preserving fruit and sugar in vinegar. It actually originated in India and is a great combination for chicken, pork, and beef. 

It can also make an amazing appetizer by mixing it with some cream cheese.

I never really thought I would actually like chutney because I had often heard it compared to relish. And well, to be honest, I’m not a big fan of most relishes (though, I do like sweet pickle relish). But, this stuff is different. And it’s versatile.

You can add it to a block of softened cream cheese to make a quick and very delicious appetizer. You can throw a jar of it over some chicken, add a bit of broth, and throw it in the slow cooker for an incredibly easy and flavorful meal later in the evening.

The same goes with topping pork chops and allowing them to slow cook in the flavors this chutney affords. Or, even as a unique spread for toast in the morning if you want to puree it in the blender.

This stuff is versatile and it’s delicious. It has completely changed my opinion on pears (I now make quite a few things with pears) and it has opened up my taste buds to try different things. Because, as I said, you never know.

Pear Chutney Recipe Variations

  • If you really don’t like the heat, you may omit (or reduce the amount of) the chile pepper.
  • This recipe can be used with a combination of pears and apples, just apples or even just peaches to change up the flavor a little. You aren’t limited to just pears and the processing time will be the same.


  • Use firm, under-ripe fruit for the best success. 
  • Allowing the chutney to sit for at least a week will bring out the best flavors.
  • This recipe can be canned and stored at room temp for up to 1 year. If you don’t want to can it, it will keep in the fridge for about 3 weeks and the freezer for about 6 months.

Tools I used in This Recipe:

  • Stainless Saucepan
  • Silicon Whisk
  • Peeler
  • 8″ Chef’s Knife


Spiced Pear Chutney

prep time: 10 MINUTES

cook time: 1 HOUR

canning time: 10 MINUTES

total time: 1 HOUR 20 MINUTES

This pear chutney is a delicious way to preserve pears to make a flavorful weeknight dinner or quick appetizer


  • 6 LBS Pears (peeled, cored & chopped into 1/2″ pieces)
  • 2 1/2 Cups Light Brown Sugar
  • 3 Cups Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 1/2 Cups Raisins
  • 1 Lemon (seeded & finely chopped, include the peel)
  • 2 Cloves Garlic (peeled & minced)
  • 1 Chile Pepper (seeded & finely chopped)
  • 1 Small Onion (finely chopped)
  • 1 Cinnamon Stick
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Allspice


1. Combine all ingredients in a large 5 quart saucepan and stir to combine. And begin heating over medium heat.

2. Cook mixture, stirring frequently for 30-45 minutes, or until the pears begin to soften and fall apart when you stir the mixture.

3. Once the pears are soft and the mixture has reduced a little, increase the heat to medium-high and continue cooking it down until the mixture has reduced to about 1/3 of its original volume. About another 30 minutes.

4. While the chutney is cooking down, prepare your water bath canner and sterilize your jars and lids. 5. Once the chutney is ready (you should be able to drag a spoon across the bottom of the pan and leave a mark without the chutney filling it in for a couple of seconds). You will ladle it into your 1/2 pint jars, leaving 1/2″ headspace.

6. Wipe the jar rim and lid with a damp cloth. Center the lid on top, finger tighten a ring and place the jar back into the water bath canner.

7. Process for 10 minutes. Remove the jars to a towel-lined counter. Wait a minimum of 12 hours before checking for proper seal. Place jars in a cool dark place until ready to enjoy.

Pear Chutney

Homemade spiced pear chutney recipe made with fresh pears and apple cider, flavoured with ground spices and cinnamon. A simple and delicious chutney that can be made and jarred in under an hour. Use with cheese and biscuits, serve up with roast chicken or pork casserole or why not save for using as a Christmas chutney or for a lovely foodie gift.

Homemade pear chutney in a small jar with the lid off and a spoonful of chutney to the side.

👩🏻‍🍳 Why make this recipe

Brown sugar and ginger spiced pears, poached in cider and reduced to a sweet and spicy chutney. Your cheese and biscuits is crying out for this recipe! This easy homemade chutney recipe is also great for using up a glut of pears or generally making use of and preserving some lovely autumnal fruit. It also makes for a pretty good foodie gift or Christmas present, just preserve in jars and add some tags.

🥘 Ingredients

This recipe makes 10 small jars (110ml/4fl oz) or 6 large jars (225ml/8fl oz) of chutney. To make this spiced pear chutney you will need:

Ingredient notes

Measurements: For the amounts required, see the recipe card below and use the toggle button to see the recipe in cups.

Pears: This recipe uses conference pears but any variety of pear will work well in this chutney.

Apples: This recipe uses red eating apples, which keep their shape better than baking apples so results in a chunky textures chutney.

Vinegar: Use a vinegar with at least 5% acetic acid. This will ensure proper preserving of the chutney and prevent spoilage.

Demerara sugar: Sugar of course helps to sweeten the chutney but its also an important part of the preserving process, so don’t leave it out.

Cider: Cider gives a fantastic flavour to this pear chutney, however if you’d prefer an alcohol free version just replace the cider with apple juice.

Mixed Spice: This is a ground spice mixture of cinnamon, coriander, caraway seeds, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. For a simple substitute use ½ teaspoon cinnamon and ½ teaspoon nutmeg.

🔪 Step by step instructions

  1. Add chopped shallots to a large pan with a little oil and fry gently until soft.
  2. Next add the chopped pears, apples and ginger to the pan and mix together.
  3. Then add the cider, vinegar, lemon juice, sugar, mixed spice and cinnamon stick. Stir well and bring to the boil.
  4. Simmer for 30 minutes, check and stir occasionally.4 step by step images showing how to make pear chutney for steps 1-4.
  5. After 30 minutes or so, the chutney should have started to thicken. Use a masher to help mush down any larger pieces of apple or pear. Continue to simmer, allowing the liquid to reduce, until you are happy with the consistency.
  6. Transfer the hot pear chutney to sterilised jars. Screw the lids on right away so a tight vacuum seal will form as the sauce cools.2 step by step images showing how to make pear chutney for steps 5-6.
  7. If you plan to eat the chutney that day or week then once the sauce has cooled, transfer to a dish or container, cover and keep the fridge until needed.

💭 Expert tips

  • To test the consistency: Spoon some of the chutney onto a small plate and refrigerate for 5 minutes. If you are happy with the thickness of the cooled chutney you can remove the pan from the heat. If not, continue to simmer if too thin, or add more cider/apple juice if too thick.
  • Handling hot sterilised jars: For ease, use rubber gloves for handling hot jars and to ensure a tight grip when screwing on the lids.

❓ Frequently asked questions

How do you sterilise jars?

To sterilise the jars wash them thoroughly in soapy hot water, then rinse and place on a baking tray in the oven for 5 minutes at 150°C/300°F (until dry). Alternatively, put them through the dishwasher.

How to seal the jars?

Place hot pear chutney in hot sterilised jars (use a jam funnel for ease) and seal immediately by screwing on the lid. As the chutney cools a vacuum will form, pulling the lid in nice and tight.

How to store?

You can check the seal of the jars by pressing on the lid to make sure it doesn’t depress any further. Jars of pear chutney can then be stored in the cupboard for up to 6 months. If the lid does depress and a seal hasn’t formed you will need to use a water bath to ensure proper processing or alternatively store in the fridge for 4-6 weeks. Once opened, after proper sealing, refrigerate and eat within 1 month.

What makes chutney a chutney?

Chutney is usually fruits or vegetables preserved in vinegar and sugar.

Which vinegar is best for chutney?

Any vinegar will work well in chutney as long as its contains at least 5% acetic acid, which will kill any bacteria and allow the chutney to be preserved without spoilage. The type of 5% vinegar you choose will be down to taste. For a lighter taste opt for white wine vinegar, for something stronger and sweeter choose an aged balsamic vinegar.

Spiced pear chutney

  • Preparation and cooking time
    • Prep:15 mins
    • Cook:40 mins
  • More effort
  • makes 1 litre

This fruity chutney with pears, sultanas, a hint of chilli, star anise, ginger and cumin is the perfect way to preserve a taste of autumn

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
low infat0g


  • 200g demerara sugar
  • 200ml cider vinegar
  • 100ml perry (pear cider)
  • 1 star anise
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 2 red onions, chopped
  • 1 tsp grated ginger
  • 10 firm pears, peeled and chopped into bite-sized pieces
  • red chillies, halved (and deseeded if you prefer)
  • 50g sultanas


  • STEP 1Put the sugar, cider vinegar, perry, star anise, cumin, red onions and ginger in a large saucepan and bring to the boil.
  • STEP 2Add the pears and chillies and simmer for 40 mins until the liquid is syrupy and the pears are just cooked. Stir in the sultanas, remove from the heat and leave to cool, then spoon into sterilised jars.

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