Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss


Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss is a guided diet plan for one to reach their ideal weight. It includes suggested food lists, tips and techniques that can be implemented when you are planning to shed your extra pounds. Summer is a great time of the year to lose weight. Here’s an easy summer diet plan for effective weight loss.

The Ideal Summer Diet For Weight Loss

While summer is a great time to try and lose weight – what with all the sweating – it can also get extremely challenging. You have to ensure to remain on a calorie deficit – where your body burns more calories than it consumes – at the same time when your body is losing electrolytes owing to the heat. According to Dr.Siddhant Bhargava, Co-Founder, Fitness & Nutritional Scientist – Food Darzee, burning calories also becomes tad difficult due to decreased endurance during summer. So, the most effective way to lose weight is to follow a healthy diet. Here’s a summer diet plan that Bhargava has listed below for you to follow to ensure you stay fit. (Please note that the diet varies for every individual based on their age, height, physical activity etc.)

summer diet

The Ideal Summer Diet For Weight Loss

Your weight-loss diet should be complemented with a workout regime four times a week for effective results. Bhargava suggests you perform one day of cardiovascular training and three days of strength training. “You strength train more often to help build/preserve muscle mass and since you are on a diet you are more prone to losing muscle. Hence strength training is very important. The cardio is for an all-out calorie burn once a week,” he says. The diet is structured to be lower on carbs, higher on protein and moderate on fats with an increased intake on water and electrolyte consumption.

Duration of the meal plan: 2 months

No. of cheat days permitted: 4

Breakfast: Two whole eggs cooked in avocado oil with a large serving of spinach and cucumber and one slice of buckwheat bread. Top this up with a handful of berries.

Mid-morning snack: One orange/ some strawberries (about 6-7)/ one kiwi / 3-4 slices papaya / one cucumber (have two pinches of Himalayan pink salt).

Lunch: One serving of protein (chicken, fish, soy) with half a serving of carbohydrate (wheat, rice, sweet potato, grain, pulses) cooked in a non-vegetable oil (use either ghee or olive oil or flaxseed oil or avocado oil) with two servings of vegetable (non-starchy).

Mid-evening (pre-workout): Handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts) + one serving fruit, if needed for energy + two pinches of pink Himalayan salt.

Post workout (of any manner): Coconut water + one serving protein (could be eggs or meat or protein supplement).

Dinner: One serving of protein (chicken, fish, soy) with half a serving of carbohydrate (wheat, rice, sweet potato, grain, pulses) OR half an avocado replacing the carbs cooked in a non-vegetable oil (use either ghee or olive oil or flaxseed oil or avocado oil) with two servings of vegetable (non-starchy)

The actual calories will be different for each individual but this is an image of the macronutrient breakdown. Remember that staying in a caloric deficit is the key. Bhargava explains that pink salt and coconut water is added to the diet to balance out the electrolytes lost while sweating during summer. This helps keep your energy levels intact throughout the day and especially post workout.

Things To Keep In Mind During Summer

summer diet

Carlyne Remedios, group manager of clinical practices, nutrition & product development at Digestive Health Institute by Dr. Muffi has a quick summer guide to keep you fit:

1. Keep hydrated through the day – carry a bottle of water added with chia seeds or infused water (mint + lemon or oranges or basil).

2. Have small and frequent meals rather than having 3 large meals.

3. Do not skip your breakfast.

4. Include probiotics daily in your diet as it will ease your digestion. Better the digestion, better will be your gut e.g. – yoghurts, chaas, dahi etc.

5. Avoid spicy and oily foods and trans fats from highly processed foods, vanaspati ghee, refined oils, butter etc.

6. Strictly avoid aerated drinks, fruit juices and stimulants like coffee and energy drinks, as it will dehydrate your body and it will add on more sugars.

7-day Summer Diet Plan: Tried and tested


Beef slices, potatoes and vegetables on a plate

I set myself up in the kitchen with a box set on my laptop and set about making as much as I could in advance. I soaked quinoa for the porridge, buckwheat for the granola and made the pistou for Monday’s lunch. I also kicked off the week with the wholewheat flatbreads in the morning, as we had a friend staying and it looked to be the most substantial breakfast of the three. It was utterly delicious and a huge portion.

I also decided, as I was making it anyway, to do extra soup and have that for lunch as the prawns would freeze and we could get to enjoying our Sunday that bit quicker. That evening, I headed back to the kitchen to make the roast lamb. It was so quick to prepare I was able to crack on with making the granola with my soaked buckwheat while the meat cooked. The result was a super-healthy, super-tasty Sunday supper that we’ll definitely be making again!


Porridge topped with peaches and pomegranates

I’m not particularly a morning person, so I decided to spend 20 minutes longer in bed on Monday and have my pre-made granola for breakfast rather than the coconut porridge. I normally blitz a smoothie in the morning, or am sometimes guilty of missing breakfast altogether, so eating something so full of flavour and texture was a real treat.

I had the deliciously cheesy pistou soup again for lunch, and then that evening I was back in the kitchen making the quinoa porridge and having my first encounter with freekeh for the pilau. I piled the spices in and it was thumbs up all round when dished up. Back to the stove, I put the cooled porridge in the fridge for the next couple of days then set about making the herby pancakes. I had my doubts as to how this would hold together, but leaving the egg pancakes and warm fillings to cool made it easy to wrap and pack for the next day.


Porridge topped with summer berries and flaked almonds

I woke up on Tuesday morning with my alarm, but bright and ready for the day – a significant departure from my usual snooze button obsession. I did however slightly fluff the heating of the porridge, I was so excited about it that I took it off the hob before thoroughly heated through – I wouldn’t recommend eating it cold! Noted for next time, I then wedged my wrap into my rucksack, dubious of its ability to hold together, and cycled to work. Peeling back the foil at lunch however proved my doubts unfounded and, although small in stature, lunch was surprisingly filling. In the afternoon I snacked on fruit and olives.

I shuffled dishes around again this evening as I was getting home a bit too late to roast a chicken. I doubled up the veggie meatballs that I served with DIY courgetti. No spiralizer? No problem! I used a standard grater to create long, ribbon-like strips that did the job perfectly. It might take a little longer than the designated gadget, but if you don’t want to buy specific kit then this works just as well.


Onion, squash and shredded chicken salad topped with pomegranates

This was the first day I really noticed the benefits of this way of eating. Apart from finding it significantly easier to get up in the morning, I was able to concentrate better at work and I felt energised, making the ride in a cinch. I also felt a little lighter, but was still attributing that to my chocolate avoidance. Breakfast was granola and lunch the pistou – I really didn’t mind the repetition of meals, it made life a little easier having already prepared the dishes in advance and they were so delicious I was happy to eat them again.

That evening, I popped the chicken in the oven as soon as I got home, prepped the other ingredients for the salad… and that was pretty much it! The idea of roasting a whole chicken on a weeknight would have seemed ludicrous before, but of course, it’s super simple and much more economical than buying portions of poultry. We popped the leftovers in the fridge for the next day and I whizzed up the peanut butter hummus for Thursday’s lunch.


Peanut hummus in a pot with crudite vegetables

Not to show off, but I actually woke up before my alarm today! I therefore took no issue with having to chop up veg and fruit for lunch to go with the hummus, and we had the porridge for breakfast instead of the scheduled granola. I heated it through thoroughly this time and can confirm it is amazing hot!

This was the lunch I was most unsure about – I love hummus, but just that and some crudities for lunch!? Again, fears be calmed, it was probably more filling than my usual midday meals. It could have been the fact I’d been eating slightly less than normal this week and therefore didn’t need as much food. I was also managing to hold off my sweet tooth every afternoon – I can’t say I wasn’t tempted, but there’s no way I could have said no to rocky road flapjacks the week before. Now they were sat inches from my face and I wasn’t biting.

Tonight’s chicken salad dinner was the speediest to prepare yet, and provided another massive portion. There was certainly no credence in my concerns that I would go hungry on the plan. If I needed a snack or my sweet tooth showed up, my kitchen was so full of fresh fruit and veg that I could quickly abate any cravings.


Lentil and tomato salad topped with asparagus

This morning, I dished up our last portion of granola and thought back to the mild inconvenience of having to make up so many dishes on Sunday. Having a balanced, energy-boosting breakfast every morning had made such a massive difference to my working days that I was determined to keep up the habit beyond the plan. Lunch was a simple but again substantial and flavourful asparagus salad and in the afternoon I ate fruit by the fistful and tried to ignore the inevitable circulation of Friday chocolate.

That evening, we went out to dinner with friends. Being so close to the finish line I was actually a bit anxious about falling at the final hurdle, but we went to a lovely local restaurant where they were more than accommodating. I had fish and sweet potato chips, baked not fried, and while broccoli mash wasn’t on the menu, they served me up seasonal greens on the side. I had a couple of drinks I must admit, but now I was completely sold on this way of eating I knew I was playing the long game – it’s all about balance after all.


Glazed salmon fillets with vegetable salsa

The final day! We had the last of the quinoa porridge for breakfast, another batch of peanut hummus for lunch and then stuck our salmon fillets on the barbecue in the evening as it was such a beautiful day. One of my favourite things about the week had been finding ways to fit the plan around my life, not the other way round, so this felt like an appropriate final supper.

While I hadn’t particularly noticed any weight loss to speak of, far more important changes had occurred. The promise of improved clarity of thought, better sleep and loads of energy weren’t empty, I experienced them all. I felt healthy and happy, which in turn made me want to make healthier choices and find a better balance in my life for the things I love and the things that will do me good. In my opinion, this is the future of healthy eating. Restriction and guilt are boring and harmful, balance and mindfulness are the key to everything from weight loss to a more fulfilling life.

What should you not eat this summer season if you are on a weight loss diet?

Breakfast: You should avoid eating eggs during the summer if you are going to be out in the sun all day. Nuts and seeds may also not be a good breakfast food if you have to be out and about in the summer season, as they can cause the body temperatures to rise. Warm ginger tea can also cause heartburn, especially in winters as they may also cause the body heat to increase.

Lunch: You should avoid oily and fatty food especially during the lunch as it can make you feel lazy and sleepy. Though there is no hard and fast rule for the lunch meal about what you should not eat, you should just steer clear of junk food as not only does it sabotage your weight loss efforts, it may also heat up your body in this heat.

Dinner: You should not eat oily and greasy food for dinner in the summer season if you are on a weight loss diet. You must also avoid drinking tea or coffee after or with dinner as the caffeine content can mess with your sleep schedule. Keeping your dinner light is the key to healthy digestion and accelerated weight loss.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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