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Have you ever thought of the validity of claims of tomato benefits for skin? I believe you would not accept the fact that tomatoes are an indispensable fruit vegetable. Tomatoes can make you gain many positive results because of their many antioxidants contents.

Tomato Benefits For Skin

Tomatoes are, botanically, fruits but when it comes to being eaten and prepared, are termed as a vegetable crop. There are different colours of tomatoes such as yellow, red, green, orange and many others. Despite these diverse forms and appearances, tomatoes still retain their rich nutrients in all.

Hence, discovering tomato benefits for skin is, by all means, a necessity. This is because of the various good jobs they do for the skin. All thanks to the lycopene, a rich and major antioxidant found in tomatoes.

It helps reduces a large chunk of chronic diseases, helps improves the skin, and perhaps give tomatoes their beautiful red colour. Also, tomatoes are embellished with vitamin A, vitamin C, K, folate, fibre and potassium.

To this effect, this article shall demystify the tomato benefits for skin to make it a desirable choice to gain healthy skin. Here are the tomato benefits for skin;

Benefits Of Tomatoes On Skin

tomato benefits for skin

Now that this article shall tell the proper usage of tomatoes which might be diet or direct application on the skin.

Reduction Of Sunburn

Tomatoes can be taken as a diet to reduce the risk of sunburn. The lycopene content in tomatoes has a photo-protective effect against UV sunburn. According to a study carried out in 2006 for 12 weeks, results showed that people who took lycopene content had a reduced sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation.

The ultraviolet radiation which comes directly from the sunlight is very inimical to the skin and, at such, needs long-term protection. Worry no more! Increase the intake of lycopene content such as tomatoes and be safe.

tomato benefits for skin

In lieu of this, research is ongoing as to whether the application of tomatoes directly on the skin can do the same work or have a similar effect.

Removal Of Dead Skin Cells

Skin pores are unlimited and invite a lot of dirt in them. This invitation creates dirtiness and dullness of the skin. Hence, the removal of these dead skin cells may not be always feasible. This is why a study was carried out in 2011 and tomatoes were considered as a cleansing agent. In other words, tomatoes help in removing dead cells in the skin. The pectin and flavonoids content help in expelling the unwanted cells in the skin. This process is known as exfoliation.

Exfoliation may be achieved per application of tomatoes on the skin. To do this, make a mixture of mashed up tomatoes and sugar and rub on your body. Do not mix a very high level of sugar and ensure you do not rub on your face.

Prevention Of Skin Cancer

Another of the tomato benefits for skin in the prevention of skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most deadly cancers that affect the world’s population. Lycopene helps prevent skin cancer through its antioxidant properties that alleviate the growth and damage that may be caused by free radicals.

The body develops free radicals due to many reasons and they are not good for the body. According to recent research in the United States of America, several properties, alongside lycopene, aids the fight against skin cancer and other types of cancer.

Also, the prevention of skin cancer is made easier when lycopene reduces the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. However, research is still on to see if the application of this fruit vegetable may do the same work.

Skin Moisture

tomato benefits for skin

Skin moisture is necessary. Failure to keep the skin moistened may lead to wrinkling and itching. In severe cases, the skin may begin to crack. Many people have resorted to applying lotions and body creams to keep skin dryness at bay but still, need a superman. Tomatoes are a very rich source of potassium, an antioxidant that makes the skin to moisturize.

According to research, people with atopic dermatitis which is a type of eczema took tomatoes and reduced levels of potassium were recorded. There is no proof yet that the application of tomatoes can help moisturize the skin, though.

Lightening Of The Skin

You might think that tomatoes only moisturizes the skin but trust me, they are lightening agents. You might need to apply tomatoes gently and mildly on your skin for a revelation of your natural complexion. The rich contents of vitamin C, E and beta carotene are a great brightener and would make you look fresh! It is worthy of note that you have to get rid of dullness and dark spots on your skin.

To apply tomatoes on your skin for lightening, juice a tomato in a bowl and add little turmeric powder to it. You then add some sandalwood powder to it. Apply this mixture on your face and wait till it dries off. Afterwards, wash off the application and marvel at the difference.

Reduction Of Inflammation

Tomatoes have, generally, anti-inflammatory properties because they are rich in lycopene, beta carotene, vitamin E, C and lutein. Inflammation cause pains on the skin to develop and grow than necessary. It also gives skin irritation a breathing space. Thus, tomatoes or any other lycopene agents, soothe the pain associated with skin irritation and calms the skin pores.

However, there is still a need to carry out more research to see whether the application of tomatoes on the skin can help soothe skin irritation and inflammation.

Reduction Of Excess Oil

tomato benefits for skin

In a bid to expedite the tomato benefits for skin, I have decided to add this to the list. Oily skin deters the radiance of the skin to glow. It also competes with your body make-up for a place on your skin. Therefore, there is a need to reduce oil from the skin if you are the type that has oily skin. Tomatoes are acidic substances that can level the ph chemical of the skin. By doing this, they reduce the production of oil by the sebaceous gland.

You can apply tomatoes directly on your skin to achieve this.

Covering Of Skin Pores

Tomatoes are also very great in covering and tightening very large skin pores. If you have very large skin pores, you might collect dirt and dust very easily in your skin pores. When specks of dirt and dust mix with skin oil, it results in very critical skin ailments.

Hence, try applying tomatoes on your skin for it helps reduces the size of the pores. Tomatoes do this by drawing skin tissues together and bonding them closely.


This article must have done justice to enlightening you about the tomatoes benefits for the skin. Nosh on them, apply them on your skin and gain healthy skin.

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