Weight Loss Diet Chart For Female In Urdu


Weight loss diet chart for female in urdu.weight loss is different in men and women because men and women have different hormones, body composition, fat distribution, muscle mass, bone density and other characteristics. Losing weight means that we should be following a diet and an exercise routine.

Dr Khurram Mushir Special Diet Plan: Urdu – English

special diet plan

For Losing weight, just exercise is not enough, you need healthy and Special Diet Plan and sometimes it’s hard to follow diet plans due to complicated ingredients. This Dr Khurram Mushir Special Diet plan is easy to manage, healthy and affordable.

Dr Khurram Mushir Special Diet Plan


1 boiled egg with brown bread slice with margarine & fruit puree.

To make a fruit puree:

Cut up your fruit and place in a pot on the stove with a small amount of water. Cover and leave it on a low heat until the fruit is soft. Now just process in the blender and add a squeeze of fresh lemon/cinnamon & black pepper to taste.

Lunch & Dinner:

A vegetable soup, a pieceof chicken or fish, can have 1 brown chapatti.

For vegetable:

Cut up your vegetables, add approximately one cup of vegetable stock, and cover on a low heat until the vegetables are soft. Now process it in the blender and spice it up with a rawclove of garlic or black pepper and a little olive oil.

For meat:

Steam it a bit with Tabasco sauce, garlic, ginger, salt & pepper to taste. Use minimum oil preferably olive or canola oil.


Drink Green Tea & try different drinks

Desserts & Snacks

Try Fruit smoothies take any fruit. Just add ice and a little bit of water, and then blend away! Eat sugar-free, wheat biscuits (not bakery ones).

Healthy Diet and Bowels in Urdu

HEALTHY DIET AND BOWELSA healthy diet containing plenty of different fiber rich foods, lots of fluids as well as exercise is recommended to keep our bowels healthy and regular.
Fiber can help protect against diverticular disease, hemorrhoids, constipation and chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and can also help with controlling your weight.
HEALTHY FOOD AND WASTEA healthy diet includes plenty of fiber-rich foods, plenty of fluids, as well as exercise, to keep our metabolism healthy and regular.
Fiber helps prevent diarrheal diseases, hemorrhoids, constipation and certain chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and also helps in weight control.
WHAT IS FIBER? Fiber is found only in foods that come from plants. This includes vegetables, fruits, beans (legumes), nuts, seeds and cereals (breakfast cereals, bread, pasta and rice).
WHAT IS FIBER? Fiber is found only in plant foods. These include vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds and grains (breakfast cereals, bread, pasta and rice).Specialized dietary advice may be required from a Dietitian for conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, faecal incontinence, gluten intolerance, and food sensitivities.
In cases where there is burning sensation in the toilet, inflammatory bowel disease, impurity of feces, intolerance to gluten and certain food sensitivities, special information about the ingredients can be obtained from a dietitian.
Vegetables and fruits Choose fresh, canned, frozen or dried such as sultanas, figs, prunes, and dates.
Vegetables and fruits Take raisins, figs, prunes and dates fresh, canned or dried.
Cereal foods – high fiber choices High fiber breakfast cereals such as natural muesli, bran cereals and oat cerealsHigh fiber (wholemeal, wholegrain or grainy) bread, rolls, flat bread and crackers Brown rice, wild rice or brown pastaGrains such as barley, buckwheat, burghal, chia, corn, millet, oats, quinoa, rice, rye, semolina, sorghum, spelt and wheatCereal products – choose high fiberHigh-fiber breakfast cereals such as natural grain muesli bran cereal and barley cerealHigh-fiber (wholemeal, wholegrain or cereal) bread, wraps, flatbreads and biscuitsBrown rice, wild rice or brown pasta Grains such as barley, buckwheat, buckwheat, chia, corn, millet, oats, quinoa, rice, rye, semolina, sorghum, spelt and wheat
Beans (legumes)All beans and peas are fiber rich and examples include: black-eyed beans, borlotti beans, butter beans, cannelini beans, chick peas, haricot beans, kidney beans, lentils, lima beans, mung beans, soy beans and split peas. Foods made from these such as hummus are fiber rich.(beans (vegetables All beans and peas are full of fiber, for example: black beans, barlotti beans, butter beans, cannabi beans, chickpeas, haricot beans, kidney beans, lentils, lima beans, mash lentils, soy beans and split peas. . Foods made from them, such as hummus, are high in fiber.
Nuts and seedsAll seeds such as flax, sunflower, sesame and poppy seeds, and all nuts such as almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia, peanuts, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts.Nuts and seedsAll seeds such as flax, sunflower, sesame and poppy seeds, and all nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, cashews, pistachios and walnuts. HOW MUCH FIBER SHOULD I HAVE?HOW MUCH FIBER SHOULD I GET?Aim for at least 25-30g of fiber each day. See the table below for the amount of fiber in different foods.Try to get 30-25 grams of fiber every day. See the table below for fiber content in foods.
 HIGH FIBER CHOICEFIBER (g)LOW FIBER CHOICEFIBER (g)1/2 cup cooked green or orange vegetables2.51 cup vegetable juice01 piece of fruit21 cup fruit juice01 slice grainy or whole meal bread21 slice white bread11 cup cooked brown rice1.51 cup cooked white rice1Breakfast cereal: 2 wheat biscuits or 3/4 cup rolled oats or untoasted muesli3.5+One bowl of white or refined cereal eg flakes of corn0.5 – 1Beans (1/2 cup)7Mixed nuts (1/4 cup)3 High fiber choices(Fiber (LOW FIBER CHOICE(Fiber (Cooked Vegetables Orange Vegetables ½2½1 cup vegetable juice01 piece of fruit21 cup fruit juice01 slice of whole grain or whole meal bread21 slice of white bread11 cup of cooked brown rice1½1 cup cooked white rice1Breakfast cereal: 2 white biscuit cups chopped barley or ¾ cup untoasted muesli3½+A bowl of white or high-grain cereal such as cornflakes½–1(Beans (½ cup7(mixed nuts (1/4 cup3 To help you achieve 25-30g of fiber each day, try the following: Have plenty of vegetables (aim for 5-6 serves every day)Choose at least two servings of fruit every day (with skin where possible)Choose high fiber cereal foods (whole meal or wholegrain) more often than white or refined varieties Include beans, nuts and seeds regularly in your diet Try the following to get 25–30 grams of fiber each day:(Eat lots of vegetables (5-6 times a day(Eat at least two servings of fruit each day (with peel if possible(High-fiber cereal foods (such as whole meal or whole grains Include beans, nuts and seeds regularly in your diet

6 Kilogram Weight Loss Tips in Urdu in 1 Week

Baaz auqaat hamein weight loss karne ka aasan aur kam muddat farmolh chahiye hota hai jo easy bhi ho kyun ke aap jald hi kisi aisay mauqa mein shirkat karne walay hotay hain jahan aap slim and smart dikhayi dena chahtay hain.

Hasb zail ghiza un logon ke liye tayyar ki gayi hai jo kam waqt mein weight loss karna chahtay hain aur yeh ghiza doctors ki tajweez kardah bhi hai.

Es ko istemaal karkay aap apney operation se pehlay weight loss in one week main ghata satke hain. Yeh aik chemical ghiza hai jis ka matlab hai ke is mein aisi ajza shamel hain jo weight loss karne mein Muawin hain aur aik dosray k shat mil kar radd amal peda karte hain.

Agar aap is par amal pera hon to one week mein 6 Kilogram weight loss tips in Urdu in 1 week main wazan kam kar saktay hain aur ziyada khanay par wazan barhay ga bhi nahi aur agar aap apney sahet ki mukammal hifazat aur kahyal karne ka iradah rakhtay hain tu yeh ghiza aap ko aik achchaa aaghaz day sakti hai.

Jab pichlle hamaray aik dost naay hamein yeh diet plan deya tu hum naay is ka tajurbah karkay dekha yeh hundred percent kaam karti hai. Lekin intibah aik lafz jo bzahir mushkil aur eggs par bohat pagal pan dikhayi day ga lekin agar aap naay usay jari rakha to yeh fori nataij haasil karne ka mojab hoga.

Weight loss in one week Rules.

  • Agar aap is ghiza ko aik hafta istemaal karte hain to dobarah shuru karne se pehlay kam ez kam do haftay ka waqfa den.
  • Alcohols walay kisi mashroob ki ijazat nahi.
  • Ghiza mein likhi hui cheezon ke ilawa sab kuch mana hai.
  • Koi mutabadil ghiza nahi.
  • Makhan doodh aur charbi ka istemaal mamnoo hai.
  • Ju kuch bataya jaye wohi khayen.
  • Mashrobat mein chaye, Coffee lemon tea, Grapes juice, tonic water and soda ke ilawa simple water jo aap ki bhook ko kam kere ga es k ilawa kuch nah piya jaye.
  • Salad mein serf Tomato, Salad ke leafs, Kheera aur ajwain ke ilawa kuch nah khaya jaye.
  • Sugar ki har qisam se mukammal parhaiz.

Quick Weight Loss Tips in Urdu
Agar aap tayyar hain to weight loss tips in Urdu in 1 week diet plan haazir khidmat ha ALLAH TALAH aap ki madad farmain.

Day One:-

Raat ke khanay mein completely 2 boiled eggs, Salad and chakotra. Yaad rahay ke yeh first day diet plan intahi shakal hoga lekin agay chal kar aasani hogi.

Day Two:-

Nashtay mein chakotra, 1 boiled eggs and dopehar ke khanay main buhna howa chicken meat hasb Mansha salad ke sath. Raat ke khanay mein bhana hwa meat ka tukra and salad. Ab aap kal ki nesbat say behtar mehsoos Karen gi.

Day 3:-

breakfast mein chakootra and 1 boiled eggs jabkay dopehar ke khanay mein 2 boiled eggs and tomato. Raat ke khanay mein sheep ka meat bhunay hue tukray, Ajwain aur kheera.

Day 4:-

breakfast mein aik slice aur 2 boiled eggs and dopehar ke khanay mein fresh fruits salad ya koi bhi fruits jis qader bhi aap se khaya jaye khayen. Raat ke khanay mein 2 boiled eggs, Do Adad salad aur chakotrey ke sath.

Aik sookha slice aur 2 boiled eggs. Dopehar ke khanay mein 2 boiled eggs tomato ke hamrah khayen jabkay raat ke khanay mein fresh ya teen pack Fish salad ke hamrahkahen.

Day 6:-

1 boiled egg breakfast mein kha kar aik glass chakotrey ka juice nosh farmaen. jJabkay dopehar ke khanay mein fresh fruit salad hasby Mansha aur raat ko worst chicken gobhi ke pattay aur gajron ka astemal kren.

Day 7:-

Breakfast mein 2 boiled eggs aur bhunay hue tomato jabkay dopehar ke khanay mein 2 boiled eggs aur palaak. Raat ke khanay mein bhunay hue gosht ke qatlay aur salad.

This is complete weight loss diet plan in 1 week and that’s work 100 percent

Healthy Diet Plan For Weight Gain In Urdu

Healthy diet plan for weight gain in urdu. Most people find that 300-500 extra calories a day help with steady weight gain while 700-1000 extra calories accelerate the process. Make a half serving of waffle mix following the package directions and add 2 scoops of pure whey protein. Weight Gaining Meal Plan.

Prepare a Banana Almond Milkshake using 250 ml skimmed milk 2 Bananas and 6 to 7 Almonds. You get around 380 calories and 12 grams of protein. Greatest Food plan For Weight Achieve In UrduHindi Wazan Badhane Ka Tarika Weight Achieve Meals Prime Dietitian Identical RELATED PRODUCTS Ads by MyCBGenie Greatest Food plan For Weight Achieve In UrduHindi Wazan Badhane Ka Tarika Weight Achieve Meals Prime Dietitian Identical to some individuals discover it tough to reduce weight some discover it.

This diet tips have wonderful effect. 615 calories 49 g protein 71 g carbs 15 g fat Waffles Oat bran waffle mix skim milk and whey protein. Do not skip meals and ensure you eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Increase Healthy Protein And Fats. With a proper diet plan for diabetes and calculating calories resistance workout will help you to gain more weight. Foods high in calories and balanced in nutrients will help you gain weight.

Some simple food items that can help us gain weight safely and effectively are. Cook in a waffle iron or flat in a skillet like a pancake. This chart will help you to make a body buildingIf you really want to do this then must follow Best Food for Weight Gain and Diet for Bodybuilding in Urdu.

First we recommend weight loss by changing your lifestyle such as clean eating exercise walking and positive approaches. Foods like avocado banana and full-fat milk should be your staple. 31 rows Plan meals.

This is one best Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Gain who in Urdu is also under working. Take at least 7 8 hours of sleep in a day. This is one of the first methods you need to implement if you are looking to gain weight.

S nacks 830 4 hard-boiled egg whites carrot cucumber. Diet plan for weight loss in 7 days in urdu gm diet diet plan for weight loss in 7 days in urdu is the pakistani version of the famous gm lose weight from hips in 1 week. Healthy Tips To Gain Weight Fast And Safely 1.

For some people a 3000-calorie may help you gain weight. It is essential. Using weights and machines can help in the increase of lean muscles at the gym.

A Healthy Indian Diet Plan for Weight Gain. Bodybuilder Interview Fat Gain Diet Plan In UrduHindi Weight Increase Transformation QZ FitnessWelcome To Qz Fitnessfitnessinterview bodybuildertrans. Diet chart Plan for Weight Loss in one week in Urdu 7 days.

Weight Gain Diet Plan for diabetics could be challenging if you have diabetes. A Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Gain Fast A Healthy Protein Powder Memoona Muslima March 3 2020 Featured For Men Health Kids Care Remedies Leave a comment 5334 Views T oday I will tell you how you can make your personality more attractive awesome and beautiful by making your body fleshy and healthy. Remember to include enough rest days.

Three gym days a week is likely enough for a normal weight-gain program. Add protein in your diet by eating cereals eggs and meat in this way you have to eat a healthy balanced diet to make your body properly built. When gaining weight it is important to plan snacks between.

Increase Workout To Maintain A Healthy Diet Plan. Weight gain meal plan for females. A weight gaining meal plan can be essential to weight gain success.

In addition to the regular meal routine add snacks. An acceptable safe rate of weight gain is 052 pounds 0209 kg per week. Best Foods for Easy and Quick Weight Gain.

The first and foremost thing that is needed for healthy weight gain is nutrition-dense food. D inner 530 Chicken a little bit of salsa sauce tomato paste 5ml of olive oil. Having meals planned out for the week leaves little room for second-guessing or the thought of Ill just snack all day and Ill be fine Additionally a weight gaining meal plan provides an estimated number of calories for the week.

Carbohydrates can help in weight gain.

Weight Loss

There are many Weight Loss Tips but these tips are not suitable for everyone, we select some of the important and regular used or herbal weight loss tips for you. Weight loss diet, weight loss tips are very important to reduce your weight when you want to reduce your weight you aware some tips first

* Firstly your age (Age group) Male & female
* your current weight
* your diet daily diet
* your habits
* your height
then your health expert examine and suggest you how to loss your weight or loose your weight, use vegetable daily basis especially the green vegetables and avoid sugar in all your diet, use green tea without sugar on daily basis.

weight loss new

Weight loss tips or how to reduce your weight or How to lose weight? are the basic question which any visitor search on Internet. There are some Special diet plan for lose or loss weight
called weight loss diet.
* Green Tea is the major diet for Weight Loss, if you think that we are over weight then use green tea without sugar, Green Tea for Weight Loss.

* Green Vegetables for weight loss: All major green vegetables are second main weight loss diet fror those who want to reduce their weight.

* Exercise is also an important part for weight loss and walking up-to 2-3 km per day reduce your weight along-with the diet plan as mentioned above.

* Sugar in all the diets is also main hurdle in weight loss tips  avoid sugar in tea, green tea. coffee, and all other daily use eat able things.

We update weight loss diet, weight loss tips in Urdu, weight loss diet in Urdu and some important issues in English as well to understand the other user or visitor easily.

People are searching and browsing and find weight loss tips these weight loss tips & totkay even in Urdu and English are available on almost all the websites and weight loss totkay in urdu and its extreme weight loss tips and fast weight loss tips, you can find natural weight loss tips including healthy weight loss tips and ideal weight not only for women even weight loss tips for men and young kids those who have a heavy weight we are providing weight loss tips in urdu and hindi and its proper weight loss diet for all those who want to loss their weight immediately.
There are many herbal and natural weight loss diet and its weight loss diet chart, some indian weight loss diet and its weight loss exercises weight loss diet menu There are many easy tips in vegetables and vegetarian weight loss diet plan to its weight loss diet plan and detox weight loss diet for all those who want to reduce their weight with out any medicine they can use green vegetable for reduce their weight just in few weeks not in months.

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