Weight Watchers Meal Plan For 26 Points


weight watchers meal plan for 26 points Weight Watchers point system is not hard to master. Using the resources that you have and staying focused on your goal can help you lose more weight. This is what I did when I first started and this is what has helped me continue losing weight each week.

23 Point Weight Watchers Freestyle Meal Plan

You might be surprised at how few points you receive compared to some of the previous programs if you recently started the Weight Watchers Freestyle program. There are now more than 200 foods that have zero points, including chicken, beans, and even corn. Is that terrible news? Actually, there isn’t any! You can consume a lot of food even if you only receive 23 points (the minimum for Freestyle). With delicious Weight Watchers meals, there’s no excuse to be hungry! Here is a 5-day Weight Watchers Freestyle Meal Plan with 23 Points to help you plan your meals this week.

23 Point Weight Watchers Meal Plan

You’ll see that adding up each day doesn’t even approach 23. This gives you the flexibility to select extras (such as crackers, bread, chips, etc.) and a few low-point snacks to keep you satisfied. Fruit is permitted because it has no points. It can be challenging to consume all of your points because there are more than 200 foods that have zero points. According to Weight Watchers, you can deviate from the recommended range by up to 10 or by up to 5 points. However, if you see that your weight reduction has stalled, you should reduce your intake of fruit and carbohydrates somewhat and up your water consumption.


Breakfast: Baked Breakfast Taquitos – 4 SmartPoints (for 2 taquitos)
Lunch: Easy Egg Salad with 2 slices of one point bread – 3 SmartPoints
Dinner: Weight Watchers Taco Casserole – 1 SmartPoint

Dessert: Skinny Cherry Vanilla Cupcake – 5 SmartPoints
Total: 13 Freestyle SmartPoints
Left for extras: 10 SmartPoints


Breakfast: Breakfast BLT Salad – 4 SmartPoints
Lunch: Skinny Chicken Nuggets – 3 SmartPoints
Dinner: Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers- 5 SmartPoints
Dessert: Chocolate Strawberry Cobbler – 2 SmartPoints
Total: 14 SmartPoints
Left for extras: 9 SmartPoints


Breakfast: 2-Ingredient Bagels – 3 SmartPoints
Lunch: Spicy Tuna Pasta Toss – 5 SmartPoints
Dinner: Beef Stew – 3 SmartPoints
Dessert: Bread Pudding – 2 SmartPoints
Total: 13 SmartPoints
Left for snacks: 10 SmartPoints

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Breakfast: Easy Breakfast Casserole – 5 SmartPoints
Lunch: Black Bean Burgers – 2 SmartPoints
Dinner: Baked Turkey & Pasta Casserole- 4 SmartPoints
Dessert: Cinnamon Roll Casserole – 6 SmartPoints
Total: 17 SmartPoints
Left for snacks: 6 SmartPoints


Breakfast: Spicy Breakfast Fajitas – 5 SmartPoints
Lunch: Skinny Asian Steak and Noodle Bowl – 5 SmartPoints
Dinner: Baked Chicken Fajita Tostadas – 5 SmartPoints
Dessert: Black Bean Brownies – 1 SmartPoint
Total: 16 SmartPoints
Left for snacks: 7 SmartPoints
Tip: Make your lunch (Asian Steak and Noodle Bowl) with chicken instead of steak for less points!

Weight Watchers Meal Plan

Do you meal plan?

Meal planning can help save time and money… and points! Its worth taking half an hour at the beginning of each week to plan everything out.

How Many Daily Calories Is 25 Weight Watchers Points?

Midsection Of Woman Adjusting Weight Scale

Calories are no longer used in the Weight Watchers weight-loss program.

Let’s face it: Calorie counting is tedious.

By developing a counting technique that goes beyond simply counting calories, WW (previously Weight Watchers) has lightened this burden. All you have to do is follow your personal points plan since the legendary weight-loss plan has calculated each food’s point value based on its protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat content.

Your personal daily point “budget” under the WW plan is determined by your height, weight, age, gender, and desired weight loss. WW, which was established in 1963 and has always been an innovator, has consistently upgraded its program. In December 2015, PointsPlus was replaced with SmartPoints; whereas, PointsPlus based point values on protein and fiber, SmartPoints includes calories, protein, saturated fat, and sugar.

The business created the WW Freestyle Program in 2017, which has a list of more than 200 zero-point meals, to further simplify weight maintenance. The intention is to motivate WW participants to choose wisely and consume a variety of healthy foods. The nice aspect is that zero-point foods don’t require any tracking or counting.

SmartPoints Goals

Instead of tracking calories, Weight Watchers urges its members to use the SmartPoints system, which aims to encourage healthy food selection and weight loss. The strategy promotes a lower calorie intake while still providing a wide variety of satiating, healthful foods.

SmartPoints and Calories

A WW member used to be given an allotment of 26 points per day. A member was given a few more points if they went over their daily limit. With the new SmartPoints system, members of WW can use the app or online program to create a personal budget based on their specific weight-loss objectives. This action acknowledges that each person’s body and nutritional requirements are unique. Because the point values are determined by the nutritional worth of each food, the SmartPoints system naturally encourages users to make healthier meal selections as they adhere to the plan.

There are several membership tiers available at WW, some of which come with access to recipes, neighborhood workshops, gatherings, and private coaching. This more individualized strategy has a built-in social component that could be beneficial for weight loss. According to the American Psychological Association, working together with a friend can help you lose weight more quickly.

A Wellness-Forward Plan

The current makeover of WW shifts the company’s emphasis from straightforward weight loss to holistic wellbeing, emphasizing exercise, mindfulness, and happiness. These additional, wellness-focused components of the strategy do not effectively help weight loss. According to a 2017 study from UCLA’s Explore Integrative Medicine lab, practicing mindfulness, for example, can help you control emotional eating and identify satiety cues.

5 Day Weight Watchers Menus with Fewer Than 26 Points

Not too shabby for a full day’s menu!

Most of us have active, hectic lives. If it’s not work, it’s soccer sessions after school, recitals on the weekends, or out-of-town excursions. I used to believe that leading such a lifestyle prevented me from appreciating wholesome foods. After all, if I spend my morning debating what to eat, there’s a significant likelihood that I’ll make poor choices. I adore this aspect of the Weight Watchers meals. The secret to eating well when on the fly is meal planning since it takes the thought process out of losing weight.

Although there isn’t a diet that works for everyone, these Weight Watchers dinners include something for everyone to help you succeed. There are meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day to keep you full and healthy. Because everyone deserves to indulge in a delectable, guilt-free treat every day, we even found room for dessert while clocking in at less than 26 SmartPoints!

These Weight Watchers dinners are chock full of delectable gourmet ingredients. You may prepare the majority of the meals in advance, so you can consume a diet rich in tasty superfoods with little to no effort. Even though there are fewer than 26 SmartPoints per day, you won’t feel deprived while you lose weight. Prepare to feel energized and healthy!

Daily Menu Option 1: (20 Freestyle SmartPoints)

I’m not sure which meal I’m most excited about – avocado toast for breakfast, pizza for lunch, or a lean protein for dinner! Whether you’re just getting started in Weight Watchers or you’re a veteran, this is the perfect Weight Watchers menu to kick off your busy week.

Breakfast: White Bean Avocado Toast (3 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Lunch: Zucchini-Bell Pepper Pizza (4 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Dinner:  Pork Tenderloin (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)

with Cauliflower Stir Fry (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Dessert: Bananas Foster (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Daily Menu Option 2: (23 Freestyle SmartPoints)

If you’re feeling short on time, feel free to use yesterday’s leftovers as a substitute for some of today’s meals. Luckily, though, most of these meals are ready in less than 30 minutes!

Breakfast: Crustless Asparagus Quiche (1 Freestyle SmartPoint)

Lunch: Fiesta Chicken Soup (1 Freestyle SmartPoint)

Dinner: Mediterranean Grilled Eggplant Burgers With Cheese (7 Freestyle SmartPoints)

with Sweet and Tangy Cole Slaw (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Dessert: 3-Ingredient Chocolate Chip Macaroons (9 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Daily Menu Option 3(19 Freestyle SmartPoints)

By day 3, you should be feeling pretty good about your progress. You’re halfway through a successful week of Weight Watchers menus, so keep on going! As a reward, you get to enjoy some super-indulgent chocolate bites for dessert.

Breakfast: Individual Egg & Spinach Bowls (1 Freestyle SmartPoint)

Lunch: Asian Salad with Crispy Chicken (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Dinner: Baked Lemon Salmon and Asparagus Foil Pack (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

with Classic Cucumber and Tomato Salad (3 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Dessert: Quinoa Chocolate Drops (8 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Daily Menu Option 4: (16 Freestyle SmartPoints)

We’re almost there! Today’s menu is filled with tasty superfoods. If you’re feeling like you’ve done too much cooking, think about meal prepping at the beginning of the week. Most of these recipes can be made in advance and reheated for meal time.

Breakfast: 4-Ingredient Protein Pancakes (0 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Lunch: Roasted Pear Sandwich with Baby Spinach (7 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Dinner:  Chicken Pot Roast (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

with Dijon Roasted Cabbage (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Dessert: No Bake Lemon Berry Cups (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Daily Menu Option 5:(14 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Congratulations, you made it! You’re on the last day of your 5-day Weight Watchers menus, and we’re sure you’re feeling great. Reward yourself with a sweet treat in the morning and a super tasty cheesecake bite for dessert.

Breakfast: French Toast Casserole (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Lunch: Tuna Zucchini Noodle Bake (3 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Dinner: Chicken Chili (1 Freestyle SmartPoint)

Dessert: Skinny Mini Strawberry Cheesecake (4 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Fall Flavors Healthy Dinner Meal Plan Week of

You’ll look forward to dinner every single night with this nutritious dinner menu full of delectable fall flavors and simple recipes! Perfect if you’re participating in WW, the 21 Day Fix, or just want some delicious meals planned for you! also include a downloadable grocery list!

Hello, guys! I wanted to create a fantastic meal plan full of fall-inspired favorites for the first official week of the season, and I’m really excited for this one! What better time of year for delicious food, really?

In addition, we would like to express our gratitude to the Ohio weather gods for literally kicking off the beautiful autumn temperatures on the first day of the season (it was 90 the day before! ), preparing us for all the soups, stews, and other cool-weather treats.

And by the way, his healthy meal plan is fantastic for absolutely everyone attempting to eat a little healthier or anyone who simply wants some simple, delicious dinners all planned out for them! It’s not just for 21 Day Fixers and WW people, either!

For my meal preppers!

Here are some great recommendations that you can make on Sunday and eat throughout the week!

  • Breakfast: Sausage Gravy – you can have this over biscuits, but I love saving my carb and just having a serving in a bowl that I top with a couple of runny eggs, so so good! 
  • Lunch: Pear and Butternut Squash Salad with Maple-Balsamic Vinaigrette (feel free to customize this, you can leave out the squash if you aren’t into it, or add in some chicken for a protein! But guys, that dressing is darn-right drinkable)
  • Dessert: NEW! Instant Pot Pumpkin Rice Pudding
  • Bonus Fall Cocktail: Autumn Apple Bourbon Cocktail (ok, so not a meal prep item, but you’ll never feel more like fall is here than when imbibing this deliciousness and I had to include it!)

And if you want some extra help with meal prep, check out this great meal prep post! It’s got loads of great basics (like quinoa and sweet potatoes) that you can batch cook in the Instant Pot, plus some great tips on how to meal plan/prep using your Instant Pot!

And you might be wondering…

What about the weekend?

Since we typically have enough leftovers to last us for two more days (and occasionally we’ll eat out for one of them), I don’t include weekend meals in these meal plans because I don’t want you guys to end up buying more groceries than you need.

You can check what’s left in your fridge around Thursday and decide if you need anything additional to finish the week. Always keep some frozen ground turkey or chicken in the freezer for last-minute taco meat. You can use it to make healthy tacos, taco salad, taco meat filled peppers or zucchini, a quick taco soup, or some evening nachos.

Ok, let’s get to this healthy meal plan!

Monday: Italian Vegetable Soup with Ricotta Dumplings

Serving notes: If you want to get a full red in with this meal, you can double the doublings or add some chicken!

Servings: 4

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving:

  • Soup: 2 1/2 Green, 1/2 Tsp
  • Dumplings: 1/2 Red, 1/2 Yellow and 1/8 Blue (I don’t usually count this small amount, but count it if ya like!)

Tuesday: Instant Pot Apple Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches

Serving notes: I love serving this with some fall-spiced roasted butternut squash on the side!

Servings: 12 (the leftovers freeze beautifully for later!)

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving: 1/2 Red, 3/4 oil tsp, 1 3/4 sweetener tsp plus counts for whatever you serve these on (whole wheat buns, sandwich thins, lettuce cups, etc)

Weight Watchers Personal Points Link: Apple Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches


Wednesday: Instant Pot Maple Mustard Chicken and Potatoes

Serving notes: I usually serve this with some simple roasted carrots with salt, pepper, paprika and dried dill!

Servings: 5

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving: 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 2 sweetener tsp

Weight Watchers Personal Points Link: Instant Pot Maple Mustard Chicken and Potatoes


Thursday: Thyme Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Garam Masala-Cider Sauce

Serving notes: I love serving this with mashed potatoes (regular or mashed sweet potatoes would be amazing) and these Crispy Crumb-Topped Instant Pot Green Beans and Artichokes, but any roasted veggie would be great! 

Servings: 6

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving: 1 Red, 1 Tsp, 3/4 Purple drink swap, 1/4 Green

Weight Watchers Personal Points Link: Thyme-Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Garam-Masala Cider Sauce


Friday: Roasted Vegetable White Chicken Chili with Avocado

Serving notes: I often serve this one on its own, but some cornbread is always nice, or a salad for some extra veggies!

Servings: 8

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving: 2/3 Red, 1/2 Yellow, 3/4 Green, 1/2 Blue

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