What Cut Of Beef For Chinese Stir Fry


To know What Cut Of Beef For Chinese Stir Fry, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is much more important to choose the right cut than the type of meat. For example, there are many different types of beef; such as chuck eye steak or ribeye steak and many more. What is the best steak for frying steak? Whatever you want. There are many factors that go into picking out a steak to fry. We’re going to discuss everything you need to know about picking out the right steak, and the health benefits of eating meat.

What Cut Of Beef For Chinese Stir Fry

This is made with a simple but super flavourful, classic Chinese stir fry sauce. It’s a real sauce, one that tastes just like you get at proper Chinese restaurants!

Easy Classic Chinese Beef Stir Fry - Just like you get in restaurants!

Chinese Beef Stir Fry

Stir fries are my go-to for those nights when I can’t deal with more than the bare minimum effort for dinner. I know I can always knock up a stir fry using whatever greens I have left in my fridge. Even if I only have green beans and an onion (and some protein!). As long as I have a tasty sauce, I’m one happy gal!

So I have a secret weapon for super fast midweek meals – a homemade all purpose stir fry sauce. I call him Charlie. As in – Charlie Brown, because it’s a brown sauce. Ha ha ha. Don’t kill yourself laughing at my lack of originality!

Charlie is my secret weapon because he takes minutes to make and lasts in the fridge for weeks and weeks. He is similar to the sauce of many Chinese stir fries, but not an exact replica of any. Which means he is a great base to use for a seemingly endless array of Chinese dishes with the addition of a few extra flavourings.

And he’s real. He tastes like a real Chinese stir fry sauce, with proper depth of flavour.

Say hi to Charlie! That’s him on the bottom right photo. Looks unimpressive, doesn’t he? No hint of the power within! 

Easy Classic Chinese Beef Stir Fry - Just like you get in restaurants!

The beauty of Charlie is that he will reside in your fridge for weeks, then when you need him, he’s always ready to go. Just give him a good shake, pour him in your stir fry and add water. He’s already got cornstarch/cornflour in him so he turns into a glorious thick sauce that coats your stir fry beautifully.

It’s been over a year since I last shared a recipe using Charlie. The reason I thought of this is because Super Food Ideas (Australia’s #1 food magazine!) asked me to do a feature with a series of recipes using Charlie. You will be amazed what you can make with him! Not just stir fries – soups, sauces, noodle stir fries and even using him as a marinade.

So I spent last week developing recipes for the Super Food Ideas feature (which comes out in early February – I’ll share more about that when the issue is released!). And I had a handful of ingredients leftover which is why I decided to share this stir fry recipe today.

For now, I present to you this classic Beef Stir Fry made using Charlie.  BUT I’ve also provided the ingredients to make the sauce from scratch too. Enjoy! 

Easy Classic Chinese Beef Stir Fry - Just like you get in restaurants!

Option: Tenderising beef for stir fries

Ever notice how the meat in Chinese dishes is so incredibly tender, and how your stir fries at home are just never the same? The secret is tenderising the meat – a method called velveting.

That’s right. Your cheerful local Chinese restaurant is using economical stewing beef to make stir fries with ultra tender strips of beef by tenderising it!

Find out how to use this simple, highly effective method: How to Tenderise Beef (the Chinese way).

This is optional only, when wanting to make stir fries with economical beef or you simply want extra tender beef, Chinese restaurant style!

Beef Cuts for Stir Fry

For a stir fry you can use lots of different types of meat it’s a really flexible meal. But here are some tips on which cuts of beef will give you the best results. Now before we get into the details on which cut is the best, there is one that always stands out from the pack – and that is the stir fry beef you can buy from the supermarket (and i’m sure many butchers) that is already cut into stir fry strips!!

A few good options are:

  • Rump steak
  • Sirloin or Porterhouse
  • Fillet or Tenderloin
  • Blade or Topside work ok, but can get a bit tough

What Cut Of Beef Is Best For Chinese Stir Fry?

Flank steak is the most common piece of beef utilized by Chinese restaurants in all of their stir-fry meals, and it is also the most expensive. Our stir-fry recipes call for this particular cut of beef, which also happens to be the most popular among our customers. Besides being delicious, flank steak is economically priced and easily accessible.

– The New York Strip is priced between $20 and $30 per pound. Possibly one of the most ordinary, yet delectable, cuts of beef to be found on the supermarket shelves. … – Filet Mignon – $ 30 per pound (per person). … – American Wagyu Beef is priced between $150 and $300 per pound. … – Japanese Wagyu Beef (300 dollars per pound) … – Japanese Kobe Beef is sold at a price of $300 a pound.

What is the best cut of beef to use for stir-fry?

When it comes to picking a piece of meat for a stir fry, flank steak is unquestionably the most popular option. This long and thin cut is made from the cow’s abdominal muscles, and it has a strong beef flavor because to the high proportion of fat in it. It is excellent when thinly sliced and marinated for a long period of time. A fantastic all-arounder.

How do Chinese takeaways get their beef so tender?

The method of ″velveting″ meat is a Chinese cooking technique that is commonly utilized in Chinese restaurants. It is possible to get a smooth, slippery, velvety texture by marinating raw meat in a mixture of cornstarch, egg white, or bicarbonate of soda for a few hours.

Is topside beef good for stir fry?

Fillet or Tenderloin are are excellent choices. Blade or Topside work well, but can be a little difficult at times.

Is sirloin steak good for stir fry?

The top sirloin is our preferred cut of beef for stir-frying since it is quite affordable and yields juicy results). Generally speaking, the following are the finest beef cuts for stir-frying: Sirloin Steak (Top Sirloin) (or go-to)

How do you make beef soft and tender?

How to make beef softer in eight easy steps

  1. Use the meat tenderizer to make the meat more tender. Meat tenderizers are a simple and convenient technique of preparing meat.
  2. Cover the meat with coarse salt
  3. marinate in an acidic solution.
  4. Fruit purée is used to marinate the meat.
  5. Cooking over a low heat in a pan
  6. grilling
  7. Halfway through the cooking process, add the coarse salt.
  8. Make use of baking soda.

What are 3 ways to tenderize meat?

If you want to chemically tenderize meat, according to our dependable ″Food Lover’s Companion,″ there are three options: long, slow cooking; the use of a commercial meat tenderizer (Ac’cent is perhaps the most well-known brand); or marinating in an acid-based marinade that contains enzymes, which break down connective tissue.

How do you make beef stir fry without it being chewy?

Make Thin Slices of Tomatoes Make very tiny slices, no more than 1/4 inch thick or thinner. Because they will cook in a short amount of time, thin strips of beef are the finest choice. The more tender the meat tastes and the less chewy it is, the thinner the cut of beef is.

Is rump steak good for stir fry?

How do you know what sort of meat to use in a beef stir-fry recipe? Choosing rump steak is a wise decision since it is soft enough to be cooked fast without the need for marinating or tenderizing for an extended period of time. When it comes to stir-frying meat, the conventional cut is a skirt steak or a hanger steak.

What cut is flank steak?

Flank steak is a cut of beef that originates from the cow’s lower chest or abdominal muscle. It is a low-cost, tasty, and adaptable piece of meat. Approximately one foot long and one inch thick, it’s cooked whole rather than cut into smaller individual steaks for convenience.

Is skirt steak good for stir fry?

Instead of going for the flank, aim for the skirt. Flank steak is sold in big, flat strips that are easy to chop into smaller pieces for stir-frying or grilling. Skirt steak is available in even thinner strips, making it even easier to cut into smaller pieces. Flank steak has a soft, wide-textured grain that is excellent at absorbing the flavors of marinades. It is also inexpensive.

What is the best steak for frying?

Rib-eye steak, t-bone steak, sirloin, fillet steaks, rump steak, and hanger steak are the best steak cuts to pan-fry when it comes to steak. In restaurants, these cuts of beef are frequently used for pan-frying purposes. Grilling these pieces of beef is also a delicious option, albeit it takes more time.

What are the best beef cuts?

  1. Ribeye Steak (Scotch Fillet)
  2. Tenderloin Steak (Eye Fillet)
  3. Porterhouse Steak
  4. T-Bone Steak
  5. Hanger Steak
  6. Top Sirloin Steak
  7. Strip Steak
  8. Flat Iron Steak
  9. Bottom Sirloin Steak
  10. Flank Steak
  11. Porterhouse Steak
  12. T-Bone Steak
  13. Porterhouse Steak
  14. T-Bone Steak
  15. Porterhouse Steak
  16. T-Bone Steak
  17. Porterhouse Steak

What cut of beef is best for BBQ?

  1. Cuts such as chuck roast and blade pot roast are affordable because they originate from the neck and shoulder blade areas of the animal.
  2. Braised beef brisket: The brisket is another cheap, tough piece that comes out juicy and easy to shred when cooked.
  3. Round: The round is derived from the back leg of a cow.

How to make the best classic stir fry?

Make sure you have all of your ingredients ready before you start cooking, because stir-fries come together in no time.- Make sure that all of your ingredients are cut into pieces that are comparable in size to ensure uniform cooking.In order to prevent overcrowding the pan, cook food in small batches as needed.Make sure you have your rice or noodles ready before you begin to cook your stir-fry.- First, stir, and then cook.

Then give it a good stir.- Toss in the garlic.

Good Reasons Meat and Poultry Should be Part of Your Balanced diet.

Great taste, alone, shouldn’t dictate your dietary choices. Here are 12 good reasons meat and poultry should be part of your balanced diet.

1. Protein.  Naturally and completely.  

Protein. Naturally and completely

Protein found in meat and poultry is “complete” because it contains all the amino acids essential for health.  Animal proteins are complete proteins. And they occur naturally – no protein powder needed. 

2. Iron rich. 

Iron rich

Meat, fish and poultry contains heme iron, which helps to prevent anemia because the body absorbs this iron better than non-heme iron found in plant foods such as vegetables. Heme iron foods help the body absorb non-heme iron. 

3. Bioavailable nutrition.   

Bioavailable nutrition

Nutrients in meat, including iron and zinc are typically more easily absorbed and used by the body.

4. Muscle strength and maintenance. 

Muscle strength and maintenance

High- quality protein, e.g. meat and poultry, have been shown to prevent muscle loss as we age more effectively than other protein foods.

5. Bone strength. 

Bone strength

Meatless diets have been shown to contain lower amounts of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, which have important roles in maintaining bone health.

6. Brain function. 

Brain function

Animal products like meat are the only natural sources of Vitamin B12, which promotes brain development in childre and helps your nervous system function properly.

7. Heart health. 

Heart health

Mounting, recent evidence shows that lean meat protein could help maintain healthy cardiovascular function.

8. Blood Sugar Control.   

Blood Sugar Control

A high protein and low carbohydrate diet, which could include lean meat and poultry, can help to control blood sugars. 

9. Zinc immunity. 

Zinc immunity

Zinc helps maintain optimal immune function and promotes wound healing. Beef is the top dietary source of zinc in the diet.

10. Selenium-rich. 


A serving of beef or lamb delivers half a human’s daily selenium needs. Selenium is an antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage, promotes proper thyroid function, and may contribute to cancer prevention.

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