Yoga Weight Loss For Beginners


Yoga weight loss for beginners is an online course with step-by-step videos to help you lose weight with yoga. The program has 3 main types of sessions: Beginners Yoga Exercise Routine, Beginners Yoga Home Practice Guide, and Beginners Yoga Meditation. If you have never done yoga before, this is the right place to start your exercise routine.

Everything seems confusing when you’ve just started your yoga for weight loss journey, especially if you’re overweight. Here are 5 asanas to get you started.

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Yoga Weight Loss For Beginners

You’ve probably heard the saying “yoga se hoga,” and there’s a solid reason behind it. You see, by regularly practicing yoga, you can reach whatever physical health objectives you may have.

Yoga is the effective tool you need to remodel your body, helping with everything from weight loss and improved flexibility to muscle strengthening and strength development. There is also no better moment than the present to begin your yoga adventure, regardless of your size or weight.

However, if you’re overweight and unsure of how your body will react to yoga, remember this: it’s normal to feel intimidated when you first begin.

And to help you on your way, we got the inside scoop from Mumbai-based acro-yogi and fitness blogger Subhadeep Ray Choudhury on the best asanas to begin with when you’re overweight:

1. Cat-cow Pose

A transition between two stances is called a cat-cow. The exercise set improves your abdominal muscles while giving your spine a wonderful stretch. It is a fantastic asana to begin with if you want to reduce abdominal fat.

Ensure that your wrists and knees are parallel to your shoulders and hips while getting down on all fours. Knees and shins should be spaced hip-width apart. Once you’ve gotten into position, strike the cow pose. As you inhale deeply, lower your belly toward the earth. As you stare up at the ceiling, make sure your chin and chest are high. Keep your shoulder blades wide and separated from your ears.

From here, you must progressively transition to the cat stance, which calls for you to suffocate and pull your stomach in toward your spine. Just like a cat extending, your back will curve upward. Chin toward chest as you move.
Do this fifteen to twenty times.

2. Table-top Crunches

Legs should be raised at a 90-degree angle as you lay on your back. To give your elbows a brief rest, bend them. Make use of your core muscles’ strength to gradually raise your shoulders. Do not make the error of trying to lift your head using your arm power.

3. Chair Pose

A chair position engages the muscles in both your upper body and lower body, similar to a squat. Your quads, gluteus, calves, and ankles are all worked. Simply squeeze your thighs together, squat, and bend your knees. When looking down, your position should allow you to view your toes directly in front of your knees.

4. Bow Pose

Bow posture works every muscle in the back while simultaneously stretching the entire front of the body. Your chest, abdomen, quadriceps, ankles, groin, hip flexors, and throat are its main target regions.

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Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga encourages the growth of your body, mind, and soul so that you can become the best version of yourself.

Yoga, especially the more energetic varieties, may also be a useful method for weight loss. Additionally, you could discover that the awareness you get through a calm, soothing yoga practice aids in your weight loss.

Many specialists concur that yoga helps people achieve healthy weights in a variety of ways. Let’s look at a few of them approaches.

Yoga And Mindfulness

Yoga’s psychological and spiritual facets emphasize the cultivation of mindfulness. Your consciousness is heightened in numerous ways as a result.

It can help you become more aware of how certain foods impact your body, mind, and soul.

According to a 2016 study, those who practice yoga and cultivate mindfulness may be better able to resist comfort foods and harmful foods. They might also learn to listen to their bodies more so that they can recognize when they are full.

People who are having trouble losing weight in other ways are likely to benefit the most from yoga.

According to a 2017 study, practicing mindfulness can reduce instances of impulsive or binge eating and increase physical activity. Although there was no discernible impact on weight loss directly, lengthier mindfulness training sessions may be linked to weight loss. To further explore these findings, additional research is required.

Yoga practitioners are instructed not to practice on an empty stomach, so they are more inclined to eat a healthy breakfast. Your desire for natural meals may increase after a yoga session. Additionally, you might learn to take smaller bites and eat more slowly, which can reduce how much you consume.

Yoga And Better Sleep

Yoga instruction can enhance the quality of your sleep. When you practice yoga regularly, you could discover that you can go to sleep more quickly and that your sleep is deeper. You should aim to get between 6 and 9 hours of sleep per night.

A good night’s sleep is frequently linked to weight loss.

According to a 2018 study, those who had their sleep hours reduced five times per week lost less weight than those who slept normally. Both groups were restricting their caloric intake, indicating that sleep deprivation had a negative impact on body composition, including fat loss.

Yoga Nidra is a type of guided relaxation that could improve your sleep quality and consciousness. During yoga Nidra, you can also make intents that could aid in the development of your weight reduction objectives.

A tiny 2018 study indicated that practicing yoga nidra for eight weeks boosted the awareness of healthcare workers. Acting mindfully and not passing judgment on one’s inner feelings were part of this mindfulness.

At the follow-up, there were no appreciable differences in their tiredness levels. The longer the exercise was done, nevertheless, the better the score was. To elaborate on these findings, larger, in-depth research are required.

Yoga And Calorie Burning

Yoga is not typically thought of as an aerobic activity, but some styles of yoga are more physically demanding than others.

Yoga that is vigorous and active helps you burn the most calories. This might assist in limiting weight gain. Power yoga, vinyasa, and ashtanga are a few examples of yoga that is more physically demanding.

Hot yoga establishments frequently provide vinyasa and power yoga. You move virtually constantly when doing this style of yoga, which aids in calorie burning.

Yoga can perhaps increase your metabolism and help you tone up your muscles.

Despite not being a particularly physically demanding kind of yoga, restorative yoga may nonetheless aid in weight loss. According to one study, restorative yoga can effectively assist obese women in losing weight, including belly fat.

These results hold particular promise for those whose body weight may make practicing more strenuous kinds of yoga challenging.

Yoga may be an effective method for promoting behavioral change, weight loss, and maintenance since it helps to burn calories, improve mindfulness, and ease stress. You might be able to cut back on your eating and become more conscious of the negative effects of eating too much.

To build on these findings, additional in-depth studies are required.

How Often Should You Do Yoga To Lose Weight?

Yoga can help you lose weight, so practice it as often as you can. At least three to five times a week for at least an hour, you can perform a more active, strenuous practice.

Balance your practice by taking a mellower, gentler class on the other days. Classes in hatha, yin, and restorative yoga are excellent choices.

Start out small if you’re a newbie; start with a 20-minute practice and work your way up from there. You can use this to increase your flexibility and strength while avoiding injuries. Every week, allot yourself one entire day of rest.

For further cardiovascular advantages, combine your yoga practice with exercises like walking, cycling, or swimming.

Avoid weighing yourself just after a yoga class, especially a hot yoga class, as part of your routine because you can lose water weight there. Instead, weigh yourself every day at the same time.

Home workout poses

If you don’t have time for a full yoga session, try these simple positions at home.

Sun Salutations

Perform 10 Sun Salutations a minimum. You can increase the intensity by holding some of the positions for longer periods or by speeding up the pace.

  1. Inhale as you raise your arms overhead while standing.
  2. As you swan dive downward into a Forward Bend, exhale.
  3. To return to plank position, you can jump, step, or walk your feet.
  4. For at least five breaths, maintain this posture.
  5. Bring your body to the ground by bending your knees.
  6. Place your hands under your shoulders, extend your legs, and turn the tops of your feet toward the mat.
  7. Lift partially, partially up, or fully into Cobra pose by inhaling.
  8. After pushing yourself into the downward-facing dog, exhale and drop yourself back down.
  9. For at least five breaths, maintain this position.
  10. After jumping, stepping, or walking your feet to the top of the mat, stand in a forward bend while exhaling.
  11. Then take a deep breath and raise your arms upward.
  12. To bring your arms back up by your body, exhale.

Boat Pose

This pose engages your whole body, especially your core, and helps reduce stress.

  1. Lay down on the floor and cross your legs in front of you.
  2. Lift your feet off the ground while bending your knees such that your thighs are at an angle to the floor and your shins are parallel.
  3. Make sure your arms are out in front of you, parallel to the ground.
  4. If you can, elevate your torso and straighten your legs.
  5. For 30 seconds, maintain this posture.
  6. Repeat a minimum of five times.

Plank Pose

Spend 10 to 20 minutes doing variations of plank pose.

  1. Step back with your feet up in the tabletop posture.
  2. Your body should be in a straight line. Consider checking your body in a mirror.
  3. Make use of your arm, leg, and core muscles.
  4. Hold this position for at least a minute.

The Takeaway

If you want to use yoga to reduce weight, commit to yourself and your practice. Set modest goals and make tiny, steady improvements to increase your likelihood of sticking with them.

As your practice and awareness grow, you could discover that you are drawn to eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle. Even while losing weight isn’t assured, it’s absolutely probable, and your favorable outcomes might go far beyond weight reduction.

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Beginner Weight Loss Yoga Workouts for Busy People

Looking for a quick, beginner-friendly yoga routine that will help you lose weight? We’ve got you! I started practicing yoga years ago with the goal of lowering my anxiety and tension, but I secretly hoped it would also help me achieve my physical objectives.

Can You Lose Weight With Yoga?

Absolutely, you can. But I didn’t start noticing physical benefits until I discovered the type of yoga that worked best for me.

Although yoga as a whole is beneficial in helping you lose weight and tone, the specific moves you do and how you use them do have a significant impact on how quickly and intensely your outcomes will be.

Yoga is a body weight-based exercise that aids in converting body fat into lean muscular mass, which in turn speeds up your metabolism and makes losing weight simpler.

But when it comes to achieving your weight loss objectives, the sort of yoga you practice and how frequently are extremely important.

Which Type Of Yoga Is Best For Weight Loss?

Naturally, a quicker, more vigorous yoga practice will result in faster weight loss than a slower, more leisurely one. According to science, yoga helps you lose weight by reducing stress and encouraging mindful eating, but if you truly want to see results, you need to work your muscles and raise your heart rate.

Vinyasa yoga is one of the best and most well-liked styles of yoga in this area for its capacity to sculpt and shape your body while having a fun, flowing class. Simply put, vinyasa yoga is a kind of yoga that consists of a series of poses that move in a “flow.” Typically, it begins with a light warm-up, progresses through “vinyasas”—cycles of poses—and concludes with calming poses.

Every time you practice vinyasa yoga, it tends to be different, and you may get pretty inventive with your routines. Since they can combine so many different positions and motions, it actually becomes entertaining to not know what will happen next.

The majority of our weight reduction sequences in our free resource library are based on the vinyasa technique. I believe that using this technique has a ton of advantages and makes getting in shape enjoyable. By registering for our free resource library below, you may check out that routine!

You can read the complete article explaining the full-body yoga workout’s positions in detail here.

If you need some inspiration to get on your mat, start with one of the yoga videos below. For the days when you only have ten minutes to squeeze in a yoga workout, we’ve arranged them by duration and tried to find a few for each time limit. Now let’s begin:

10-Minute Yoga Weight Loss Workouts

10-Minute Yoga Weight Loss Workouts is an excellent low impact, yet effective yoga routine that will help you sculpt the body you deserve in only 10 minutes of your time. This workout can be done right in your home, with little or no equipment needed.

1.10 Minute Yoga Workout Lose Your Belly Fat by Your Yoga Gym

Seriously, you’ll start to sweat after this 10-minute yoga session! Jenna puts a lot of emphasis on strengthening your core, so if you’re trying to lose belly fat in particular, you’ll adore this workout. The fact that Jenna has such a charming personality and makes the ten minutes fly by while making you giggle along the way definitely helps.

If you don’t feel up to a full workout or just want to enhance your energy levels and metabolism in the morning, try this regimen. You have 10 minutes to spare, no matter how your day has been going.

10-minute period

Other advantages include increasing fat loss, getting in a decent, brief cardio workout, and working on tightening your abdomen.

2. 10 min Sun Salutation Practice By Yoga With Adriene

One of the best ways to raise your heart rate and burn fat is to perform sun salutations. I began my own at-home yoga practice in the same way.

Sun Salutations are merely a sequence of stances you perform to produce a fluid movement. They are fantastic for raising metabolism, enhancing flexibility, and reducing weight.

You have the option of performing one round or many rounds on either side. You may decide how lengthy the routine should be because the sequence is constant.

10-minute period

Other Advantages: Aids in the development of a strong foundation for your yoga practice, as well as the learning of the fundamental positions of yoga.

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13-15 Minute Yoga Weight Loss Workouts

A business owner or entrepreneur needs to handle their fitness level as one of the most crucial issues. Even if your firm were a huge success, it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t have good health. For nearly three months, I regularly engaged in 13-15 Minute Yoga weight reduction sessions and kept a food diary. My life was drastically altered by these two events. My posture improved, I started to feel more energised, attentive, and less anxious than ever before.

3. 13-Minute Quick And Effective Weight Loss Yoga Workout By Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful deems this workout quick and effective because she is well recognized for her swift, strong cardio flows. You’ll start perspiring and testing your stamina and endurance in just 13 minutes. She maintains a nice tempo that is ideal for beginners while incorporating difficult transitions to work your core.

thirteen minutes

Other advantages include increasing your ability to hold a few poses for longer and providing you the chance to try more difficult versions.

4. 15-Minute Morning Yoga For Beginners- Weight Loss Edition By Sarah Beth Yoga

For beginners only, Sarah Beth Yoga created this morning weight-loss yoga practice, which has a ton of posture variations to make it easier for you to complete. She moves at a somewhat slower tempo than other routines, which is ideal if you are still getting used to the positions.

fifteen minutes

Other advantages: Emphasizes appropriate alignment, which is ideal for beginners.

20-Minute Yoga Weight Loss Workouts

20 Minute Yoga Weight Loss Workouts is an easy guide to weight loss. It shows you the best yoga weight loss exercises you can do in just 20 minutes twice a week. In just 8 weeks, you can lose 10-15 pounds naturally without changing your diet or spending time at the gym.

5. 20-Minute Beginner Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Weight Loss With Julia By PsycheTruth

In this series, you’ll be performing a lot of downward dogs, so be prepared! This fluid routine is performed at a beginner’s pace by the instructor, who also offers transitions that aren’t very difficult. She also demonstrates how to perform each position correctly and describes how your alignment should be while performing each.

Twenty minutes

Other advantages: This workout will work on your cardio and quickly raise your heart rate, like most vinyasa courses do! Because it doesn’t go too quickly and includes simple postures, this vinyasa flow is excellent for beginners.

6. 20-Minute Yoga For Weight Loss Workout By SarahBethYoga

Here is a little longer and more difficult video from Sarah Beth Yoga. Here, Sarah Beth emphasizes breathing heavily while also incorporating many vinyasas—the progression from chaturanga to upward dog to downward dog. This works your entire body and provides a wonderful cardio exercise.

Twenty minutes

Other advantages: This vinyasa beginner flow technique improves flexibility and will give you a fantastic workout while also allowing you enough time to get comfortable in each pose.

25-Minute Yoga Weight Loss Workouts

Yoga is a fantastic weight-loss method, but time is sometimes an issue. So, here are four 25-minute yoga exercises. Yoga weight loss activities that last 25 minutes will help you stick to your plan and accomplish your objectives if you’re short on time or just want to squeeze in a fast workout.

7. 25-Minute Complete Beginners Fat Burning Workout at Home, Exercise Routine by PsycheTruth

Contrary to the other exercises on the list, this one is rather easy, but it does exactly what it says in the title! By doing structured motions that will make your heart race without engaging in strenuous cardio, you will concentrate heavily on your core in order to shed stubborn belly fat.

Salena, the trainer in this video, is incredibly inspiring! She encourages you to persevere till the very end while reassuring you on a regular basis.

Twenty-five minutes

Other advantages: You’ll feel muscles like you’ve never felt them before during this surprisingly calming yoga workout! Though you’ll still be somewhat sore, you’ll feel refreshed and rested.

8. 25-Minute Beginner Cardio Yoga Flow by Silke Dewulf

Silke uses straightforward poses and fluid transitions to give novices a fantastic cardio flow. She moves at just the appropriate tempo to provide direction for each pose while still giving a wonderful workout, while also explaining proper alignment in each pose.

Twenty-five minutes

Other advantages include being accessible and welcoming to yogis of all levels who wish to do their daily aerobic workout at home. This exercise by Silke includes a lot of twists that will awaken your spine and open up your side body.

30 Minute Yoga Weight Loss Workouts

Yoga is more than just a workout. Yoga is a lifestyle. It is an evolutionary process for the body, mind, and spirit. It keeps the body active and aids in the release of stress and tension. Yoga can produce fantastic effects for weight loss. You may find a 30-minute yoga workout for weight loss in this post.

9. 30-Minute Power Yoga Flow For Tight Abs and a Toned Butt by PopSugar Fitness

Try out this 30-minute workout if you want to get very toned and increase your flexibility at the same time! The core and glutes are the key areas of concentration in this full-body exercise, and who doesn’t desire rock-hard abs and a gorgeous butt?

thirty minutes

Additional advantages: This exercise is continuous! There are no breaks, simply a 30-minute rigorous but accessible workout to make you drenched in sweat and excited! Add this one to your weekly setup rituals without a doubt if you want to see more defined effects quickly.

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10. 30 Minute Low Impact Dance Flow Yoga by FemFusion Fitness

This one has to be included because it seems so enjoyable! Even at 30 minutes, Femfusion does a terrific job of making exercise pleasurable. Numerous yoga positions combined with pilates exercises will be practiced, along with some rhythmic movements.

thirty minutes

Other advantages: Give this one a try if you have trouble sticking with a workout since you get bored easily! It will keep you guessing as to what will happen next because you are always moving and making new moves.

40-45 Minute Yoga Weight Loss Workouts

Yoga is more than just a workout. Yoga is a lifestyle. It is an evolutionary process for the body, mind, and spirit. It keeps the body active and aids in the release of stress and tension. Yoga can produce fantastic effects for weight loss. You may get a 30-minute yoga weight-loss training regimen in this post.

11. 40-Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout by Yoga With Adriene

Because Adriene makes every posture accessible to beginners on her channel, you have a ton of options for modifying this 40-minute yoga practice to fit your experience level. Beginner yoga for weight loss is achievable because Adriene is deceptively skilled at making a challenging yoga workout fly by.

forty minutes

Other advantages include a heavy emphasis on moving in a way that feels good for your body and avoiding static holds in the poses. This helps you burn more calories and also loosen up the muscles.

12. 45-Minute Total Body Workout by Fight Master Yoga

If using yoga to lose weight is your objective, try out this alternative vinyasa-style routine. The instructor alternates between positions that focus on developing strength and endurance, all of which are important for weight loss! She also expedites the 45 minutes really quickly.

forty-five minutes

Other advantages: You’ll go through several fundamental yoga positions several times, so by the conclusion of this you should have a firm understanding of how you should feel in each pose and have developed the stamina to hold each pose for a longer period of time.

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