Diet Plan For Weight Gain In 7 Days Pdf


Diet Plan For Weight Gain In 7 Days PDF is a collection of precise ways to gain weight quickly. A person is normally skinny when you have only 0 to 13 BMI points. However, are there some weight loss tips that you can use to build muscle? That is the reason why we have composed this article on how to gain weight quickly.

Meal Plan for Weight Gain – Overview

Do you have trouble gaining weight? Have you done your best to try to pack on the pounds but still failed? All is not lost.

Because by starting to read this article, you have completed the first step to gaining weight naturally. Stick to this diet list to gain 11 lbs in 7 days.

Here is the Meal Plan for Weight Gain in 7 Days

In daily life, we see that many people complain about their excess weight, and we can understand that they want to lose weight as fast and healthy as possible from diet or exercise.

Today, some are looking for a diet to lose weight as well as those who need a diet list to gain weight.

We built a diet plan for those who cannot gain weight due to health or genetic factors, where they can gain 11 lbs in a week.

Diet Plan for Weight Gain in 7 Days pdf

Day One

cheese and fruit on a board

Peanut Butter on Wholegrain Toast: Toasted wholegrain bread+ 2 tbsp peanut butter. Drizzle with honey to taste. Serve with 1 hot chocolate, made with milk + 1 serve of fruit (eg. 1 medium pear or orange).


Chicken and Pasta Salad: Cooked chicken + pasta + 1 cup leafy green vegetables (eg. spinach, rocket) + tomato + avocado + crumbled feta cheese + olive oil/vinegar dressing.


Lamb Chops and Vegetables: Lamb chop, trimmed & shallow fried in olive oil. Serve with sweet potato mash made with milk and olive oil + 2 cups cooked vegetables.


Fresh Fruit and Cheese Platter: Slice and serve a variety of fresh fruits in season and cheese.


A handful of mixed nuts and/or seeds.

Day Two

assorted fruits on bowl 1546896

Chia Porridge with Fruit: 2 tbsp chia seeds + rolled oats + 1.5 cup full cream milk + 1 serve of fruit (eg. 1 medium banana or 6 dried prunes).


Egg, Cheese and Salad Wrap: 2 boiled & mashed eggs + 2 cheese slices + avocado + 1 cup salad vegetables (eg. lettuce, cucumber, carrot, capsicum) rolled up in tortilla bread (make 2 wraps) + 1 cup fruit juice.


Baked Salmon, Cous Cous and Vegetables: Oven baked salmon fillet, sprinkled with sesame oil and sesame seeds + wholemeal cous cous + 2 cups cooked vegetables. Serve with hommus.


Fruit Salad Dessert: Fresh fruit salad with ice cream.


A handful of mixed nuts and/or seeds. Fruit toast with butter and/or jam.

Day Three


Sweet Potato Spanish Omelette (1 serve): Serve with 1 cafe latte or hot chocolate made with full cream milk.


Lentil, Vegetables and Barley Soup: Lentils with 1 cup chopped vegetables (eg. carrot, pumpkin, celery, onion), vegetable stock and barley. Serve with dollop of natural yoghurt. + 1 serve of fruit.


Spaghetti Bolognese: Lean mince with tomato, tomato puree, herbs & garlic served on spaghetti and sprinkled with cheese + 1 cup salad (eg. baby spinach, carrots, cucumber) with olive oil based dressing.


Fruit Smoothie: Made with 1 cup milk + 1 tbsp walnuts + fruit (eg. a small mango or berries).


20g cheese + Canned tuna in oil on wholegrain crackers.

Day Four

Nasi Goreng Tray Bake

Wholegrain Cereal with Milk and Fruit: Wholegrain flaky cereal + full cream milk + 2 tbsp linseeds + 1 serve of fruit (eg. 6 dried apricot halves or 4 small plums).


Chicken and Noodle Stir-fry: Sliced lean chicken + Hokkein noodles + 1 cup vegetables (eg. beans, capsicum, spinach, carrot) cooked in sesame oil + sweet soy sauce dressing. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Nasi Goreng Tray Bake (1 serve): Serve with 2 cup mixed salad vegetables.


Fruit Pop: Made with frozen fruits (eg. bananas or mangos) with Greek yoghurt.


1 serve of fruit (eg. 5 prunes or 1 cup fresh fruit salad). 1 cup hot chocolate made with full cream milk.

Day Five

Poached eggs with field mushrooms and avocado web

Poached Eggs with Sauteed Field Mushroom and Avocado (1 serve): Serve with 1 cafe latte or hot chocolate made with full cream milk.


Fish and Chips: Dip fish fillets in flour, egg then breadcrumbs and shallow fry in canola oil. Serve with homemade thick potato chunky chips, lemon wedges and 2 cups mixed salad vegetables with olive oil dressing. + 1 serve of fruit.


Mango Chicken and Corn: Grilled chicken thighs served with mango salsa, corn on the cob & 1.5 cups baked vegetables (eg. carrot, onion, beans) in olive oil.


Yoghurt Parfait: Layer 1 tub of yoghurt and muesli/rolled oats in tall serving glasses. Top with handful of mixed nuts and/or seeds.


Banana slices + ricotta cheese + nut butter on toast.

Day Six

Easy fish pie 0172

Fruit Toast with Berry Smoothie: Slices of fruit toast spread with butter and/or jam to taste. Serve with a smoothie made with 1 cup full cream milk + 1 cup berries + 2 tbsp linseed/sunflower/almond meal.


Tuna and Quinoa Salad: Tuna in oil mixed with 3 bean mix + 2 cups salad vegetables (eg. leafy greens, tomato, cucumber, carrot, capsicum) + cooked quinoa + olive oil/vinegar dressing.


Easy Fish Pie: Serve with 2 cup mixed salad vegetables.


Pavlova and Fruit: Pavlova topped with fresh fruit salad. Serve with custard.


1 tub yoghurt. 3 wholegrain crackers with hummus.

Day Seven

Bechamel Spinach Baked Eggs 2

Bechamel Spinach Baked Egg (1 serve): Serve with 1 café latte.


Beef and Noodle Soup: Thinly sliced beef + fresh flat rice noodles + 1 cup vegetables (eg. bean sprouts, carrot, broccoli) cooked in vegetable stock. Sprinkle with diced green onion. + 1 serve of fruit (eg. 1 medium apple or banana).


Pork Roast and Vegetables: Lean pork roast + baked potato + 1.5 cups baked vegetables + olive oil (for cooking).


Fruit Crepe: Sliced fruit and ricotta cheese wrapped in crepe. Drizzle with syrup or honey to taste.


1 tub yoghurt. A handful of mixed nuts and/or seeds.

Weight Gain Recommendations for Women

  • You can consume peanut butter with whole-grain bread.
  • 1 cup of yogurt is 118 calories. A bowl of yogurt can accompany your meals during the day. Yogurt will be a good choice for your daily weight gain program meals.
  • You should drink plenty of fluids. Glasses of fresh fruit juice and drinking water should be consumed every day.
  • Eat healthy fats. You can choose egg yolk, fatty meats and coconut oil. Fats such as protein will also help you when you want to implement the best weight gain program.
  • If you drink alcohol, you should take a break for a while. You can gain weight more healthily by avoiding caffeine.
  • It shouldn’t be the day you don’t consume tuna, butter, cheese, banana and peanut butter.
  • You should include adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrates in your meals. Protein plays an important role in the fastest weight gain program.

Printable (PDF) Weight Gain in 7 Days


MealsDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
BreakfastButter omelet with cheese (2 eggs), 3 slices of sunflower seed bread, a glass of orange juice, 3 teaspoons of favorite jam and as much parsley as desired2 bagel, 8 black and green olives. A slice of goat cheese and a small bowl of jamCheese omelet made with a egg. A bagel. Olives with plenty of lemon. A tomato. 2 teaspoons of honey and butter4 spoons of cottage cheese, a tomato, 3 walnuts, 2 slices of bread, strawberry jam and orange juice in a large glass.A bowl of tomato soup and a cheese toast
SnackA glass of milkA glass of whole milk and 1 handful of hazelnutsA handful of hazelnutsA handful of Turkish delight2 slices of walnut cake
LunchChicken with tomato, a serving of butter rice and a bowl of carrots with olive oilA serving of meatball stew. A plate of tomato juice, a serving of spaghetti. Salad with extra lemonA serving of steamed fish. A bowl of salad. 2 slices of breadA cheese pizza. A bowl of tzatziki and carrots with olive oilA portion of egg with vegetable, a portion of cheese pasta, a plate of green beans with olive oil
SnackA bowl of yogurt and salted almonds5 spoons of tahini halva and a slice of bread.4 spoons of tahini and molasses mix. 2 slices of whole wheat breadA handful of hazelnuts and 5 oatmeal biscuits
DinnerA bowl of lentil soup, medium size tomato and cheese pizza, tomato saladA serving of spinach with ground beef, 2 slices of bread, a bowl of yogurt soupA bowl of lentils with ground beef, a cheese pizza, a glass of lemonade and lemon salad with parsley and onionsA portion of rice with minced meat and eggplant, a bowl of tzatziki, a portion of tomato and pickles6 lentil patties, a portion cheese pie, a bowl of tzatziki and a tomato
SnackA glass of whole milk, 1 handful of pumpkin seeds, plum pureeA glass of whole milk and a handful of almondsA glass of milk and 2 slices of walnut cakeA glass of whole milk and a handful of nutsFruit salad will add a little honey and a handful of almonds

Weight Gain 7 Day Meal Plan

Gaining weight can be just as challenging as losing weight. While the main focus is to increase energy and protein intakes, it is also important to maintain a healthy balanced diet without eating too many foods that might have high amounts of calories but little in the way of good nutrition. 

This 7-day weight gain meal plan provides one example of how to achieve a higher protein and higher calorie intake from healthy energy-giving foods such as lean meat, dairy, eggs, seeds and nuts, which will assist you to enjoy your food while working your way toward achieving your weight gain goals. 

Those with a medical issue should seek advice from a medical practitioner before changing their diet.

Notes About This Meal Plan

• This meal plan provides approximately 11,500kJ daily and is based on the average energy and nutrient requirements for weight gain in 18 – 65 year old adults who undertake light to moderate levels of activity. Your energy requirements vary depending on age, activity, health status, height and weight. For personalised advice, seek the services of an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

• This meal plan provides at least the minimum number of serves from each of the core food groups as recommended in the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating* for adults (other than women over 51 years and men over 70 years who require additional milk, cheese or yoghurt).

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